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Found 40 results

  1. Guest

    Why does this happen.

    If it as much as drizzels in the UK for five mins people come on the forum and moan moan moan, if it rains for days on end in Perth (it really does) no one says anything. If someone stubs their toe on a cracked paving stone in the UK people come on here and moan moan moan about the state of Britain and why it is going to the dogs, and if there is a mass murder in Oz people take it with a pinch of salt. Sometimes methinks there is a little bit of bias on this forum. Just a thought..:wink:
  2. Hi all I got a job offer on 09/02/09 and applied for my 457 visa on 09/03/09, we were advised to hand in notice at our house and jobs as the visa was expected in 2-4 weeks! ( In hindsight we should have waited til the visa was in our hands!) By the 10/04 we were homeless and jobless and still are relying on friends for a bed and watching our savings going down and not even sure if the end is in sight. After the quoted 4 weeks we were told it is now 8-12 weeks for the visa! Then on the 16/05 we discovered our application had been finalised but the nomination had been withdrawn due to another applicant applying for the same company hadn provided sufficient information.:arghh: Our agent took well over a month to discover the mix up and sort it out but a new application went in on 23/06/09. From what I can gather this is now a paper based application so we cant even track it online. This has been very frustrating as we were on a tight budget which is now even tighter and our 6 yr old daughter has been out of school for 3 months while we float around the country from friend to friend. Our friends have all run out now and we only have 2 weeks left where we are so then I think we'll have to buy a tent! :wacko:
  3. bartlett

    Will it really happen?

    Hi everyone i have been looking through this site for the best 6 months and what a great site it is i have just posted my first post on the jobs section. My name is Heidi(34) and my husband is Mark(42) we want to move to Australia sooner rather than later,my husband works as a Sap management consultant which is on the skills list and looking at a company to sponsor us,he has applied to a few companies but a lot of companies just are not take on any staff at the moment let alone management (he has been looking for 6 months). The other way is to do the visa process ourselves how much does it cost? and how long does it take?as time is not on our side. We are not fussed at where we go and looking to be based in the city (we don't have any kids) We are so desperate to move they is nothing keeping us in the UK i have a job i hate and Mark spends so much time working and is away from home 3-4 nights a week we hardly spend ant time together the money is very good we have no money worries but it is not all about money,we visited Australia for the last Ashes and fall in love with the place we just want to give it a go and spend more time together. Can any one give us any hope to keep us going. Thanks for reading my post Heidi
  4. kev and iza

    What would happen if.....

    Hi, quick question for all: What would happen (is it a good idea?) if my wife, kid and I who are currently in the process of visa application (176 fam sponsered) were to go to Australia for the next 6 months. Would this affect our application?(TRA passed and DIAC application submitted april 09) We were having a chat about it today and thought it may be a good idea for us to head down under for 6 months on a visitor visa and try out a few states and places we have thought about setting up home, get a feel for the areas-so to speak. Would this affect our visa application? as I would technicaly not be working. We are currently in Dubai (UK originaly) but frustrated as we do not know when the visa will be granted with the current changes and global climate/recession. Just a thought at the moment, but a very nice one the more we think about it ;-) cheers k&I
  5. I have had my meds done last monday and they needed to be back to my c/o Australia House in London by this monday. I rang the hospital where i had them done and they said "we are pleased to inform you we sent them off by air mail yesterday" Airmail! They were men't to be back to my case officer in London and they have sent them to Sydney! My c/o did send me a e-mail telling me they had to be back to her at london office! C/o has just e-mailed me a second ago she said she can retreive them from Sydney but it will delay me application by a couple of weeks!:arghh:
  6. Hi Just wondering if anyone knows whats going to happen to applications for 176's and 457's which arent dealt with before the Feb deadline and to ones submitted after the deadline?:unsure: Any info would be grand!
  7. It's that easy by the report to get a visa, soon there won't be room for you people who hate OZ and want to return. Go you better hurry and book your flight before England close the gate on you! BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | 300,000 UK visas 'wrongly issued'
  8. Que Sera Sera

    How did that happen?

    I am now a senior member! should I be offended? does that mean I am now a senior citizen? :biglaugh:
  9. Hi people i and my boyfriend are coming over to Auss in December,We booked our flights today,It is only a visit this time but we do plan to move over in a couple of years,Now my bf has a blip 15 years ago he was charged with been carried in a stolen car,Stupid him but it was a one off and he was clean before and since,We have been told he might not get in to Auss which would end our dreams,He was given a £200 fine so it wasnt a prison crime,Please can anyone advise what will happen at the airport in auss,He will tick the box on his card to say he has a conviction so what will happen to him/us,will it be a deffo no entry,go in room for 4hr interview or just a telling off,I cant sleep so please advise,Thanks Mandy xx
  10. Hi there! Can anyone tell me at what stage of the application process the medicals and the police checks take place please? Is it after the visa application has been put in or do they have to be submitted with it? Cheers
  11. Guest

    How quick can it all happen?

    Hi, my husband has been offered a transfer to Brisbane. They are sorting out the Visas for myself and our two kids (4 & 2) as well. The thing is it started 4 weeks ago. He accepted the job and gave our passport details, we haven't heard anything since. Is this normal? I don't want to keep pestering my husbands employer, however have sent emails to the HR dept and am still waiting a reply. I understand the next step is medicals ???? The thing is we have already put the house on the market and had viewings.......
  12. LukeM

    What will happen to me...?

    Hi If I make it to Aus eventually... I'll have: Completed my GCSE's. I'll probably have either finished or be just about to finish my AS Levels when I leave for Aus. Would I be able to start 2nd year at a TAFE college when I get there or would I have to start fresh and do TAFE from scratch?
  13. Hi all, We're just about to ge the ball rolling with our visas, once we've decided on which migration agent to use that is! As patience is not my forte , and I appreciate that there'll be plenty of waiting around further down the line :arghh:...is there any paperwork we can prepare in the meantime to speed things up? Taking into consideration that I'm from sunny South Africa. Really appreciate any advice, Many thanks
  14. Skills Needed Expo 15th and 16th March Hi i have recived my invite this morning and am wondering what exatly can i expect at this expo. I will be suited and booted with my refrences and C.V in hand. do i need to get a copy of my qualifications e.t.c as they are currently with my migration agent. does anybody know what happens at the expo as i am traveling down by train on the saturday. Also has anyone been on the site they give on the email as i am usure about what to do as you can book in 15 minute time slots? how many can i book and what are they for?
  15. Hi guys, Its not been a good day:arghh:. Our house sale was supposed to finalise today but it didn't happen. Somewhere along the chain there has been some problems with loan papers and it stopped everyone from moving. Looks like it's not going to happen until Wednesday now - the day we fly out!!! So looks like it's all going to be a last minute rush for us. Also, the in-laws went on holiday this morning so we had final farewells in the middle of the night (as we're staying with them). It was so emotional, wish I didn't have to say goodbye to everyone else on Tuesday - it's too difficult!!:yes: Denise