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Found 784 results

  1. Guest

    176 Family Visa Granted

    Hi to all members of PIO, I have been lurking on this forum for more than a year, i wish to share the happy news that we have been Granted our 176 Family Sponsored visa yesterday. Thanks to all the wonderful people and suggestions to keep us calm during our process. Applied 176 Family HR, - January 2010, CO - 7th April 2011, Visa Grant 12th April :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: AVVR
  2. Hi all, Got our visa's before christmas, sold house yesterday. We have got until November to emigrate to Brisbane, but want some advice on shipping furniture, ie are you allowed to take wooden dining table and chairs/fridge freezer/washing machine etc? Also any recommendations on shipping companies? We have had good feedback about Allied Pickfords, what does the average container cost from door to door? Also if I bought a game in Australia for my xbox/wii which I am shipping over, would they work? I have a rotax max gocart 125, I want to ship this over and want to know if there are go-kart tracks I can use it on? Got daughters bike and my bike also. I am going out on a builders visa, have got lots of tools, ie pazlo nail guns, dwart tools, makita, chopsaws, bricklaying tools. Would they be better to send by airfreight rather than shipping over as I will be using them before we go? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers Garry
  3. Guest

    475 Visa Granted !!!!!!

    Can’t believe it but we got our visa through this morning. We have been planning this since forever and have been in the process since early 2009. There have been so many set backs and anguish along the way however, now that I have the visa, it was all worth it. We have to enter by 25th March next year at which point I will be 47, my wife 46 and two of my children 19 and 20. The reason that I say this is because if you think you are too old to apply or because your children are over 18 that you will have issues then all I can say is go for it because every hurdle can be overcome. Thanks to all on here for the support and shared anxieties that we have had along the way, you have all been fantastic and I am so glad to have PIO to help me. Going to do some serious celebrating over the next few days...thanks all :jiggy:
  4. Guest

    457 visa granted!!!

    Hi everyone, I was FINALLY granted my 457 this morning..... timeline as follows: Adelaide Job Offer Feb 2010 Sponsorship + Nomination submitted 19/9/10 Sponsorship Approved 29/11/10 Nomination Approved 1/3/11 e457 submitted 2/3/11 Visa approved 13/4/11 i just want to take this chance to thank you all for listening to my ranting and raving and moaning abut how long it's taken - from initial job offer to now it's been over a year and since the sponsorship was sent in it's been almost exactly 6 months - i never, in a million years, thought it would take this long but as it did i would have gone stark raving mad without you all so a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart! :hug: :wubclub: :hug: Caz
  5. HarryOb1

    WHOOOO!!!! Visa Granted today

    Hi all, i just read my mail and had a mail from our agent....I had to read it three or four times to be sure (even though it said visa grant in the subject) :biggrin: now i know what it feels like....bloody delighted... i hope all applicants who are waiting get to have the same feeling :jiggy: Harry.
  6. Just prompted our agent on Friday as we had been told w/c 4th April but nothing. Reply came back this morning, visa granted. Apparently CO's are working weekends at the moment so hang in there all those who are waiting. The boys and I danced around the room to Australia by Manic Street Preachers......what will you all dance to?
  7. Guest

    OMG 457 Visa Granted Today!!!

    I can not believe it, but was checking my mails and there was the visa - Granted!!!! We only applied 14th March so it really is a big shock - no CO, no medical, nothing...... is this for real? :arghh: Apart from the shock, the visa is only valid for two years from today, and my job specifies I have to work for two years from July. Has anyone else had this?? I really am in shock and don't know where to start:confused: :hug: Hugs to all of you who need it, and even if you don't - I know I do, Nikki x
  8. Guest

    Visa granted

    Whooop Whooop, finally after 2 & half years we finally saw those FANTASTIC, EXCELLENT and BRILLIANT words VISA GRANTED. YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE OZ here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Guest

    Granted! At Last!

    Hi everyone! I doubted that the day would ever come. Days, weeks and months have passed without receiving what we so desperatley sought. The rare and much sought after visa grant letter. So rare have been their sightings of late, it seemed that they were becoming extinct, with less and less of them being issued in recent months. But yesterday morning, there it was. Glistening in all its glory. Its beauty surpassed only by the euphoria it provided - the 175 visa grant letter!! I cannot believe it!:biglaugh: Its been over 2 years since we started the visa application process. Since the day we returned from a working holiday the in 2007, all we wanted to do is return to Australia. Like the majority of applicants, we have faced multiple rule changes that have gone against us. For every one step forward it seemed we were being forced two steps back. Our timeline is as follows: Occupation: Accountant Skills Assessment: Applied March 2008, Received June 2008 Online Application Lodged: 13th March 2009 IELTS: December 2009 (Bumped us up from Cat 5 to Cat 4 CSL) CO: 11th January 2010 Meds Finalised: 23rd February 2010 Visa Grant: 20th April 2010 We head out for a holiday in October to activate the visa and then back for good in 2011.:jiggy: A massive thank you to everyone, the information we gained from pomsinoz has been a massive help. I wish you all the best with your applications. I hope you all get your visas soon! Cheers! Heath
  10. Guest

    VISA Granted!

    OMG Just checked on line and we have a VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My apologise for not posting as we went along, but we have been glued to the forum throughout. We cannot believe how fast this has all happened after waiting all these years. First thought of Australia - Sep 1996 Began Family Sponsored Visa 1996 then cancelled due to guilt over leaving family! Thought about australia again July 2010 Contacted Go Matilda - July 2010 TRA Information sent to Go Matilda - July 2010 TRA Submitted - 18 August 2010 TRA Successfull - 24 September 2010 State Sponsorship lodged - 18th October 2010 SA Sponsorship received - 3rd November 2010 Visa 176 Application Submitted - 23rd November 2010 CO Allocated - 21st Feb 2011 Police Checks - 3rd March 2011 Medicals Done Birmingham - 26th March 2011 Meds Finalised - 7th April 2011 Visa Granted - 8th April 2011...... This has been one hell of an experience, going through the elections last year, the freeze on 176 Visa's, the suspension of the skills in demand lists, the publishing of the SA Interim List, the wait for final DIAC approval and then a rush at the end. Now all is left is to sell the house and fly away. Big thanks to all of you who post on here the information and support has been invaluable. Also a massive thanks to Sarah & Wendy at Go Matilda, there is no way we could have done this on our own! Good luck to everyone who has shared this experience, and to those of you who are just setting out. Keep going be prepared for your life to stop, and don't lose faith! Nick 40, Kelly 39, Emily 13 & Alice 12 :jiggy:
  11. Guest

    Visa granted!!!!

  12. hevchick

    Visa granted! Thank you PIOers :)

    Still in shock :shocked:. Our visa was granted today! Very happy and extremely excited :jiggy::goofy::jiggy::goofy: Considering we thought we'd be waiting at least 3 years when we started this process we are both really pleased how quickly it has actually happened. I'd like to say a great big thank you to everybody who contributes to this forum. Thank you everyone :hug: It has been a lifesaver for me since WA SMP plan opened up. It was a huge relief to find out I wasn't the only one on an emotional rollercoaster and with an extremely bad case of OCD when it came to checking emails and the on-line check a ridiculous amount of times per day. The support and information that is available on PIO is fantastic, I have learnt so much and felt so welcomed. It is amazing that having a common dream can bring people together to help each other. Good luck to everyone waiting for a visa to be granted or for a CO to come along and to those about to start the process. I hope the waiting won't be too long or too painful (it's the worse part). Good luck also to those who are packing or about to arrive in Oz. Take Care and all the best Hev xx (I'm off to look at the threads on removals and finance forums now :wink:)
  13. Hello I currently have a 475 visa, I have been in a relationship with my current partner for almost a year with all the requirement for her to apply for this visa. (after we got the 12 months. About 4 years ago when I came to Australia I was sponsored under 457 visa and back then I came with my partner from my country, after a few months living in Australia she could not stand living here and due personal issues she left me. After that I never heard about her. So I started another relationship. I have got 2 previous sponsors under 457 the first one with my country partner, the second alone, and now my 475 alone. Is this previous defacto visa would affect to add my new partner for this further application ? Do I need to provide any documents of finishing that older relationship that was defacto as well ?? As my understanding is, I have not been legally married, with paperwork and no kids. So should be fine Please hope someone can help me. Thanks in Advance
  14. Hi Everyone, all of you that have got their visa will know why you need to shout about it.. and all of you still in the process, dont lose hope it will be here one day, Thanks to everyone for all my silly and frustrating questions you have helped me with over the last two years, Andy :biglaugh:
  15. Hi Guys, Has anyone got their WA state sponsorship approved before July 2010 but are not nominated under the state migration plan please let me know..DO we come under Prioirty 2 off-list nominations or Priority 4?? I wanted to get more information on our further options.Thanks.
  16. Guest

    WOoooo Visa Granted

    hi, after 2 long years we can finally say the words we thought we never would - we got our visa today. Its so surreal can't take it in yet. Sprayed the kids with champagne and just telling everyone now. :jiggy::biggrin:
  17. We have been gratnted our Visa but what order do we start? flights, accomodation, selling/renting the house, my heads in bits don't know what to do first. Any help is appreciated :biggrin:
  18. reddebz

    NT Sponsorship granted!!!!!

    Woooohooooo! I have got my NT state sponsortship and Im so happy! Just waiting for my agent to put together my visa docs and then off it goes! Does anyone know if the region you are going to affects the length of time it takes to get a CO?:biggrin:
  19. Hi everyone, The only morning I haven't checked DIAC and our agent has just called to say we have our VISA. :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: VISA GRANTED Can I say a big THANK YOU to everyone over the last few months. This site and friends have been my life line. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AT THE OTHER SIDE. Thanks & Best Wishes from Sharon, Davie, Jack & Kai.xxx :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
  20. Guest

    176 Granted

    OMG, OMG, OMG I just can't believe it, checked half hour ago and there is APPLICANT APPROVED. Can't believe it. Thank you, Thank you to everyone here on PIO, could never have coped without you all. Thnx to connie, vickymel, ozzilend, and my dearest REZA:biggrin::biggrin: Connie, time to turn me purple....... Whoo Hoo Hoo
  21. Guest

    Visa granted at last

    Hi all Just to let everyone know that our 176 visas for WA was granted last week. AT LAST............. its just been 29 months since we started the process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just the house now to sell and OZ here we come Judy & Daz:hug:
  22. steen1976

    Visa Granted!

    Hello all, Just a quick thread to say thank you to anyone who has given me advice over the last few months and for keeping me half sane. Forums like this are a godsend and there are some great people here. Our 457 visa was granted yesterday (timeline in sig). While the visa was very quick in being processed it has dragged out longer than it should have due to the employers HR department. It was quite a stress while it was being processed as I couldn't sleep at night and would regularly check the emails on the phone. My wife is being sponsored to work in Sydney and will start on the 6th June. We should be arriving into Sydney a couple of weeks before that via a few days in Bangkok. We really can't wait to jet off. The arrangements start from here and will have to book flights, shipping, rental company, sell cars, sell furniture and everything else required. Good luck to all those in the process and would love to meet any PIOers during our time in Oz. Thanks!
  23. Heya, applied in person for my 820 last week as my WHV expires tonight. Asked the immigration lady how I could get the 8547 6 month limitation lifted from my bridging visa and she gave me a form to fill in - application to change bridging visa, or something like that, and told me to do it then and there. So I did and took it back to her. Got confirmation of my application today, but it says I've been granted a BVE as I've had a BVE before (which I never have - never been to Oz before) and I have to wait outcome from Compliance as to my work limitations. I'm terrified because I've got a charity fundraising trip in India in September, and want to go home for Xmas. Why have I been granted this bridging visa, will it change to a BVA? Any help, I'm besides myself here and have to wait until immi reopens in the morning before I can ring. thanks!
  24. dferri2000

    ACT SS 176 Granted!

    Hooray! Our visa was granted on Friday 14th January - let the planning begin! :laugh:
  25. I've just been granted my working holiday visa,me and my gf plan to fly over in early 2012.We want to do a bit of travelling first (up the east coast) but we've got a bit of a dilemma.We are unsure whether to hire a campervan whilst travelling or use the greyhound/oz experience bus and stay in various hostels.I think i'm leaning more towards the campervan idea.I've seen a couple of decent prices from companies,Has anyone done anything similiar?it'd be great to hear other people experiences,and good/bad points of both options.