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Found 786 results

  1. Sydneytina

    Good RMA in Sydney for business visa

    Hi, I am looking for a good migration agent for advice on business visa 160/163. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi Just about to book our removals and PSS are coming in at about £1k cheaper than the rest. Anyone got any recent experience of their service? Thanks
  3. Hi there, I am about to start the emigration process. Can anyone recommend a decent migration agency? I'm based in London but am happy to deal with people on the phone. Thanks very much, Jules
  4. moko2011

    Is this a good idea.

    Hi me and my partner are looking to move to qld bt we were looking at doing a temp yr visa first then getting a job and seen abt sponsorship that way?? is it a gd idea?
  5. G'day Dingos..... New to the forum and found it trawling the web looking for helpful info and sites.... we are planning to emmigrate to Oz.... one way or another..... and there are many options and many visa routes..... ...obviously I have come accross the many 'Visa Agents' out there that have "100%" success rates etc in getting people over there etc....all for a hefty fee £$£..!! So my question is.... "Is it worth paying these guys to ensure a near 100% chance of getting over successfully.... ... or are they a complete Rip"? I score 85 on the Skilled Migration test, my career is on the list! I am under 45... my cousin is married an Ozzie and lives in Oz.... Do I go for the applicaiton myself or pay these guys £2000?? (Is that the going rate, 'cause it's what they charge!!) Thanks in advance Bob
  6. Hi everyone, We arrive at the Gold Coast on 19th August and I will be working in Helensvale. My daughter will be 5 in December and we need to find a decent primary school for her. Can anyone recommend a good primary school in the Gold Coast area preferably no more than half an hours drive from Helensvale. Many thanks.
  7. ftmummy

    good move or bad move???

    Hi all am new to this site so please bare with me,so I have been contemplating the massive move to Oz but now my hubby is coming round to the idea i am becoming really confused as to whether its the right move or not, it is such a big move and decision to make I just dont know what what to do, plus after looking at the migration websites it looks really hard and confusing :wideeyed: and expensive!!! can anyone help that may have made the move recently or is in process of doing so just some advise or info would be great. Am thinking the move will be beneficial to myself my husband and my 3 yr old boy, give us more of an outdoor lifestlye and more chances in life but cant decide for definate at the moment all a little scary :wacko:
  8. Hi Everyone, My husband has been offered a job in Brisbane and we will be moving to the city with our 10-month-old daughter very soon. I know its quite an expensive city and it'll be very costly if we decided to live in the city, but since the job is for one year we thought we might as well enjoy the city life and live close to his work (Turbot Street). Can anyone give us tips as to where in the vicinity of Turbot Street is nice to live? Also, what sort of price range should we be looking at if we were to move to a two-bed flat? Best Shahrzad
  9. hi all, i submitted my partner visa application last sept, i just got an email from our CO asking for more evidence. Since we submitted it my partner has changed jobs - his salary isnt very high because he's an intern still- about 45K a year. He has also bought a townhouse since we submitted evidence. I was wondering wheather telling immigration that he has a morgage now is a good thing or not? considering most of his pay goes on it. Very stressed out so any help would be great
  10. Hi everyone....... Its been a while since ive posted, so heres a quick re-coup......D weve been on the central coast NSW for just over three months now and loving it, so ok, the rain is horrible :eek: but we can all live with a little rain.....Family of four in rented accomadation for six months but have just bought our first home here *Yay* Needs alot of TLC as previous owners were dedicated smokers :confused:....Any advice from anyone along the central coast area in regards to any fabulous,trustworthy builders would be very much appreciated as we want to do some alterations but do *Not* want to employ a cowboy from hell .... and as the title say's.....what paint did you use to decorate inside your dwellings? what about branding? I have heard Bunnings do a fab range, and will be looking at there ranges, but much like a child in a sweet shop, I will possibly want every tin on the shelf.:goofy:......Hubby is already sweating profusely at the mere thought of letting me loose And.......Kitchens??? Bunnings? Harvey Norman? Im keen to haggle......It doesnt bother me one bit....but.....has anyone bought any kitchens from either places and loved them? Or hated them? If anyone can throw some idea's my way in regards to suppliers/builders which will help the local community Id be forever grateful...... Many Thanks Rachel
  11. rockola57

    A good Takeaway nearby?

    Have you got a good takeaway near you?They are worth their weight in gold when you are starving and don't do cooking,don't you reckon.We got one by us that does Chinese and Australian food.Not kiddin ya,the foods is superb every time,and roasting hot!Love it!:biggrin:
  12. kellyjamie

    Good news about the house

    Well the house has been on the market 10 weeks now and not a single viewer so we decided to put it up for rent on gumtree, so after less than 12 hours we got a phone call, day later they viewed the house and this morning we accepted them as the tennants! Very relieved to finally know what were doing, its not ideal we really wanted it sold but hey atleast we will be getting an income. They are a nice family and want it initially for a year with a view to making it long term for about 3 years, so lets hope it works out. we are moving out in 4 weeks and going to live with Jamies stepmum and little bro which will be tight but its only for 4 months and will allow us to save quite abit so we have cash to bring. My mum has refused to let us stay says theres not enuf room and we would likely fall out, suits me as she can be very awkward hwen things dont go her way. I had to explain the whole situ to her and my dad today, they said they want to ensure were doing the right thing it was them who told us to rent it, now its happnin theyre not so happy and all i got was well what will happen to mum when dads not here! not that i should live my life for me and follow my dreams no no just what will happen to my mum when my dads not here!!!! its better i dont stay with them. so feeling very real now as this was the last stumbling block in a very very long and difficult road:wubclub:
  13. FamilyHughes

    Information: PetAirUK - so far so good

    Finally worked round to 'Arrange to ship the cats' on the long 'to do' list for moving to Oz in August. We have two cats, both 8. Only to find yesterday that there is currently a 4 week turnaround on the Import licence coming through! It used to be 10 days but there is a glut of applications currently apparently. Anyway, rapidly obtained quotes from Airpets, Pet Air and Par Air, all chosen for shorlist by looking at feedback on the PIO forums. Due to the urgency decided I'd better go with the all inclusive options. Airpets and Pet Air came in with just a few pounds between them. ParAir gave a competitive quote but didn't include an inclusive quote and I'd have had to spend more time than I have obtaining information and adding delay. In the end I chose Airpets UK due to the fantastic speedy turn around and comprehensive quote and information provided. They were also extremely reassuring on the telephone. I provided information for the forms in the evening and they sent them all back to me for signing and checking this morning. This afternoon all handed to one of their vets to submit my import application. Speedy! Fingers crossed the 'glut' has subsided a little!
  14. Hi DIAC has edited its processing time table and has included other visas categories which were forgotten in the last announcement. For instance the 176VE applicants who were included in SOL and off from SMP list were not listed in the first announcement and many believed that those applications will be considered in Cat5 and now are included in Cat4 which is a good news for them. There are some other changes in the table which can be seen through the following link http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm
  15. Guest

    Good on ya Julie

    Not over keen on the women but as I am a staunch Green Party member I applaud this...and about time.:jiggy: I had some good heated arguments with my Aussie friends. Australia plans to impose carbon tax on worse polluters. Australia is one of the world's worst emitters of greenhouse gases per head of population. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-14096750
  16. Leeannetricia

    Gordon in Canberra- a good place to stay????

    Hi, been browsing online for places to stay! Gordon came up with some of my requirements(somewhere where I can rent and take my dogs) Is it a nice place to stay!and what's public transport like- or cycling to city?? Thanks leeanne
  17. LOL I did not realise but you can view all the threads that you have ever started on PIO, I have just has a right good old laugh at my last 2 years from the initial what’s a visa, being taken off the CSL, my hubby being made redundant and my boy making silent 999 call at Easter. I’ve just been on a right journey.:wacko: Did not realise there had been so many highs and lows in the past few years Give it a try sure you will have a laugh too.:jiggy:
  18. Hey all, Can anyone recommend any good letting agents in Brisbane (ie get things fixed on time, good communication, etc.)? I've been having terrible trouble with ours and we'll move at the end of our lease unless the landlord changes agent. It's not until January but they're that bad I'm preparing now! The landlord seems fine but unfortunately I can't contact him/her to inform them how bad a job the agent is doing (I've no doubt they've cost them a lot of money already). Alternatively, are there any good sources for rental properties where you can rent directly off the landlord? Cheers, Rob
  19. Hi! just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on Quakers Hill ? Ive noticed house prices are reasonable by Sydney standards. Am I right in thinking the area is semi-rural? Ive had a look on google maps, and the area looks quite pleasant actually a bit like where I'm living now in NE Wales ! Unfortuately Ive heard the area does quite badly crimewise is this correct ? I lived in Sydney for about a year and really liked it, but I don't think inner city living is for me! Any advice would appreciated Cheers Mark
  20. Guest

    where in uk

    just putting it out there on where to possible return to in the uk. Any suggestions would be welcome! My oh and I have decided to return and separate, not very amicably either, We agree on nothing - only that the children must come first ie share care of the children - , create stability etc. but for reasons too personal to explain, will not be returning to the area that we left. I can literally choose where we will live as my trade off for moving back, my oh has said he will live close by so we can share care of the children. What I need is suggestions on where to go. I would like the wish list that everyone else with cherries on top ideally! Great high school is top of the list. (we have young chidren) not in a city, preferably in a village with access to wider amenities, community and all that, and a hospital for work for me. I will have a reasonable budget to start again - that is not my main worry. I am acknowleging that the children will have a good deal of stress to deal with in the separation so we have thought that we would rent for 6 months together - then buy seperately, once we have more of a clue of the area. That way, the children will hopefully be settled in school, thats what I am thinking anyway. I did have a thought of devon or north yorkshire??? I know neither - other than they are both lovely. But where there?? I am hoping this goes as well as possible. I am struggling with the move back, having to make a new life, knowing no one, new friends, new area, new job without the support of any family (they are useless) and friends at an age when I always thought we would be settled. As well as creating that network of friends for the kids. I want to get this right. Heres hoping:goofy:
  21. Hi Guys, i've been offered sponsorship from a company based in Milton, Brisbane and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for commutable suburbs with good schools. For some reason I am assuming as Milton is north of the river that I should be looking for north of the river for easier commute but I'm only guessing on that one. I would be looking for 3 bed house paying no more than $450-$500 per week. Fairly close to beach would be nice (not essential) and near trainline perhaps travelling no more than 45mins would be ideal. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  23. Im all for having a bit of sun and some predictability in the weather. therefore i say its perfectly valid. this summer, like so many before it, so far it has done nothing but rain, then today even though it was sunny, it rained. then i went to Dundee, where it was sunny, and while i was in B&Q it started to rain like i haven't seen since i was last in the Middle East during a monsoon! then when driving to another part of Dundee, i discovered not only had it rained, but:- That's right people, SNOW IN JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone is taking the piss!
  24. Householders to be given new rights to defend themselves against intruders 'Have-a-go' heroes to get protection, but police warn of dangers of new rights.<SCRIPT type=text/javascript src="http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/connect.php/js/FB.Share"></SCRIPT> Mark Townsend, home affairs editor The Observer, <TIME pubdate datetime="2010-06-06">Sunday 6 June 2010</TIME> The justice secretary, Ken Clarke, is examining the idea of increased legal protection for people who use force to fight off intruders. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Householders who confront burglars are to be given greater rights to defend their families and homes. The justice secretary, Kenneth Clarke, is looking at increasing legal protection for people who use force to fight off intruders. The government is eager to "ensure that people have the protection they need when they defend themselves against intruders", a ministry of justice source told the Observer. Clarke will also examine the idea of increased legal protection for have-a-go heroes and passersby willing to "apprehend criminals". The move follows high-profile cases in which householders were given jail sentences after attacking burglars. Last year Munir Hussain was jailed for using a cricket bat to beat a man who had broken into his home and threatened his family with a knife. Hussain was jailed for two and a half years for causing grievous bodily harm with intent, but was released after a public outcry. The plan has brought warnings from senior police officers, however, who believe a change in the law could promote vigilantism and could also be exploited to provide excuses for those involved in assault cases.
  25. if you miss good old fish and chips go to kingsley drive fish and chip shop in kingsley north of perth i was sick of geting crap bater on me fish, the mushy peas are lush ask for scraps or bits and they dont look at you as if your daft as well english owned carnt beat it .:yes: