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Found 129 results

  1. Ali&Paul

    A Very Confused Hairdresser!!!

    I'm so confused... I know hairdressing is not on the new SOL, we have had very little communication from our agent (last update from them was 9 months ago) we applied for our 175 visa a year ago and now with all the changes I dont know where we stand. My husband's job is not on any list either. Are we ever likely to get our visa without sponsorship or will our visa be declined because hairdressing is no longer on the list? Sorry for sounding a bit dense! :goofy: Thankyou, Alison xxx
  2. Application lodged for 886(WA SS): 11/12/08 Occupation: hairdresser(IELTS 6.0) Application being processed further: 20/7/09 CO allocated but removed after 23rd september Visa granted: not yet. does anyone can help me? pls pls pls!!
  3. Please post your application status ALL COOK,CHEF,HAIRDRESSER for visa 885/886/887 (175/176 are welcome as well) in the fromat below: your name(optional): date of lodgement: Occupation: (cook/chef/hairdresser?) visa subclass: (885/886/887?) visa status: (granted/ waiting) How the proposed visa capping bill/visa rejection plan will impact on ur life/future/dreams? (note more than 50 words. cheers
  4. :smile:Hi are you looking for a good English hairdresser? I've recently moved to Perth and am working in a brilliant salon in Wangara. I have 24 years experience. Back in the UK I owned my own salon for 11 years. For the last 7 years in the UK I was a mobile hairdresser. So all up I was selfemployed for 18 years, and made a good living from it. I've decided to have a change and work in somebody elses salon, and I love it!! If you are looking for a friendly salon come and see me TRACEY at HAIRIZON. We are tucked away in Wangara on Irwin Road. Surrounding areas are Woodvale, Kingsley, Pearsall, Hocking, Wanneroo Egdewater, Darch, Madeley. Fancy a coffee, a chat:chatterbox: and good service all at reasonable prices ....... easy parking right outside too!! Hope to see ya soon Tracey x We also have creative nails by Gill in the salon.
  5. Hi Does anyone know of a really good mobile hairdresser in Newcastle that you could reccommend we live near Kotara and New Lambton????? Kind regards MariaL
  6. Hi Guys Can anyone help, I am in desperate need to be sponsored as a hairdresser, I have completed my Cert III and have 1 years experience plus my Cert IV in Beauty and doing my Diploma in Beauty just now. We were going to be sponsored through hubby's work but that has fallen through, now with two young children, one born in oz, I am desperate to keep us here and this is our only option. So if there are any hairdressers out there, or anyone knows of any that would consider sponsorship, please let me know, I am prepared to move anywhere to get it. Thanks Mandy
  7. hi iam a qualified hairdresser and am just about to finish my diploma in beauty therapy looking for a sponsorship. i currently live in brisbane but would be willing to move anywhere as i don't want to go back to the uk
  8. I am in the SE of Melbourne living, Iam on whv and looking for a hairdressing job in the city area. I have been quailfied for the last 6 years and I am from UK; :cool:
  9. Hi Can anyone please recommend a hairdresser in the Manly area Lower Northern Beaches? Any of the ones in Warringah mall any good other than Just Cuts? Thanks
  10. HI ladies, i've just struggled to navigate this web site so I may be typing in the wrong place, but my need is simple....HELP ME FIND A GOOD HAIRDRESSER!! I live in Sydney in the St George area but am able to travel (within reason) to find a good hairdresser! I have lived here for two years and am yet to find a hairdresser i trust...are there any Poms who are hairdressers on this site that are willing to help??? I have my hair highlighted and cut, nothing particularly fancy but I look forward to having my hair done and would appreciate a visit that doesn't end in tears (the last few have!!). I hope someone can help or recommend a good hairdresser for me. I look forward to hearing from you!!! Thanks, Alexandra
  11. Guest

    Looking for a hairdresser

    :jiggy:Hi ladies, i hope someone can help? I have recently moved to the Perth area, (East Fremantle) , im looking for a really good hairdresser for cutting & colouring, i dont mind travelling a bit for a great hairdresser, preferably a Brit, as i have had nightmare results from aussie hairdressers even so called top class ones:shocked: Thanks Ali
  12. Guest

    Hairdresser Visa help....

    Hello! We have started online visa application for a 175. I am a qualified hairdresser. I have got to the Applicant skills assessment section and wanted to check the next step as am slightly confused! Do I complete this form next to apply for TRA? http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/TRA/residenceVisa/Documents/MigSkillsAppForm1-8.pdf If so the "skilled pathway" section on the form stipulates "at least four (4) years directly related employment" Now, I was under the impression that the requirement was you have worked for at least 12 months within the last 24 months in your profession? Can anyone give any advice please? Any other relevant advice on the application would be greatly appreciated! Many Thanks Confused Angela & Andy
  13. :sad:Hi, It seems that my poor old twin sister is going to have to be prepared to possibly let me and her 4 nieces/nephews leave her behind in the UK if we get our visas as now the MODL list is abolished she does not have enough points. Queensland don't sponsor (state or regional ) hairdressers:unsure: so other than finding an employer willing to sponsor her, we don't know what to do.... really upset. Don't even know how to go about this either?!:err:Any advise welcome. Prawny4.
  14. snearkin

    Hairdresser on a 176 visa

    Can Anyone Help? I am hairdresser and applied in 2008 for a 175 visa. After my medicals my agent (Four Corners) went bump and I was informed that my visa had been put on hold until at least 2012!! :arghh: I applied with my sister and she was lucky enough to get her 175 visa and is making her move to Brisbane in April '10. I am really keen to go with her as we originally planned, and am looking in to going on a 176 visa but unfortunately hairdressers are not required in that area. I have looked into the next nearest area - NSW but again hairderssers are not required -therefore I am looking at Adalaide. (Unless anyone can give me a way round this??) My main question is - if I activate my 176 visa, will my 2 years start from the date I activate it or from when I officially move there? Thanks in advance for your help. Janine
  15. Hello all how is everyone, i havent been on for ages as we are just back from our reccie to Brisbane, We loved it and are now hoping to move out there next October. I was just wondering if any you ladies or gents in Brisbane or surrounding areas would be interested in a mobile Hairdresser. I have been a hairdresser for nearly 11 years and i am currently working my own clientel in Glasgow. I love it and i am worried that i am going to leave all my lovely clients/friends when i move and have to work in a salon again. i dont know how popular free lance mobile hairdressing is so any response would be lovely. You never know i could be your new stylist this time next year. Fingers crossed x laura x :wub:
  16. Guest

    Hairdresser employers?

    Hairdresser employers? Hey there, Right can some one please help me. I have sent of my DE FACTO visa off and is currently processing, but i am also a hairdresser but the easiest route for me was defacto visa rather than the skilled visa. However i was under the impression (dont ask me where from) that i would still have to get my Trades assessed to work as a hairdresser. After emailing the immigration office they have told me that you only have to get your trades assessed if you are going throu the skilled visa. I am however worried when in get over to Sydney and i have all my qualifactions and referances that they will ask for my trades certificate. Has n e 1 else been through this? And as an employer what do they ask for from a u.k hairdresser if they have residency but havent gone throu skilled visa? Thanks for ne help.:twitcy:
  17. Hey all Thanks ever so much for looking at my post, Myself and my hub are working ourselves to the bone and supporting our family on a shoes string to get our Oz dream (as of most of you i should imagine) Im heartbroken to think that my dream now may never happen?? am I right?? does anyonne have a glimmer of light? or are all my dreams dashed, im heartbroken!!! boo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Txxxx
  18. Good morning all! I am currentley studying (and enjoying very much) towards a city and gulids Level 2 in hairdressing , doing my level 3 in sept, my question is if i get a job this summer working 20 hrs a week, along side me doing my level 3, will i be able to next summer 2011 after 12 months working 20 hrs a week be able to apply for a permanent visa?? Another question!! Does it require all people on visa to validate or can just the main applicant?? Thanks ever so for your time Tasha xxxx
  19. Hi We are applying for our 176 visa next month. My wife's daughter is going travelling for 8 months and then will come to us on a WHV with the intention of getting a sponsor so she can stay. I have been thinking about this and I think we may need a bit more stability. Would she be eligible to apply for her own visa? She left school in 2004 and went to college to study Hairdressing and she worked on a Saturday at a salon. She left College in April 2005 and went to work in the same salon and the salon owner paid for her to attend another college so that she attained her NVQ 2 in Hairdressing.She then completed her NVQ 3 in Hairdressing in 2008 and has been working in the same salon for 5 years in April 2010. I dont know where to start when it comes to her applying for her visa so any help would be great. Many thanks JOHN
  20. Hi All, I want to speed up the process of getting more customers in does anyone know the best way to put yourself out there in Perth?? This is me Jai's Mobile Hairdressing and are there anymore meets in Perth anywhere soon?? Jai:notworthy:
  21. Guest

    hairdresser wanted

    hi all i may have a position for a fully qualified hairdresser in adelaide ( henley beach ). send me a p.m many thanks
  22. Hi Are there any ladies who can recommend a good hairdresser in Bunbury, Eaton or Australind area's. My hair is in desperate need of a good cut. Thanks.:smile:
  23. Hi there,just signed up to this forum and have loads to ask but my first question is that does anyone know if hairdresser's are still needed and if so in what area and what is the average wage, i know it will no doubt vary but am looking to come to oz to work but need to know if i will find a job easily or not,and could i survive on the wages,Any guidence would b appreiciated.oh yeah i am 32 yrs of age and have 16yrs exp.Thanks:biggrin:
  24. Hi all random question probably but to all the females out there can anyone recommend a good hairdresser - having just moved here from QLD i have to start all over again with finding a new salon and there are too many to choose from! so looking for some tips! Nothing to expensive mind!!!! Jo
  25. Guest

    Student visa in Hairdressing

    I was wondering if anyone has gone for a student visa in hairdressing in Melbourne. What course did they do (is it possible just to do the Cert III for 2 years or do you have to do the Cert III, Cert IV and Diploma in Salon Management to fulfill the 2 year study rule?) Also how does the amount of hours training work - I heard that HIBA (Hairdressing Assc in Oz) have recently said the course should have at least 1600 face to face hours to be industry employable. If the Cert III is done in the first year, can the work experience to get the extra points be done in the second year whilst still doing the Cert IV and Diploma? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks