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Found 786 results

  1. TheOptimist

    Good weekend guys?

    How was everyone's weekend? Did any of you get up to anything exciting? Its my dad's birthday tomorrow, and as I am off to Melbourne in just over 2 weeks I made sure to make a big fuss of him this weekend. I took him and my mum out for a lovely meal yesterday, then made him his favorite meal today, a Lamb Tagine and a homemade cheesecake. Am now relaxing in front of the TV watching Prince Caspian. All in all a really cool weekend here. :smile:
  2. Hi Everybody, My friend suggested me to look for places in Liverpool, NSW as the rentals are comparatively lower than Westmead, Harris Park and Epping.As I couldn't find much info regarding Liverpool on Google...I hope somebody would be able to help me.. I would be moving with my husband...and I don't want to compromise on safety, proximity to rail, bus stations, grocery shops and markets. Please help.. Thanks in advance, Erin.
  3. sebahat

    Good news :-)

    Hi, I just wanted to share our happiness with everyone. We got very good news today, my hubby doesn`t need to get a licence in order to do his job(well, only if he wants to) and the other good thing is that the company that was interested in him is even more interested now so we are going to start arranging our move imediately (booking tickets and so on). Yey!!!! Sorry, I`m just so happy, I could jump with joy lol
  4. Hi I have a new job in Oz - just by circular quay and the rocks and i am not sure where to live. I am 29 years old, still like going out and enjoying myself. The most important thing is that i want to be able to walk from my flat and go surfing every morning? Does anyone have any recommendations of where to live? i think Bondi might be a bit much - but a few people have mentioned Manly and Bronte? Thansk everyone for your help bdobson
  5. Hi, researching these forums and the interweb I have come to think we're in a good situation to buy. Please, a few questions and a little info: Recently started the 457, within my first month of getting regular pay checks (weekly) - I was working for them part time before the visa kicked in. 1) Will I need to be here longer to satisfy the banks/lenders? Was flatly turned down by Commonwealth bank as I'm not PR (my wife is also a foreigner to these parts) 2) can you recommend a good lender or two? We have money saved and are not looking to buy big, we hope to have 50-60% of the cash we need towards the house. 3) surely having 40-50% deposit is a great help(?) Would anyone recommend keeping some back for future, say kids, school or the like or is it wise to invest all we can afford in the house? I understand the process is: Find a lender, get approved, find a house, get the FIRB... 4) Can someone tell me if there is more to the early stages of the process, any pitfalls/caveats? I need to move cash from the UK at some point. I'm not desperate to move it yet and the exchange rate is painfully poor right now. 5) Recommend some methods of moving cash. Are any of these cash moving agents scams? (surely but I hope not the ones posting on these forums). Any wild guesses on when the exchange rate will improve and to what levels (I know we can only guess and hope here). That's all for now, more questions to come.
  6. All people have one thing in common. We all want to be liked, don't we? We are an extremely ego driven race, however we have a strong need to have the approval from others. To make people feel good, you don't have to go out of your way and you don't have to even like the person. What do you like to do to make a person feel good? Myself personally I like to understand. If you put yourself in other peoples positions and really understand what they are saying or going through. People feel good when they know someone understands what they are saying.
  7. I can't be the only one. Does anyone else remember the days when you could book a 'Smoking' seat on an aircraft. Ahh, those were the days, when we (smokers) would be pushed and manipulated down to the back of the aircraft and once the no smoking signs had gone off, we could all spark up. It was like a school play ground. All the smokers would be looking at the smoking sign, as soon as the plane had levelled out and that 'Ping, Ping' sound rang out we all desperately got our ciggies out and the back cabin resembled a rock concert where everyone lit their lighters.:biglaugh: Never mind that we were killing ourselves, but the fog and haze from our habit, :wubclub: gently wafted up to the non smoking cattle and EVERYONE had the joy of inhaling those lovely fumes.:eek::policeman:. Ashtrays in the arm of the seat were soon full and bulging, many a top had burn holes in it, and more often than not, the airline staff would look rather peeved at our actions. Only because they weren't allowed to have a cig on duty , UNLUCKY.:realmad::yes::biglaugh: Gone are the glory days of smoking and air travel, all we can do know is wear a 'patch' smoke an 'imaginary' ciggy or what more often happens we bitch and whinge at our nearest and dearest until we get to the next stop. And off we get, relentless in our pursuit of the 'Smoking Areas'. Young children and the elderly are pushed to one side as we make haste toward 'Nirvana'. And then as we enter, the thick, arid stench of nicotine hits our lungs and hey presto we become ever so slightly giddy at the prospect, ahh, those were the days.:notworthy: I was once hauled in front of the Darwin authorities for lighting up in the loos' at the airport. Me and a few others couldn't wait anymore and we were not allowed outside, so we piled into the toilets to feed our habit, unfortunately we didn't see the security guard having a wee, and soon enough the :policeman: came in and we were severally told off. But, don't give up just yet. I travelled on the airline called Merpati from Port Hedland I think to Bali, about eight years ago. Only about a dozen of us on the flight AND they allowed smoking. We couldn't believe it, the whole aeroplane to ourselves and we could smoke. That short but pleasurable flight I reckon I sat in EVERY seat having a cigarette, as did everyone else, bloody hysterical it was. The plane resembled a pea soup when we landed but what the hell, make hay while the sun shines I reckon. Don't know if this airline still allows it, maybe not in this day and age. This thread is a little tongue in cheek folks, I realise that not only for safety reasons, but also passenger comfort the no smoking rules were introduced. But I often miss sparking up when I have a coffee or two onboard and letting the hours tick away. Cheers Tony.
  8. kellyjamie

    little bit of good news

    morning all thought id share our glimmer of hope and small bit of good news we submitted to Tas on the 30th dec and this morning received an email from the manager of migration centre to confirm they received our documents and hes only had a quick look but that our application is "looking good" and he,ll be in contact within 2 weeks:jiggy: trying to not get too confident but heres hoping kel:wubclub:
  9. Hi all! The central locking and suspension needs fixing on our car, and although we have had 1 quote, we wanted to get another couple of quotes so we dont get ripped off. Neither me or my hubby know anything about cars (the car itself has turned in to be a mistake-full of problems, all conveniently not covered under the warranty), so we dont want to make any more costly mistakes getting it fixed. We live in Bulimba, but dont mind travelling to get the car fixed if needed.... Any recommendations on a mechanic would be greatly appreciated:wubclub: Thanks Rach
  10. Hi Everyone I'm hoping that someone from Wollongong can give some suggestions of a good garage in the area. Our car is arriving in a few weeks and we will need to get the rego done as soon as it comes off the boat. The closest town is Wollongong but we have not yet been down there. Can anyone suggest a good garage for us to book the car into? Many thanks Emma
  11. Just thought it might be handy if people recommended places where they live for anyone moving or visiting there,dont know how much interest there'l be because i know a lot in oz tend to socialise at home(according to pio anyway),but i'd be interested anyway,i prefer the pub to peoples houses tbh,PROPER pubs,with bands/the craic pls:wubclub: I would particularly be interested in places in south australia meself:jiggy:. Ok if visiting liverpool,coopers and the globe,the top beehive (theres two)near the Adelphi hotel,anywhere in mathew st,the grapes is sound if you smoke(outside area),flannagans irish pub,the cavern on a saturday afternoon has some good bands on [YOUTUBE]M6k6yLRgz5k[/YOUTUBE] Flanagans irish pub [YOUTUBE]xRZuWA1aEQ8[/YOUTUBE] the philarmonic for its world famous toilets:laugh:
  12. HI there My son is looking for babysitting work. He is a very reliable 13 year old boy and just loves children. He has completed the BLAST! babysitting manual (Babysitting Lessons And Safety Training). If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks:spinny:
  13. HI We will be leaving the UK in about 8 weeks and I need to book our dog into quarantine etc - have had a quote from Air Pets (OMG! how expensive). I would be interested to hear from other families who have moved their pets to Oz - who they used - how much it cost them in total and how they and their pets coped with the separation (its the OH I am worried about, more than the dog:biggrin:) Our house sale exchanges on 30th June and I need to get this sorted as soon as possible. Thanks Jo ps we are going to Sunshine Coast - Mooloolaba/Maroochydore area.
  14. Welcome to Myboot – All about your suburbs and cities in Australia
  15. Hi there We can't believe it, lodged 6th August for spousal visa sub class 100 was told 5 to 6 months in our letter, taking us to a minimum of January 2011!! Agent, Mr Les Mighalls, I know we don't name names, but I tell you, he is a diamond, he called my missus today to say, tell Nando, he needs to learn the words of SKIPPY THE BUSH KANGAROO!!! My OH thought, who in the world is this, dodgy call, they got over the shock and that is it, got the email confirmation, we are going to Australia!!! In Oz for Xmas if we can find a flight, stamp in the passport tomorrow, flight checking tomorrow, my girl is going home, I am up for the adventure, I love her so much, she is my diamond, what a way to go, happiness, health and the best news ever!! Our friends and all in PIO's you have been our crutch, big time, hanging on the good news, making friends and the support has been huge, thank you all, and we will be sure to keep you in the know!!! Thank you all, and Les Mighalls, of Migration Assistance agency in Melboure, if you are reading as we know you are registered here, thank you for everything, you are a diamond, you were upfront and honest, and cheaper than agents in London!!, LOL, but a true professional, I can't thank you enough, thank you, my girl, well I have never seen her so happy to go home, and I can't wait to be there, it will be heaven, and it is all thanks to you!!! I have never seen my girl smile as much as you calling her to tell her, get on the plane and teach him the Skippy song, thank you and I will see you in Melbourne!!! Thank you all Hugs Nando XX :biggrin::notworthy::notworthy::hug::hug:
  16. Hi I'm a relatively new user on this site - so I apologise in advance if this question has already been asked/answered elsewhere on here Does anyone know a good tax accountant in the Brisbane Metro Area that has an understanding of both UK and Australian Tax etc. Seems to be very dificult to find - any recommendations gratefully received
  17. Hiya we havent got that much to move really jeep and bits of furniture but not enough for container or anything, can anyone recommend a company that could move for us or have you done it? thank you
  18. Guest

    Which Visa is good for me?

    Hi, I use to work as a Software Engineer couple of years back but then I had to resign my job to look after my kids. I am now planning to go back to Job. My Husband is a Database administrator. I have 2 kids aged 4 and 2. We live in the US on work permit. I have one sister (no brothers) who lives in Australia. She lives with her Husband. She is in Brisbane. She is a Permanent Resident of Australia and will be taking up citizenship early next year 2011. I am planning to move to Australia. Can my sister sponser a visa for me and my family? Should I get a job outside Australia before applying for Australian PR? Can i get a work permit first and then apply for PR? Thanks, Krupa
  19. Hi, I have heard that Castle hill is a nice family area and you seem to get more for your money when it comes to renting a house there, I just wanted to know if anyone had heard anything good/bad about the area and does it have good state primary schools? Thanks, Kerry
  20. Guest

    Good Migration Agents

    Can anyone give me details of RMA they have used in QLD in or around Brisbane preferably. I think im going to need at least a consult. Thanks x
  21. pearler

    uk cats good in Oz???

    just wondering if my family will be moving to Oz in december 2010 i have read some other posts saying that we shouldnt take our cat i would love to but not sure if its a good idea?? can anyone help???:biggrin:
  22. Guest

    More good news.

    Sorry for those who don't want to see it but DON'T READ IT :laugh: BBC - Stephanomics: Good news on GDP
  23. Hi There Just asking for my sister. They arrived in rural NSW in December and her hubby has been emplyed as an Auto Electrician since they arrived. He specialises in Buses and Large Vehicles and got a position with no problem at a bus manufacturers. Whilst they love the place it really is too rural for them and there is nothing for her to do so they are now planning to head up to Brisbane in August (when we go over). They have started sending his CV out to the big companies but were wondering if there are any good agencies that deal with Auto Electrians as there seem to be very few jobs advertised. Also when he started work for this company they didn't as for Australian registration, will this be required in Queensland? Many Many Thanks Jen xx
  24. Hi, looking at Geelong area to move to, possibly Leopold. Have a daughter who will be 17 and so will want to join at year 11. Need to know a GOOD school/college not too far away and hopefully that won't break the bank. She is predicted top grades in her gcse exams and is extremely bright. Need a good school for her and also for 2 daughters who are primary school age. We want it all! Advice very much appreciated, thank you.
  25. Hi there; Hubby and I are now veering away from Pay TV and the T Box or Foxtel as it seems pricey for what you actually get and wondering if it much cheaper just to find someone to provide us with broadband. We use the Internet daily on average 3 hours a day just generally surfing, sending emails, blogging but no realy streaming or downloading. Would like wireless in the apartment as both hubby and I have laptops and we would like to go one simultaneously. How much GB do you think we will require and can anyone recommend a good provider or deal? Looking at Bigpond it appears if we do just broadband we have to pay extra for a modem and installation but if we do $99 including T Box those things come free. Is that right? Thanks guys. You're always ever so helpful.