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Found 784 results

  1. New to the site but so many great posts thought I'd say hi! My partner and I are making the move at the end of September to Sydney! Super excited and so many things to consider. Any views on the following would be great: Ship or not? Saw a post saying to ship things is it really worth it? If so, who's best? Should I get a job before I go or contract when I arrive? I work in IT and have been speaking to a recruiter who's been keen and helpful but bit worried about going for a job at a company I've never met! Will we get a place to rent in Sydney? Thinking Balmain or Woolstonecraft and bit worried about the agents offering 15minute viewing time! Looks like a no but can you get LAFHA on a 176 visa What's a good relocation package? Boyfriend's told company we're off so wondering if others have been in that place and did you negotiate a good package! If anyone's got any advice on the following it'd be great!
  2. baz6679

    Visa granted!! Yeyyyyyyyyyyyy

    I stayed up until 1 am last night and called DIAC despite agent advising not to! After 15 mins on hold got speaking to a lovely lady. I told her i was in limbo as I had an offer on the house and needed to know when visas would be granted.She advised she seen everything was finalised so she advised she would get in touch with my case officer. Lo and behold my agent called me this morning to say the visa has been granted:biggrin:
  3. GavCar

    Visa Granted! Woo Hoo!

    Hi everyone! I haven't been on here for ages because I have been spending a lot of time on Poms in Adelaide (as we have SA state sponsorship) & have been updating a couple of timelines too. Anyway, we got our visa granted today! Sooo happy & excited! Really feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. :jiggy: Miss coming on here so will be able to come on here more often now - have loads to catch up on! :hug: Cara x :wubclub:
  4. Guest

    E457 granted!!!!!!

    Hi Everyone, Well everyone I decided to do the daily ritual of checking my e457 visa process and would you believe it.....it came up APPROVED..lol :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: We placed our lodegement on the 07/05/11 and was officially granted 06/06/11. My OH is a murse so it was only her that needed a full medical. Well I am just off to book them flights with a hot brew in hand!.... Many thanks to everyone on this site as you have all been fantastic and I will keep on posting any information I can to help others in the way that I have been helped! Thanks again everyone:wink::wink::wink: Si & Gem x
  5. After what we thought was the show stopper when my skill was removed from the SOL in the July 2010 changes, I logged onto the DIAC site yesterday to be greeted with the news that my 176 for myself and my family has been approved! Can’t believe how quickly it went through in the end since SA released their state sponsorship scheme in Jan. The heartache of believing it was all over in July was worth it now as we would have never gone down the state sponsorship route. Now all of a sudden the activation end date of May 2012 looks so near. Better start making lists of what to do next as I didn’t want to jinx the process and make one before. Best of luck to all those still waiting to hear. Today is a good day! :biggrin: Here's the timeline if anyone's interested. ACS Application 24-04-10 Suspension of GSM applications 08-05-10 ACS assessment passed 22-06-11 Skill removed from SOL 01-07-10 SA releases State Migration Plan 05-01-11 SA SS online application 13-01-11 SA SS granted 24-03-11 176 Visa Application 31-03-11 CO assigned 02-05-11 176 Visa granted 10-06-11
  6. Hi Everyone, Last week we were granted our 176 visas. Just wondering whether its best to send our passports off with the visa grant letter or not bother as the visa is electronically linked to our passports anyway? Some people have said its best to send the passports off to have the visa label put in as its better when getting jobs etc. The only thing is we are flying out to Perth on 28th June so I don’t want to risk the passports getting lost. I know this prob wont happen & they do say it’s a 3 working day turnaround but you never know!! What does everyone else do?
  7. Hey all, Just thought i'd let you know I received an email on the weekend, advising that I had been granted my temporary residency! It has taken just over 4 months to come through. We applied in early feb in Brisbane, and heard nothing until we received a call this weekend from our case officer (that we didn't even know we had! lol), asking for a form 80. Once we sent that across, we got an email within the hour saying the visa had been granted! Thank you to everyone for their help, especially siamsusie - you are a star!! We certainly would not have been able to put our application together, without the help of poms in oz!
  8. Well it's been quite a night. My husband and my daughter's meds were uploaded and finalised last week. My newborn son's (Noah) were couriered last week and arrived on Monday. Mine were uploaded on Tuesday and referred on Wednesday (not sure for what?). Before I went to bed last night my referred meds were changed to finalised. Noah's meds were finalised when I got up at half 3 this morning to feed him. Then when I woke up this morning to an email from our agent stating our visa has been granted! Our case officer has been great the whole way and must have been waiting to push that grant button as soon as he got confirmation of Noah's meds! We are so so happy but not looking forward to telling the parents that it's actually going ahead. This has been such a long process (despite what my timeline may suggest) and a dream that began 6 years ago has finally been realised! I'm off to have some champers now!! Natalie
  9. Guest

    Visa granted

    Just want to say thanks to all who have given advice to my questions on the forum, we recieved confirmation on Monday that we have our 175 visa and are delighted with the news, the only drawback is we must enter Aus before December 2011 so its mental right now with the arranging of flights shipping and trying to secure a rental property so close to xmas all this with 2 very excited boys. Thanks once again :biggrin:
  10. Oh my god!!! Im so happy!! Got a call today from immigration to say that my cirtizenship application has been finalised and its in the post!! cannot actually believe that i will be going! Got the biggest smile on my face today! Now its all about booking the flights and finding a bleeding job!!:smile:
  11. reddebz

    WOOHOO!!! Visa granted today!!!

    Life is good today! We got our visa and accepted an offer on our house - all in the same day. Yeehaa!!!! Darwin here we come:biggrin:
  12. :arghh:Hi can anyone shed any light on how you know if your visa has been granted. All of our docs are saying met and have been for 2 weeks now, there are no issues with meds or anything else. So does Diac send you a letter or an email or do you just have to keep checking the application page? Finally roughly how long do they generally take at this stage to confirm visa any thoughts. Cheers
  13. Hi Everyone, Got my visa granted today after 2 years and 7 months. My time line : Application lodged : 20/10/2008 Country: Bangladesh Occupation: Accountant Visa class : 886 (Relative sponsor) Was in Cat - 6 (ii) when CSL came into affect Change to Cat-3 in July 2010 before the federal election CO Assigned: 9/8/2010 PCC and Medical Requested : 13/8/2010 PCC and Medical Submitted : 1/9/2010 Doc status changed to received in: 21/9/2010 Then routine processing starts ....... Doc status changed to Met : 27/5/2011 Request for Spouse passport as the passport expired : 31/5/2011 Passport submitted : 2/6/2011 @ 11 am Visa Granted : 02/6/2011 in the afternoon. I am very excited and want to thank each and every member of PIO for all the useful information and wish everyone all the best.
  14. Hi All, I`ve got letter from DIAC today with visa (820 TR) grant, which is cool. After 11 months without any communication, I didn`t even know that I`ve got CO. My questions are: 1) Do I have to renew my medicals + Police checks from now till grant of 801 visa? 2) If studying UNI, can I study part time now or full time (because I am not PR but not student either) Any ideas by chance? Thanks for Your support :mask:
  15. Guest

    Visa granted

    Well hello everyone found out on the 26th of May 475 visa granted:yes:. Thought i would post my time line; SS june 10, applied for visa July 10, CO 18th april, medicals 13th May, uploaded 18th mine where referred and visa granted 26th. Know just the important stuff to do!! Register with WACOT upload CV to state pool and hopefully line up some jobs for a secondary school science teacher (Chemistry). If anyone out there hears of any please drop me a line! Also want to ask is it possible to organise a long term rental property from the uk, looking around silver sands area. Thanks Oh also read somewhere that if you fly with singapore airlines you get 40kg per person (WOW) how do i get this allowance? Thanks in advance
  16. Hi, Do you have to collect a granted visa sticker (for your passport) in the country where you lodged the application, or, can you pick it up elsewhere (but not in Australia- as application was offshore) ? we will be in singapore and going back to london where the application was lodged from will be a big waste of money if we have to do that. anyone have any expereince of this iissue ? thanks.
  17. woodsy16

    OMG!!Visa granted

    I am still in shock we have just got an email that says Visa granted!! Only sent an email with our police checks to our case officer last night, seems all a bit to sudden really! Have only been a lurker and minor poster until now but I can see that I'll be a daily visitor for advice! Process took 15 months feels like alot longer but yet not long enough, looks like we'll we out for a reccie before our deadline of 9th May 2012 and then a 2 year plan for a full move! Kate
  18. Hi all , We have had our permanent residency granted in april this year. looking to move to the Brisbane area before the end of the year .I am a stonemason to trade and have been working on a self employed/sub contracting basis for 11 years now , meaning i have been working on contracts for many many companies over the years and completed loads of smaller jobs as well , I am trying to put together a CV/resume at the moment and pulling my hair out as I dont know how to word my work experience and companies worked for etc , has anyone been in this position before or can anyone who knows about reading or writing CV's advise me on what sort of thing to put in as i cant list every company I have completed work for or list every job I've done as it would take too many pages and I hear companies dont like very long Cv's , this is the first one I have done since leaving school !! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  19. sedgecl

    Visa Granted

    Hi All Had that magic phone call this morning to say that our Visa has been granted....Best news that I have had in along time. So excited I just can't believe that it has finally come through, it took exactly 6 weeks from the date they were uploaded and showed referred....So all of you waiting, hang in there it will happen.......:biggrin:
  20. Lurkio

    Visa Granted!!!!!!!!!!

    Been walking round with a big smile on my face all day :jiggy:and so we will be off to WA as soon as the house sells!!! Now embarking on a programme of redecoration and tarting up. I might do a bit to the house too LOL Thanks to all for their help and the support the forum offers. xx
  21. Hi all, Just thought I would share our good news, have been here now for just over 3 years on a 165 investor visa, we sent in our application on the 8th March for our 893 residency and today we were granted permanent residency :biggrin: Big celebrations tonight I think. Christine
  22. Guest

    175 Granted

    Hey Great news our 175 skilled migrant visa was granted yesterday!!! :wink: We applied 6 July 2010 (We had to wait for a few months after applications were shut) Did medicals start of April We got a case officer 18th April Got our visa Grant 4th May!! So we got our visa in 10 months...so much for the 18 months that was touted October last year...... We used John Adams from www.immigration2oz.com he is very good at what he does. He knows the process inside out and kept us updated the whole way through, and made the process very easy for us. We would without a doubt recommend his services. We enter Oz December this year so maybe will see or meet some of you other lucky individuals then. Hope others are as lucky as we are and hang on in there!! :jiggy:
  23. Guest

    175 visa granted woo hooo

    :biggrin:Woo hoo got visa grant cant believe it finally after 2 years of stress good things come to those who wait.:biggrin:
  24. Guest

    PR granted. Some questions:

    Dear all, I have stayed in Australia for 5 years under work visa. Now I have been granted PR (subclass 856). I have some questions, would anyone be able to help ? 1 How long should I continue to stay in Australia before I am eligible to apply for citizenship. 2 How long should I spend in Australia in 5 years if I don't want to apply for citizenship but want to extend for next 5 year PR visa. Many thanks in advance
  25. tonyman

    Visa granted !!!!

    for a 143 visa .....does the person need to be in their own country when the visa is granted .........