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Found 480 results

  1. Guest

    e health

    hello everyone, Has anyone had experience getting their meds done anywhere in the south. as i live in bristol cardiff would be a good option. any advice on this would be great. good luck to all jack
  2. Hi All, Just wanted to know more about the Skilled Health Waiver Approval timeframe. It has been 9 months now since i lodged my subclass 856 visa application. The last message i got from my CO is that, the submission report has been sent to Canberra. Now, im not sure how long this will take. Hope there's someone who could enlighten me more about the approval process for SHW.
  3. Guest

    health and safety

    my girlfriend is a health and safety adviser just wondering is there anyone in perth with the same job or if anyone know if there is much demand for this job in perth ..thanks
  4. Guest

    Offshore Health Checks

    Hi Everyone I keep seeing conflicting information and immigration and agents keep telling me to do opposite things so I thought I'd ask here..... Can you have your medical before submiiting your offshore de facto application so it is lodged with the application? Or do you wait for your CO to ask you to have it? How far ahead do you have to book the appointment? I dont want to have to wait weeks etc. to have the medical after it being requested. Thanks!
  5. Guest

    Confused about Health Care!!

    Hi All, I have a few queries about accessing health care in australia.... Our family are on a 457 visa and as we are from the UK have a Reciprocal Health Care- Medicare Card only. We have a Private Health Cover with HBA which is a Gold cover and covers most things. We have been in the country 8 weeks and need to register with a family doctor as my son has allergies and asthma so will need some more medications soon.... How do we find a Doctor? can we see any doctor at any practice? and what happens do we register like in UK? Also am I right in thinking we pay and then claim back when after we visit the doctor? Sorry for all the questions don't quite understand the system yet:embarrassed: If anyone has a doctor they can recommend in or around the Wellington Point area, it would be much appreciated!! Many thanks, sunilisa.x
  6. star1976

    457 Visa Private Health Care

    Hi We moved to Sydney in October last year on 457 visa. The private health insurance we had when we came here is due to run out. Do we need to get private health insurance again. We are from the UK and have Medicare cards. I have looked at some previous posts but I'm completely confused :confused: If we need insurance do we need to apply for oversees visitor health care or just the normal basic hospital policies on offer. Kind Regards
  7. can anyone help? :confused: which company and which insurance should i get for my 457 visa? i need one for a family of 5 also when should the insurance start when i buy it or when i would like the visa to start?
  8. Abzlovell

    457 visa and health insurance

    Me and my family are immigrating to Australia in the coming months and are currently going through the visa process (457 employee sponsored visa). Our case officer has asked us to provide evidence of insurance cover in the interim period before we register for medicare through the reciprocal agreement. firstly we wondered what sort of insurance cover we needed (would travel insurance besufficient or do we have to have australian prive health care plan?). Also we wondered how long the process took to enroll with medicare, so that we can arrange the appropriate period of interim insurance? Can the registration for medicare be arranged once our visa is approved, before we arrive in Australia, or do we need to be in the country? Any help/advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!:confused:
  9. Guest

    Health insurance

    There are a lot of queries on POI regarding the need for health insurance when applying for a visa and also how the reciprocal Medicare agreement fits in. I too am a bit confused. Can all those already in Australia let us waiting to get there know how it works. Under the Medicare scheme you are entitled to limited subsidised health services for medically necessary treatment while in Australia you are entitled to the following for any ill-health or injury requiring treatment while in Australia: free treatment as a public in-patient or outpatient in a public hospital subsidised medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Medicare benefits for out-of-hospital medical treatment provided by doctors through private surgeries and community health centres. Medicare will not cover: medicines not subsidised under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme dental work and allied health services treatment arranged before your visit to Australia accommodation and medical treatment in a private hospital accommodation and medical treatment as a private patient in a public hospital. Ancillary services not covered Medicare does not cover such things as: private patient hospital costs (for example, theatre fees or accommodation) dental examinations and treatment (except specified items introduced for allied health services as part of the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program ambulance services home nursing physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, eye therapy, chiropractic services, podiatry or psychology (except specified items introduced for allied health services as part of the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program acupuncture (unless part of a doctor's consultation) glasses and contact lenses hearing aids and other appliances the cost of prostheses medical costs for which someone else is responsible (for example a compensation insurer, an employer, a government or government authority) medical services which are not clinically necessary surgery solely for cosmetic reasons examinations for life insurance, superannuation or membership of a friendly society eye therapy Clarity would be great! :confused:
  10. Hi Guys , We are a family of 4 ( 2 adults 2 children ) and have been checking out the private health insurance online for australia . Anyone suggest any that they are with ? Basically we want as much cover as we can possibly get Thanks Brides x
  11. Hello, My OH is an environmental health officer working for a local authority here in the uk. She has worked as an EHO in housing and for the last few years in the environmental protection team, noise, light, pollution, F&V etc. Does anyone out there have experience of transferring to a local authority or company in oz as an EHO ?, Would her qualifications (degree etc.) be recognised in oz and what cross over training would she need to do either in oz or here in the uk ? Would she be better to update her food EHO to give more scope when looking for a job? Any thoughts, views or experience of the EHO world in oz would be really good, thanks very much:spinny:
  12. Hi there,:smile: I have lodged my application for GSM 175 Independent visa online through a Migration Agent in Australia. I am still waiting for CO to be assigned to my application. My question is " Can I undergo Medical tests before CO advise me to do so?" Your replies in this regard will be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Cheers, Shrikant:smile:
  13. G’Day All! Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather, fingers crossed I will be there to enjoy it with you soon!! I am currently about to launch my 457 Visa Application Online. On the very last page of the application they request that you attach a letter from your health insurer to confirm appropriate health insurance has been taken out. This is my conundrum... I am a UK British Citizen, was born in London etc. Now, I was under the impression that UK and Oz had a reciprocal health care arrangement which meant that the requirement for health insurance was void for British Citizens? Is this the case? If so then what do I tick when it asks... "I understand that I must attach a letter from my insurer confirming that I and any other applicants included in the application have made adequate arrangements for health insurance during the period of my/our intended stay in Australia. For more information and a copy of the certification letter click here" Do I click the "I agree?" option or the "I do not agree" option? It's a little question but I want the visa to go through as quickly as possible without any hickups! Thanks for your time guy's! Fingers crossed :biggrin: Gaz
  14. Dear all, I have been recently offered a job in Australia and we are thinking of moving down under. My wife is expecting so she will not travel with me immediately. Now as per 457 visa requirements, I need to have private health insurance cover. When I was researching for insurance companies, I found that almost none of the policies mentioned about baby care and costs involved in vaccinations , routine check ups for baby etc. I do not know whether any of the policies would cover that. As of now, I will be moving alone and my wife will join me later. But I would like to go for health fund that can easily add dependants when my wife and baby arrives. It would be a great help if I get some info about policies suited for child care. Regards, SumVar
  15. Danandclaire

    Should we get the health check 1st?

    Hi, my husband is going to apply for a partner visa, we've had conflicting advise on wether to get his health check done before lodging the application, any advice? Also he has a son who wnt be coming with us and staying with his mother, has anyone experienced this, we are wondering if he will need a healthcheck even if he's not coming? Thank you in advance
  16. Guest

    health insurance

    Hi, i'm jsut getting my docs together for a 457 visa - and they're telling me I need ot have health insurance already paid up for the time I'm in Oz. I worked in sydney in 1999 to 2001 and dont remember this - I seem to remember there is a recipricol agreement between NHS and medicare. did anyone else do this? and if it does have to be done - any tips? best way to do this? thanks in advance.
  17. I have recently moved to Sydney on a permanent spousal Visa and am looking for a mental health Nursing assistant post here. I have a year's experience working with dementia patients and more recently working 15 months with adolescents in an inpatient psychiatric unit in London. I have Graduate Diploma in Psychology and am a member of the British Psychological Society. My intention is to train as a mental health nurse within the next year or so. Ideally I want to work with adolescents as I was previously, but am not sure where to look. I am not sure how widely employed nursing assistants are here. Basically any information would be helpful. Should I approach some of the private clinics directly or are most posts filled through agencies? Thanks James
  18. markbrum77

    Health care

    Hi all Looking to move over to melbourne soon, my partner is worries about health care costs. Below is his situation and medication. Any idea what cover we can get for him? Costs? Thanks in advance! Medication (Daily): Azathopprine 50 mg. Prednisolone 5 mg. Advagraf (Tacrolimus) 4 mg. Chronic Renal Failure caused by "Reflux" at birth. HaemoDialysis for 1999 - 2004 Kindney Transplanted Sept 2004 Hospital Check-Ups Every 4 Months.
  19. hI All I am new here and desperately needed some advice from any mental health nurses who r making their way tis year to work in Perth or are already working in Western Australia. i need some advice on the hospitals, jobs available and whether its possible to actually get a community job (8-4/ 9-5) Mon- Fri job. Also to find out where i can get some info about hospitals offering relocation packages. Any suggestions or advice or opinions will b highly appreciated.
  20. HI folks I have an interview lined up in Sept with NSW Health arranged via Health Staff Recruitment. I just wondered if anyone has been interview by this board recently or are going to the various locations in the UK in Aug and Sept ? If anyone has any information on what to expect that would be great! Lisa
  21. Guest

    health problem for study visa

    Hi, I am planning to go Australia as my GF is going onsite for her company. We haven't get married yet. Are there any chances of going with her? She got temporary long stay visa. I don't know how to go with her. I started processing for study visa but I have heart problem for which i have to take medicines for entire life. Is it a problem for my visa application? Please can anybody help me.
  22. Guest

    Health insurance for 457

    Hi, have just lodged my e457 and was wondering if anyone can tell me what kind of health insurance policy we need to get before travelling? Thanks.:smile:
  23. Hallfamily

    SOL confusion

    I have an Environmental Science BSc and MSc and 8 years experience as an Environmental Engineer (SOL code 233915). However, this stopped 6 years ago so is outside of the 5 year rule. I am also a Chartered Environmentalist not sure if this helps? I am currently Head of Health and Safety so could apply under SOL code 251312 as an Occupational Health and Safety Adviser. However, I hold no formal Health and Safety qualifications but have 15 years experience which is continous and current etc. Can anyone advise me re the best route as I feel I am in a catch 22 situation? Many Thanks
  24. lindajyyu

    Spouse Visa (309/100) Health Check

    Hi everyone~ My husband is applying spouse visa (309/100) and we finally filled in all the forms and have the documents ready to submit. One last thing we would like to confirm is the health check. After we submit the Visa application, can my husband then go to do health check? Or do we must wait for the case officer to notify my husband before he goes for the health check? thank you~:notworthy:
  25. Hi Guys, I'm after abit of advice if you dont mind. My nursing registration has lapsed and I am looking at returning to update my registration. I was last a health visitor (also a paediatric nurse), I would prefer to return to health visiting and wonder if anyone knows whether Oz has jobs in health visiting (or its equivalent). Cheers muchly peeps Kate