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Found 129 results

  1. Hello, we are a boutique hair/beauty/body salon at Bundall in the Gold coast (5 mins from southport/surfers) and we need a hair dresser that loves people and has pizzaz! We are interviewing NOW so please call 07 55922880 (business hrs) or txt 04311 52535 (anytime) to arrange an interview!! www.moderngoddess.com.au If you are the right person you could be hired TOMORROW! So contact us now! You can see our ad on seek also. Regards, Jacqueline
  2. TaniaColin

    Mobile hairdresser in Mornington

    Well we have been here for 10 weeks now, and my children are all sorted out at school, kinder and nursery so i am free to do mobile hairdressing. I have 24 years experience and cater for ladies, gents and children so if you would like your hair doing in the comfort of your own home, feel free to PM me. I am based in Mornington Tania X:jiggy:
  3. Hi, I am coming up to my 4 years work experience needed to apply for the 175. As with all the changes I am now looking for help to find out what my options are for getting into Oz quicker then 2012. I am a Vidal Sassoon trained stylist and I have my NVQ2, I was going to apply for my TRA in March, then I would like to now if there are any salons that are looking to sponsor hairdressers, either in Sydney or Melbourne. If there are any hairdressers out there that have been sponsored then any advice would be great, also how many years do you have to stay with the company before you can get PR?. Thanks Chris
  4. Guest

    newbie here and a hairdresser

    Wanting to say Hi to everyone here and what a fantastic site. I am just about to start the visa saga for a new life down under, well starting the TRA is the first part, just collecting the paperwork required and think I have destroyed a rain forest in the process. I am a hairdresser, initially trained 20 years ago and recently retrained to gain NVQ II & III. Totally confused with the recent visa changes - I had it all sussed till they changed the rules and moved the goal posts and I certainly don't want to be waiting till 2012 like some of you have mentioned on here, just an awful and unfair situation to be more or less dumped in! I was going skilled independent, but given the recent changes that I don't really understand as I haven't read it all properly but I think I will look in to sponsorship whether it be employer, regional, state - Anyone will do!!!:wink: hope to be talking to you all soon and all suggestions appreciated and I like most of you want out of here and into Oz asap.
  5. Hi everyone , just to let you know i have just recieved confirmation of my registration to work . so if anyone needs a mobile hairdressing in the willetton area, or near by suburbs let me know. lisa
  6. Guest

    Help I need a hairdresser

    Hi there..... Help.......... I just want to find a good hairdresser North of Brisbane (Narangba). I can't believe we've lived here for 2 years and I've just had another bad cut.... Hoping there is someone out there that can help.... Cheers Liza
  7. Guest

    Migration hairdresser Question

    A friends daughter is considering migrating to australia she lives in the chester area Question She is 20yrs old has just completed her level 3 status Does she have to serve any time post level 3 experience wise before she would be eligable to migrate under the skilled migration visa? would appreciate any hairdressers experience on this matter Or potential sponsers thanks Sam
  8. Clackkit

    Mobile hairdresser????????

    Hello, I'm looking for a mobile hair dresser in Browns Plains area??? Please PM me if know of one or are one Thank You
  9. sedgecl

    VETASSESS - Help - Hairdresser

    Hi Can anyone help me with this. I am in the process of applying for my TRA, just waiting for my NVQ L3 and A1 Certificate to arrive. I have lost my Apprenticeship papers, so am collecting all the information from clients, old work colleagues from when I was training, trade statements etc. My main question is: do I take the VETASSESS route, or the AQFIII route, via a hairdressing company, the VETASSESS route is cheaper by far, which costs $350 . When reading old threads, I see that people have paid to take the AQF III via the Australian Trade Assessment path, but this does cost about £1500. Has anyone out there taken the VETASSESS Route, If I do take the VETASSESS route, does that then mean I take Pathway E. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. tommo64

    Hairdresser Question

    Hi there. Don't know if anyone can help or advise on this one. My daughter is currently training as a hairdresser and should complete her NVQ2 within the next few months. We would like to know how her qualifications would fit in with Australian qualifications. Is there a direct link between NVQ and the AQF scheme, for example. Or would she need to 'convert' her NVQ into something else. Also, we would like to know what her employment opportunities are likely to be as a newly qualified but inexperience hairdresser. We would appreciate any advice, particularly from someone who has gone through a similar process.
  11. hi, does anyone know if they have mobile hairdressers in perth
  12. Hi, I hope someone can help!! My hair really needs a cut badly. Is there any young/trendy/fashionable hairdressers out there that can come and cut my hair for me??? I don't seem to be able to see any nice looking salons around here (no offence). I don't want a perm and colour for $5!!! I'm very fussy where my hair is concerned!! My niece used to do it back in the UK for me, but I can't afford to fly her over every 6 weeks!! Surely there's got to be at least 1 "with it" hairdresser out there that can make me look beautiful!! Well, as beautiful as I can be!! Look forward to all you hairdressers out there fighting over who's going to cut my hair for me!!! lol Lynn xxxx :hug:
  13. Guest

    calling all hairdresser

    hi just thought i would give some advise that i have learnt, i am a hairdresser and i chose to go though th TRA alone NO AGENT, i have been working as a hairdresser for nearly 5 yearsi would like to clear this up just to help any other hairdresser out there , as when i looked in to it, it was confusing some peole said 6 years some said 4 but it state on the skilled path way that it is 4 years if you did a formal contracted apprenicetiship in hairdressing. if you are going through an agent then they always want 6 years min in any trade i think this is to help them have better pass marks as i did contact an agent first and they said 6/7 years. I have had the TRA passed yesturday and and as you can see i was in an appranticeship for 3 years level 1.2.3 . i have nearly done 5 years in trade . i just wanted to put this out there to help any HD as i know its confusing and so many people helped me. if you have any questions just PM me. thanks lisa :biglaugh:
  14. Guest

    Do you need a Hairdresser ?

    Hi all, im starting my own mobile hairdressing business , I live in pacific pines and im looking for clients in and around this area i can offer great deals for you ladys ie full head for foils from $55.00 so pm if you are intestered.Thanks leanne x
  15. Guest

    Hairdresser qualifications??

    Hi there I'm sure this must have been answered somewhere but I can't find it. Does anyone know which hairdresser qualifications are required for Skilled visa? Is NVQ level 2 enough??
  16. Ranks of skilled jobless swell, but not all sectors. The top 10 occupations where skills shortages persist are: Chefs, Metal tradespeople, Hairdressers, Health professionals, Food professionals, Science professionals, Computing professionals, Wood trades. Among the professional sectors affected by the downturn are accountants auditors, marketing and advertising, and construction. However, skills shortages will be with us yet again....
  17. Guest


    hi all, My wife is a hairdresser and is just about to take the Aus equivalent of the NVQ to assist our application. Has anyone else had to sit an exam ? Would like to know how they went etc. :wink:
  18. Hi all! having read some of the horror stories on here about hairdressers, I must say I have been extremely lucky!! The first hairdresser I tried, is the best haircut I have ever had and not too expensive. I got a free hair treatment and was actually escorted to my car with an assistant holding an umberella as it was raining!! I felt like royalty. Ali was trained in the UK and is now involved with training here in Oz. They are all so friendly in the salon. Give them a try and tell her she has been recommended on PomsInoZ! 'Hair on the Park' in Nerang is the name of the salon, tel no 55965722. Happy pampering, Gaynor.x
  20. Hi please help me. I have just had the WORST haircut and need it fixing. Are there any English hairdresser near Narangba (willing to go 30 mins) who can cut my hair today or the next couple of days? Iam sooo desperate and i dont trust the hairdresser i went to to fix it please ring me 0450496240 if you can do it Thanks
  21. Hi, I'm a Vidal Sassoon trained hairdresser, working in a salon in London as self-employed, I have just done my 3rd year on the floor, I know I need to have 4. I have Sassons diplomas and NVQ2. I was wondering when I should get my paperwork together for the TRA or, do I have to wait for the 4 years to pass?. Also anyone know of good salons to think of working in and how much you can make?. Look forward to any advice!.
  22. Hi, I'm a Vidal Sassoon trained hairdresser, working in a salon in London as self-employed, I have just done my 3rd year on the floor, I know I need to have 4. I have Sassons diplomas and NVQ2. I was wondering when I should get my paperwork together for the TRA or, do I have to wait for the 4 years to pass?. Also anyone know of good salons to think of working in and how much you can make?. Look forward to any advice!
  23. Guest

    Re training - hairdresser

    Hi Guys My OH thinks I am going through a mis life crisis! I currently work for a clothing importer and have a very high position but in the current climate my MD has decided to close the business. Due to the clothing industry being a bit risky at the moent I have decided to re train as a Hairdresser! We already have our Visas and the only reason we have not emigrated yet is because we havnt sold the house. We still have just short of 4yrs on the visa so in theory there is time to retrain. Any thoughts? Ness x
  24. Hi, first post on here..... So pleased to have found this place, we seem to be in a very similar position to many others in being uncertain where to start. Amazed at all the invaluable ( and friendly )advice from people....... I am a technical illustrator with 18 years experience mostly in aerospace and my wife is a hairdresser with 10 years experience although she has worked in a local garden centre for the last year. I believe we are both on the Skills in demand list but I wondered if this was taken into account in any visa application ie such as a joint application (???) or if it is done per person. We both intend to come out and work full time. Apologies if this is a daft question, I realise I still have a 'lot' of research to do. I have contacted the company that is the Australian distributor for the software that is used by many companies for producing technical illustrations with a view to seeing if it would be possible to get a list of Australian companies that I could contact about work or even the possibility of working for them. ( My first 10 years out of college were spent providing tech support and training for illustration software ) I am 39 and my wife is 42 and we have an excited 11 year old son who can't wait to go, I also have a brother who lives in Melbourne and a sister who lives in Sydney. Any pointers or words of advice very much appreciated........ Many Thanks Mike and Claire :jiggy:
  25. Guest

    Anyone know a good hairdresser?

    Reading Leanne (in Queensland)'s thread made me realise that I ought to start thinking about a hairdresser. I'm hopeless with my hair and have only had two hairdressers in the last 15 years - both girls I've played netball with. I live in Glen Waverley so can anyone recommend a good salon or a mobile service? Thanks in advance for your help Zoë