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Found 784 results

  1. Please can anyone offer advice or point me in the right direction.............. I was granted a 309 Defacto Visa last October, it's temporary for 2 years and then reverts to a permanent visa. I have recently been diagnosed with M.S. and am worried about how this may affect my permanent residency. Will I be asked about medical issues when my 2 year temporary visa is due to convert to a permanent visa? Am I best to get private healthcover and cover the costs of treatment fully so I am not a drain on Medicare? I am working full time and will continue to do so, meaning that the Government will still get their fair share of taxes from me! I have settled really well in Australia and would hate to think that permanent residency could be denied for me due to this illness.
  2. BearRules

    176 Visa Granted today - Tassie

    Hi all, received word today that our 176 has been granted. A brief timeline ... Tassie SS granted June 2010 176 submitted Sept 20th (my wife Sam is main applicant, ITU nurse) CO assigned 20th Dec Police checks complete 18th Jan Medicals taken 18th Jan Medicals dispatched by courier 31st Jan Tracked them in Oz on 1st Feb and notified CO Visa granted 2nd Feb The visa period itself has been blisteringly fast, though the whole process has taken us two years. Many thanks for all the great advice we've found here. Now for the easy part ... selling the house ... hehehe :-) Colin n Sam.
  3. Guest

    visa granted

    Woop woop our visa has been granted as of 28/01/2011. Omg it made the emotions flow. Told the folks whose reaction was alittle weird really, as i might as well have told them id bought a train ticket to Manchester :biglaugh::biglaugh:. Was really bizarre as there was like no reaction, just like ohhh ok :goofy:. My parents have not found it easy to cope with and they just cope by ignoring the whole thing. Me and the hubby are sooooo excited now, but still need to sell the house . Although we do have an offer on it so fingers crossed:jiggy:. Well folks its been a mad emotional journey, but absolutley worth the ride !!!. Not quite off the roller coaster yet but just going with the flow. Just incase anyones interested, i didnt use an agent and feel very proud of my little self. All you have to do is keep updated on here for info and be organised , organised. Good luck to everyone whose going through this process, to say its character building is an understatement :twitcy::twitcy: Take care everyone and thankyou for everyone whose ever helped me along the way. And my matey Hellsbells,whose had her ear bent more times than i care to think x Annette xxx:hug:
  4. Hi all,:laugh: After a bad start to our SS nomination request (OUR FAULT!) we got our SS today with Victoria. We lodged our application on the 6 August 09', had also lodged with WA, and Victoria responded with an e-mail saying we only consider applicants who are committed to them and them alone. Panic, as Victoria was our first choice... We had to send a new commitment letter to them and a copy of our withdrawal letter to WA. Then we got, what felt like daily e-mails requesting proof direct from WA, a couple of docs. we had already sent (uploading these documents originally did not run smoothly though so we understood why) and we responded within 24 hours to each request. So all in all it has taken 14 DAYS from 6th August to 20 August. Now we need to sell our house, our first viewer coming today at 2pm, fingers, toes and anything else crossed PLEASE.You never know they may just want our house.Thanks to all who have helped and we will be back for some more advice sooooooon. :hug: Ley x
  5. Guest

    Visa granted!!!!!!!!!!!

    Visa Granted 24/01/11 ,It Has Been A Long Wait , Applied 07/08/08, We Have To Validate Before 14/10/11 Going To Perth For 3 Weeks :hug:OMG I Thought This Day Would Never Come ,There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel:rolleyes:
  6. Guest

    visa 176 granted!!!!!

    Started Process Jan 2009 Agent appointed: visa-go March 2009 TRA sent March2009 TRA approved April 2009 SS for WA sent April 2009 WA approval August 2009 lodged visa app 176 : Sept:2nd 2009 DAY OF DOOM 23RD SEPT 2009 Sent cv to various employers may 2010 Interviews june 2010 , perth wa Job offered: june 2010, ens 121 application lodged by employer july 2010 121 ENS APPLICATION LODGED Aug 2010 police checks and medicals sent aug 2010 CO FOR BOTH VISAS ACKNOWLEDGED ON THE SAME DAY 21ST JAN 2011 Visa Granted 25th Jan 2011:jiggy: Many highs and lows on this rocky road, finally its here, i wish all pio members all the best of luck with this mega journey,for those waiting or just beginning the visa process stick in!! its not easy, although im sure the final finishing line wont be to far away . Im very grateful to all who have advised me and to other members that have posted useful threads, these last 2 years have been hard ,pio have made it easier! ANDY 45, MAGS 48, ASHLEY 15, MELISSA 12, DOG, ( TRADE : Painter & Decorator/Signwriter ) looking forward to moving to perth 2011, :biglaugh:
  7. Niki

    business 163 granted

    after 16 months of not knowing we now know! our business 163 visa has been granted! SO happy !! good luck to anyone else out there , its worth the wait :biggrin:
  8. Guest

    GSM VE 175 Granted!

    Dear All, I am pleased to announce that I am granted my 175 visa today. Thanks for all the help everybody provided through this forum. Regards.
  9. Guest

    Once 176 visa granted!

    Hey guys, Has anyone experience this or know about it. Once you've been granted the 176 visa can you sponsor your wife straaight away? I know someting like we can't sponsor someone for the first 2 years but not sure if partners are included in that two yrs? cheers Leed
  10. Guest

    Shocked! Visa Granted

    Hi everyone, well did not expect a visa grant in our e mails this morning,didnt even know we had a co.Heres our story, Feb 2008 made the decision to go to oz. Waited and waited for new MAP from TRA. Sep 2008 MAP delayed indefinately. November 2008 decided to give TRA a go anyway. Jan 2009 TRA failed. March 2009 gained AQF 3 reapplied TRA. May 2009 TRA successful.Applied WA state sponsorship. Sep 2009 State sponsorship granted. Dec 2009 meds and pcc done. 25/1/2011 Visa Granted! What a rollercoaster no more limbo land for us thank goodness,PIO has been a massive help throughout many thanks to everyone and good luck to everyone still waiting.:biggrin:
  11. Guest

    entering before visa granted

    does anyone know if you can enter Australia and stay before PMV is granted?? and then continue process from there??
  12. janey16

    457 visa granted!!!!

    Hi, just got the email that our visa has been granted!!!! ARGHHH, waiting for the kids to wake up so we can tell them. It was lodged on 21st Dec, so took 30 days in total for anyone else waiting, Jane
  13. hi all, we applied for a 175 family sponsored visa back in oct 2008, blah blah you all know about the changes, switched to 176 and got ss from ACT in march 10' on smp and got co nov 10, done all meds and police checks and literally just waiting the the visa. i was just wondering, as i've heard a few people say they were finally granted their original visa, what are the chances of that happening to us?? we'd rather have more scope to move where the jobs/area we like! thanks:wacko:
  14. Hi All, Would be greatful for advice as I am a bit confused and worried. I have a child from a brief relationship and have no contact with rather not go into the ins and outs. But pay CSA every month and have for the last 10 years. When we lodged our application we consulted a migration company who have gone bust dont want to mention names. I brought up the subject if I would have to declare it on my application as there would be no way I could get meds as I have no idea where they are and am not on the birth certificate and she basically said it would only come to light if they wanted to migrate at a later date, which there is no possibility of. My wife did question this at the time and we thought as we pay CSA through the government it might show up when they did the checks and I would explain then. Now the visa has been granted and we are making arrangements to move I rang the CSA and asked if I could carry on with my payments through my parents address. They said once you leave the UK the case shuts and it would be up to the parent with care to go to the courts and then they do it through the Australian courts if she pursues it. I was planning on just changing my address to my parents and carrying on with payments as I dont want to not pay. But my biggest worry is that if they find out im not in the UK not sure how they would know, and then she goes through the courts and it causes problems in Australia. Should I email my case officer and explain as I dont want to get to Australia and be in trouble and have my visa cancelled through a mistake on the application. But will they cancel my visa now as it looks like I have lied deliberatley and puts me as a bad character, not sure what to do. Any Help will be appreciated Thanks
  15. Guest

    visa granted

    wooooooh! 176 visa granted 14/01/2011 going out tonight with my family to celebrate:biglaugh: off to melbourne end of february 2011
  16. Guest

    visa granted

    wooooooooooooh 176 visa granted 14/01/2011 off melbourne end of february:biglaugh:
  17. Hi my husband has had his 309 granted but as we lodged offshore and now both living in Perth we need to flee the country for the final processing and stamping. Has anyone else had there visa completed at the Aust Consulate in Denpasar, and did it go smoothly? Thanks
  18. Guest

    Spouse visa granted today

    hey everyone i got my visa granted today i am jst deligted.it was lodged on the 12th of augest and i did it on my own with the help of you great people on this forum...thanks everyone and good luck to everyone who has applied..
  19. Hi, An e-mail response from the guys at immi.gov.au mentioned the following in the standard blurb: Does anyone know why this is? Because you need to be around when the visa is granted? Because new international travel not declared on your application could invalidate it? Any other reason?!! Or are they just referring to travel to Aus?.. Thanks! Greg
  20. Hi guys, my bf and I are planning to get married this year. Before SA SMP was released, we planned to move to the US cuz my bf is American. Now, we both are very happy to plan to move to OZ since my occuopation is on SA SMP list. I think my 475 visa grant will be sooner than we get married. I asked my agent about it, apperently I dont think they know about this matter very well cuz they told me that we should apply a spouse visa. But, on the DIAC website, if I am 475 visa holder, I should add my family member and it does not sound like I should apply for a spouse visa cuz 475 visa is not PR visa so it does not make sense that my bf applies a spouse visa. Has anyone done this before? Does anyone know how long it will take to add family member? Thanks,
  21. kevin jc

    Vic State Sponsorship granted

    Hello All Yesterday i got a mail from Vic saying they are ready to start processing State sponsorship again, (I had already applied for it but it all got put on hold for the smp's,) They requested my scribble for comitment to live in Vic for the requierd two years so i scanned it signed an sent it back to them yesterday. Then this morning less than 12 hours later i got an email from them Granting me state sponsorship. I know it is only one more small step but all the same, tis one more step. Least it looks like the coggs are turning again and i hope they are also turning for all those others waiting for it to kick off again. Makes me think the smp cant be to far away now, Good luck all Kev
  22. If so, can I ask how long it has taken? ours was lodged online by a migration agent on 17th Dec. We asked for the TRN so have been checking the progress but nothing as yet with Christmas being in the middle we realise it may take longer. The migration agent advised 2-4 weeks but I am reading conflicting things about the length of time anyway, some saying 4 months. Can anyone advise? thanks very much :biggrin:
  23. Hi all We received an email to say our visa was granted today but does anyone know what we do next? From reading the paperwork I am assuming we can enter Oz with the visa Granted number only and we don't have to have an actual paper copy put into the passport. Any help would be good. Thanks Lisa (OH Carpenter - Visa 175 skilled application)
  24. Hi. I'm going to be applying for a Partner Visa this year. My wife is Australian and we're currently both based in London. We'd like to travel for a 4-6 months between leaving London and moving to Australia. Once my Partner Visa is granted how quickly am I going to need to settle in Aus? immi.gov.au states: I'm guessing that police and health checks don't expire within a matter of weeks, but can anyone advise on what timeframe they've actually been given following a successful application? All advice appreciated! Greg
  25. Hi All...:wubclub: We were granted our visas back in March & have to validate/enter by this March! We have just (3 wks ago) had a new baby & now I have to urgently get her a visa...Has anyone had any experience of this situation? I thought I could just 'add her to our visa'....But have since found out I cant! :eek: I have been running another thread similair to this ~ but am trying to catch some 'fresh eyes & comments' :wink: