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Found 480 results

  1. Hi everyone, Im asking this question for a family member that is thinking of emigrating to WA. She is a mental health nurse here in the UK & has been for around 10 years. She is wondering whether she would need to convert her qualification into an Australian qualification if they were to move? This worries her as she would obviously want to start earning straight away. Also her husband is a plumber & she already knows that he would need to get a licence to work as a plumber in Australia. If anyone knows anything about this I would really appreciate some advisE so I can pass it on. Also if she would have to do a conversion does anyone know how long this would take?, whether its hard? & how much it costs? Thanks in advance. Hayley
  2. Proview220

    Health problems.

    Hi to all, Recently my wife has been a little Ill, she has noticed her ankles swelling, so off she went to the doctors, After blood samples etc etc the results came back to say she has got a problem with her kidney too much protein in her blood, this caused from a leakage from the kidney, she has to see a specialist soon, We are wondering if this would have any impact on our visa, any one any ideas????? Proview
  3. cyclone22

    Form 815 Health Undertaking

    I received form 815 from my CO. I don't know the exact reason. Does anybody has the same experience?
  4. Hi Guys, We are trying to decide on who to get our Health Insurance with for the Visa application... does anyone have any advice on insurance companies? what type of insurance for the visa? (can we just get the cheapest one now and then upgrade later) we are both under 30 wth no medical conditions.... just wondered if anyone could recommend a few companies to look at and any advice when doing so! Ay help would be gratefully received... thanks very much... :confused:
  5. Guest

    Health insurance on a 457

    Hi all, I've been told by an Aussie national that in order to avoid a Medicare Levy I need to have private Health insurance. Presently I have Ambulance cover at about 50 bucks per month. Now a colleague of mine has suggested that I need an 'overseas cover policy' as I'm on a 457. I did have one for a month then downgraded it to ambulance cover only. Is it true that one of the stipulations of a 457 is that I have to have 'overseas cover'. If not, is it advsiable to upgrade from ambulance cover to Private hospital cover. Many Thanks. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. Hi folks It seems clear from other threads that AHPRA registration can take sometime (6 months wait not being uncommon) - most posts though are from nurses and I was wondering about other health professionals experiences of getting registered? Is this other professions experience too? Thanks
  7. :wacko: Hi friends, I have a query, in my online status , health requirements says Finalised today where as HIV and other three medical related status says still Referred. Is it like medicals is finalised? or i still have to wait for others to get Finalised. Thanks in advance.:wideeyed:
  8. Guest

    Private Health Insurance

    Wasn't sure if this was the correct forum to be posting on, so apologies if its in the wrong place. We just arrived in Melbourne, we have enroled with medicare but understand that we need to top this up with private health insurance. I think that I read somewhere that new residents have a 12 month window in which to take out a policy after which time the cost of a policy will increase significantly. can someone tell me if this is right and also point me in the right direction for some further reading on this matter. thanks in advance
  9. Guest

    457 Visa - Health Insurance

    Hi All, My 457 Visa is being processed. I wanted to know if I buy health insurance from Australian Insurance companies like Medibank/HBA/MBF online, do I get the Health Insurance confirmation letter right away once I purchase it or does it take time to receive the same? Any help in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. We are currently in the process of putting our application for the partner visa together and we wanted to fully front load it including police checks and medicals. I went to book the medicals online on the Medibank website and it asks Would I put temporary visa, as the first stage is temporary? Our situation is that we have been together in a defacto relationship since May 2008, but I had to go back to the UK between Sept 2009 and April 2010 (7 months apart!) because my WHV expired and the plan was for him to come to the UK...anyway, we are going to fulfil the one year again in June 2011 so I presume it's up to immigration if they want to still make us wait another 2 years for the permanent visa even if we have evidence of contact in the period of separation? Anyhoo... Sorry for all the questions! This is what it says on the Medibank website... So I may have answered my own question! I would go for the permanent visa medical right? Sorry folks...
  11. redditchcouple

    health requirements finalised??

    Hi, I've just been checking my online visa application and have noticed it says ''health requirements finalised''. Does anyone know what this means?? Is that it a green light that everythings ok and that we may be that much closer to living the dream??If anybodys had this on their applications how long was it before they heard anything more?? Getting excited now :biggrin::eek:
  12. The Yorkies

    457 Visa & Health Insurance

    Hi everyone I know we need health insurance for the 457, and have read some posts on here suggesting Travel Insurance is sufficient (until we are in Australia and can enroll in Medicare), but I've not read anywhere if this has actually been acceptable, can anyone shed any light on it? Cheers
  13. Hi, new to PIO. I am single 44 Health Care Assistant. Currently working in a Doctors surgery. Have I any chance of being job sponsered for WA. Any advice gratefully received.
  14. As the title sounds folks anyone know of hospitals recruiting Mental Health Nurses in Perth?
  15. Hoping that some of you experts will be able to help us. I am then main sponser for our visa as I am a registered RMN. My OH works as a non registered nurse in UK and holds an NVQ level III in health care. Any ideas if that is worth anything in Oz or who could look/assess the qualification? Also would any know whether it could count towards an enrolled nurse qualification in Oz? Thanks in advance and anticipation!!!!
  16. Hi Guys could anyone help us? We seem to be getting confusing info on whether we need to arrange temporary medical insurance for our Visa application. We are UK citizens so there is a reciprocal health arrangement between australia and UK that we can apply for when we get there. In addition, once my husband starts work on 4th July ( subject to visa!) then his firm has family health care arrangments we can buy into.:mask: Hubby's Visa agent is suggesting we still need to arrange temporary health insurance now in order to get through the visa process to cover us until our medicare cards come through. Is this true, anyone have the same experience. Indeed, if it is true does anyone know of any cheap cover that is 457 compliant? Thanks all!
  17. well we had our medicals today in Manchester. 2 adults and our 3 year old. medicals x 3, chest xray x 2, blood tests for myself (midwife) and also for oh- main applicant (boilermaker). all went well apart from the cost of £725.00 and then told that because i have crohns disease mine would be referred. i was expecting that so no suprise. What i was confused about though was this, my fella who is the main applicant, his details were registered on the e health system, so too were our daughters. but mine were nowhere to be seen. Anyway the doctor who was superb, especially with my little one, asked me to email DIAC to enquire about why i am not registered on the system and to request that i am put on, otherwise my medical will have to be dealt with as a paper copy. Does anyone know if this will cause a problem, or will it delay things in anyway. I have to email the doctor who we saw today to inform him of my case officers reply. Has anyone else encountered this????????????????????/ many thanks nicola
  18. Guest

    E Health referral letter??

    Booked our medicals today. When booking, I was told that we need to bring along a copy of the e-health referral letter. Can someone clarify what this is 'cause I don't think we've gotten one of these. To be clear about what we have received: we applied for our 175 visa online last week and as part of the list of documents we are required to submit, the Form 26EH and Form 160EH are listed as being required. I presumed therefore that we are being asked to front-load our medicals (and PCC). Where is the referral letter - is this just the instructions that come with the forms - OR have I jumped the gun in booking the medicals and I haven't yet received the go-ahead to get medicals done?
  19. i recieved a letter from immi saying that i need to get private health insurance before my 31st birthday. the government website says temporary visa holders need to get overseas visitor health insurance but this will not be sufficient to get exemption from lifetime loading. my visa does however give me access to medicare ( most temporary visas dont). does anyone know if i qualify for regular health insurance or if i have to get overseas visitor health insurance
  20. Just in need of some friendly and expert advice from any MH nurses in Adelaide. We look as if we are about to be granted our visas pretty soon. I am training to be a RMH, due to qualify 2013 and will look to move to Oz probably 2014 after gaining 12 months experience in the UK (pay wise is it best to do 12 months to gain extra experience in UK, or if we move to Oz will I have to do post grad?) I would like to know what the job situation is like in Adelaide for MH nursing, predominantly interested in acute adult wards. what the rate of pay can be expected to start on, and how it progresses, how does work on acute wards in Oz compare to that of the UK? Any links to check out in SA? Just need to see what the demand, pay, etc is like to gain big picture of work vs the UK as I know that jobs in MH aren't that easy to come by in the UK now. Thanks in advance for any advice M x :unsure:
  21. If you are a Forensic Mental Health Nurse looking to relocate to Melbourne Australia, Forensicare currently have vacancies for Grade 2 Mental Health Nurses. Forensicare provides adult Forensic Health Services across Victoria and is responsible for the delivery of effective mental health services to people who have both a mental disorder and a history of criminal offending or who present a serious risk of such behaviour. Melbourne offers a fabulous lifestyle and is a sophisticated capital city located in the state of Victoria. Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia and home to the Australian Open Tennis, Grand Prix and AFL Grand Final. Melbourne has a staggering choice of restaurants and bars, funky boutiques and cafes, art galleries, spacious parklands and is surrounded by quality wine growing regions. Thomas Embling Hospital is surrounded by parklands and located conveniently on the outskirts of Melbourne’s city centre. Clinical services at Forensicare include the 118 bed Thomas Embling Hospital, a community forensic mental health services and prison based services. We offer staff in-house training, professional development and education opportunities and an extensive orientation program on commencement. Other benefits include 6 weeks annual leave, salary packaging and great opportunities for career advancement. For more information please pm
  22. Hi, This is my first post as only just found out about the site, but I can see its going to be really helpful over the coming months...... I'm planning on move to Aus, Northern NSW (Coffs Harbour), at the end of the year with my Aussie husband. Been working as a LA EHO for four years and hoping to secure a job in EH, preferably food specialism, in time for my arrival. Will also consider contract work such as auditing food safety systems to ISO standards (I'm working towards accreditation with IRCA) or training in food safety. I've already been in touch with the local council when I was last over in Aus, so was wondering does anyone have any hints or tips for organisations I should be contacting to look for private industry/contract work in that area.
  23. Angelini

    Private Health Care & Pregnancy

    Morning all, My OH and I are talking about having a baby - not pregnant, or even trying, yet, but are trying to get as much information as we can about having a baby in Oz. I've been looking at going with Latrobe Health as they only have a 9 month waiting time, but that's just for actually giving birth ... what about antenatal care? Do I need to have different cover for that? I've been looking at pregnancy forums and most of them say they 'go public' for everything but giving birth - the problem is that I'm American (moved from the UK after 7 years with my English husband) so don't think I can be covered by Medicare, as far as I can tell. Does that mean that we will need to pay for all of the expenses ourselves? Thanks for your help!
  24. Guest

    curior of health checks to DIAC

    I have taken my health checks and the doctors want to know whom and on which adress do they send the medicals. Any help?
  25. simonwilliams

    Health and safety Perth/WA

    Hi My wife Sue and myself have recently received our visa,we are looking at Perth in particular. I,m a health and safety advisor(mainly civils/construction but recently working on utilities,gas and electricity) I would like to expand my career into oil/gas and or mining(not too much mining in the UK),can anyone offer any advice on who or what agencies to contact. Many thanks Simon