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Found 786 results

  1. salco1982

    Good migration agents??

    Hi, Sorry newbie here so apologies if these questions have been answered - i just cant seem to find them on the forums. Me and partner (She's Australian) are planning on moving to Australia around September 2012 - who would people recommend we lodge our de facto visa with? We're looking to go through an migration agency/company to ensure its not rejected for any admin errors and give us a bit more piece of mind. The two we have looked at so far are Get-Going UK Limited and Global Visas Company. Has any had any experience with these companies? Or would people recommend other companies? Many thanks for any assistance/advice. Cheers, Stephen
  2. anybody have any ideas
  3. philip21

    looking for good hotel in Perth

    Hi all If anyone can suggest any hotel or bed and breakfast in Perth for decent price please. Thank,s a lot.
  4. For me coming from an army background probably shaped me well for migration, coupled with the fact that I have lived and worked abroad most of my life. I remember the postings my father had throughout the world, yet again another army school, yet again Quarter Masters coming into the house to do an inventory where all household items were on a point system, so breaking a cup could loose you 10 points. The less points you had the worse the house you obtained in your next posting. Hence on every new quarter we took over, it was all systems go to use your own belongings. The transient pupils and teachers at our various schools, until my parents discovered Boarding Schools. That in itself leads you to become more independent not only of your friends but your family as well. It was customary for my grandparents to send food stuffs and presents from Holland to our obscure postings , and listening to the Worldwide Service for Christmas messages from family and friends with tears in our eyes. No cuddles or hugs from our cousins or Oma/Opas , we had to make do with aerograms and photos, telephone calls were just too expensive. It was a pretty normal to collect dogs, horses and various pets along the way and with each new posting, a customary practice to see our pets being "put down". Being used to yet another 45 crates of personal belongings of my parents treasures being hammered shut until the next posting....... Scrubbing out dirty houses to be made habitable was a common practice.... so I guess for me my education of moving has been simplified. I had an excellent role model in my Mother, who would roll up her sleeves without a whinge and get involved in the community, and what it had to offer. My Father was constantly on "exercises" in some undesirable spot, and my Mother just had to damn well muck in and geet on with it. She revelled in discovering the new sights and faciilities of her host country, helping the locals which enriched our lives for the better, without a doubt! Whining and whinging would never have come into the equation! Did this all harden me up? No, I am a softie and cry along with the best of us, it just taught me independence and resilience. Luckily I have inherited this gene, so for me migration has been relatively easy, not forgetting that I have family all over the world that I miss desperately, but thankfully modern communications has meant it is much easier now to talk, skpe, fly etc. My husband comes from Queenstown Tasmania and there is a wonderful example of a new migrant committing himself to the community Tourism Tasmania :: Media Site :: Inspired :: Queenstown Theatre Back to Life Good on him! well done Alex Stevenson! It would be lovely to hear your stories of how you have successfully migrated or your intentions of doing so.... what and how you would like to put back into the community of your host country! Susie :wubclub:
  5. What is better than listening to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac in their heyday,pounding it all out for us,especially live!What a unit.:yes::wink:
  6. paulv

    A good decision?

    Anti-homosexuality Christian couple opposed foster care High Court battle | Mail Online
  7. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of of the constant hijacking of interesting and informative threads for the sole purpose of petty squabbling between the same few forum members? I know people from all walks of life,with different points of view and experiences unique to themselves will not always agree.Such is life.However,this is not what I have issue with.I have issue with long standing forum members,who should know better,resorting to personal jibes towards other forum members.It has become a recurrent theme throughout a lot of threads of late,mostly aimed at one or two forum members. I am writing this post to ask all forum members if they could put aside any personal differences or dislikes,even for a few days,just so the rest of us can start enjoying the forum once again.If this is not possible maybe you could resolve your issues by PM or just not respond to each others post at all during the next few days. I do not post this with the intention of putting any noses out of joint,I am simply frustrated with the childish carry-on on some of the forums,CTF and MBTTUK in particular. Maybe I am the only one who feels like this..........then again maybe not.
  8. We are hoping to get a 176 visa just going through an agent now so really early days. BUT we have 2 children aged 9 + 13 are there any good schools in Greenwood Padbury areas and how easy/hard is it to get a place for our kids? Our children are at junior school + senior school here in the UK so think we need 2 differant schools?:wacko:
  9. Hi, Just wondering if people could share their experience of what happened after their problems of 1100 being lost/not attached ie how long after it was sorted did they get a CO assigned. Im in that situatuion now and hoping it wont be forever. I applied 8 Dec and 1100 attached this week. thanks in advance Mags.
  10. Hi We have been here 3 years in West Pennant Hills and my son attends Murray Farm Public School. It's progressively making him unhappy and I need to find a school (public or private) where the emphasis is on encouragement for any success and where the curriculum is taught in an engaging, boy friendly, way. He is so unhappy and considers himself such a failure as it seems all he constantly hears from his teacher is how he does so many things wrong. Any recommendations from you all please ?
  11. Can you help point me in the right direction for nice suburbs in Perth that are great for families with primary school age children but can easily access rail links to the CBD as thats where DH will be based? I have been sitting here for ages looking at rail links and surrounding areas but its so hard to tell when you have no knowledge of good or bad areas etc. So who better to ask than the guys here on PIO! From what I have read, most of us are looking for the same kinds of places to bring up our little ones so hopefully you can help advice me.:cute: Cheers POI folks! Nicky x
  12. Hi all. I'm in the middle of getting my police certificates sorted. Having been a bit if a Gypsy over the years and I lived in Holland for a while. I've been on the Dutch Ministry of Justice website and even read the english translation of how to go about getting a Certificate of Good Behaviour but i'm struggling to find where to down load it and still further how to go about getting it legalised any one had to do it ??? Any advice appreciated :-)
  13. Guest

    Good suburbs

    Hi All, Me and Gaynor r looking to make the move to WA. Our friends live in Hammond Park and we would like to locate near to them. We have looked at Atwell, Success, Yangebup and further afield at Spearwood, Armadale and Gosnells. We would appreciate any advise on any of these places, good or bad. Thanks :biggrin:
  14. Guest

    This Is Not Good Enough.

    I have been out for nearly three hours, and when I get back there are no new threads to have a look at, NONE. Come on people, there must be something to discuss. I'll start, boring as usual, but the good lady has just purchased a new kettle, (with pink spots on it, :goofy:) and a new bin. Yes, BORING, but may lead onto something worthy of discussion,:idea:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  15. Hi I've looked in all the local bookshops but cannot find a good fold-out Perth map showing the suburbs. I know there are lots online but you cannot see what they include or how detailed they are. Can anyone recommend a good map that will enable me to get a good view of Perth and all the local suburbs ? Many thanks Roy ... Awaiting WA SS ... with crossed fingers !
  16. Surprisingly, sterling has been the best-performing major currency so far this year, writes Liz Phillips It’s up against the US dollar and the euro, as well as against last year's strongest currencies - the Swiss franc, Japanese yen and Aussie dollar. This is great news for pensioners and those living off savings held in sterling. You could be getting the best rates for two years. But for the thousands who had given up and are just about to head home, it won’t be welcome unless they took steps to lock into the best rates for their local currency last year when the pound was struggling. So what is going on? Part of the boost has been a growing belief that the UK may be the first major economy to raise interest rates. The Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee meets tomorrow and faces a difficult decision. The jump in oil prices caused by the unrest in Egypt and neighbouring countries will fuel inflation, already at worrying levels. Yet a hike in rates may damage the fragile economy. If interest rates are kept on hold again this week we may see a temporary dip in the pound, but the majority view is that the pound could stay strong in the medium to long term. Both the pound and the euro have had a good run so far this year, but signs are that the euro may have run out of steam. It fell against the US dollar and the pound this week, with further falls expected. The market was shaken at the start of the week by a larger than expected drop in German industrial orders. Weakness in the German recovery helps push the prospect of an EU interest rate rise further away. In addition, reports of infighting among the 17 member nations of the currency bloc over the best way to deal with the debt crisis have kept the euro on the back foot. A French and German push for a comprehensive package of reforms to address the crisis has met with opposition and jeopardised plans of achieving a comprehensive new bailout regime by the March target. Greece’s finances are currently centre stage with officials from the International Monetary Fund , the European Commission , and European Central Bank (CBSU.PK - news) in Athens this week. They will be deciding if Greece has done enough in terms of restructuring its economy to get a further €15 billion - the next instalment of the bailout plan agreed last March. Greece has spoken out against Germany’s latest proposals saying it gives the EU too much power to interfere with national constitutions. Other troubled nations - Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria and Ireland (Berlin: IIK.BE - news) - have also raised objections. They argue Germany and France are going too far in attempting to exert control over sensitive issues such as taxes, pensions and wages. “Getting 17 member nations to agree on a unified retirement age, public sector wages and harmonising welfare systems may be harder to implement than the intended reforms," said Vimal Popat of Cambridgefx . “The European economic policy crisis is in danger of turning into a political one if member nations cannot reach an ultimate resolution and this uncertainty is likely to impact the currency even further. Therefore, the euro’s reasonably strong performance so far this year seems, in my opinion, unsustainable.” In contrast, the UK, while facing similar pressures to the eurozone, has a distinct advantage with only a single monetary programme to follow. UK fiscal policy has, so far at least, impressed the markets. According to Chris Saint, senior currency analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown , both sterling and the euro have been boosted so far this year by “a cautiously optimistic mood that the European sovereign debt crisis can be contained”. The events of the past week however have been a reminder that these problems are not going to disappear any time soon. “So with the UK’s banking sector seemingly on a surer footing there appears to be further scope for sterling to make up ground against the euro," he adds. “This would offer some relief to embattled expats still needing to exchange sterling to cover overseas living expenses.” :smile:
  17. Guest

    Some more good news for the UK.

    I know some would say it is all doom and gloom but there are plenty of good positive indicators for the UK recovery. BBC News - UK manufacturing growth at fastest since records began and http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12343459
  18. Hello Everyone, we are moving to Sydney at the beginning of March, and have been looking at flights back to the UK for Christmas - first Christmas in the sun may have to wait due to family reasons! Just wondering if there is a good time to book flights, as we have just checked and they are incredibly expensive even this far in advance, around £5k for 2 adults and a child! Or, is that as good as it gets??
  19. firebladebally

    southside brisbane no good?

    Hi all, im currently planning a move to brisbane and several people have told me NOT to live south of the river because the areas are bad???? Should i believe them ? Any advice appreciated,:biggrin:
  20. So, i received my Police Checks today. I have used an Agent for all my application so have not uploaded any documents myself. So, i now have them, how do i do it myself, can i scan and upload to my own account? All i have looked at so far is the DIAC state of application and there seems nothing on the to do it?
  21. Just booked tickets with Trailfinders Dublin- Melbourne via Lon and Sin with Singapore airlines for early June €3000 for 2 adults and 3 kids one way with a 1 night stay over in Singapore Just to let everyone know- I think Singapore air have a sale on at present. Any ideas on what to do for a day in Singapore with 3 kids?
  22. Hi We are v v confused?!! We want to apply for skilled migration but think we only get 105 points (the english test might be an option..) but I did the 'free online assessments' with a few agents and have seemed to have a more positive response (bombarded with emails). I dont have a clue where to start...am v sceptical that the agents will take our money and we might not end up with a visa at the end of it. Has anyone had a good experience with an agent that was realistic, helpful and didnt charge an arm and a leg?
  23. Can anyone recommend any good admin temping agencies other than Drake for Melbourne area please?
  24. redrobbersdog

    Not looking good for Quantas!

    OK buoyed on by Save the Lemmings post about new threads, thought I would have a go! :err: I hope this doesn't mean more disruption for people! Not sure about the "cooking itself" comment! :shocked: At least it "cooked itself" before it took off! Another Qantas jet engine failure January 16, 2011 - 9:11AM There’s been another engine failure on a Qantas aircraft, this time as it was preparing to take off at Sydney Airport. Flight QF11 to Los Angeles, carrying 344 passengers, was on the runway preparing to take off at 3.30pm (AEDT) on Saturday when its number one engine suffered a complete failure, News Ltd says. Passengers on the 747 described hearing ‘‘a loud bang’’ and then watching as black smoke poured out of the crippled engine. The captain then reportedly announced over the intercom that the engine had ‘‘cooked itself’’. A spokeswoman for Qantas said the plane was on the runway and cleared for take-off when it had a ‘‘low-speed engine failure’’. She said the passengers disembarked at the gate and a replacement 747 aircraft was scheduled to leave at 7pm. It finally took off at 7.38pm. Saturday’s incident is the latest in a shocking run for the national carrier, which had to ground its entire A380 fleet in November after one of the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines exploded in mid-air shortly after take-off from Singapore. The total cost of grounding its entire fleet of A380s, and replacing 16 of the A380 engines, has been estimated at $80 million. The day after the A380 near-disaster, a Qantas 747-400 aircraft had a mid-air incident, with flames bursting from an engine just after take-off from Singapore.
  25. I am moving to work in Newcastle soon and have been offered a salary of $72000 AUD before tax. I wanted to know if this is a liveable salary in Newcastle. :unsure: Many Thanks