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Found 480 results

  1. Hi all, after log in into DIAC's "Query - application status" (Check process of an online application) page I just wanted to download Form 160EH and Form 26EH. I cannot manage this. (This service should be temporarily unavailable. - is written there...) Just curious, because I can download both same documents for my spouse. (She is secondary applicant.) Any thoughts? Are here some applicants who experienced the same - hopefully only technical - problem?
  2. Hi i'm new :-) I have applied for a 175 visa and recently been asked to do medicals, my partner was sectioned twice 11 years ago due to "drug induced psycosis" anyway he spent a few weeks/months in hospital. He was diagnosed as scizophenic at the time too! He is fine now and hasn't had any mental illness since then- or done any drugs! Should we declare his medical history or not? Do the panel drs or the DIAC have access to our medical records? Is this something that would cause refusal of visa? Thanks for any advice
  3. Hi, I was told by many Cat3 applicants that they received a letter from DIAC indicating a CO will be assigned for them in the next 3 months, urging them to get PCC + health checks done (they got this letter around March 18th) - however, I did not get such a letter. Anyone may have an idea why? Do you think I should also get prepared?
  4. Hi, we are in the process of applying for a spouse visa. We have sent in our application and we are waiting to have our medical done. My wife is currently pregnant so its not advised she has the xray. Im due in oz in april and the baby is not due til October. Can they still grant our visa if my wife doesnt have the xray? I have to start my new job the beggining of May so i really need to go. What are our options? We originally planned for my wife to come over once visa is granted and we would give birth to our child in Australia. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi, we are in the process of applying for a spouse visa. We have sent in our application and we are waiting to have our medical done. My wife is currently pregnant so its not advised she has the xray. Im due in oz in april and the baby is not due til October. Can they still grant our visa if my wife doesnt have the xray? I have to start my new job the beggining of May so i really need to go. What are our options? We originally planned for my wife to come over once visa is granted and we would give birth to our child in Australia. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. essextoaus

    e health - how to register?

    Can anyone let me know how to register with e health? I have my medicals in a fortnight which participates in e health. The instructions I've linked to states I'm to fill out the questionaire etc. Where is this located? Many thanks! Agents Gateway – Online Health (eHealth)
  7. Hiya all, well it's been 5 weeks since we arrived in oz and the majority of must dos have been done. Now it's time to look at health insurance! In WA do we need ambulance cover???? Were a family of 5 so there will be no additions to the family! I would like the dental,optical package etc..(can't remember the name that's used) should we get hospital cover as well or would that be money down the pan! In oz you seem to get more choice than the UK! Not quite sure what to do for the best! What did you do. We have been recommended HIF(health insurance fund)? Any advice is greatly received!
  8. mr luvpants

    Health insurance comparison sites?

    I really need to sort some health insurance and wondered if any knows a comparison site in Australia? John
  9. Not that any of you barstewards would have noticed, but I have been absent from PIO for a number of days, I take a break at times, but this on was enforced I'm afraid. There I was sitting down with the good lady at our local cafe having a coffee after I had got a little wound up earlier with PIO,:embarrassed::biglaugh:, and felt a very slight chest pain and dizziness, after not being able to drag on the old fag :embarrassed: for around ten minutes I thought 'Ay up' somethings a miss here. So drive to docs and within fifteen minute transferred to hospital,:biglaugh::shocked:. Suffice to say, without boring you all the old ticker is fine but it couldn't cope with a sudden increase in blood pressure and stress, luckily it was outside influences that made the old pump play up a bit, and with some happy pills and check ups all will be OK thankfully. To blame PIO for my 'condition' is a bit much I know, I have always got worked up very quickly with most things and sometimes let things get to me, but after nearly four days in hospital I think I should put this warning out. If you find yourself, running out of breath, a little dizzy, nausea, and a bit 'iffy' after reading a few posts/threads on PIO............. WALK AWAY FROM THE BLOODY KEYBOARD NOW,:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:. And if anyone wants to put that final nail in my coffin, go for your life, I have my 'pills' at the ready, my 'How To Relax Without The Need To Fiddle With Myself' manual, and a punch bag installed in my living room,:eek::goofy::shocked::biglaugh:. No seriously folks, its great to be back, I have missed you all, (well nearly:biglaugh:) and long live 'emotions' and PIO. Cheers Tony.:embarrassed:
  10. Does anyone know what level of health insurance is required whilst on a whv? Has anyone got any recommendations as to where to buy the insurance from? Cheers Andrea
  11. hellsbells712

    health insurance for 457

    who is the cheapest health insurance company suitable for 457 visas - family of 4. 2 adults, 2 kids. 457 submitted today
  12. kellyjamie

    what is the E health?

    Hi in our email this morning requesting neds it says that the E health is much quicker if we have access could someone please tell me what this is and where i find it? many thanks kelly:cute:
  13. Hi guys, Myself and my partner are just in the process of applying for our 457 visa. My partner is the one getting sponored by his employer - he will be going out in May and I will be joining him in Oz in October. My partner holds an Irish passport and so unlike me with my British passport, he does not need health insurance to lodge the visa. My question is this: can I take out the health insurance that they recommend for 1 month in order to lodge the visa, cancel it for 7 months or so and then before I go out in October re-apply for it until I get my Medicare? I don't understand why I need this health insurance for the whole 9 months when I am still in the UK! Would appreciate any help with this - it is a cost I was not prepared for!
  14. Hi This is my first time post, so be gentle, please! I would like some advise on how to fill out the ehealth medical form. About 9 months go I was diagnosed as having a mild form of IBD and have been taking a small amount of medication since then. The symptons cleared up within a week of being diagnosed and taking meds. The condition has not affected my daily life one iota: I work full time and have never had a day off sick. My consultant said to take the pills for a year (after which likely come off them). I am currently filling out the medical forms (frontloading for 176 visa), ahead of medical next week, and there is a question which states 'Are you CURRENTLY taking any medication'. I am thinking that maybe if I stop taking my meds this week, I can honestly answer 'no' the following week. I can see nowhere on the form which asks me to reveal my IBD, so could it be that it will not come up at my medical, given that I have no outward signs? Do the medical guys ask to see your GP notes? Do I have to disclose previous medical history? If so where (on the form? at the medical?). Thanks for reading. Grateful for any advice.
  15. Hi there, My parents have applied for a Contributory Parents Visa and have just been asked to do their medicals and police checks. I have two questions that I would be really really grateful for any views on: 1) My Dad had a heart valve replacement a year ago. Will this mean he may fail his medical? I guess they will request a specialist report?? Very worried about him failing though he is in perfect health now! 2) What is the timeframe on this visa from the time the medicials and police checks are requested? How long before the HOC will request a report (if they do)? And how long from there till the visa is granted? Thanks SO much to any and all for any views and experiences. N
  16. Guest

    Health probs?

    Hi, when going for medicals do you have to have letter from GP to explain problems, i've got mild asthma and had detatched retina so need check ups. Hoping this will not affect anything?
  17. does anybody know how much health cover costs? do u have to pay for doctors etc :cool:
  18. Hello Everyone, I joined PIO last year and made a posting regarding my son who has Cystic Fibrosis. It was recommended we talk to George Lombard about emigrating, which we did at the time, but as we were waiting on my hubby's skills assessment from Engineers Australia we haven't done much since. The skills assessment has now come back positively so we are ready to apply for our visa. We think that SS 176 to WA is the safest bet or ENS 121 (although I think these are hard to come by and employers prefer temporary 457. Is this true?) Can anyone please tell me if there has been any progression regarding the $21,000 limit for health considerations? Also, does anyone know if there is a health waiver on SS 176? I cannot seem to find a clear answer anywhere!! Many thanks Emma
  19. melaniecharlton

    Which Health insurance?

    Hello, We are applying for a 457 visa and need health insurance. Our agent gave us this link to choose one from but there are soo many. Which one is good? http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/dynamic/healthfundlist.aspx Thank you
  20. Guest

    Health insurance - help please!

    Hi all, I am looking for some help. I have been offered a position in Melbourne and I have accepted it, ready to start ASAP, but it is all dependant upon my 457 being approved. Before they will approve it, I have to have Health Insurance. I am concerned that I don't want to pay for this, and then have the visa declined for whatever reason. My company won't pay for health insurance. Has anyone got any suggestions as to what to do? Has anyone been in a similar position? If so, has anyone got any recommendations for health insurance companies? Cheers
  21. A brit with queries about personal insurance. I have a few queries about this: Do I need health insurance if so any suggestions who with? Anyone have/use/recommend insurance for personal equipment? - I'll be travelling and have cameras, laptop etc I'd like to cover. Any suggestions appreciated. I have another post about driving but as we're talking about insurance I wondered if car insurance was compulsory in Oz (it's not in NZ hence asking) and any suggested providers to cover a van/camper. Many thanks.
  22. nursealli

    School (Health) Nurses

    Hi all, I've been lurking and looking for a while now and finally decided to post! I'm a school nurse in the UK with a degree and am wondering if any other school nurses have moved across to Australia? I keep seeing vacancies for melbourne and particularly QLD; and looking on the skills list I'd be classed as a community nurse 254414. I'm planning a reccie to Perth/ Adelaide and Brisbane in the year but any info greatly appreciated! Thank you x :wubclub:
  23. Hi all, I am in Melbourne at the moment and about to apply for a de facto visa. I have all the documents ready but I have been told I need a UK police check and health check although the 47sp form does not have it on the checklist - do I need it? Can i get it from Oz? Please help! Thanks, Aaron
  24. Hi All, I failed my medical recently for my ENS 856 application and am waiting for a letter from immigration to tell me the exact reason I failed and how much their estimated costs will be for the duration of my visa i.e. rest of my life. I contacted a migration agent and they said wait til you get that letter then contact us again - fair enough. What my case officer told me is that I failed due to the fact that I would need to go on dialysis at some point in my life - which won't be for at least 20 years according to my specialist. She said that if my estimated costs are over $200k then it has to get sent to someone in Canberra for a decision. It seems that the cost to the Australian government is the biggest issue they have. My question is, I have checked on some health insurance companies websites and they cover for dialysis, so if I promise to get health insurance then the cost of dialysis shouldn't be a problem, should it? The problem with this is that they would have to keep track of me for the next 20+ years making sure I keep my insurance going but I'll also be paying tax for those 20+ years so that should count towards it too, shouldn't it? Not sure if anyone can answer but my mind is going crazy trying to figure out a solution to this. I will be getting professional advice but until I do I can't help but thinking and worrying!! If anyone knows the answer or has had a similar experience I would love to hear from you. Thanks, Richard
  25. Hello. I am an occupational therapist working in mental health in the UK. I have been lucky enough to obtain a job working in the community in Launceston. We are in the process of tying up things here in the Uk in preparation for the big move. I know it is subjective, but can anyone give me a their view on any of the following: Living in or near Launceston (good/not so good areas to live). We currently live in a 200 year old property in a small village, 10 mins from a larger town and 45 mins from a city. Also does anyone have any views on working in mental health or working as an OT in Launceston or Tasmania? I have visited Tassie in 2010 for a week and loved it. We spent an afternoon in Launceston and stayed few days at Beauty Point. Thanks everyone :wink: