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Found 784 results

  1. hellsbells712

    176 Granted

    OMG, OMG, OMG I just can't believe it, checked half hour ago and nothing, climbed into bed, usual last check before I lay my head down to sleep, and OMG there is APPLICANT APPROVED. Can't believe it. Thank you, Thank you to everyone here on PIO, could never have coped without you all. Connie, time to turn me purple....... Whoo Hoo Hoo x Helen:notworthy:
  2. hellsbells712

    457 visa granted

    OMG 457 visa granted today.:arghh::chatterbox::arghh: 28 days for processing.
  3. claireg

    176 Visa Granted Today

    :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: We came back from Australia in January 2009 after a 6 week trip and decided Australia is going to be our new home. Now, just over 2 years later we have our VISA. Yippee.:jiggy: We went out there as a couple and I was 5 months pregnant then, and now we will be returning as a family of 4. Our little babies will be proper ozzies, accent and all! Can't tell you how excited we all are. Not yet sunk it properly though. Thank you to everyone who has given us advice on PIO. Good luck to everyone still waiting. Thanks Claire, Pete, Jaime & Maisie
  4. Hi there guys, I'm just about having a nervous breakdown here. Got a 175 in place, CO requested medicals last week, booked for April 7th. PCCs requested. Also got a 457 visa about to be lodged because my boss in Oz is being a little slow (still not lodged nomination/I plan to lodge my app as soon as he has). He's hoping to lodge the 457 in the next week or so. I've booked flights to Sydney on the 11th of May, ready to start work on the 30th? Question: If neither of these visas have been granted by the 11th of May can I just enter on a tourist visa and wait for the 457 to come through whilst in Sydney. Thanks for any advise.
  5. Guest

    visa granted 11/03/11

    Finally we got the good news yesterday morning after a long old 2years plus wait hopefully we can sell up soon and get going can't wait !!! Thanks to poms
  6. Guest

    175 visa granted!!!!

    Hi all can't believe it took about 2 hrs to sink in lol got email this morning, but we have it at last after 2yrs and 2 mths of stress to say the least we have finally been granted are 175 visa!!!! Does anyone know if we can just go or do we wait for a letter ect. Have no agent so not sure on what to do next!! What to book flights asap and do reccie for 4 weeks then come back sell house ect :jiggy:
  7. Guest

    Visa 119 Granted

    hi everyone today our visa was granted timeline Nomination 7-july-10 Lodge visa application 27-july-10 Nomination approved 9-march-11 Visa Granted 9-march-11 That really cook we are happy and take to all for advises and tips
  8. Guest

    Visa granted today!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone, Well we got the fantastic news this morning VISA GRANTED 07/03/2011. It's been 3 long years since we started the process but boy has it been worth it. To read those magical words at 6 o'clock this morning has made every bad day when everything was going wrong so worth it. So to everyone out there that feels like giving up & i know from personal experience we have had many days over the last 2 or 3 years like that, please DON'T because when you do eventually hear the words YOUR VISA HAS BEEN GRANTED it's the best feeling ever, trust me!!! A massive thank you to everyone on here who has given advice, information, help or has just been there when everthing seemed to be against us & was there to listen. Don't think we could have got through it without you. THANK YOU :notworthy: Jo Xxx Now for some serious celebrating!!!!!!!! :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  9. HI All, Hope someone can help or has been in this situation..we had our 176 visa granted and activated on on recent trip to australia, we first wanted to go to victoria so we applied for state sponsorship,this was granted and the visa issued. we now want to live in WA and i have a potential employer fixed up in Rockingham.... can we just move to WA and take up employment when we have signed the sponsorship agreement in Vic. any thoughts
  10. Guest

    Visa granted

    To everyone who has answered my million and one questions especially reza, hellbells, tikbalang and taylor72 - I got my grant letter today! Thank you and hope to see everyone in Queensland soon! and for everyone who is still waiting for their grant keep your hopes up!!!!!
  11. kateNollie

    Visa Granted - How long have I got

    Once I get accepted as a spouse and granted permission to emigrate, what is the time limit before the Visa expires.
  12. hey- anyone had their 309/100 partner visa application granted recently? trying to get an idea of timeframes :smile:
  13. Guest

    visa granted today!!!!

    Wahoo!!! Our 176 state sponsorship for canberra was granted today! Timeline: 15/4/09 - vetassess approved, 17/3/10 - ACT verfiied CV, 31/3/10 - lodged & posted application, 4/6/10 - granted state sponsorship by ACT for 176 (graphic design) 4/7/10 - applied for visa 15/11/10 - C/O assigned - Meds & police checks requested 31/12/10 - Meds & Police checks received 13/1/11 - VISA GRANTED!!! Good luck everyone! Canberra Here we come!! x
  14. joemilmoss

    Visa granted

    Hi got a email from my agent today saying our visa had been granted :biggrin: feel so happy but also nervous after 3 long years of waiting never thought this day would come:biggrin: dont know where to start at whats to do next,had our house on the market for a couple of weeks now so hopefully we will have some intrest real soon. Hoping to be in perth for september time would love to hear from anyone who has recently gone or who will be going,or anyone who can give me any help with areas,schools and what you did at this stage.
  15. Hi, We are new to this site and would be EXTREMELY grateful if someone could offer advice re the following. We are a 175 application from October 2009 and are hoping to get visa through by June/July this year - but who knows?!? Question I have is my daughter passport expires in July 2011. Do you think I would be better waiting until we hopefully get visa before renewing her passport or should we just apply now and update DIAC. My preference would be to wait until after visa granted, however not sure if this then poses difficulties transferring visa to a new passport. Apologies for the rant - hopefully you get the jist:wub:
  16. kev and iza

    Case Officer Granted Today ;-)

    So Surprised, Case officer granted today- application submitted April 09. Still in shock- finally plans can start ;-)
  17. Helz980

    Visa Granted yey!

    Hi folks Just wanted to share our news! after official lodging of the application in March 2009, then due to changes in rules we kinda forgot about it. Sent in the last docs on Monday 14th Feb, email received yesterday............175 Independent VISA GRANTED Over the moon, me and the OH have had a tough few years and finally we can look forward to a new chapter! Helen xx :smile:
  18. Hi all, My partner and I are in a bit of a time war and need to lodge our visa before 1st July if the new proposed points system comes into place. My partner is currently just on stage one of vetassess and waiting for the result. Does anyone know how long recent ss is taking to be granted for SA. Really worried about lodging on time:frown: Thanks, Lucy.
  19. Hi All, Just wanted to let you all know that we got our 176 visa (ACT SS) granted today !! :jiggy::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::jiggy: Cant believe it !! Its actually taken from 4.5 years from starting the whole process off ! I am doing flick flacks here !! Will update my details on here tonight, like timeline etc... We were in the Category 2's. Til later xx
  20. Guest

    457 granted today!

    hi all, just thought i would let you know we had our 457 granted today! off to perth asap...lots to do now :smile: visa was lodged 29th december, meds on 20th jan.
  21. cutiemcprettybobbi

    Omg!!!!!!!!! Visa granted!!!

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy, visa granted, just checked email and there is was! app NOV 2008, started process in JUly 2007, its been a really long time coming! so excited, i was crying and could barely read the grant letter!! Australia, here we come! Turn me PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biglaugh::biglaugh:::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaug:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::jiggy
  22. Guest

    Temp Partner visa granted!

    Hi everyone My temp partner visa was granted yesterday! woopee I applied at the brisbane office on the 29th Oct 2010. Hope this gives a little bit of hope to those who are still waiting. I applied on the day my WHV ended and just over 3 months of a wait isn't bad. :biggrin:
  23. Very excited! Our agent called us this morning to advise our visa has finally been granted! We are so very excited! Good luck to everyone that's still waiting. Best wishes, Katarina
  24. swifty99

    Visa granted

    Just wanted to share our great news just had the email from CO that our subclass 100 spouse visa has been granted :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  25. Guest

    Yeahhhhhhhhh! 176 Visa Granted

    I have been looking through the threads pretending it is a normal day as I was lost for words. Whoooooooopie! :jiggy: Still can't believe it - we have our Visas at long last. Phew!!! There were times when I almost gave up hope of ever seeing this day (some of my friends and family just could not understand the delay - but everyone here knew how I was feeling). I would just like to send a big :hug: to everyone who participates on here. I have met some wonderful people on here - many of whom were able to perk me up and give me hope again when I was down. Special thanks to Gollywobbler who was the first to welcome me - and scared the life out of me asking personal questions when I wanted to get by on PIO as a barely noticed poster and intended to spend most of my time lurking. :confused: She also help with her comments to others, it is sad to think how many people are losing out not gaining that wisdom now she is no longer on PIO (I hope she is lurking and wish her well). When I started the old VIC SS Kelly and Taz contacted me immediately with a massive welcome (and I foolishly had been terrified people would be arsy about me starting a VIC thread and "copying" their idea) and gave me loads of advice :notworthy:. They also thankfully stopped me leaving PIO one week when it all got a bit rough. All the agents that come on here and comment on peoples queries - thank you so much - all those little snippets add together and helped me no end. So I started off wanting to pretty much be a lurker and background poster. However, the desperate need to know what was happening with SS in VIC leading to the VIC SS thread turned me into a bit of a PIO monster and these days I just can't stop :chatterbox:. My thanks to everyone on PIO :hug: Vicky