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Found 786 results

  1. Guest

    good news

    Hi guys, just had to tell everyone, got my formal offer of employment and have been nominated for 457 visa!!! buzzin!! love sarah xx
  2. Guest

    Adelaide Good Places To Live

    South Australia Adelaide Hello My Lovelies :cute: Do any of you know the best places to look at renting a house in Adelaide where you think there will be a number of jobs? I.e. near shops, business parks Or does anyone live in Adelaide who can suggest where to look? Not going until June 08 but need to start thinking of jobs etc ) I do admin at the minute but shop work would be great and my b/friend works at Toyoda cars, but has been a carpenter and builder ) If that makes sense. Wedding plans going ok reg Oct 07 ) ooking forward to it xxxx
  3. Guest

    Good news! I hope.

    It looks like Marks Army experience has come in handy in the end. Our agents think we can successfully apply for a 'General Communications Tradesperson' :jiggy:. This means we may not have to go for a student visa after all, which is obviously better on the bank balance, as we don't have to pay for schools etc and we can both work full time, buy a house, live a normal life etc etc. Only small problem we are skint until we sell house, which we can't do until march 2008 so paying for it is another obstacle, (E bay is currently funding new carpets etc) Oh well such is life!! Leanne
  4. Guest

    Finally Good News

    Hi Everyone Well finally I have some good news ,well i hope so anyway I spoke to my agent yesterday and he said that he had recived an e-mail from DIAC saying that my visa has been prelim approved and requesting my travel details before issueing me a letter which i must hand in to the australian embassy in New zealand Sent travel deatails today and fly to New Zealand thurs 31st As i am in australia at the moment i have to leave the country to get my visa and New zealand is a lot closer then coming all the way back to england to get it , Has anyone else done this , its a bit worring as i have to spend around 10 days in new Zealand as once i leave Australia they Say it takes around 5 working days before i can pick up my visa and going on there record 5 days turns into 5 weeks !! Hopefully all goes well Daz x
  5. Hi Guys My Family and I are moving to Qld in the next month or two, I have lots of questions but right now I am researching international moving, anyone know any good firms to use?? Thanks a million PS please say hello I will respond.
  6. Guest

    Good News/please Help

    Hi, we have just sent off information for our skills assessment to our agent who says we finally have enough information to proceed with our application, we now have to get it all certified by a solicitor, just wondering how much this costs i suppose if i have to get 2 of each document certified there is about 30 but needing 2 would be 60 in all plus the stat dec which i suppose i need 2 of aswell. justr wondering what the going rate is. thank you.
  7. I have not has a proper nights sleep for about 3 weeks:wideeyed: and all due to waiting for TRA result, plus hubby away this week acknowleged application on 20th March agent told it had been processed and finalized on 28th March told it was in the post told the files were being transferred??????:arghh: finally I rang them today (tonight) after agent said he had no joy after ringing them every day this week very nice young lady told me that it arrived back to them on 21st April !!!! she is requesting my file and promised me that it would be faxed to my agent by 1pm so I am going to bed, to try to sleep and I will be on the e mail at the crack of dawn watch this space......... will be unbearably happy :laugh: or down in my boots :cry: tomorrow
  8. Can anybody help? We are currently in the process of applying for a business Visa and have now found out that our 22 year old daughter who lives at home with us will not be able to come with us as a family group. Her skills are not on the SOL so we thought about her apply for a 12 month working visa with view to applying for something more perminant when she is out in Oz with us. Does any body have any ideas what the best way forward would be. We are not using a migration agent as my company is sorting our visa out for the Business Visa. Thanks Mark
  9. Lynne2007

    Bit Of Good News !!!!!!!!!!

    Just got some fantastic news from LCU regarding medicals that were in the process of being assessed to say that they are now processed and awaiting to go to our new case officer as soon as we get a sponsor and visa application goes in again so one less thing to wait for :jiggy: WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO Lynne :chatterbox::wub:
  10. Guest

    good to find you all

    Hello all. Can you believe i only just found this site? My partner and I are waiting. Still. We began the whole proccess Jan 2006! Hopefully near the end now.We are just waiting another police check as first expired, but have been promised visa as soon as the case worker receives scanned copy. We are starting the good life at Noosa, where we already have family, but plan to see MANY other places before picking one. Well, it would be rude to leave places unvisited. (no kids so don't feel need to settle quite so quickly). We are extremely excited. To the point of permanent giddyness. So here's to us and everyone else going through the same......cheers. Aveen :v_SPIN:
  11. Guest

    good website

    Just thought i'd put this good website link on incase some haven't seen it and there's anybody else like me that can't seem to get enough info of aus....................... NO BUT ..... it's really good and if you click on TRAVEL and put in which state you can even choose a suburb and it tells you local stuff about the history, motels and places to visit ......... and you can even look at local news................... :jiggy: :jiggy: :jiggy: As pretty woman once said "I nearly peed myself" when i found it......... ok it doesn't take a lot to get me excited but i'm quite chuffed just thought it'd be good if like us - we are constantly doing the yo yo thing about where we would like to end up (long way to go but fingers crossed - we've just started the pre migration assessment today so 1 small step and all that). Donna x
  12. noel2538

    Good News

    Hi I had to tell 'you lot' our good news. Story is my OH, me and my two kids emigrating to Oz, obviously:wacko: Our Agent advised us that I needed to get my ex hubby consent for the girls. Been really worried he'd say no, anyway, spoke to him this weekend and he said YES:jiggy: Said he doesnt want to stop them getting on with their lives,wow!! So now I feel sooooo positive and we can get things really moving now. We sold our lovely Kit Car too this weekend, we built it ourselves,:sad: but thats more money in our 'Oz Kitty' Anyway thanks for all your support and advise while Ive been pulling my hair out, my OH is very happy too:wink: Debbie
  13. Guest

    This is such a good site !!!!

    Ive been dipping into other ex pat sites and have found alot of hostility to my questions and views,poms in oz has given me nothing but strait answers to my questions,genuine concern and help for my fears and doubts,You all have left behind a life in england along with loved ones and friends and no doubt have weak moments when you wonder if you have done the right thing. Good luck to everybody out there and thanks again for taking time out to reassure others about making this big big step to a new life. Happy easter and i hope your eggs dont melt Jamie
  14. Guest

    Good News on the CT Scan

    Hi guys.......... we are on our third bottle of champayne ... who knows when we will stop celebrating. It is only scar tissue (probably from a bike accident when i was 21) (many years ago i hassen to add). Brisbane look out the Ryders are on there way. Thank you for you kind words and I hope that if anyone in the future has a problems like this I will be able to recall my worries and help them through. I am on top of the world again and gagging to get to OZ....... Yipppeeeeeeeeeeee
  15. I know we have it easy compared to a lot of you as I was born in aus so have got dual citizenship and can sponser my hubby, but just wanted to share my little bit of exciting news. Found out recently that my kids have the right to aus citizenship by descent so sent off all the forms last week and two Citizenhip certificates arrived today.....my two little boys are officially little aussies...:v_SPIN: Guess we had better sort the paperwork so hubby can come too eh....gonna make him work for that....think i need a foot rub lol :biglaugh:
  16. Guest

    in need of a good CURRY!!!!

    I knew the curries over here wernt as good as home but there must be some good places around. any good ones in brisbane that anyones been to????? we had our first curry and i couldnt eat any of it, it was just awful and has put me off trying another apart from the ones i make out of a sharwood jar, but it just aint the same as when you go out. im goin home to kidnap some pakistanis and bring them over here!!
  17. Hi, Hoping someone can help. It's likely that I'll be moving to Sydney and wanted to find out where's good to rent. The company I'll be working for is based in North Sydney and whilst the idea of walking to work is great, I'm keen to live in a lively area where it'll be easy to go out and meet people. Any suggestions for good areas? Thanks, Joycy
  18. Hello there Im a primary school teacher(31yrs) and wondered what the job prospects are like for pommy primary teachers in Aus? (particularly The Sunshine Coast-Maroochydore area) We backpacked around Oz in 2003/4 and I worked as a casual relief teacher in Vic and Queensland. I got quite a bit of work as a relief teacher but have heard that securing a permanent teaching position is difficult. :? Should I consider the private school sector? We are now well in to the immi process and have received my skills assessment from Teaching Australia. My partner is a landscape gardener. Any one know what the job prospects are like in this field of work? We are appling under skilled family sponsored visa 138 and his skills arent being assessed, just mine. Apols if all this sounds a bit waffly im just writing as I think!!! :roll: :roll: Thanks for any advice!
  19. Hello Does anyone know of a good Australian Financial Advisor or Solicitor that can answer all my questions on saving money i.e. capital gains tax, pensions, moving money across to Oz, etc. Even a British Financial Advisor would be ok if they know their stuff. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated...... Thanks folks Nom n Nat
  20. Anyone done this and its worked out? I'm 33 hubby 37, 2 girls 2&half and 3mths. We dont come under and skilled trades but have family out there. We thought might apply for working visa but really worried about uprooting and then having to come back in 12 mths. Thanks
  21. KazzE

    Good news, bad news

    I got my TRA assessment back to day and the good news is I have passed..... As a Hairdresser ! I have not worked as a hairdresser for about 20 years, I only included my apprenticship papers and a reference as evidence of previous employment. I have worked in childcare for the last 20 years and have qualifications coming out of my ears in this field as well as over 4yrs recent work experience in my present role dealing with professionals at all levels from practitioners up to local and national governement level apparently I do not quite meet the requirements for childcare coordinator (although that is my job title here) as I do not manage a child care centre I do manage a large group of childcarers working with 0-16 year age range, in fact I do everything on the list they sent me (I had already seen it and had based my statement on it) except manage a physical building. I can ring to discuss before appealing so that is what I am going to do tonight before I go to bed I DON T WANNA GO OVER AS A HAIRDRESSER :cry: has anyone else spoken directly to TRA?
  22. HI FOLKS, In a bit of a dilemma flying out to Melbourne on 9th or 16th of November ,But the more I'm thinking about it the more I'm thinking to leave it till the beginning of January because will we be able to rent a house before Xmas sorting Xmas out for the three kids and with out all the other things to sort out .Has anyone gone in November and found it all ok sorting everything out or is anyone else going in November and feels the same. THANKS FOR YOU'RE TIME FANCYFELLA AND THE TRIBE P.S.YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE
  23. Hi all, Just letting you know that we agreed our money transfer today with 'Moneycorp'. We got an exchange rate of $2.4914 which is apparently as good as its been for a while. We have it secured, so once the house goes through at the end of October, we can tranfer it over and fly away! We do need to set up a bank account in Oz before we go though, Apparently 'Westpac' bank allows immigrants to set up a bank account before arrival, has anyone used them for this facility, or any other bank for that matter? Singapore airlines have offered £454 per person for one way tickets, with 40kilo baggage each. Offer stands until end of November. Everything crossed now that there is no hiccups with the sale of this place. Rik
  24. Guest

    Who can recomend a good shipper

    Hi We have now purchaced a house in Kuranda, Cairns. We will have to ship our things soon or we will have nothing when we arrive in October. Can anyone recomend any good shippers. We are all boxed and ready to go. Cheers Tony
  25. Guest

    Good news for currency

    Aussie dollar trading at 2.47/pound This is very good rate 21st July 06 You can get 2.46 with http://www.wwcurr.com on forward contract and secure todays rate. Buy today pay 10% deposit and rest up to 12months in future. Happy trading Dave and Penny