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Found 87 results

  1. Guest

    Heading To Perth

    Hi there, Our visas have been applied for and myself and my partner are set to arrive in Perth the end of next month. We are leaving the flights for now till we have a good idea of how long our visas will take. Hopefully it will be ok. We would like to meet up with some folks when we get out there, so give us a shout on any meets happening in the Perth area from the end of March onwards. Gayle
  2. :wubclub:Hey Gday Mates!! Just wondered if any of you guys are heading to Newcastle NSW October time? Hubbie and I are hoping to go over to Newcastle October time and would be brilliant to share the ups and downs of emigrating. Were both excited and nervous, but so ready to go now. Hope to sell the house before we go. Hubbie is an engineer and is thinking of getting a job with the company he currently works for, as it will prob make everything easier when we arrive. Anyway if anybody is moving over to Newcastle soon or if anybody has any tips about Newcastle and the surrounding area would be great to hear from you!! Kirstie and Marc- Excited, nervous and ready for the adventure!!:jiggy:
  3. Hi there, Hope someone could offer some guidance / advice to this matter. I am heading to the UK after 9yrs here, but have racked up a bit of debt since living in Aus. I am sending a letter to my creditors requesting for some breathing space whilst I move back and resettle and find work, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this or what the uptake or response could likely be. I have no intention of avoiding paying my debt, as my ex was in the industry and I know that Aus companies can utilise an agency in the UK to chase this, but curious if anyone has any further knowledge, facts or documentation to 'persuade' the creditors to freeze debt for a limited period of time or to negotiate a repayment structure.. Or, as one person suggested to me, an option could be to file for bankruptcy, naturally this causes an issue if I returned to Aus, but would there be any impact in the UK with this method? Strange question I know, but I want to make sure I cover all bases before making decisions..
  4. Hi Everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas. My Hubby has decided to go to Perth for a reccie for 2 weeks leaving on 7th January (lucky sod) Just wondering if there are any PIO's already in Perth that would fancy meeting up with him, he is a carpenter by trade so anyone with similar background would be nice ,just to have a chat and find out a bit more about employment prospects while he is there. Also he needs a holiday visa, is it evisitor 651 he needs ?:biggrin:
  5. Well after alot of soul searching, I have come to a decision. Going to be booking our flights for 3 weeks time, only it will be just the 3 of us going back instead of 4. My OH does not want to give up Australia just yet, so he has decided to stay behind, on the hope that he gets a job. I guess at the end of the day, I am the type of person that can't live on a wing and a prayer... far too practical for that, so with a definate job offer in Canada, I am going to seize the opportunity and get some stability back in my life. My twins are over the moon at going back... and I am sure when I tell everyone back in Canada they will welcome us with open arms. Who knows if this is the end of the journey for me... I may turn into a ping ponger especially as my OH does not want to return for us. Thank you to everyone for your support during our good and bad times here. Cheers Karen
  6. Hi There Just asking for my sister. They arrived in rural NSW in December and her hubby has been emplyed as an Auto Electrician since they arrived. He specialises in Buses and Large Vehicles and got a position with no problem at a bus manufacturers. Whilst they love the place it really is too rural for them and there is nothing for her to do so they are now planning to head up to Brisbane in August (when we go over). They have started sending his CV out to the big companies but were wondering if there are any good agencies that deal with Auto Electrians as there seem to be very few jobs advertised. Also when he started work for this company they didn't as for Australian registration, will this be required in Queensland? Many Many Thanks Jen xx
  7. Woo hoo!! we recieved notification that our 457 visa had been granted yesterday only 8 days after uploading all the information, havent had to have medicals, the only thing that they requested was certified copies of passports, we just sent colour copies of passports and hoped for the best so couldnt believe it when got email saying it had been granted. So now its full steam ahead, seven seas came and collected our packed up boxes today and OH has given notice at work, we are going to book flights for around 25th oct and are moving to the point cook area, although we havent found a house yet have been in touch with some agents. Would be great to meet up with anyone when we arrive and for the kids to make some friends Becky x
  8. Just wondering like thats all,being a nose disease,AND seeing if i can post a poll!(doesnt look like i can going on the preview post!)Lmao,ive done it!! some achievement for me,i tell yer!Bill gates eat yer heart out!:jiggy::jiggy: Soz if ive forgotten anywhere:wink:
  9. Hi everyone, My name is Steve Im coming to Adelaide to attend Peer training and exams for Electrical wiring course. I have completed the distant learning work book, and have classroom and exam booked for Nov 3rd and 4th. Any advice from anyone who has already done this would be great I arrive in Adelaide on Monday 1st Nov, any advice on best place to stay near Peer? Also, once passed exams (fingers crossed) what and how do you apply for the licence? Cheers Steve
  10. Hi everyone, My name is mark and me and my fiance sarah are emigrating to australia 18th of april 2011. We will be living and hopefully setting up home around the perth area. Im an electrician and sarah is a primary school teacher. Can anyone tell me how i go about getting my electrical license foe W.A? I have done vetassess and passed etc. Can i do anything whilst im still in the U.K? Also i think sarah will have to do another year in uni, she is a primary school teacher and did a 3 year B ed course, is this correct? And finally does anyone know how easy/hard it will be for us to find jobs and is it possible if your lucky to get a job before going? Thank you!!!!
  11. Hi we are moving to Hobart after 2 years in Melbourne. Are there any other mums in Hobart who are keen to meet up. I am leaving a great UK playgroup in Melbourne and would love to set up the same thing there....
  12. I was going to wait until 1/7/10 to post this but can see a June thread being invaded by the over eager July movers :goofy: Were flying out on the 28th july from Manchester to Sydney after what seems like a lifetime of planning. :jiggy: were stopping In sans souci for the first 6 weeks in furnished accom while we explore the city and decide where to settle ( somewhere in Sutherland shire). who else is traveling in July and where are you heading ???
  13. Hi we have just started the process of emigrating to Aus, I mean just started, A couple of calls have been made. We have 2 dogs that are coming with us and we have had some great feed back regarding that aspect of the move. My girlfriend is a Czech Nurse but registered here in the UK with the NMC and has been so for 5 years. I am a ODP qualified in the UK 15 Years ago, we are both keen to get out to AU as soon as , obviously after we sell the house . We was wondering does anyone have some info on how long it will take us to get there and what type of Visa will be required . Does it realy take 2 years ! Or is there another option ? If there are any Czech nurses working in Oz , any info or help would be great. All the best Ale
  14. Guest

    heading back to the UK

    Can anyone advise me shipping my car and household belongings back to scotland? how long it takes?? Does the same company ship both household and car? more importantly...the cost??
  15. Guest

    Heading back, but not forever

    Hey everyone, how are we all? Ok, I'm on the verge of getting my PR via the ENS visa... I really can't wait. Any how, I want to head home after it's been granted for a little while, 6 months max maybe. Been out here for four years and am just in need of home for a bit, you know? Good pubs and gravy. Anyhow, that's not the issue. My girfriend is Australian and would love to come too, sweet! she's used her working visa thanks to a very stubborn immigration officer who insisted she activated it when we went back for a short holiday. It was never used (properly) and the time on it has long but vanished. So, I'm looking for some advice on going the other way for an australian... is their an equivalent site with helpful tips for going to the uk? ozinpoms.com maybe?! As we may go for a while it would be handy if she could work, both for monetary and social reasons. Without the working holiday visa though we're a little lost as to the best approach... Any help VERY much appreciated, Cheers! :smile:
  16. Guest

    Heading to the UK for a week.

    I'm heading to the UK for a week as from later this morning and although I will have my laptop with me I won't be able to reply to pm's etc till I return,if anyone needs advice or quotes can you contact me this morning please so I will have chance to deal with it before I go. Behave yourselves. Cheers
  17. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Good news for those heading to WA?

    Found this in todays West Australian Skills warning as State grows - The West Australian Might mean some good news for those of you heading out here.:cute:
  18. Happy New Year to you All! This is just a general post in order to get to know other Panel Beaters/Estimators etc. who are heading to Victoria! Love to hear from you all and wonder how it's going etc. :chatterbox:
  19. Hey Gday Mates are any of you heading to Newcastle in the next month, or recently arrived? emotions are everywhere as they have been for the last year or so, but now it is proper happening were at the top of that rollercoaster!! Scary but exciting at the same time!! oh my goodness, were flying out on 3rd Nov to Hong Kong for 2 nights Cathay Pacific then onto Sydney 2 nights then think were getting a train to Newcastle (train is a bargain!!). We have not even sold the house, we have no jobs sorted yet!! But well were doing it going to have an adventure!! woohoo!! Just hope it all works out. Would be fab to hear from some Poms in Newcastle!!:wubclub:
  20. lismith25

    heading back to uk/ renting house out

    Hi we have been here 6 years now, great house by the beach, but had a uk holiday last year and now deciding to head back for a while, 2 maybe 5 years? We have 2 houses here and would have to rent them, not a good time to sell, has anyone else had experience with this and what the tax implications are?
  21. Hi All, Just had a job offer yesterday and a bit overwhelmed with it all. We will be moving in about 8 weeks time and we have chosen Leongatha or surrounding area to go to in Gippsland. Could anyone give us any hints or tips about the area. Thanks:wacko:
  22. Hi Poms, well it's been a long 18months but the time has come for us. Sold the house move out on the 2nd Oct, booked the farewell party 23rd Oct, dogs flights 28th Oct are booked, notices are written and reality is hitting home. We are so excited but scared of the unknown. I am hoping that this is natural?? I have one small problem to clear up and that is to sell my Horse, I really don't want to loose her, I can't bring myself to advertise her and we are suppose to be leaving in 6 weeks time. Is anyone else flying to Brisbane from Manchester on Mon 26th Oct, Look forward to hearing from you :cool:
  23. :jiggy:Hey Gday mates, we fly out to Oz in 14 weeks oh my goodness!! Heading for Newcastle NSW , Is anyone else flying out around that time. Going to Syndney for one or two nights stopping off at Hongkong for 2 nights on way. My emotions are like a rollercoaster! We have not sold house yet but just gonna have to leave it to sell probably, anyone want to buy a bungalow in Stoke on Trent? We have pickfords giving us a quote next week as were sharing a container not sending much out as going to start a fresh so its all exciting and nervewracking at the same time. Goodbye for now from a soon to be Aussie aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!:wubclub:
  24. Hi Thought I'd start a post to see who else is heading to Rockingham. My partner and myself are still waiting for our visa to come though but are hoefully heading to Rockingham July/ August time. Any advise on moving would be great as we havent ever been to Oz before but like the look of Rockingham Laura and Matt :jiggy:
  25. hi everyone in pomsinoz thanks to all , today the golden email comes to me . that says your visa for subclass 176 has been granted also give the time line for initial entry 3 months. so right now i am start my celebration for dream come true....:jiggy: here is the my time line 175 application lodged --23/05/2008; 176 WA SSV APPLIED --08/03/2009:SSV APPROVED--08/08/2009 ; SEND FORM 1100 TO WA --08/08/2009 ; CO MAILED --31/07/2009 ; MED-- 01/08/2009 ; PCC-- 12/08/2009 ; VISA GRANTED-- 20/08/2009 :hug: