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  1. official wobble no.2 1 week to packers arriving, house not sold, flights booked, children starting to ask searching questions, NO I mean NO Xmas shopping done (by me, Mrs 'all wrapped by November' usually!), 1 broken hand, 1 ear infection, 1 strained groin - only one of these does not relate to the rugby playing habits of my boys big & small! have to pay NSW school fees, 2 weeks left at work, leaving party booked, cars sold, my life is disappearing, and its blowing a chuffin' gale again! still have found a home for ancient cats! Some one tell me it'll all be worth it in a month, oz-siders tell me how much a decent aussie 'champagne' costs down the bottle shop... & not that bloomin' prince/duke/lord william brand -give me something!! come on people.................................................
  2. As some of you know our family has had a pretty rough 12 months with family illness, etc etc the latest sadness being the death of Ashley's brother of lung cancer on the 16th November, he was only 45 and had never smoked in his life, so cruel!:cry: A little brightness shined on us today though - our middle son (Toby) has a heart condition and as many of you know this has been a concern of ours regarding the medicals / visas however today, after 5 years, he was officially taken off his beta blocker medication so we are all over the moon, especially Toby!!:yes: His consultant is writting a letter for us to send to LCU to confirm this. There is always a silver lining, it just takes a little hope and some careful looking to find it sometimes. Karen xx
  3. Guest

    Good news and bad news!!

    I have just spoken to the migration agent again, we are in the very early stages of working out how is best to get into Oz. When I spoke last time I was told we had 115 points, so I did some research and we came up with the solution of doing the Ielts test to give us an extra 10 points, all seemed sorted!! However, we would be applying in my wifes name as she is a teacher, but doesn't have the relevant experience ie she hasn't worked for 12 out of the last 24 months due to the birth of our daughter last September. I thought the lack of experience just meant we didn't get the points for experience, however it appears that we can't even apply for the visa until she has this experience, and it has to be 20 hours a week!! So it looks like we will have to wait a year to apply, but when we do, as long as we pass the test we will have 125 points! What I am not sure is how many points I would get, I only have a 50 point job and I am 36, I will have to check to see if we could apply in my name as I think I get 110 points, then rely on my english being half decent!!! Oh well, it was never going to be easy was it!! Iain
  4. Hi ...:spinny::yes: Please can anyone HELP in Mornington or Mount Martha help with a rentals for the first two weeks we arrive....any good recomendation...Nice cottage or anything nice by the sea. If you know of any we would be so grateful of names. Thank you :smile:
  5. Guest

    A good deal?

    Having been a renter for the last decade I don't really know much about the Oz property market, but since OH and I will (fingers crossed) be moving over to Melbourne in the first half of next year we've started thinking that it might be time to get on the property ladder. Funnily enough, whilst on PiO I noticed that Central Equity were having a property seminar in Singapore about projects in Melbourne. We went to the seminar yesterday and found out that they have an "off-plan" project just off LaTrobe Street a few minutes from the CBD area. The location looks great (it is minutes from where we stayed in Melbourne last year when we came to visit so we know the area a little) and there are some good perks to buying at the moment, such as a lower stamp duty because the development has not been built yet and only having to pay 10% of the price until completion in 2009. However, we also have some major concerns::unsure: It'll not be ready until May 2009 so we'd have to rent for a whole year to begin with We're not sure if we would get a better deal once we're in Melbourne and can look around ourselves (the asking price for a 2 bedroom apartment is around $570-600k) Not sure what the average cost of renting will be versus paying a monthly mortgage of around $3k(!!):wideeyed: Though the area is great OH and I have no idea where our jobs will be located if anyone might be able to help me with our concerns, I'd be grateful for some friendly advice for a very novice prospective houseowner!
  6. Hi (Good day) All Hooray… at last I have found a web sight forum where you can share your experience, issues, thoughts and feeling concerning OZ! As the title says…. just got back from OZ holiday 07 Yes we have been seriously thinking about emigrating to Oz for around ten yrs now, either to buy a business or to carry on working in our chosen careers of Mechanical/Electrical engineer and Occupational Health Nurse/ Advisor So we decided to take a holiday to OZ, to see if it is for us and do the research We hired a motor home from backpackers (issues there that require resolving) and just drove........... We went up the Pacific Highway taking in the coastal towns and up into Queensland to the Gold Coast, swung a left and then onto the New England Highway taking in the sights of Tenderfield, Scone and Tamworth etc, dropped down onto the route 69 to the south of Sydney to hit the coast of Windang, (Shell Harbour), Lake Conjula, Batemans Bay, then over to Canberra n (Gundaroo), back over the great diving range again to hit the coast of Windang, up to Sydney via Scarborough and ho ! not to mention taking in the sights of Bondi! Then fly back to the UK (sinking feeling) 11 nights is just not enough time (Work gets in the way) However, we are both hooked, and going through the process of visa We both enjoy the out door lifestyle: fishing, camping, caravanning, boating and travel Our Experiences: House price out of Sydney start around £140,000-50 for a detached property, can find cheaper Park Home style depending where you are located, utility bills: depending where you are and what services you have are on par with the UK or can be slightly cheaper, I was told that housing rates can include water rates depending where you are (no community charge, housing rates like our old UK system) (Hooray !!) Petrol: 65-75 pence per litre, cheaper in Queensland a good 20 pence cheaper in Q, NSW is an expensive state to live, Queensland is cheaper and others Furniture is expensive and including clothing, however, like the UK you have to shop about Electrical goods, double the price of the UK, no Currys/ Comet, small independent traders, however, in the larger towns, Cities you can find larger electrical stores where they can be a little more competitive, Did not take much notice of car price, I don’t think there is a great deal of difference, Touring Caravans (close to my heart) god did not I cough !!! talking £20,000 for a half decent one ! nearly new or new, the vans I must admit are a better quality than the UK, I would say on par with European vans and better (business opportunities there !) Ok ladies (not be sexists, 9/10 we get lumbered with the food shopping), Add a good ten pounds on top of your average food shop (food is a lot more expensive) Coles (OZ Store) Woolworths(food), Asda wallmart, K- Mart and good old Aldi, yes good old Aldi (pleased me and is very popular with the Aussies) lots of shopping malls with private independent traders for veg, fish, meat (sold in the kilo, slightly cheaper than the UK), oh! By the way they love their pies! (expensive) The people: they speak there minds,(says as is), very warm welcoming people, the preconception is that the Aussies are nations of drunks not true, to many misleading UK adverts xxxx ,and they want the POMS back !!! (hidden issues their) Distances are longer, 1-2 hour drive to work is socially acceptable The environment is breath taking, I have travelled al over Europe, USA etc and there is now where really to match it, the coast line just gets better and better No pubs as such just bars in hotels, bowling, memorial, soldier clubs (like our working mens and Brit legions) clubs close early 9.30pm during the week and later at the weekend, average 1-4 place to drink per small town/ area Over to you: Well I can understand why people do not settle and others do! You certainly have to like the outdoor life style, integrate into the community, for sports, community events, get involved in and out of work and be sociable! You have to take the time to find your little piece of OZ/ area, we did and found that we liked the Windang (Shell Harbour) Illawarra, NSW south of Sydney 2hrs, as it ticks all the boxes, on the coast, Lake Illawarra, little islands, plenty to do, work in the area and not to far from Sydney airport to pick up the visitors! And above all it reminds both of Wilton/ Redcar by the sea, (Steel works/ mining) just as a gentle reminder to keep our feet on the ground We talked to a lot of Aussie and Ez pats of all ages, some have regrets around leaving family and friends, however, as they say you have to get over it and move on, it’s your life ! Would I recommended OZ ? yes, but you have to do your research, prepare, get over the first hurdles of missing family and friends (make new ones), integrate, don’t get scared !!! and at the end of the day OZ is no longer a million miles away, and not that expensive to get there !! Hope this helps Mel :biglaugh::arghh::SLEEP::chatterbox:
  7. Guest

    20ft Reefer - any good?

    Sorry to start another shipping thread! Can't find the answer to this anywhere I have had another person around to quote today...they said their company do not use 'reefers' as they are more likely to cause mildew and leak. Something to do with the fact they are refrigerated on the way over here for meat, and not always lined properly before being loaded with our stuff. They said that they could do our move a couple of hundred cheaper if we opted to use a reefer than a general purpose container. Any thoughts?
  8. Hi there guys, I'm new to this so if i get it all wrong please be patient. My husband and i have many times discussed moving to Oz. He has an Uncle out there and i have a cousin out there too. This time we are gonna do it (hopefully). We have 3 boys aged 13, 9, and 7 and feel that now is the right time to go for it. We did a free online assesment and he scored 160 points. He's also been in touch with someone, that for a fee, help you get the right forms to fill out, help with sorting out Visa's and also do a formal assesment where he sends his CV to them and they send it to the right channels in Oz. Also due to my husbands skills they said that it is possible for him to be "Fast tracked". We are going to have roughly £42,000 to go over with and are looking to be in the Sydney area as that is where family are based. According to the company he spoke to about our emigration, because of his skills we don't need a sponsor. This is a massive move for us as we will be leaving behind all that we know as i know does everyone doing this so we wanna get it all right. If anyone has got any ideas or info that would help us i would really appreciate it. I've read some great things on here and feel that this is gonna help us. Many thanks Katherine x:unsure:
  9. hi all Just joint up looking forward to visting next year i will be staying in perth for a week does any one know if any good B.B
  10. GOOD NEWS: After nearly 7 months of waiting and moaning, we have now got a case officer. BAD NEWS :We had an emergency call from our agent, he's recieved a letter from our case officer wanting to know where our meds and police checks are as they were requested 1st May to be completed and in Aus no later than 10th July!!! This new letter recieved last week states that this is our final chance to have our meds and police checks in Aus by 2nd october!! otherwise our application will be cancelled. As we have taken our agents advice and not had checks or meds done until we heard from our case officer nothing is done and Aus police checks(as we lived in Aus for 1 year) take a minimun of 6 weeks! Apparently our agent had put the original letter from Case officer in the wrong file in MAY!!! . Even though i have emailed at least 6 times and phoned at least 5 times, since May each time our agent had told us that we had not heard anything and to be patient and there is a big back log and we should hear prob late September. This process and waiting is hard enough, it's just got even harder!! We have booked our meds for friday 21st sep,and sent Aus and Uk police checks off, and told agent(amongst other things) in a 2 page email to contact Case officer and ask for an extension. Fingers crossed.
  11. Guest

    Good news!

    We got our CO today....how exciting!!!!!! Ian's sending our PC's as I type and our meds are already over there in Sydney waiting to be matched up to our file! I'm sooooooo excited I could burst! Not long now, fingers crossed!!:jiggy: Now all I need is someone to please buy my house!:arghh: Well best get back to work...no rest for the wicked. Lou
  12. After the exhaustion of completely redecorating our house (nearly finished!) and sorting out 20 odd years of stuff, we are now trying to establish where a good place to live would be. :spinny: We're an outgoing and creative family with 3 children, aged 15 13 & 10 and having gone through our finances with a fine tooth comb, reckon we will be able to pay $700-800pw rent. (Keeping aside sufficient money for a good Sauvignon Blanc of course!) :wacko: I've researched Davidson High School, Frenchs Forrest (as they take part in the Rock Challenge which the older 2 girls do in UK). It was interested to find that people travel from all over to see the residents Xmas lights in Davidson.....however, not sure i want to do all that having just arrived! (Expecting to come end of Nov) Also found it a bit weird that 82% of the residents of Davidson or Frenchs Forrest (can't remember which it was) send their kids out of the area to private schools! Hmmmm.... should i deduce that the people of that area are a little snooty or is it something else? Also a bit concerned how bushy it is round Davidson....thinking forrest fires here....don't want to wake up dead do we? :no:Can anyone enlighten us of what life is like in this area? Have also looked at Killara High, Kai-Ring-Gai. YOu have to live in Gordon, Killara, Lindfield or Roseville to get into this school. Looks good but area seems a little pricey. Again, does anyone know what it's like there? Have also looked at Turramurra High, Ku-ring-gai. Looks like a lively, smiley co-ed, with an informative website, which is what we want, but again, does anyone know the reality of the place? I now have a big fat folder of crime statistics and socio econimic listings but as a real life human, realise that this really doesn't give the full picture! All help and local first hand knowledge of life in Northern Beaches suburbs is most welcome!!! (Or anywhere else of natural beauty where OH can commute easily to Ryde for his new job). Thank yooooooooooooo! :jiggy: Katherine (& Geoff) X
  13. Guest

    Had A Good Cry!

  14. Guest

    Prism Xpat good or bad?

    Anybody got any knowledge of Prism Xpat (financial specialists - tax advice etc)? Our agent has passed us details of various providers of various things and this is one that doesn't seem to have featured in any of the threads so far.
  15. Guest

    Prism Xpat good or bad?

    Anybody got any knowledge of Prism Xpat (financial specialists - tax advice etc)? Our agent has passed us details of various providers of various things and this is one that doesn't seem to have featured in any of the threads so far.
  16. Guest

    good family area

    hi looking to rent around freemantle or further south, i have a 1 year old so family freindly location would be good also looking for toddler groups - nurseries? any info would be much appreciated also places to avoid! thanx
  17. Hi All Can anyone recommend a good reference book on Australian animals? I have looked in the usual bookstores and found only reference books on Australia as a whole with the odd chapter on animals but never one devoted to animals as a whole... Would be really grateful if anyone of you have seen or read one and can let me have the title etc... Thanks min x:wubclub:
  18. Guest

    good on ya

    to all those who have had good news today try not to get too drunk tonight lol and well done billy brave heart have one on me
  19. I just wanted to tell you all how much i love my Mark He sold his much loved, very precious Motor bike today (VTR 1000 Firestorm). He is a very sad, Heart broken Man. We hope to be ready to go to OZ this time nx yr and wanted to sell it now incase nx summer it doesn't sell for the right price, and then we are stuck with it before we leave. Also i bought it for his 30th bday, and i think he felt he could use the money to get me something special for mine. (of course there is no need,... just the one Diamond will do) but it does mean we can put it in the Aus fund. Thanks Mark Leanne xxxx
  20. Guest

    Good Luck For Elts Test Today

    Just wanted to wish our best friends Mark and Alex good luck for today. Mark you need those extra 5 points hun so that we can all spend more weekends like we did with yous last weekend only next time it will be in Australia. Girl dont panic it will be all ok, just have a large glass of red it makes you more chatty and giggly (as we know) haha. Em & M Ellapops and Libbyloo Xxx
  21. It feels like quite a few of the PIO peeps are ready fly out to Aus on their big adventure. I just wanted to say (and I probably won't be the only one) GOOD LUCKI hope you get through all your good byes without too many tears and that your life here will be everything you've dreamed of. Luv 'n' Stuff Ali xxx P.S. CONGRATULATIONS to all our peeps who have just got visa's too
  22. Guest

    Good News Today!!

    Hi Well, the waiting is over - They've said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They Want us!!!!!:jiggy: We can't quite believe it - after such a long wait and an agonising process (which has taken approx 2 yrs in all plus about 8yrs dreaming!!!!) we just don't know what to do with the news!! Excitement just doesn't seem to cut it!! I 'd really resigned myself to the fact that it just wasn't going to happen - I'd even stopped looking at the posts on PIO over the last few days as I didn't want to start making plans. So what now?? I don't think it'll seem real until we actually get the visas in our passports, but even then I don't think I'll really believe its happening until we're setting foot on the tarmac at Perth Airport. I'm sure reality will hit in the next few days and I'll start worrying about the things that fill the pages of this forum - How are our family going to react? Will we miss them all too much?, Will the kids be OK? What if we get off the plane and a great big Redback gobbles us all up??!!!! :arghh:and all that stuff... But, for the moment I just feel that this is the right decision. I expect I'll be glued to PIO in the next few months..... Just thought I'd share our good news with those who know what we've been and are going through - thanks everyone for the advice so far. Jo
  23. We will be going to the Sunshine Coast soon (once the house is sold) and our little boy (4) will start school in Jan 07. As you know UK schools have a league table, do they have them in OZ. We are look at state schools and have checked out the web page mentioned in a previous thread and they all look good, is this true. Carl
  24. I love TONYL's thread titled 'how good is aussie beer' and found the mixed responses facinating so thats why i want to start a similar thread but about a different aussie product so everyone let me know what you think or have heard about aussie foodsevices..i.e takeawys,resturants,pub grub...do they do something we dont? Is there McDonalds,Subway,Burger king? If not have they got equivalents? Get typing people and let me know what you know!:Randy-git:
  25. Guest

    how good is ozzie beer

    hi tonyl ere just thinking as never been to oz before i like a good few jars myself how good is there grog is it strong or weak i like bitter / lager / CIDER YES LET ME KNOW PLZ THANKS TONYL