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Found 87 results

  1. Hi there, Just been accepted into Australia, received Visa's and looking at going to Queensland Sunshine Coast possibly Caloundra, next Aug 2009 Just wondering if there is any-one else in the same position as us or who have moved out there with a young family, who could give us some feedback, any advice schools etc. With no family or friends out there what-so-ever its a bit scary!! So any info at all you think we would need please do reply! Thank u Angie & Dave :spinny:
  2. Lets hope they are right,IMHO it's a bit early to be making that call but hey I'm no economist,if they are right it's good news. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/economics/article6472439.ece
  3. I work in Logistics Supervising the staff in the office with the order processing and arrangement of inward contianer and order going out. I am also the Site Administrator for our warehouse managament system, have a chance of a job in Australia and this would be on a 457 visa, but can't work out what Job Heading would be applicable. I need on that is covered under and 457 but also on the ENSOL so that I can start to apply for PR after 2 years. Anyone got any suggestions.
  4. Here goes.... I'm looking to move over to Australia looking around Surry Hill, Sydney, for a year or two in summer 2010 but may end up trying to stay longer if I really like it. About me - I'm Irish but live in the UK and I'll be 27 at the time of moving over. I currently have an advanced diploma and will have a degree by the time I move. I also will have 10 years experence in civil/transportational engineering. I've just starting looking into everything and was wondering what visa I'd be most suited to? I was thinking of going on a working visa as not sure if I'll be staying past a year or two and going for a permanent visa while over there if I'm liking it. Would this be the best option? Also for a working visa what would total costs be including all checks? I also have Chron's disease which is a medical condition but it doesn't really affect me, will that be an issue? My GF might also be coming with me and she'd have about same details as me except she's from UK and hasn't got Chron's. Would it be an advantage to apply together or is that not needed for a working visa? Sorry if these questions are a bit stupid or have been asked before as I'm just starting to get my head round everything. Cheers for any help :smile:
  5. phewww what a scorcher http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2009/05/01/bbq-summer-115875-21322515/
  6. We are in the final stretch now, unless the government decides to take accountants off the CSL! Got our CO assigned a few weeks ago, meds and PCCs done so all going well we should be in Oz sometime in June. Was wondering if anyone knows what the job market is like in Adelaide - hoping that accountants are still one of life's boring necessities over there!:twitcy:
  7. Well we are all set to go to Perth,we fly early Friday morning,so we will be offline from Monday onwards until we get sorted down under.Cant wait to see my home town again not been back for many a year.
  8. Hello Im a bricklayer heading for Perth. Would like to Know if there is much building work in Perth and what the rates of pay are. I have heard that ther is good money to be had in the mining industry if you are prepared to travel. would be very greatful to hear from people in the know.
  9. Hello all...I'm 27, male, single and a civil engineer (dont let that put you off) and I've just had my 457 approved to work FIFO out of Perth. Its just dawned on me what I have done! I'll be flying out sometime in late march/april and I dont know anyone.... not a soul. So, my plan is to contact some of you lot and arrange to meet some people in a similar situation when I get there. So, if thats sounds like you, or you jst want to meet somone new, post me a reply and we'll sort something out. Looking forward to a completely new and different life, and hopefully meeting some cool people. :hug:
  10. Hey all, A friend told me to try this place out and see if could make some friends and possibly even meet up with people, for when i arrive in Oz. I just received word that I passed my practical assessment for my Skilled Visa, I am just waiting to hear back about my IELTS exam. If all things work out, I shall be flying out in january 2010. If anyone (especially any single ladies) fancies getting to know a single 31 guy from Manchester, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for reading my message and look forward to getting to know you, Cheers Matt:smile:
  11. Hey guys, any electricians looking to head to Perth? Me and my wife have lodged our visa application (175) november 08, and just waitin 4 CO. We went to Australia 2006, just on East Coast and loved it. However, something is telling us that we'll end up on West coast around Perth. Just wanted to hear from any1 who's planning that, or already there. We have no set plan, and just going with the flow. But would be great to meet people along the way and get some experience/ advice e.t.c......
  12. Guest

    Any glasweigans heading to oz

  13. The Pom Queen

    Grax2 Heading to Oz - Bon Voyage

    Just wanted to wish Graham, Kate and family a safe journey to Oz. Don't forget to give me a call when you get here!! Chat soon Kate
  14. Guest

    Anyone heading to Townsville

    Hi this my first post with a little help from a couple on of people on here, we are thinking of heading to Townsville this time next year, just received my trade assessment successful papers and we are now applying for a 176 visa. Does anyone have any views / info about Townsville as a place to head for, stayed there for a while in my backpacking days and enjoyed it, wondered if it has changed much. :unsure:
  15. Hello, My name is Michelle, I emigrated to Perth WA in June this year. However, all my stuff is still stored at my parents' back in Warwickshire in the UK. I don't own an awful lot, no furniture or owt just mainly clothes, books cd's and personal possessions, 10 boxes weighing no more than 15kilos each probably. I am desperate to get it shipped out and wondered if anyone heading this way has any spare room in their container? Willing to contribute to cost etc. Look forward to hearing from anyone out there? ;-)
  16. I have been an avid reader of this forum and this is my first post. I hope to be heading to WA in 2009 with my DH and kids. I am currently in my 30s and hope to be retrained for some new skills to settle into my new life in a new country. What are the skills in demand in WA? Hope to get some ideas from the kind souls here. thanks in advance for any information.:wubclub:
  17. cartertucker

    Kangaroos heading for extinction

    Hi, would you please take a moment to have a look at the following & if you want to do your bit to help, please 'sign' the petition. (it only takes a few moments) Many thanks, Kelly :smile: Moratorium urgently needed: Kangaroos heading for Extinction Petition
  18. Hi, We're heading to Perth on 22nd November and have booked a holiday rental in Joondanna - not really our first choice destination since we probably want to settle SOR but as we were wanting to book for eight weeks including the period over Christmas & New Year we didn't have a lot of choice. This place has wireless internet & a phone and the kind owner is going to pick us up at the airport and have us stay at her house the first night so other than location it is ideal. I was wondering if anyone stays nearby who like to meet up especially after the OH starts work, especially anyone with wee ones, my son is five and he will be missing his friends SO much :cry: I won't have transport as we will only hire one car but happy to navigate public transport. Jules
  19. Hi i was wondering who was heading and where. It takes ages to read through all the threads and as i have 1001 things to do before we head of to Australia in August i thought i would be lazy and post my own. We are heading for the Mooloolaba area (Moutain creek, buderim, kawana island, maroochydore) the later part of August this year and was wondering if anyone heading the same way. We are Caroline 34 - a bit of everything, Laurie 41 - a plumber and Mitchell 10 and Mason 7. We have been over to Australia twice and can not wait to make it our permanent home. I would love to hear from any of you heading this way - or other.....
  20. Hi I am a primary teacher in the process of obtaining a General Skilled Migration Visa- 175. What are the opportunities for teaching in Perth and also Adelaide as not sure where we are going yet!! Also hear that salaries for teachers are lower than in Scotland, is this true. Also what are school hours in Oz? So many questions...... Thanks, Shelley,Jake,Nairn and Tain.
  21. Hi folks, Was wondering if any IT people where heading to Perth??? I know most IT jobs are in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra but we are very keen on Perth but not many jobs there for IT people So was wondering if any other IT are thinking of taking a risk with Perth. Many thanks Mandisfam
  22. Hi there Just thought for anyone heading that way it would be nice to get a list of people and maybe arrange a newcomers get together. You can put down your name if you want to come from further afield too. Hope to hear from some of you Georgie
  23. onecrankypom

    It look like im heading to melbourne

    After the worst Interview I ever been to(They not even looked at my Resume as they call it here lol and she they tells me I had no experience in the field i applied in very humoured by the waste of travelling an the cost i really wanted to say are you stupid or blind for that matter the whole interview lasted 5mins i went back to the Agency who got me the interview and told they i wasn't hugely impressed of the time and money this has cost me to there reply we didnt know that.) After telling the other half she really couldn't believe it being an aussie her self she throught i was having a laugh but after elling her i wasn't. She has decided we are heading to Melbourne. Can any one tell me what the price of rent down that way and what areas to avoid? Even through i love where I'm living i can't believe how uninternational and out of touch Brisbane really is I would holiday here and everything but the last 7 weeks have properbly been more frustating then anything even through i continue to have a smile on this cranky face of mine OMG Geoff your not moving to Melbourne are you lol:unsure:
  24. Guest

    Heading for Perth

    Hello all you r's and ozzy wannabee's (I'm a wannabee 2) I'm heading for Perth in early september (have clothes will travel) but I'm struggling to find a company that will export my tools (of the trade). Can anybody help. I have my visa and the house is rented for a year. Would be appreciative of any help. Thanks. PS. thank you cal n gary (sorry I didn't get chance to bring your Bacardi Breezers a few weeks ago) and a special thanks to Paul (big respect after i found you LOL).
  25. Hello, We (me, my hubbie and two small children aged 2 and 5) are heading out to Sydney in August on a 457. Therefore, I thought it might be nice to know anyone else who is coming out around the same time and perhaps when we are all settled, organise a meet up?! It is all a bit nerve wracking but also reassuring that other families will be going through the mixed emotions before and after arriving. We are excited but terrified at the same time! Be good to hear from anyone. Jo :smile: