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Found 784 results

  1. Hi, First time using this forum, so please bear with me Applied for ENS 121 from India on Dec 15 2010 Job - Actuary with a Big4 firm through a repued consultant Nomination approved in March Additional info. requested (work experience related) - Provided on April 16 I still havent had any luck and teh Immigration consultant firm asks me to be patient 9running out now!) Indian Passport Can anyone offer any advice re. timelines and if there's anything I can do to accelerate anything ? My employer is very supportive and happy to provide any reference/Urgency letter..The consultant is a bit laid back but then I could be wrong ?? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I've send my 2nd stage application about 4 weeks ago to the department and I'm wondering if it really takes 3-7 months before a Spouse PR gets granted. I've send them all the bits and pieces of proof like joint account statements, joint mortgage, pictures, Statutory Declarations, house hold bills, joint travel, etc. I would like to go and visit my family back in Europe while it's still summer over there but the department gave me the advice to stay in Australia until I hear about the visa. I don't want to apply for a bridging visa because I'm afraid they'll put my application on hold for who knows how long. Does anyone have any experience with the processing times for a Spouse PR? Thanks
  3. I am from Sri Lanka. I have been living in Melbourne on student visa. One month ago, I finished my course and applied for Temporary Residency (Graduate Visa - 485 subclass) just last week. So I am on Bridging visa A now. In about 2 months time, I have to go to Sri Lanka to get married. Marriage, honeymoon everything will take around 6 weeks. Now if I go to the immigration department in Melbourne and mention this, WILL IT BE A VALID REASON to grant Bridging Visa B? :cry: What kind of proof will they require? How long will they take to grant visa? How soon should I apply for this Visa? Thanks everyone.
  4. fergal007

    Visa Granted Today

    Im over the moon in just over a year i have my 176 Vic SS Visa. I would like to thank everyone on this site who has advised me in so many ups and downs of the whole process. I have completed all the paper work myself TRA , Visa app, and will be happy to try and give some pointers to anyone who is trying to do the same. Happy Days Melbourne and the GOR here we come :jiggy:
  5. Guest

    Help Please.....

    Hi everyone! I have recently sent in my application for a Prospective Marriage Visa 300 so I can get back to my girl in Perth. I understand its going to take approx 5 months to be granted but I've got an idea and wondered if it was possible? Could I go over on an ETA in September and wait for it to be granted then leave the country whilst it gets granted at a later date? If so, I currently have a valid ETA which lapses in October so could I apply for a new ETA before that to supersede the exisiting one? Also, would it be best to book a one way flight and a return to Bali at a later date (to get the visa granted) or would it be best to book a flight to Perth with an open return to Bali? Concerned about immigration in Perth! Thanks in advance!
  6. hi hope you cant help got our visa gtanted today, do we all need to go to valadate it or can main aplicant do it. thanks the raes
  7. Hi Can anyone shed any light on how long the process takes from being granted SS and then applying for a 176 visa until the DIAC grant your visa?:unsure: I was initially led to believe that it would take a couple of months or so but it now appears with the changes announced by DIAC for 1st July 2011 that it will be between 12-24 months. For anyone who applied for their 176 visa pre 1st July 2011 it looks as though we are not excempt from the above timescales. Our agent is looking into it but he believes this is the current situation.:arghh: Can anyone confirm or counter the above? Regards Breezer
  8. Guest

    457 Visa Granted!!!!

    Hi all, Just had an email from my agent this morning and our visa has been granted!!!!!! We have till christmas to get ourselves over to WA.....we are all over the moon, my company out there are paying for my flight and the first 4 weeks rental....plus they have paid for the visa....all we need to do now is sell the house, which is taking time!!!! Things are moving fast now and we cannot wait.. Thanks Steve.:jiggy:
  9. Hi all, I would like to share the good news with all in pomsinoz; my 2 year 4 months of wait is over. I have been on and off here, frustrated with the changes and all.Then one day, my mailbox shows I have the grant letter .... finally! My special thanks to Gollywobbler (who sadly no longer around the forums), Reza (for his information on adding de-facto/spouse), VickyMel , siamsusie pumpkin, GeorgeD, _shel and everyone else that I may have unintentionally left out for the support, encouragement and sharing their experiences here. My timeline: Date applied: 03 March 2009 s175 (MODL/SOL) Low Risk (LR) country Medical checked: 03 April 2009, police clearance done Priority changed Sept 2009, s175 given lowest priority Applied for NSW SS and granted: 10 Sept 2009, changed to s176 (cat2) Priority changed again, s176 and s175 priority goes further down (cat5) unless you are in CSL/ENS AU election ... everything on hold again ... ---looong wait ---- NSW election ... SMP on hold the longest of all states SMP out in 03 Mar 2011 - My occupation no longer listed ... (cat4 for having SS but not SMP) CO first contact: 03 April 2011 Asked for S80, F47A, de-facto evidence, spouse IELTS, etc Health check re-done, police clearance re-done Visa granted: 12 Jul 2011, must enter AU for validation by Dec 06, 2011 I guess I am the last few dinasours to be out ... Best of luck everyone!
  10. Hi, I would like to share my happiness with you all. You have been my friends for last three years and helped me a lot during the time when I needed the support. Special thanks to all the moderators and advisors, who are always there when someone asks for the guidance and expert advice. I wish, all of you who got the grant and those who are waiting, very best of luck and see you all in Ozzzzzz. Best regards
  11. pylchung


    Today I have been granted my permanent partner visa! Partner visa (820) applied for in May 2009 Temporary partner visa granted in July 2009 Documents for 2nd stage sent off June 2011 Permanent visa granted 12th July 2011! I'm stoked. I thought I would be waiting a lot, lot longer than I have done!
  12. Just checked our emails there and we have our visa grant. I am not worth a button as they say, I feel sick, I'm crying and laughing, in shock and a bit of a mess. But by god it feels goooooooooooooooooood.:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: I want to say a massive thank you to everyone on here as we couldn't have done it without you. Even though I may not have chatted with you, reading your posts has given us the information and strength to complete this process. Will keep everyone posted on our journey. Thank you PIO. Gillian
  13. Guest

    Visa Granted

    Hi All, Even though I am not an active poster here I do visit this forum day and night for the last one year. This has been a very useful forum through out my journey and I am delighted I got the visa grant yesterday and got it stamped too... my time line is as given below, Nationality:Sri Lankan Occupation:Analyst Programmer Applied 18th-Sep-2010 Got 18th March mail Medical done and finalized May 2011 CO Assigned 24th May 2011 ( Team 2) PCC Sent on 28th June 2011 via registered post Got PCC received conformation on 11th July 2011 Visa granted 11th July 2011 Visa stamped 12 July 2011 Thanks every one for your support and good luck for those waiting hope you will get the grant soon.
  14. Guest

    Visa granted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG - Woke up this morning to our VISA GRANT E MAIL !!!!!!!! Not been an active poster on Poms, but have been on this site almost every day!! Only started the process in Feb this year so have not been waiting as long as some of you, but soo glad that the worry is now over! Now to plan the move to perth - Where to start?????? Best of luck to all those still awaiting CO's and their VISA GRANTS - They will come for you :biggrin:
  15. Dear All, i made two applications (885 and the state sponsored 886), now my 886 has been granted but my 885 also had a case officer, what can i do now? i've written to my 885 CO re that i was granted an 886 but no reply. i called immigration enquiries they told me it's too complicated they weren't able to answer, i also asked the officer when i went to put the label for my granted 886, he said he doesn't know. i started to panic now, i am worried if i break any law conditions which would affect my already granted 886:arghh: why there are still things to be worried after granting PR? could anyone give any suggestions? or any similar case? thanks so much!
  16. So excited I got my visa this morning. Hopefully be in Perth mid September !!
  17. Hi everyone just writing to let you all know we have been granted our visas and it was all in paper form, had trouble loading up documents onto computer. we applied dec 2010, visa lodged 2 march 2011 and medicals done at bridge clinic on 31 june and police checksback on 30 june then all sent by paperwork and visa granted today........yipeeeeeeeee
  18. To those of you who have recently been granted visas, were yours paper based or online applications? This waiting is slowly sending me crazy! My application is paper based. Still (im)patiently waiting...
  19. Im not a huge poster but have picked up so much help and advice from this forum so a HUGE thank you to everyone. Excited!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  20. Guest

    885 - CO Granted - Now What?

    Hi friends I am hoping some senior memebers can comment on my situation. I am on a 485 at the moment. Applied 885 on 30th April 2011. Occuapation is Accountant so on the SOL. Got CO assigned on 28/6/11 & was asked to fill Form 1221, filled & sent it same day via email & uploaded it as well. Have not heard back from CO. Have made a couple of calls but no satisfactory answer. Why do you think no answer & what should I do? I don't want to frustrate the CO although I have not been able to talk/email directly to them. Please help/comment - Thanks
  21. Hi, I'm booked to go to Oz on holiday in December. I think I've read somewhere that applying for a holiday visa while 176 is being processed will cancel my 176 application - is this true? Where can I get the official view on this? Should I apply for my holiday visa before I submit my 176 application? If my 176 has been granted by Dec which I guess is possible based on current processing timings, I do not want to validate in December, because I plan to emigrate in April 2012 and want to get the 40kg baggage allowance with singapore airlines. If I've already validated in Dec they won't let me have max baggage allowance. Any guidance appreciated, Amy
  22. Hi, may name is akiong. i am from high risk country my journey began in Australia in 2004, i am recent graduate from university in Melbourne (major in IT) (i barely finished my degree with a lot of hassle during my study coz english problem and the subject is to hard). it took me more than 5 years to finish bachelor degree. i finish my study at the end of 2010. i heard that i can apply for pr from my friend, but i was under qualified: 1) i could not not get all band 7 on my ielts test and i even could not get 6 on my first two test due to limited English skill ( i am seldom to speak and communicate with English), but somehow i still manged to get it during my last attempt before my student visa expired on March 2011 2) i never worked in a company and never pay tax to the government not even a single contribution ( no expereince at all) because i saw a lot of my friend managed to get a job only with temporary visa 485 and bridging visa (because they could not apply for a pr and some them still waiting for almost one year). my friend told me that i hve to get a job to be able to apply However, i am lucky that somebody told me that i can be sponsored by may aunt. bu the thing is my aunt who is also jobless but she is a citizen relied on government funding but she is willing to sponsor me so that i can apply for 886 family sponsored. at first i dont want to apply because i dont know whether she can sponsor me coz she is jobless and the application is expensive. but i dont want to come back to my country coz live is suck at my country. due to some reason and problems to get all documents required, i applied 886 almost 6 months after my graduation (so theoretically i almost late) at the end of may. i even dont pay the immigration agent coz i think it is a bull**** coz they charge expensive:arghh: amount (1500), i don't bother to pay them and decide to lodge my application by my myself with very limited knowledge about immigration and all that craps. i just simply follow all the written guideline available at the website. here is my time; Lodge 886: end of may 2011 document attached : mid of June (coz have to wait for medic and other document), i even forgot to attach my passport photo coz i did not realize it was required. co allocation: no news at all and never heard any ( i no idea at all what is co mean until now, i just follow this format of timeline) Visa granted: 27 of june ( i only realised this when my friend told me that the priority processing has changed effective 1 july 2011. I was so scared and check he sent me a link to this forum regarding the new process. After reading this forum, i hopelessly check my email, and OMG....... :chatterbox: I saw automatic response email from immigration. I still couldnt believe at the first sight because there are so may people behind me even my friend who has already had job in IT field and better english and still waiting for pr, so i check the processing website and "applicant approved" :jiggy: So i can talk that australian immigration still have a good policy even a hopeless people like me still can get a pr without job, limited English skill, zero experience, never pay tax to Australia. i really like to thank the minister of immigration to allow people like me to take a chance to survive in Australia. i post this message so that al the people who share the same fate and situation like never give up to follow your dream to this country, this is a very fair country who still consider people like us still worth to give a second chance. Note: i dont force you people who read my post to believe my story, coz i also think my story hard to believe. my purpose is only to share information and i hope can be usefull. thx you for reading.
  23. PEDLEY

    176 Visa GRANTED!!

    Hi everyone, WE GOT OUR VISA THIS MORNING!! Thanks to everyone on PIO's. We hope and would like to stay in touch with as many of you as possible. Still cant believe it!! What are we going to do now every morning and night?? No need to check our emails anymore hahaha. Thanks again. See our timeline below for dates. xx:jiggy:
  24. Hi to all, My O/H was today granted his Spouse Visa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe it and it hasnt sunken in yet. We are both so excited!!! We are validating in Feb next year-still ages to go though. Thank you to everyone who has advised us during our application, we have found it very informative and helpful and i would have been lost without the support. Now we can start to plan our forthcoming move next year!! xxx
  25. I know its 4 in the morning, but just checked Emails and our VISA has been granted! Had our meds last week and my wife's were referred:frown: So hang in there if you are in the same boat. Just woke the wife up to give her the great news and cant wait to tell my 9 year old in the morning :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: