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Found 129 results

  1. Guest

    Hairdresser urgently required

    I am in desperate need of a hairdresser - can anyone recommend a good one? I live in Carina, Brisbane, but would be willing to travel for a good hairdresser. Or if anyone knows of a good mobile hairdresser? Any help much appreciated.
  2. Hi, does anyone know of any good hairdressers in Caloundra. My neice used to do my hair but she has gone back to UK for a while so i am desperately trying to find a good one. Any ideas would be great x
  3. Hi all I just find out that hairdresser is in WA migration plan for years 2011-2012, CLICK HERE I applied for Skilled- Sponsored Residence (Subclass 886) , on September 2009. According to department of immigration I should be in group priority number 3. Is that right ? I'm wondering how long will it take for my case to get finalized ? I should mention that, there isn't any case officer allocated for my case after 2 years. I really appreciate your help. :biggrin:
  4. Hi I applied for my PR on 14 Sep 2009 ( Subclass 886) under State sponsorship Western Australia as a hairdresser, DIAC has not yet allocate a case officer for me and there is no progress on my case. I'm so confused , i don't know what category I'm in and how long will it take for my case to be processed. Is there anyone with the same situation ? can anyone tell what i can do regarding this issue ? I'm really sick of waiting :mad:, sometimes i think with myself, i forget about the PR and Australia and get back to my home country. Regards
  5. Guest


    Hi I have come from Manchester England were I studied Hairdressing for 2 years and moved to Qld in Oct 07, I qualified in Oct 09 as Cert 111 in Hairdressing doing fulltime at Tafe, I also won 4 awards and have run my own salon for 16 months but had to sell it to gain sponsorship. I am now looking forward to moving to WA and looking for a 119 Regional Sponsorship with a suitable employer and willing to work full time in the Hairdressing Industry. Please contact me if you are looking for a professional stylist with great creativityand friendly.:yes:
  6. Hi all, My girlfriend and I are looking to move back to Australia. We lived/met there on WHV and came back to Ireland last year. As a qualified Hairdresser she has the required points to move back over on 176 visa (70pts). Unfortunately she won't be able to get State Sponsorship as they are only giving these out in rural areas, we're both young (26+27) and not keen on living in 'the sticks'. We are trying any contacts we have over there but no luck so far on a sponsored visa for her, does anyone know of any contacts/businesses that are looking for qualified Irish hairdressers in Melbourne. Failing that any other way she/we could get the sponsorship. Thanks in advance, Tom
  7. looking into migrating to oz and noticed a nvq level 2 is not classed as 'qualified' out there.Im really reluctant to do my level 3 as its two years and to be quite honest with you i know everything they teach ya in a level 3 and alot more! Is there away around it? or a course i can do when i get there? Jenna
  8. Hi I have a position available for a beauty therapist and senior stylist at our salon in Grange Brisbane. Please contact me if you are seeking work. lisaxxx
  9. I am almost at that point where I am in desperate need of a haircut :wacko:. Had a peek at some in Wynnum this morning - but there are a few to choose from and I'm a bit nervous :huh: ...... so, can anyone recommend one? Happy to go a little further afield for the security of not bawling my eyes out after the appointment :yes:
  10. whichway

    seeking Gold Coast Hairdresser

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could recommend me a good, reasonably priced mobile hairdresser who will come to pacific pines. I am grateful for any advice. thanks.
  11. Hi all, Hopefully someone out there will be able to help me with this one. Ages ago mum was on Poms and having a general read (she doesn' do it often and usually relies on feedback from us!). She thought she saw someone saying that they were going to do mobile hairdressing (again she thought it was the Brisbane area) and posting a price list. I have looked all over and cannot find the post she is referring to (mum can't remember which forum she was reading so it doesn't help much.) We are heading out to Springfield Lakes and I am already panicking about finding a reliable (not too expensive) hairdresser after all the horror stories I have read on here. Keep reading that Brit trained is best!! :unsure:Can anyone help? Thanks Sarah x
  12. RPJG


    Hi everyone, I'm new to PIO and just looking for some guidance. I am a 22 year old Hairdresser (qualified for 3 years) and I am looking into the pospect of living and working in OZ. I have no family over in OZ and I have already been over on a working holiday visa. I have been informed that the only other way is either State Sponsorship or Independent Skilled Application...... is this correct? If so... could someone tell me what state would be willing to sponsor Hairdressers? if any. I have been told I would be unable to obtain a positive skills assessment aswell due to the fact I have been an Maternity leave over the past 7 months after having a baby (I have been informed I must be in full time employment over the last 12 months).... is this correct!? Any help would be greatly appreciated Jenna Graham
  13. My agent says I'm in cat 3 because I applied before the changes but I'm sure it's cat 4 I'm in...??? Can anybody help? Applied Aug 09, 175, hairdresser. Many thanks Alison x
  14. Guest


    Could do with some advise please, I am thinking of doing a hairdressing course,which hopefully would get me into Oz. If I did the course what qualifications would I need and would I need experience. If I worked in a hairdressers while training would that apply. Would rather do the course full time so as to get it done quicker. I am on a time line as I will be 43 this August. I don't mind being sponsored if it meant I could get over there. My sister has lived in Oz for three years (Brisbane) and would love to be out there with my family. Must advise needed please,please anyone got any advise the more the better. Gwen :biggrin: xx
  15. Guest


    My wife and I are in the process of applying to migrate with her hairdresser skills, we started Feb 10. I understand that things have changed over the past 12 months regarding hairdressers, we submitted all the relevant documentation to our agent. We have now been informed that my wife will need to sit a skype interview (£1,600) and do an english test (£170), and only certain areas are taking hairdressers. I am trying to establsh if others have come across this hurdle, is this the route to take? If so, any points on the skype interview would be useful. Thanks Neil
  16. Hi everyone. I'm planning on going to australia on a working holiday in January. I will probably go to brisbane. I'm a hairdresser from ireland anyway and I just heard from an aussie bloke that hairdressers from other countries must take an exam before they will be able to get a job. This is a bit scary because i want to get a job as quickly as i can and i dont do perming so i wont be able to answer any questions on that and i've no idea how long it will take or whats envolved. I cant really find any information about it on the net. Does anyone know anything about this and will you really have to take the test? the aussie bloke also said the standard of hairdressing over there is very high, don't mean to offend anyone but i had heard from several people that the overall standard was generally quite low and that it would be easy to get a good job because of this. Not really sure what to expect now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Guest

    Hairdresser Wanted

    Hello all I have been here for 6 onths and am a manager of a salon. I am looking for senior styists to work part time, there is a real shortfall of hairdressers. I am in Redcliffe 30 mins north of Brisbane Please pm me for more details Thanks Carl PS have a great day
  18. Our hairdresser had to fly home and we need one urgently. Please PM
  19. HI GUYS im new to this forum, i have recently moved over to perth from the UK and i am a qualifed hairdresser uk trained in all aspects of hairdressing and recently selling my salon in the UK. i have 16 years experience and i like to think i am good at what i do, in the UK i built my client base from word of mouth and have started to do the same here. i know its hard to find and trust a hairdresser (im looking for one myself):arghh: and im not a good client..... lol so if anybody out their is looking for a new hairdresser then please feel free to contact me i live in Mindaire so surround suburbs i will travel too or you can come to my home. My phone number is 0433221978 or email me with your contact details @ tracygriffo3@aol.com I prefer and love to be salon based but my husband has to work saturdays and having no family here for babysitting duties, i have to take care of my beautiful babies so anyone looking for a part time ( weekday) stylist feel free to contact me. hope too see you for a chat and hairstyle soon x Tracy
  20. Hi there, Woz just wondering if anyone could help, my o/h and myself are wanting to live in Australia and am looking to go down the sponsorship route we are both living in the uk,my o/h is a bricklayer and plasterer with 16yrs exp, we are both 34yrs of age and want to start a new life down under, i am a hairdresser with 16yrs of experience so we are both looking to find a sponsorship(whoever can get one 1st) but it seems its harder for me so am hoping to get some luck with his career.If anyone has any thoughts ,or connections that could help,PLEASE let me know.Many thanks for looking at my blog hope to hear form someone soon.X:cool: p.s i did edit the spelling mistake in the title but it didn't change it.dam laptop.
  21. Hi I am a qualified hairdresser and would love to move to australia but need to find a job with an employer who will sponsor me. Does anyone know where I can find employers who will do this, I know somw want to see you first but as I am in the uk this is difficult.
  22. Hi me and my boyfriend are looking into going to Oz but were just wondering how easy it is to get a job in our industries and the rates of pay and such. Also if anyone has any details of sponsorship and stuff like that as we are clueless as to where to start but are working on it! Haha. Thanks in advance :jiggy:
  23. Hi there everyone , i applied for my visa the day before the suspension , i have just made it in for my 175 but would like to bump it up to a 176 with a state sponsor , would like to know if anyone has any idea on when W/A will start sponsoring again and what is the likelyhood of us Hairdressers being on their list . My sister is moving to Perth end of January and she is happy to family sponsor me but i have been told it is better with a State sponsor, would appreciate any advice or info on all of the above , Thanks and have a great day x:wub:
  24. Guest

    Hairdresser with existing WA SS

    Hi all PIO like so many others i have been following a lot of threads regarding SMP lists and waiting patiently for them to be released. Up until recently i felt like the Aussie dream was all over for us (Hairdressers) but have been really encouraged by recent threads. I see that Hairdressers are high priority on WA list of occupations in demand which has got to be good news for Hairdressers. We lodged our 175 visa in june2009 WA SS granted in Aug 2009 Sept 09 changes everything on hold ever since:arghh: Can anybody out there offer any advice or comments on what will happen to Hairdressers with existing SS :hug:Sarah
  25. Since moving here I have had several hairdressers. Some choose to cut witha razor only, which on fine hair like mine, is not great. Also getting the colour (dark ash blonde) right is proving difficult too! I just wondered if anyone had found a great hairdresser and do they use scissors? :huh: