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Found 87 results

  1. Will be ready for work about mid June can anyone head me in the right direction will be living NOR but willing to travel. Regards, Rob.:unsure:
  2. Guest

    Heading to melbourne!

    three weeks to go - but nowhere to go! I'm not totally new to this, as I have lived in Sydney, but this time we're doing melbourne and I really have no clue as to what to do and where to go. As I don't know many people there I'd really like to aim to live in a suburb that's village-y, rather than sprawling. I have two children under 5, so obviously establishing a friend network will be high on the agenda! If anyone has some knowledge of suburbs that would be great. Looking at inner east, eastern and bayside 'burbs. With lots of hubbub and less 'burb-i-ness! And please, if anyone's up for getting together with children and a glass or two of something while the sun sets please get in touch. I'm a freelance journo, so while husband looks frantically for work and before kids go to school, I shall be skulking around the four walls (when we find some to skulk in). Sorry for rambling. Countdown started and I'm getting a tad nervous! Rachel x
  3. Guest

    Anyone heading to Cairns??

    Hi All, I dont see Cairns come up very often on the forums. Is anyone heading out there? Or has anyone already moved out to Cairns and what do you think? Myself and my OH - Damian (Carpenter) are thinking of moving there next year. We have a 3 week holiday there in October. Thanks, Kylee
  4. Hi my name is Elizabeth, my family is heading for Gold Coast in September / October. I wondered if there is anyone out there my age? I am looking forward to going but am also a bit nervous,starting a new school and leaving my best friend Holly. I hope I enjoy it over in oz but am a bit scared! Elizabeth !
  5. WARNING....:twitcy:Look out all you MORNINGTON / MOUNT MARTHA friends we are on our way...Tracy Mark ..Kirsty and Shaun...we fly on the 29th of January 2008 and we land on the 31st...a day before Marks Birthday how about that. Would love to get in touch with any of you thats there now and have a meet if you all can:notworthy:.We are soooooooo excited to be arrivin in oz ..what a fantastic start to a happy new year folks. Love to here from any one....if your on line my Friend Tracey with an eeeeeeee...get that barb ready and a nice sweet bottle of wine.Will see you all soon.HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all there now. Love Trace.&Mark...
  6. After 2 & ahalf year, many talks, hours surfing and a trip to Oz........we now know where we are heading...............ADELAIDE:jiggy: Its great to know were we are going now and finally i can start making plans for our future......as well as deals with the kids, house (ive moved there already..found a house and even know where the furniture is going!) ect ect ...but not the visa though.....got to let steve do something!!:biglaugh: our trip was brilliant and can't wait to get back. Steve was offered a job while we were there...and we looked round a college and a few suburbs. Still don't know where we will end up! Still not sure about our 16 year old!! She starts college next week and want to stay in England!:unsure: only just started the visa so still time to see what will happen! I will be keeping my fingers crossed. I'm sure we will have many ups and downs over the next 12 month and thats before/if we get the visa! Tracy, Steve, Amy(16), Emily(7) & Katie (2):wubclub:
  7. Would there be, by any chance any Emo/indie/punky/rock type teenagers heading for Melbourne or already out there ???????????? I have three teenagers (two boys 16 & 15, a daughter of 13 and a younger 10yr old boy) and they are horrified that their much loved Kerrang and Scuzz music channels wont be availbale out in Oz !!!!!!!!!! :shocked: How will they survive......... as they are deffinately NOT Kylie fans ??!!!!!!!!! They wondered what the "scene" was out there for them.......... they love skateboarding, swimming, playing electric guitars/drums (ear plugs at the ready !!!! ) going to gigs, indie clothes, annoying their Mum and black hair dye !!!!!!! :biglaugh: Anyone out ther on the same wave length as them................. we would love to hear from you and perhaps my lot won't feel so alone.!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes: Thanks guys
  8. Hi Everyone, First time on today. I've been reading for hours! there's so many links and useful info available. Very helpful. We're still waiting for case officer, application sent in May:arghh:!!! Getting really frustrated with the wait. I can't make any sense of the ASPC timelines, anyone out there, please help! OH is a 1st class welder, I'm an enrolled nurse. 2 boys 17 and 14 getting fed up with waiting!! We've never been to Oz and are looking at Sunshine Coast, would love to hear from anyone going or living there!!
  9. Hello everyone, We've booked our flights today, its all go now since we received our 457's last week and are heading to Brisbane on the 9th August from Heathrow with Cathy Pacific and staying with some friends in Hong Kong for a few days and arriving in Brisbane early on the 15th. Anyone who fancies a last drink in the UK who is also flying out that day,:biglaugh: let me know. Michelle
  10. Hi All, Just got a job offer in Brisbane so it looks like we will be heading over on mass in a month or 3. Really just starting to look into everything, but one of the biggest things for us is the education of our kids (8,5 and 2) - I have been having a read of the forums but any advice on good schools (state or private) would be appreciated. Likewise what would be consider a comfortable or good salary for the Brisbane area? We are not sure of the exact location in Brissie yet but are considering anywhere from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast. Phil & Sarah (and tribe)
  11. First of all Merry Christmas everyone! I have read conflicting reports on various websites/forums regarding the state of the Australian economy, some reports saying it is strong and some saying that it could/is heading for recession. If this is indeed the case, what does that mean and how would that effect the man on the street (an increase in un-employment, maybe, etc?) I have previously started a thread re the current weaknessof the $AUD compared to the £, maybe it is all linked... Your thoughts, pl....
  12. Thought i would do a poll to see where is everyone heading too !!!!!!!! Stacey xx