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Found 786 results

  1. Just been announced that Peter Andre has been named 'Celebrity Dad' of the year.:notworthy::notworthy::jiggy::jiggy: Ahhhh, I knew that life would just get a whole lot better, I feel a spring in my step, a smile on my face, and all is well with the world again............................................................ Can someone please pass the Prozac, pins to stick in my eyes, and hand me a tissue for the nose bleed I now have,:realmad::no::shocked:. Cheers (going back into my hole to 'Hermitise' again) Tony.:mad:
  2. hi, we have recently bought a tent and camping gear to camp arouind norfolk, we have our visa but are waiting to sell our house, what i would like to know is is it safe to camp in oz we are looking to move to the central coast nsw and would only want to camp on a purpose built camp ie not in the outback, but just didn't know if there are too many dangerous little things, or is camping a big thing in oz ?
  3. Hi all Hope you can all help me out - wanted to know if i can comfortably live in Oz on the following ( basic figures are) : 115K + Super annuation LAFHA Flights I don't have kids, or family - I have a partner but she will also get a job (prob around 60-80K). I want to get a place in Manly - so i can go surfing everyday. No matter where i look i cant seem to get an idea if this will be comfortable to live on. I like to drink and have a laugh but my expenses are not normally that high. Any help / idea / advice anyone can give will be greatly received.
  4. I imagine we all have things that we love doing, and I only put this thread up because I was listening to the radio this morning and they were discussing the fact that a very rare Robin was in the British Isles, 'Birders' from all over the UK were travelling many hundreds of miles to see this tiny bird, some took holiday from work, some just skipped a day, and some are camping out in all weathers to see this once in a life time sight. Now to me some of the people interviewed were obsessed by this type of hobby, it had fore all intents and purposes become their 'life', I can understand this to a degree because I am fairly obsessive about fishing, not in the UK, but overseas. I have and will continue I guess to travel (when finances allow) to the ends of the world to catch a certain species of fish. My poor second wife, :wubclub: was dragged from pillar to post at one time, often camping in the roughest areas, sleeping rough, in the middle of nowhere just to catch a Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, all kinds off species. Don't get me wrong she did enjoy it, and we also did loads of things she loved as well, but each and every holiday whilst sight seeing etc, would often see me tramp miles upon miles to catch a fish, it was and is an obsession, and in no small way did damage our relationship to a very small degree, because as she said, 'I want roots now', and fair play to her,:notworthy::wubclub:. I would like to point out that I was fortunate enough to be a self employed driving instructor at the time, so I would work absolutely obscene hours to allow us to take a break every two or three months, nothing flash, normally camping and the like, but it did allow me a certain degree of 'freedom' which I appreciate many others didn't or don't have. But does your hobby at times dictate your life. You could also say in the same breath seeing as how this is an Australian forum, has your desire to get out there affected you to such an extent that it dictates your life, has it become a mindset that is impossible to shake. So come on, train spotters, fishos, aircraft spotters, those on the Australian journey, has anyone seen themselves change in chasing a hobby or dream and it has manifested itself into an 'obsession. Note to Bob. If you put ONE picture up of a fish I swear I will close this thread down,:wubclub::biglaugh:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  5. Salma

    A great Good Friday

    As some of you may know I was pregnant and on Good Friday I had my baby boy! I cannot thank the medical staff at my hospital even though it was 40 minutes away and with our move to aus in the planning only fitting that the MW who helped deliver him was a Kiwi who had lived in Oz and is planning on going back! Now just need to let my little man grow and take him to Aus in Novemeber.
  6. Please can anyone recommend government primary schools in Inner city Melbourne and Camberwell areas - basically up to 10K radius of CBD We are moving to Melbourne soon and I want to make sure we get a nice school with a good reputation. Poor boy has only just started his current school (may) and loves it I want to settle him as soon as possible. :jiggy: Any thoughts appreciated.
  7. hi all, i submitted my partner visa application last sept, i just got an email from our CO asking for more evidence. Since we submitted it my partner has changed jobs - his salary isnt very high because he's an intern still- about 45K a year. He has also bought a townhouse since we submitted evidence. I was wondering wheather telling immigration that he has a morgage now is a good thing or not? considering most of his pay goes on it. Very stressed out so any help would be great
  8. ...just went shopping yesterday, but it was a glorious day and the breeze was warm..it made me think of Aus and how being there in the beaut weather just makes me feel top when i go to Freo and walk round the markets, which is buzzing with people from all walks of life and buskers are playing in the bar, or go to Kings Park at the weekend and there's family and friends set to enjoy a day together this makes me just feel good:smile: for my hubbie it would be the green fields and good ol' British pubs... whether it be Aus, England or anywhere, what just makes you feel good?
  9. The decision by the government to tackle the benefits culture are starting to hit the vulnerable in society and there has already been several suicides from people who have had their benefits withdrawn who were suffering mental health problems. I think i read that 7,000 benefit claimants per week were being seen and i just think there needs to be some accountability, yes the government need to tackle this, to help reduce the huge national debt, but where will it end.
  10. I have recently accepted a job in the Gold Coast, the office is in Helensvale. My partner and I are in a dilemma for a number of reasons and are really confused as to what to do. I'm British but have been living in Singapore for almost 4 years, my partner is Singaporean. I've accepted a position for around 90k before deductions. After calculating tax & outgoings for each month for everything we can think of, it seems we're left with about 1k a month for generally stuff and trips etc,. I know it will be less than that as there is always things we can't account for without experience. We decided to move for a better life but it actually seems like we may be in the same position or probably a little worse off than we are here in Singapore, of course there are other benefits like less crowded, less stressful etc. I'd just like to get an opinion perhaps from other people living there under the same kind of package or at least can advise on whether they think its doable comfortably. We're both in our mid-late twenties and don't live a lavish lifestyle, it would be nice to have a nice little one bed to come back home to, maybe somewhere where we can sip a cold beer on the balcony after work, we were looking at places so far for around $300-$350 a week. we're also bringing our kitten which makes things even harder! We're also both worried that my partner won't be able to find a job. Obviously we don't mind struggling for a while and supporting ourselves on one income source, but it worries us that she may never get a job. Shes a graphic/multimedia designer with only around 2 years work experience. We're thinking to live somewhere around Labrador / Hope Island / Helensvale where she can access the train for jobs in South Brisbane as she doesn't drive. The right location for us is also a worry. We both like a laugh but don't really want to be landed in Surfers having to wade through the drunken louts every night or stuck in some sleazy condo full of loud partying holiday makers. We're making the move on a shoe string budget, pretty much putting all we have into the cost of the move so we're at a big crossroads now and are both pretty stressed :-D Thanks in advance for any comments, we both appreciate any comments. We have crawled the online forums for information over the last few weeks but decided it might be good to post in case anyone is in a similar situation or has some advice!! Ade
  11. After reading a very poor review on one particular car shipping company I was considering to use, I'm now going to look at alternative companies. Can anyone recommend some firms where they have a good experience both on price and reliability with shipping their car. Cheers
  12. Hi I am a surgical nurse with 8 years experience. I am currently waiting for my skills assessment with the ANMAC then I will be lodging a 175 PR Visa. I am looking for info regarding people's experiences of Nursing in Australia, both good and bad and how Nursing in Australia compares to Nursing in the UK. Any info on the following would be great: 1 Staff to patient Ratio 2 Do you feel de-skilled? 3 Working hours and shift patterns 4 Resources 5 Training 6 Support from colleagues 7 Wages 8 Anything else I want to go to Australia with as much information as possible. I don't want to make the move thinking everything will be fantastic and then be shocked when it is not. I want the move to be permanent and prepare myself for all the good and the bad that come with starting a new life in oz. Kind regards X
  13. Hi, My wife & I, are moving over to Perth middle of August/early september, exciting & frightening in equal mearsures. All our focus so far has been finding a job for myself, which we have now done, and we are currently being taken through the sponsored visa process by a migration officer. The next big challenge is finding a good school for my 7 year old son, we currently have no set suburb in mind, as from applying for a job, and being offered has been a real whirlwind. Our choice of suburb will be dictated by schools, can anyone give us a starting point, and advise on good state schools, equally let us know of any not so good ones? We also have a 13month old daughter, so any advice about toddler groups etc would be a help. Also can anyone recommend a good letting agent? Perth here we come, Rob
  14. We all often neglect ourselves sometimes in the general scheme or work and family, so what was the last thing you did for yourself that made you feel good?
  15. Hi everyone Could anyone advise on reasonable priced shipping companies from Ireland looking at sending few large boxes and childs motorbike. Also what do i need to import childs motorbike? thanks!
  16. Guest

    Good news

    Hi all,:cute: As you may already know we have been granted our visa and now we need as much help as we can get as we've never been to Australia. We're thinking of moving to Mandurah as it is just out of the city a bit and there seems to be good links to the airport, etc. My OH is a dryliner and he's hoping to open a business over there. Just wondering if there is much construction work and where would be the best place to look for it, north or south of Perth? I also own an online boutique selling ladies bags and shoes which I am planning to move over there too and I am looking for a good hosting provider to move my website. Any suggestions? Also, we're looking to rent a short term accommodation so any links and ideas of the prices would be helpful. There is only 2 of us, so 1-3 bedroom rental would be perfect. We are aiming to get there by the start of July so very busy trying to sort things out. We're nervous and excited at the same time! Is there any meet-up groups we could go to in Mandurah area where we could meet for coffee or few beers. Is there any groups that could help to get you settled, etc.? Paulina
  17. Good dags. D'ya like dags? Who knows what film that lines off? Answers on a postcard. Anyway trying to suss out what dag to have when we eventually get to Perth, anyone own a kelpie? What's there temperament like?
  18. Guest

    The best and the worse?

    Lots of discussions going on about pros,cons and expenses etc at the moment. How about everyone that is currently living in Australia or moved back to the UK for that matter posting what you consider the single best thing and single worst thing you find with living in Oz? No long lists of likes and dislikes!
  19. Hi, Could someone please help and suggest me a good consultant to take care of my Australian PR.I am living in Gurgaon and looking for a consultant in NCR. I have come across a few like Y Axis and Canam but doesnt seems to be good enough. Thanks
  20. Hello everybody I am going to migrate to NT ( Northern Territorry ) state. I wanna know how much money should I bring with myself to rent a small apartment in a good location of city? Waiting for your posts Regards Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  21. A4Ron

    Cat 4 good news ?

    "There are now fewer applications being lodged than available places in the program, and DIAC anticipates processing priority level 4 in the coming year." Can anyone confirm the info in this link, looks like minutes from a DIAC meeting:- http://g4online.org/DIAC-Liaison-Meeting
  22. Guest

    Good news!

    Hi all, Got our 163 Business Visa granted on the 5th of April. Our agent was on holidays and we only found out yesterday. Better late than never LOL. Now we've got to decide where to go in Western Australia. We were hoping maybe Mandurah but we've never been to WA and we're open to suggestions! We've no kids, my business has to be in construction (doing drylining) and the other half has an online boutique www.mybagandshoes.com and we're hoping to move our business over there. If anybody knows where we I could easily find construction work or opportunities, please let us know. We're hoping to be out there at the start of July. Just got to find somewhere where we can rent for a couple of week. Btw, very excited!
  23. mr luvpants

    Salary packaging:a good idea?

    Has anybody taken out the salary packaging that is offered by the Queensland government departments? Someone told me that if you sacrifice your super contributions, you don't get the additional payment from the government? Also I am seriously interested in the novated lease scheme and wod be interested in any ones thought on whether they thought it was a good or a bad idea? John
  24. http://www.smh.com.au/national/australia-malaysia-to-trade-asylum-seekers-gillard-20110507-1ed1a.html She has forgotten that there is an army of aging liberals who know how to tell stories and who protect those non-genuine refugees. Generally I am happy about her thought to solve this popular topic which has flooded media recently and Mr. Bowen can finally focus on finishing clearing the mess with backlog. Julia we love you!
  25. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/confidential/sheen-lands-on-magpie-bandwagon/story-e6frf96x-1226050782602 :nah: