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Found 784 results

  1. gr8leo87

    175 granted.. Yuhoo!!!!

    Hey guys I'm delighted to share the news with you. Today I got my 175 granted. Took more than 1.5 years!! Phew Thanks guys for helping out with any queries. Wish you all good luck Best Regards
  2. Hi all, After a gruelling 5 week wait we have finally been granted our 457 visa!! We fly out to Melbourne on Saturday...... feel more scared than excited at the moment! Have so much to think about I can hardly think (if that makes sense!) Anyway I wanted to say thank you for all your support on pio, it has all been a great help ever since our very first enquiry back in March.... Wishing all that are still waiting lots of luck! Thanks, Alex :jiggy::hug::wubclub:
  3. claramanda

    176 Visa Granted!

    Our 176 was granted on 25 August, just 2 days after completing our medicals in Edinburgh! I'd been checking my emails religiously rather than using the online system...we could have been celebrating all weekend! Oh well, it's a great way to start this Monday instead. Whooooop!! Thanks to everyone on here who has given such invaluable advice, support and re-assurance. It will never be a stress-free process, but we certainly could not have gotten through everything so quickly and relatively painlessly without you.
  4. stephenhall444

    Deadline after 175 visa has been granted

    Hello, Hope somebody can help! I am just about to lodge an application for a 175 visa which by my reckoning will take approx 18months to process. Once processed is there a deadline by which you must come to Australia (& live) after the visa has been granted? This must have been discussed before but I have had a look and not found anything! Thanks, Stephen
  5. Guest

    Visa granted today!!!!!!

    Hi all, Finally we've had out 176 visa granted today....... so we're off to Darwin :biggrin: See below for our timeline 10.3.11 - Lodged application for SS Darwin 22.6.11 - Received State Sponsorship 28.6.11 - Lodged application for Visa 11.7.11 CO requested Medicals and Police checks 27.7.11 - Medicals undertaken 10.8.11 - Medicals finalised 25.8.11 VISA GRANTED Now we just need to sell the house - Happy Days :jiggy: Claire xx
  6. I have been granted the 176 Visa ( Family Sponsored) on 12-Jul. I have not posted much but have been an avid reader these last couple of years. So wanted to summarise my experience before I move on. First thanks to PIO for having been a mine of info and for all you wonderfull ppl who post on this forum. THere have been times when the info here is more reliable and accurate than my agents. Kudos to you all. My timeline - Applied for 176 in Nov-2009. CO assigned Mar 2011 (I think though I did not get a formal notification). Meds submitted Feb 28 2011, PCC submitted in stages, last one in May 2011. My kids Meds got lost and I had to redo them again in Jul 2011. VIsa finally granted Aug 2011. It has been a harrowing time these last 2 years, what with all the documentation, a so so agent. The waiting was starting to tell on my professional and personal life (sorry to say). But finally I forced myself to ignore the visa application and distract myself with the more mundane task of living my life (easier said than done). And then finally there it was one fine day. The loop is now closed. The first landing date is fixed before Mar-21 2012. This was fixed based on the first of the PCCs that I submitted. So now I have to wind up stuff in India and plan ahead for our new life. Have applied for affixing the label today. I had question here though - agent says that the first landing should in the following order - Primary Applicant lands first and Sec app could follow. Or all the applicants can travel together but the Secondary appl should not land without the PA having landed first (Is this correct?) I have now started to apply for jobs from India. No bites yet. Is this possible (I mean can I find a job before I land? How easy or difficult is it?). I have been suggested that I land first (I am the PA) and find a job as it is easier that way. Any thoughts? My line of business is Proj Mgmt in IT. Would be happy to hear your views. Sincere prayers to all out there who are waiting. Please hang in there....Good luck.
  7. Taz2008

    Visa granted!!!

    Well finally, after 3 years of ups and downs, we have now got our visa!:jiggy: Can't believe the roller coaster has stopped and we can now move onto the next stage of organising our lives! We have jumped through so many hoops and am pleased to say we are no longer in the queue waiting. :wub: Thanks to everyone for all your help and support in this terrible waiting game.:wubclub: I think we will be celebrating tonight!!! LOL:biggrin: WA here we come....:laugh: Cheers Tasha :hug:
  8. Norfolk Gal

    457 Visa granted

    Although I thought this time would never come, after 8 very long weeks we got our visa approved!!!! and the best thing was it happened on our daughters birthday, I told her it was Australia's birthday present to her. After much excitement, and a far amount of alcohol, I am now looking at the enormity of what we have to do know to get there..............so much rubbish in this house!! Sarah X:biggrin:
  9. :wink:Finally we got our 457 approval today morning. We had to wait 1.5 months to listen this golden words "Applicant Approved".. Wow!!!!! I am going crazy...want to scream with joy !!!:jiggy:Thanks to people in this forum ...:notworthy:
  10. Guest

    Visa granted

    Hi all. We applied for Skilled indipendent Visa a long time ago and were finally granted one recently. Now we are not sure whether to actually take up this opportunity and go to Australia or not. I am an accountant (ACCA) and my wife does not work. We originally applied to OZ because I could not find a job in here. I recently found a job in London with one of the best accountancy practices but my salary is not very good (GBP30,000 pa). I am struggling with my finances ( I have one child 18 months old) and the decision on whether to leave this job and go to Aus or not. I will be thankful if someone can give me some advise on this.
  11. Guest

    LAFA once 457 granted

    Hi All, I came over on a 457 about 12 months ago on what was meant to be short term secondment. I now want to stay and have found a new employer who is willing to take over my sponsorship/have the 457 obligations transferred to it. The question i have is in relation to LAFA. I never got LAFA with my old employer (they met my living costs). How do I go about getting LAFA now and do I need to get anything written into my new contract saying they will help with my LAFA application ( i have not got rental sorted yet but will once I have a contract with the new employer - just dont want to do anything to stuff up chance at LAFA) Cheers. QAF
  12. Hi guys, been a while - Just thought I'd give an update on the progresses of davey mc - I left Ireland on March 8th, relaxed for 2 weeks in Thailand, then arrived in Sydney late march. Having dealt with lying dickhead recruitment agencie (one in particular - the rest were very nice & very honest), i finally got a job + sponsorship came through yest I think i'll have the option of ENS in a few months too. wohoo David
  13. A BIG thanks to all of you here on pio.....our RSMS visa was granted on the 26/7/11 and the first thing we did was book the flights....we fly out to Brissy on the 14/8....But i could not have done it without you guys....the info and the need to just chat has been great THANKS and just hang in there it will all be worth it.....:notworthy:
  14. Guest

    Arriving before 457 granted

    Hi all, New to this forum, seems very active and was hoping someone may have some previous experience of my situation. I've applied for a 457 which is being processed, i've just been asked for proof of medical insurance. We have booked flights for early September because my girlfriend has to leave the UK then and return home (shes Australian) I currently hold a tourist visa and am able to go without working for a month or so if required. My question is how these bridging visas work? can they be used to transfer from a tourist visa to 457 without flying to NZ like i did once before!!, I had the same guy at passport control in and out of the country and he wasn't happy. thanks in advance
  15. Guest

    visa granted :)

    Get in their! WHV visa granted today, was worried with my criminal record but november im heading to sydney! :biggrin:
  16. Guest

    Visa granted

    Just had to share the news that our visa has eventually been granted, been a long, stressful process but we finally got there, now to get the flights booked ready for our big adventure :jiggy:
  17. veronica

    Woopeee Visa Granted

    The wait in finally over, 176 family sponsorship Visa granted today,so excited now the planning begins, Thanks to everyone on this forum for all the help and advice during this process and good luck to anyone still waiting. Timeline- Vetasses Passed May 2010 Visa application 11th Oct 2010 CO-16th June 2011 Meds 28th June & 1st July 2011 PCC's 28th June 2011 Visa Granted 2nd August 2011:biggrin:
  18. Hi, I'm currently waiting for my Spouse PR. Does anyone know how they notify you when your application is granted? Do they call you up or do they send you an official email or a letter?
  19. Guest

    Visa Granted Today...

    Hi All, Our visas have been granted today after exactly 25 months of lodgement....huh, the long wait is finally over. I'm thankful to BE members and moderators for their useful guidance, DIAC personnels for processing my application and giving a favorable consideration, especially ASIO for honoring me with the security clearance (finally after 14 months) and all those who remain in background but did do any bit of contribution in any part of the whole process from lodgement to grant. Now as the visa has been granted it'll take me at least a month in winding up and I'll be able to move by start of Sept, 2011. I'm wondering will it be a good time for the move especially with respect to job hunt? Wishing the best of luck for all those who're waiting and those who're heading to OZ Regards
  20. mrspotatohead

    Partner Visa Granted

    WOOOOOHOOOOOO! My OH had his Partner Visa Subclass 100 Visa (permanent) granted this morning!!! Over the moon! Australia here we come!! Just under 5 months! :biggrin:
  21. Hi guys, I am about to make travel arrangements after my 119 visa has been approved by the case officer. I think about going to New Zealand to the Consulate in Auckland. Has anyone any timeline like how much time they really need ? Everyone tells a different story. The Consulate wrote me 2 working days. My case officer said 4-5 working days. My agent says 3 working days... Its quite an issue for me because I dont want to spend a whole week in Auckland + booking the flights if the visa is coming the next day. Has anyone any experiences to share ?
  22. Hi guys, We received our visa grant VE 176 last 31st March 2011 and we are WA sponsored. However, my wife & I plans to land in Victoria instead of WA. My questions are, what would be the implications & problems that we might encounter if we proceed to settle & live in Victoria? The current problem that we might face & future trouble like gaining citizenship? Please help us before we finalise our plans and any advice is highly appreciated! We are planning to fly to Melbourne end of August this year. Thank you in advance!~ Tazmania:unsure:
  23. Guest

    457 granted!!!

    :jiggy: Can't believe it!!! We Lodged 17th June, granted late last night! We are OFF!!!!!!! We had a few issues that needed sorting out, so if anyone would like a RELIABLE, HONEST and FAB agent recommendation then please PM me. the adventure starts here!
  24. Guest

    Electrician granted a visa

    Hi guys, After a real battle I have been granted my visa Before this I was always on the net looking for information about Vetasse electricians and about criminal records. The vetasse can be hard and alot of what they say in the old posts have changed, I can help those who want some advise. The practical is easy but you may have problems with the star and delta motor practical.The writen exam is close to 2391 but multipul choice, I have an email telling you what to expect (March 2011 I sat the exam) I will send to those electricians worried like I was. Also I went to prison in 2006 and got sentanced 12 months, those who think they have no chance because they draw a line at a 12 month dont give up. You will need proof of good character, I had to work for free for a long time and helped alot of younger offenders into work also trained 3 ex offenders who are now in fulltime employment as electricians. Repeat offenders have no hope, 2nd chances happen but not to those who repeat crime, you should learn from your mistake the first time. I know how much stress and worry it can be to want to live in Australia, its a dream to us all. I would like to help any of you that have any questions to make it easier for you. I have had to fill every form and answer every question out there and nearly cried when I actually managed to do it..... Goodluck guys.
  25. Guest

    Pr granted.... Yayayayayay!!!!

    :laugh: Finally I have my PR..... From applying for my temporary defacto visa.... through to my permanent residency its been a crazy 4 years... full of ups and downs but finally the waiting game is over!!! for all of you going through the process, hold on, when you finally get through it all it is such a relief.... Thank you for everyones help over the four years..... (for those wondering, I sent my PR application in and it was received on the 17th Feb 2011 and I received my grant letter yesterday 3rd March..... although the letter was dated the 1st) Good Luck to everyone...... and anyone begining the defacto process feel free to contact me for any inforamtion...... YAY!!! :biggrin: