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Found 342 results

  1. Happy birthday you old grumpy bugger :wubclub: Yvonne & Andy
  2. Guest

    Happy 60th birthday barry

    Happy 60th Birthday to my Husband Barry..............
  3. Guest

    Happy Birthday to me!!!

    Hi guys. As it's after midnight it's officially my birthday. . . and as i sit here thinking about getting another year older it actually hit me that hopefully this will be my last birthday in the UK. . . . then i began to think of all the things i've done this year or are planning on doing and places i've been or am going and again - thinking it could be the last time . . . and i have to honestly say - apart from the family and friends i'm leaving behind - i'm so bloody glad it'll be my last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have become very down of late living where i live in Leeds. Things that are happening pretty much on my doorstep is very frightening and really can't wait to get away for a better life for my family - especially my children. . . Don't get me wrong i know it's gonna be hard for a while until we find our feet and i don't have rose tinted glasses on and think that everything will be hunky dory from day one but it surely can't be as bad as where i live. . . Let me give you a couple of example's of the last week. . . . . Round the corner from where my house is, last monday, 2 bodies were found in the boot of a car. A chinese couple had been kidnapped from another area and killed and their bodies were found in the boot of a car. . . WTF!!!!!!:arghh: Then i read, at my local cinema, a mum and dad had taken their 2 children to see the new Harry Potter film. During which they had to tell a group of youths to kerb their behaviour and got abuse thrown at them. After which the family went to a restaurant next door and while they were waiting for their meals, the youths came in and poured neat toilet bleach over the woman's head which ran down her face and burnt her skin and she is awaiting tests to see if she has any permanent damage to her eyes. . .again. . . WTF!!!!!!!!:arghh: Someone actually asked me the other day why i wanted to leave and move so far away. . . . i didn't know where to begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry to have a rant but sometimes you need to get things off your chest Thanks for listening x x x
  4. Dawny

    Happy Birthday Taz!!

    Tash, Hope you have had a great day hunny xxxx
  6. Guest

    Happy Birthday Snow White

    Today is the 12th of July and it's a very special day for 3 PIO members celebrating birthdays,johnny5252,tonzy,and lesley,better known as Snow White. All of us here at PIO wish you a Happy Birthday and we hope you have a great day,BTW did you know that July 12 was also Julius Caesar's birthday?
  7. Diz

    Happy 1st of July!

    WOW!! What a fantastic day for the good news posted today! I just want to congratulate EVERYBODY who got the magic 'YES' from DIAC today. There is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us who are still plodding on - I hope there are many champagne corks popped across the world tonight for those who no longer have to wait Diz x x :laugh::laugh:
  8. Guest

    Happy birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR JOHATTS (MARK) Have a good day and open a bottle of your expensive red wine tonight and celebrate. Caz & Baz xx
  9. Guest

    Happy Birthday to ME!

    Yep it is my birthday today! I have been spoilt rotten. Pandora Bracelet, with charms from Richard, (my Hubz) and charms from each of the children. Curry, Champagne and Chocolate Birthday Cake, Wot more could a girl ask for. AND just incase your wondering yesterday was my last day of being 40! So yep I am 41 today but I feel 21.............lol So if anyone else has a birthday this month HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! April xx
  10. Guest

    Happy Birthday Claire.....

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, your first in Oz, hope you have a great day!! Lots of Love Kim x
  11. Guest

    Happy Birthday Eddie

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Eddie, your second in Oz..... hope you have a great day!! KP Nuts
  12. Guest

    Happy Cats??

    Hi guys, Can anyone help me with some info about moving cats to Oz? I had made the decision that there was no way that we would leave my two boys Casper and Troy and that they would be coming with us no matter what. It would break my heart to have to give them up. After talking to a friend today who lives in WA, I am now really worried about them coming to Oz and hoped that those that have already moved with cats might be able to help put my mind at ease. The first problem that I was told about was that we wouldn't find many places to rent that would allow cats, and what we would find wouldn't be the types of property that we would want to live in. Is this true? Would we be left with the worse properties? We would be more than happy to pay a higher bond if this would help with the owners. My boys are no trouble and if anyone was going to cause problems, it would be my darling 3 year old son!!!:laugh: The second thing that was mentioned is the chance of them coming across a deadly spider or snake causing fatal injuries. Obviously I know what lives in Oz but is this really a common occurance with our furry friends? Can anyone shed some light on what the laws are in WA with regards to keeping pets. Numbers, staying in at night etc.etc. I don't know if my friend has given me the worse case about pets, especially as they chose not to take theirs. My cats aren't good travellers but hopefully the company we chose can give me advice about this. Casper went on a 15 minute drive to the vets yesterday and vomitted on the way and then poo'd all the way back!! Please help me out guys and do tell me the truth about your experiences. I love my boys and just want the best for them, they are getting on now and I want to be with them into their last years if I can. :sad: Nicky x
  13. Wishing you a very Dan, hope you have a good one!! KP Nuts
  14. Guest

    Happy birthday son xxxx

    Just want to wish my little boy Harvey a very happy 5th birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON,we love you very much, look forward to your party later. Lots of love n hugs Mummy, Daddy, Josh & Mitch xxxxxxxxxxx
  15. Just wanted to wish my son H and very happy 13th birthday!! I also want to thank everyone who spoke to him on the chat room the other night he said everyone was really lovely! Lou x
  16. Wishing you a very Neil, hope your last in the UK is a good one!! Enjoy your celebrations KP Nuts

    I am Happy

    I am happy & would like to pass the feeling on to you all:hug::hug:
  18. Guest

    happy on the sunshine coast

    well we have arrives we have bought a house just have to wait now both of us have bought cars i dont have mine yet but its due next week if anyone fances a meet or meeting for coffee and a chat just give me a shout :wubclub:
  19. Guest

    Happy Anniversary CazBeckham!

    :wubclub:Happy wedding anniversary Mum + Dad. :wubclub: Hope that you have a great day! We love you loads, Joanne and Mark xxx
  20. Dawny

    Happy Valley,

    Can any body help me with the area of Happy valley, as in what's it like to live in, schools etc, any help most gratefull x
  21. Guest

    Happy Birthday Kdal.......

    Wishing you a very Kim, hope you have a good one!!! Try and forget that Luke's in bed, lol.... and enjoy your meal out tonight.. Lots of Love KP Nuts
  22. Guest

    Happy st patricks day!

    :chatterbox:HI and Happy St Patricks Day to anyone with Irish connections (which is probably about 95% of you) Im Irish living in Scotland for 5 years now married to a Scotsman with Irish roots! Hence Donnelly as my surname. Anyway Im sitting here with an Irish coffee for my breakfast wearing my Green "Lush of the Irish" T shirt and supporting Green Sparkly Deedle Boppers in the shape of shamrocks on my head. Listening to the dubliners at full blast. My Long suffering OH is looking at me bemused and thinking 'Is it that time of year again?'! Dear knows what the neighbours are thinking. Anyway just want to say to all of you who have made it down under to enjoy yourselves tomorrow and dont forget to wear something Green and have a drink (or 3 ):wideeyed:
  23. Just want to wish Tricia a very happy birthday, have a great day and see you later mate. Sarah xxxxxx
  24. irish4ever

    Happy st patricks day!

    :chatterbox:I just want to wish everyone on PIO a happy st patricks day. I am from Northern-Ireland been in oz 22 years and love it. What are you all doing today? We are of to the Irish pub here on the sunshine coast......Hope you all have a great day!
  25. gail39

    Happy bithday cal!!!!