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Found 784 results

  1. Hello, I applied for 485 visa with Life scientist as my occupation. I was granted this visa based on Life scientist. Now I want to change my occupation to a Chemist to apply for 886- State sponsored visa. Is it possible to change the occupation? Can I get Vetassess to provide me an assessment of my qualification based on the new occupation. (I have already got my qualification assessed as a life scientist from Vetassess). Please help!! Thank you chaitali
  2. Just to give some hope to those applying for a Family Sponsored visa, ours was granted on 22nd December 2010. Here's our timeline for those interested: TRA Applied April 08 TRA Granted May 08 Family Sponsored 176 Visa Applied May 08 CO assigned Dec 08 Meds & PCC requested Dec 08 Meds & PCC sent Jan / Feb 09 Rules changed and played the waiting game:arghh: .... CO requests new Meds & PCC (previous ones expired) Oct 10 Wife's x-rays over exposed so asked to redo Nov 10 X-rays redone Nov 10 Visa granted 22/12/10 (Great Christmas present!!) We did consider switching to State Sponsored but by then my occupation was only on the WA list and didn't really want to be restricted to one state. We used ASA to lodge our application and have been very happy with their service and quick communications. Apart from the expense and the waiting the only hassle I had was getting Police Checks from Dubai. This involves a couple of trips to the UAE embassy, a trip to Scotland Yard for fingerprints, a trip to Milton Keynes to get them verified by the Home Office and a trip to the bank to pay by Banker's Draft, which the bank seemed confused about. I actually first applied for a permanent Oz visa in 1994, so it's only taken 16 years to finally get one!! Merry Christmas and good luck to those still waiting. Colin
  3. Guest

    OMG!!! Visa Granted!!!!

    Im speechless!! :chatterbox:.. after what seems like such a looong wait, its finally here! And the long wait is nothing compared to what some of you guys have had to wait!!! :embarrassed: I never thought it would arrive, every night we've been checking it!! and just before we decided to go bed, we had one last check and there it is!!! I really really hope you all get yours REAL soon too Thank you to everyone in PIO for all your wonderful advice and messages and to our agents Go Matilda, don't know if i can name them (Marina Towner and Alan Collette) :notworthy: Going to text everyone now haha If anyone wants any advice on anything we've been through to get a visa (absent parent/cafcass/police check/court cases/medicals etc) i shall do my best to answer. Saffy x
  4. cornish78

    Got it!!! 176 granted today

    Wow we got the much awaited email today to say our 176 has been granted !! A massive thanks to all on PiO who have offered their advice over the last few months, I managed to do the whole process myself (well, with my partners skills!!) without an agent all thanks to this forum. We're planning to move to Melbourne around about October 2011, all being well. Timeline in my signature. Shame I now have to go to work instead of cracking open the bubbly :arghh: Maddie x
  5. We have just had our 175 visa granted last fri, now what to do as regards to planning ahead for liecence etc, where do i look what do i do any info would be great moving to queensland:biggrin:
  6. :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: So So So excited!! Just checked online and our VISA has been granted!!!!.:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: Thank you to everyone for your help and support. Regards Connie :hug:
  7. MazPaul

    176 visa granted

    Hi everyone just to let you know i emailed our police checks off last and on checking my inbox this morning i got the visa granted email whoooo. Now to get the house sold and its all systems go.Thanks for the help given on here and no doubt i will have many more questions to ask before we finally go.:biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Visa Granted

    :biggrin: whoooohooooooo At last after nearly 2 years of waiting we got our visa granted on fri 3/12/10, This is the best news we have had 2010 has turned out to be a good year so far, Good luck to every 1 else who is waiting, dont give up you will all get there in the end :wacko::biggrin:
  9. Got an e-mail in this morning, our 457 was granted this morning . We're heading to Gympie ... would be good to hear from anyone in the area :biggrin:
  10. busa13r

    175 Visa granted today!!!

    Hi everyone, checked online this morning and finally got the message we have been waiting soooo long for! :biggrin: To all the members who have provided so much useful information - thank you To everyone waiting for their special email/call - good luck, the long wait will suddenly become irrelevent and your ambitions can continue. If I can be of any help to members, please get in touch Regards Tim and family
  11. Hi everyone! I applied for a rsms subclass 119 in july 2010 and was hoping to get it granted by the end of dec. As there has been a bit of a backlog at parramatta office it looks like we could be waiting till feb. till we hear back from them.(timescale is 5-7 months) Our plan was to spend 6-8 weeks in thailand and vietnam before we´re heading to canberra and we want to leave here by end of jan. We are now thinking if we dont get it granted by then should we risk it and leave home before we have our visa??what happens if we do get a CO while we´re in asia and they require further information like blood tests?? it only says that you have to be outside australia by the time we get grant letter so it shouldn´t be a problem??i assume i would have to send form 80 but we wouldn´t have an adress to give them? Help!!:confused:
  12. Guest

    176 visa GRANTED!!

    Arghhhhh!!! e-mailed police checks last night & within 3 hours was granted 176 visa!! Good for all of us I say!
  13. Hi all I have been granted my Student Visa now and will be flying over in January 2011 to Melbourne to start my course in February........ and I can't wait!!!!! :smile: I have a few questions if anyone can help??? 1. My course/visa is for 2yrs, I take it I am ok to book a one-way ticket as Qantas tickets are only valid for 12months?? 2. Is it better to book online or direct through a travel agent? 2. What info do I need at the airports other than my visa details & passport? If there's anything else you think I should know, the info would be very much appreciated. Also I would love to get chatting to people who are doing the same thing......so if anyone is travelling to Melbourne and going to the NMIT, I will be flying out in January and my course starts in Febuary, I would love to hear from you. All the best Cheers Julia
  14. Fingers and toes crossed, we'll be applying for a 176 when WA's SMP is released soon. However, my brother is getting married in 2 years time and even with the worst case 176 visas it should have gone through by then. So how long after the visa is granted do we have to move down-under? I presume you cant just get the visa then take years to make the move.
  15. 163ALLOUT

    163 visa granted today!!!

    Hi 163's and others Things are definately moving now. Finally received our visas today :biggrin: Sunshine coast here we come!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeee Regards Jon
  16. Hi all Not been on for ages as was starting to give up hope....but Vic SS finally granted this week and confirmation we're cat 2. Things may now finally move....!! Very excited, and still can't quite believe it... Good luck to everyone one else hoping for SS/SMP
  17. nickyc88

    Visa Granted!!!!

    WOOOOOHOOOOO! Just looked on the immi.gov check your progress thing and it says VISA GRANTED!!!! Think I just woke up the whole neighbourhood!!! What great news on such a miserable morning! Thanks to all for all your support getting this far. Hope others get their good news soon. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: x
  18. Was wondering if I am correct: Should our SA SS be approved, the SMP's be released with my occupation on the list and we lodge to DIAC for the visa. Would/should we have our visa's within 12months from lodging if we are Cat 2 then?
  19. Guest

    VISA GRANTED!!! (Subclass 820)

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I have just been granted my visa! Sooooo happy! Timeline: Submitted application to Sydney office on 16th September CO Assigned on 20th September (with request for additional police check from Singapore) Police Check submitted on 2nd November Visa granted 5th November! So just about 7 weeks since application to grant. Just wanted to thank everyone for the great advice, and though I would post below the evidence that I had included in my application: 1. Cover Letter (Detailing what I included in application) 2. Form 47SP 3. Form 40 SP 4. Form 80 5. Certified Copy of Applicant’s Passport 6. Certified Copy of Applicant’s Birth Certificate 7. Certified Copy of Applicant’s National Identity Card 8. Certified Copy of Partner’s Australian Passport 9. 2 Passport Size Photographs of Applicant 10. 2 Passport Size Photographs of Partner 11. Receipts for Applicant’s Visa Medicals 12. Australian Federal Police Clearance Check for Applicant 13. Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae 14. Applicant’s Personal Statement 15. Partner/Sponsor’s Personal Statement 16. Statement by Partner/Sponsor on Employment & Financial Support 17. Partner’s Tax Returns from last 2 years 18. Certified Copy of Certificate of Relationship Registration (NSW Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages) 19. Financial Aspects of Relationship - Written statement about our finances & list of evidence in the section - Itemized Joint Bank Account Statements - Sponsor’s Itemized Personal Bank Account Statements - Joint Savings Account Statements - Joint Ownership of Car - Joint Car Insurance - Joint Home contents Insurance 20. Nature of Household - Written statement about household & list of evidence in the section - Written statement regarding household work - Stat dec from Flatmate at first share house - E-mail Convo with Flatmate about moving in - Written Contract with Flatmate - Rental Lease for second address - Rental Receipts - Tenant Trust Ledger Report - Mail to both Applicant and Sponsor at the address - Joint Utilities Bill - Applicant’s Monthly MasterCard Statements - Monthly Joint Bank Account Statements (one for each month for 1 year) 21. Evidence pertaining to the Social Context of the Relationship - Written Statement about our social life and list of evidence - Statutory Declarations from 5 Australian Citizens (Form 888) - Statements from 4 Non-Australian Citizens - Photographic Evidence - Evidence of trips to Thailand, Melbourne and Perth - Receipts for Purchase of Christmas Present - Itemized Joint Bank Statements showing expenditure on social outings - Birthday Cards to Stephanie from Clinton’s Family - Birthday Card to Stephanie from Clinton’s Brother and De Facto Partner - Joint Invitation Cards - Joint Wedding Invitation - Joint Christmas Cards 22. Evidence pertaining to Nature of Commitment despite Separation - Written Statement and List of Evidence - Applicant’s Itemized Phone Bills for Singapore Mobile Number - Sponsor’s Itemized Phone Bills - E-mail Conversations - Evidence of Sponsor’s visits to Singapore (to visit me when we were in a LDR) - Evidence of Applicant’s visits to Perth - We also provided evidence about our future plans, including moving to a new city and providing evidence of our new lease etc. I hope the list makes sense, please let me know if anyone needs some help or advice with their application!
  20. Folks Today morning I received a mail from Vic that my SS application has been approved. I applied on February 2010 under ASCO code 2231-79 ( Unix ). After long these months when I almost gave up ( as my occupation wasn't on Sol 3 and 261399 was deemed unlikely to be on SMPs ) I received this wonderful news. I gave up hope of moving to OZ completely and stopped tracking immigration news. Rather I was preparing to migrate to UK, now it seems I'm back on track. Still long ways to go, need to collect all required docs, get the passport done, take IELTS (Vic said SS validity is four months and within this time period I must lodge my visa app with DIAC) etc etc. Good luck for everyone waiting for their SS under SMP. Mates, never give up and don't loose hope, there might still be a shiny morning waiting for you at the end of the dark tunnel. Again, Good Luck to everybody and also please wish me luck for my journey on to the next phase of the process. Thank you Tarini
  21. Is it actually possible to get a decision regarding “offshore” GSM application without leaving Australia? Cause frankly that “Location” requirement is absurd. I am on substantive temporary visa (457) that allows me to live and work in AU, and hopefully within its validity period I would be notified that my PR (176) application is decision ready and I must leave the country to get a verdict. There are only two outcomes possible – 1) PR is granted, so having spent significant amount of money just to fly all family somewhere and stamp my passport I would be back. 2) PR is refused, but there are no reason to cancel my active temporary visa, it remains unaffected (hopefully – they can’t cancel it right? for what reason? …if I’m within my contract with employer). Thus I will fly back and continue as before. So what's exactly the point of whole exercise? What is the purpose, if I anyway end up onshore in couple of days? Just to sponsor airlines and give DIAC offices overseas some work? Is there any way around this requirement? Thanks for advice
  22. Hi Great news- Perm residency granted straight away 17th October 2010 Submitted application 17th June. 4 months processing, possibly delayed by govt change, promised action by 4 months and they left it till 2 mins before that expired. It cam e through whilst I was on the phone to CO. Frontloaded with police check and med clearance . Proved relationship (12 years) with all sorts of stuff. see you there m'hearties. dan the piano man.. playing in city near you (soon) !
  23. No doubt this is the question on everybodys lips... Im not exactly sure the expected wait time at the moment but last i checked it was 3-6months, and I have read a lot of peoples taking about 4 months. Is there any miracle stories where people were granted there front loaded applications quickly? My partner, a british citizen (currently in the UK who i havent seen for over 3mths) is sending application in a week to London has all the medicals and police checks ready. One other question, i am Australian and lived in the UK for probably a total over 12 months but was coming back and forth so it was more like a few long holidays. Would i still need a UK police check for the application?:policeman: I have put in my Australian one.
  24. Guest

    457 Visa granted today!

    Just to let you know our 457 visa was granted this morning! We're over the moon and can't stop smiling:-) The visa took exactly 3 weeks to be approved....it was lodged with everything in place, so no problems. We're flying out on the 15th November approx. Thanks for everyone's useful information and good luck to all waiting.
  25. Hi All So far so good......got Uni sorted, got Visa sorted.....arriving in January 2011. Would love to chat to anyone heading out to Melbourne around the same time or who may be studying at the NMIT???? Or even staying at Yarra House???? Get in touch All the best :smile: