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Found 784 results

  1. Hi all, just wanted to update our situation, after a nerve wracking weekend we finally got our visa granted an hour before our packers were finished removing our furniture from our house, it came though in the nick of time as they needed confirmation of the visa to be able to ship our stuff out! Now in Singapore for a couple of days and arrive in Perth on Sunday :biggrin: Hang in there anyone who is waiting! Pip x
  2. Hi all, just wanted to update our situation, after a nerve wracking weekend we finally got our visa granted an hour before our packers were finished removing our furniture from our house, it came though in the nick of time as they needed confirmation of the visa to be able to ship our stuff out! Now in Singapore for a couple of days and arrive in Perth on Sunday :biggrin: Hang in there anyone who is waiting! Pip x
  3. Guest

    457 visa granted today!

    hi all. We have just had our visa granted today. Booking flights for end of october and moving to Townsville :cool:
  4. Guest

    Visa Granted , Hooray

    Hi all, Have just received news that our visa has been granted, only applied in june so it's all been pretty quick, unfortunately i haven't sold the house yet. My question is, we are now going to go out to perth around june next year to validate our visa's. When i get there should i be doing anything that will make our life easier when we return for good or shouldn't we bother and just have a good holiday. Also does anyone recommend any accomodation to stay for the validation visit and who would be the best airline to travel with? Thanks in advance for all answers. Regards. Andi:biggrin:
  5. hi guys me ....again!!:chatterbox: Can anyone doing a 175 visa give us a clue to the time it takes and if we should use a migration expert?:confused: Any tips would be much appreciated :notworthy:
  6. clz363

    Our 457 has been granted!!!

    I can't believe it, after a long battle with AHPRA starting in April of this year. Then forever going to the solicitors/notary to get documents certified, the 200 phone calls to OZ and various places in the UK chasing everything up we have finally got our visa granted! I have been watching many other members on here getting theirs thinking that my day will come soon hopefully and here it is! So now i just have to work my notice, sell my house, pack and ship my house and say my goodbyes in approx 8 weeks! Where to start? Sunny Oz we will see you very soon!!!!! :jiggy:
  7. Hi PIO's AS you know we have just got our visa and this bascially is electronic through the VEVO system. I always thought we would have to either send our visas to Oz House or go there in person to have a sticker put in them. The Visa Grant documenmtation states that only some Visas require this sticker. Im assuming that as our grant letter doesnt mention we need it then basically we dont. What do you lot think ?? For a 176 sc is the sticker required ? Thanks Shane
  8. As above , thanks to everyone.for your help and advice. dziekuje many many many thanks again :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:
  9. Hi all, Well as of Tuesday this week my other half Daniel and I had our 176 visa granted!:jiggy: We are heading to WA! We plan to live in easy access to Perth. We are so very happy. I have always had a dream to move to Oz, ever since I can remember. I don't really know why but the country had some sort of pull over me....perhaps it was from watching Neighbours or Home & Away!!:laugh: I had planned to do a working holiday visa, but life and ususally boyfriends got in the way!! Anyway Dan and I got together the end of 2007, I told him from there that I plan to go to oz with or without him!:biglaugh: He wasn't sure, he never really thought about it. We took a holiday to oz down the East side December 2009, this was a chance for us both to see it and more to see if Dan would be willing to make the move. Well it took less then 24 hours for him to say, 'yes, I would move here'. :laugh: Our first stay was in Port Douglas in North Qld. We fell in love with oz and their way of life. I stood on the beach one day and breathed in the air, I knew the love affair and fantasy I have had with oz over my life time was right for me, I had to get there, this was where I felt I belonged. We started looking into the visa process when we got back in January 2010. Daniel is a welder/fabricator so his trade is in demand. I started doing some research first, mainly on this site, I then contacted Go Matilda as they were highly recommended on here. I am glad we did as there are some bad agents out there, but these aren't one of them. First we waited for the July 2010 changes to ensure first class welder was still on the list, GM thought we would be and they were right. We then proceeded with the process. We didn't really rush it and took our time with the forms. Daniel had to fill in all his work experience from every job, everything he had done and the tools he had used. He had to then undertake a skills assessment. It was going to be with TRA, but the process changed (after we filled in their forms!!) and we had to go through vetassess. Daniel had to go down to London to have a technical interview once he passed the paper stage with vetassess. He met with a guy from Melbourne who was very nice, and told Dan that employers in Oz will be biting his hand off to give him work with his skills and knowledge base:cute: Vetassess were a pain thought, they seem to take forever to process stage one the paper based bit. It then took forever to get a date for the technical interview. We were getting worried as we knew of new changes again for July 2011, I was ringng vetassess in Melbourne what felt like every night to try and get them to hurry up. GM also emailed them. We were told by them in March that the next round wasn't till end of May or June for Dan's trade as welder was new to them they weren't ready for the practical tests. Douglas from GM's Scotland office said he would contact Alan Collett the MD of GM to see if anything could be pushed along. I am not sure if Alan did anything, or if it was our persistance in ringing vetassess up, but the next minute vetassess were saying Dan could undertake a technical interview at the next round of practicals which were 8 days away!! Phewwwww! Anyway time went by and we passed for state sponsorship to WA quite quickly, and our visa was lodged by GM on 15th June, just in time before any changes!! My name was still not on the visa as Daniel and I didn't officially move in together until September 2010, so we waited to take meds until Beginning of September so my name could be added straight after. 3 Weeks later and here we are...approved!! We haven't confirmed moving date yet, we plan to go from May onwards next year, there's no rush we want everything to be sorted here and plan ahead for when we arrive. I am very excited for the adventures that lay ahead. I would like to thank our agent Go Matilda for all their help and support. They must have thought I was insane with my contant emails but they always got back to me promptly and never made me feel crazy. My main contact with them was Marina from their Southampton office, Maree from their Scotland office & Douglas for the skills assessment part. Alan they are a credit to you all and I would also like to thank you for running such a great company where you are all experts in what you do. Thank you Alan and team at GM! :notworthy: I would also like to thank....well you guys!!!!! Poms in oz is an amazing website for those of us wanting the same thing. We offer support, help and just general gossip, it's a great place for those who are planning the move & the expats already there. I will not be disappearing and dumping you all, I will use my experience and knowledge from the process to help, guide and just chat with others. :hug: I would also like to thank member Kevin JC!! :wink::wink: (yes mate I have got you in here...hope you got a speech ready!) We have chatted on here for what seems like forever, giving one another support and advice...and just general chatting. Kevin too had his visa granted this week, :jiggy:so we can't believe we have both finished at the goal line the same time when we were at such different stages when we first started chatting. I beat u in the end mate by a couple of days :biggrin: but that's down to you and claire getting jiggy and having a beautiful baby boy to add to your gorgeous family. Well done Kev! Well that's my story so far........so it will be the actual move next which I will add to this thread sometime next year. So what was Lucy's dream....is becoming Lucy's reality. Take care all & remember,...never ever give up, good things do happen to good people. Lucy:wubclub:
  10. Hi, This week I was granted my permanent residence visa for Australia along with my girlfriend. We're both still bouncing off the walls, can't believe it finally came through. So I thought I'd post some of the timing details, I remember checking my application status daily and searching online for any clues of how long it might take, hopefully this will help others who are still waiting. Application lodged on 29/09/2010 Additional information requested 26/05/2011 - police checks, medicals and additional proof of my de facto relationship. Additional information sent 24/06/2011 (police check took around 2 weeks to be completed - UK) Visa granted 21/09/2011 Any questions let me know Andy
  11. Hi, Has anybody been successful with their RSMS subclass 119 application recently?? We submitted our visa application on 29th June 2011 with our passport copies, OH's certificates and copies of references from previous employers, our medicals were requested on 11th July, we had these on the 8th August and they were received in Sydney the following week. Following a court case we submitted a court order allowing us to remove my children from the jurisdiction on 19th August, along with our PCC. Since then we have heard nothing :SLEEP: We don't have a CO yet, our meds were requested by a support worker (what is a support worker anyway, what do they do? Apart from support obviously :big laugh: ) Anyway, I phoned the Agent last week, got the usual 'still within the timeframe, should be assigned a CO very soon' speech, which is true we are still well within the time frame. But I'm not the patient sort, so I phoned DIAC on monday last week, they were very helpful and said that there was still a medical outstanding (my OH's daughter from a previous relationship, he has no contact with her and no idea where she lives) Phoned agent back, he's not too happy we phoned DIAC I don't think, but pointed out this problem to him and he says he will email them to try and sort it. This morning we have another form to fill in as he hasn't had a reply to last weeks email. The other problem (which we have pointed out to agent) is that OH's name is wrong on the nomination form, he is known by his middle name, which has been put on the employer nomination as his first name......They also said that he hadn't actually been approved for the nomination yet. Please help me I feel like I am going slightly insane :wacko: and the employer is getting a bit fed up as we were supposed to be there 6 months ago :arghh: Nothing is ever straight forward :arghh: As the support worker has requested our medicals does this mean they are happy with everything else? Or am I going to be asked for more when (if) a CO is assigned?? Any advice (or a slap to calm me down) most welcome!! Karen
  12. Guest

    Partner De facto Visa Granted!!

    Applied for my Partner Visa on the 9th of September, and was granted on the 20th. Thankyou to everyone for all your help xxx:biggrin:
  13. Big Bob

    176 Granted today !!!

    Hey everyone!!! I am glad to announce that I have my 176 grant today!:biggrin: ... I would like to thank you guys and all mods especially "Snifter" over these two years.... I do appreciate everyone's effort to help each other...You learn a thing every time... thanks and regards Big Bob
  14. 2skint2party

    175 granted for diesel fitter

    Hi all my wife and i along with 2 girls of 2 and 4 applied for our pr 175 visa back in dec 2008, ( i'm a plant fitter ) Well we had our meds done in birmingham on the 6 sept 2011 and our pr 175 was granted 20 sept 2011, woop woop. So to all of you still waiting, don't give up hope, we'll all get there in the end.:biggrin:
  15. Guest

    Visa Granted!

    Hi, Have posted a few times asking about AHPRA! Well on Friday I got my In Principle letter. All my documents recieved by them on 16th August, so it only took 4 weeks for the assessment to be completed. We are going on 457 and I uploaded my letter to my application on Friday afternoon and got an email this morning to tell me my visa has been granted!:biggrin: I have a job as a clinical midwife in Warwick, and Queensland Health have been great. Always keeping in touch with me and getting in touch with AHPRA when they seemed to be stalling with my application. So since I was interviewed over the phone in April, we have all the paperwork sorted! I know from reading other posts that we have had a fairly smooth journey! We( me, husband Maths Teacher and son aged 11) are excited but there is so much to do now! We have accomodation sorted as QH are providing 1 years housing for us. We have looked at schools for Lewis, and will be there when the new school year starts in January. We are looking at flights now. Anyone suggest the best route?Lliving in Edinburgh so would like to avoid Heathrow if at all possible!!!! So excited!:wink:
  16. Guest

    RSMS visa 119 granted today

    Hi guys, just letting you know my 119 has been approved today. I will make travel arrangements soon as I need to be offshore to get it granted. Just the timeline for you : Applied for RCB ACT : 23.03.11 RCB approved : 12.04.11 Application for Nomination + Subclass 119 lodged certified decision ready by the agent at Parramatta office : 21.04.11 Allocation to CO : 05.05.11 Nomination approved : 10.05.11 PR granted : 25.05.11 Whole process has taken 2 months from RCB till PR grant thanks to the efficiency of my agent using the decision ready system. I will be still around in the forum of course but would like to say thanks to the people who support everyone here while waiting. :jiggy:
  17. Guest

    WA SS.. How is it granted?

    Hi guys, I am going to apply for a WA SS but It's crucial for me to know whether the result is sent by post or email since I have to move from QLD to Perth and I want to be sure to receive it. Does any of you know it? :jimlad:
  18. dalejaneaustralia

    Length of time to active visa once granted

    I'm sure this has been answered before but I can't seem to find anything on here or the immigration website. Once we have (hopefully) been granted our visa, what time period do we have to get offer there and activate it? I've read somewhere (but can't find it) that it is do with the medicals / police checks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dale
  19. fairystar32

    Visa granted

    We just got our permanent after living here for 2.5 yrs on a 457 yeahhhhhh I am so so excited right now... Anyone know what we need to do now
  20. bensdad

    Visa Granted Now What

    OK sorry for the more than likely repeated question but here goes, got my 176 granted today question: Do we have to send our passports off to London for the Sticker or has this changed now, just read on the immi website about vevo but it got me confused. Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks
  21. purpledonna

    Visa granted!!!!

    4 months to the day that I sent my application in! Subclass 100 visa granted! So happy :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: A huge thanks to everyone on this forum who has helped with questions. Man, i've been waiting for this day to come - it almost doesn't feel real! Good luck to everyone else waiting. x
  23. lazydaisy

    OMG SS 176 visa granted today!!!

    At long last , we're so happy our visas were granted today!!!!. Time line fyi: Nov 09-Applied for vetassess test (carpentry) May 10-passed vetassess test Jan 11-granted state sponsorship 4 march 11- took medicals 23 march 11 -passed medicals -cert issued 18 mar 11-cleared police checks 1 april 11-VISA GRANTED!!! and thanks to everyone on pomms in oz who have guided us along the way...it is possible without an agent !!! (and with a v. minor cannabis conviction!!!) :notworthy:
  24. Guest

    Breakdown before PR granted

    Is there a high possibility that pr will still be granted, if the relationship has recently breakdown (its almost 2 years since the TR being granted) and the applicant already has a stable admin job and can support herself? thanks in advance!!:biggrin: or does it really need to be either in a domestic violence situation or decease or so as stated in the website?
  25. zoe1922

    Visa granted - what happens now?

    Hi, I think I'm being a bit thick here, but after two and a half years of trying we finally received notification of our visas being granted on 22 August via email, should I expect something through the post that looks like a visa too, as we haven't received anything yet? I've also read something about a visa label (but I didn't read it in too much detail as you can tell), do I need to send our passports off to get the label on them? Both mine and our two childrens passports expire at the beginning of next year so I also need to get them renewed, but what about the label? Sorry to sound a bit stupid (you wouldn't believe I completed the TRA assessment and visa application myself would you!!) Any help would be gratefully received!:jiggy: