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Found 786 results

  1. the coyne family

    Good areas in north Brisbane

    Hi, we are currently living near Coffs Harbour in NSW. My OH has an interview for a job based in Albion Brisbane. Not counting my chickens or anything but I've been looking at suburbs in north Brisbane places like Redcliff, Mango hill, North lakes and Burpengary its very hard to tell the good from the bad looking on the net so I'd really appreciate any advice I really like the look of Burpengary it looks really nice. Can anyone recommend some good suburbs with good public schools we are a family of 5 looking to spend about $350-$450 in rent. Top of the wish list would be firstly he will get the job :wink:, a large back garden and no more than 30 minutes to the beach. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have been looking at Madurah as place to move with my Wife and 5 year old Daughter. Is it more of a holiday destnation or is it a good place to live with lots for my Daughter to do. Jem
  3. Hey me (24)and my family are in the middle of doing our visa! Thinking about Perth any advice on where in Perth?? My partner (25)is a plasterer and does rendering also and I am doing my pgce in primary school teaching we have a little boy2 years old and girl 5 . Just a few questions any advice would be brill Can you do your nqt year in Aus?? How much roughly is childcare?? Which area is best to move to for family life and jobs?? Is it as good moving out as everyone says? Xxxx
  4. theonetruechris

    Good walking trails

    Anyone know any good trails near me (cranbourne) i've promised the lad i'd take him bushwalking this week, nothing too strenuous though.
  5. Hello all, After lurking for some time have now signed up. We are Sarah (36), Stuart (37) , Joe (13) and Evie (9). We move to Perth late Jan/early Feb. V.excited but also a bit scared as we've just sold our house and I'm trying to get my head around finding a rental here for our last english Xmas whilst looking for a place to stay in Perth also! Crikey!
  6. If you have lived in Australia and/or the UK we would like to hear your honest and realistic opinions on the good, bad and ugly regarding both places. We appreciate this has been done before in bits and pieces, but this time it would be good to keep all the GOOD and BAD points all on one thread. PLEASE. This thread will no doubt cause some arguments, but we saw a very very interesting post which was incredibly well written a few months ago about some of the "non-eutopia" things about Australia which we have never been able to find again!!! It would be nice to hear both sides of the story in one thread. Blaze away...and don't be scared about being honest, we'd like to hear everything! AUSTRALIA versus UNITED KINGDOM... GOOD BAD & UGLY!
  7. Hi All, Last week we arrived in Brisbane (Wife and two kids 7 yrs & 5 yrs) and busy in searching for private school and accomodation. My work site near to Eagle Farm. So we are looking for school & accmodation within 20 KM. My friend told me Clayfield, Camp Hill & Upper Mount gravatt are good areas. Please suggest me some good private school (primary) names and good suburbs to live. We prefer catholic school and live near to the school. Regards Paul.
  8. My wife and I have been planning to move to Perth for about 12 months. My skills assesment came through from Engineers Australia last week and I have my IELTS in 2 weeks. One of the reasons I wanted to move was because in my line of work the pay is notoriously poor in the UK with countries such as Australia, Canada and Germany paying much better. In the UK my role is on a similar level to a departmental manager in Tesco, but in Australia it would be more around the same level as an Aussie doctor or Vet - So you can see there is quite a difference. With this and my wife's dislike of long haul flights we've already booked ourselves on a P&O cruise to Perth which departs in January 2013 and paid £1500 deposit with around £5000 due in October 2012. Now for the problem............... I'm currently writing this whilst sat in a hotel overlooking Hong Kong Harbour. The M.D. of the company and I have been travelling China reviewing the work done by various factories. This is something I do about once a year and is generally seen as a perk of the job to compensate for poor pay. However, over dinner yesterday he explained his plans for the company's expansion and the role in that he would like me to play. Without going into details, it would mean I would jump through the pay ceiling I'm currently at to where I'd like to be - More than doubling my salary. He's not the type to lie about this kind of thing and if he's happy to tell me about it I know it will happen as promised. He also said they're toying with the idea of opening an office in Hong Kong and it may be possible for my wife and I to move here. So, this morning I've woken up completely confused. I dont know if I should laugh or cry, carry on for Oz or hold out for longer. Why do these things always seem to happen like this? Good things seem to be like buses. You wait ages for one and then two come along together.
  9. Shame on me for watching the first half at home but I did push myself to walk down Elizabeth Street at 6 am to watch the 2nd half in The Triple Aces (5 other guys had turned up but none were drinking beer!) Afterwards I had a 2nd breakfast with a couple of them back up E St - is it the Centennial Plaza? That ugly three-block complex full of cold-wind tunnels - it was chilly today too. Might have to go back to bed now though!
  10. This is probably my favourite LP, recorded in 1972? I'll have to play 'Surfs Up' & 'Pet Sounds' though to check if I prefer them.
  11. BRITAIN may not boast the best weather but that doesn't stop us indulging in alfresco love-making, an exclusive Sun sex survey reveals. Just over half of the 2,124 people questioned said they'd romped in the great outdoors. The survey reveals that raunchy Brits are also a fan of sex toys — with 43 per cent admitting to using them — while 40 per cent owned up to getting jiggy in a public place. A third of those quizzed said they had watched porn with their lover, while 18 per cent of ladies and nine per cent of blokes confessed to dressing up in a fantasy costume to please their partner. But while we might be having adventurous sex, we're not having it very often. When asked how many times they would get busy in the bedroom each month, nearly one third claimed NOT AT ALL. 48% of men had never looked at porn online. 8% admitted looking regularly. The rest of the survey can be found here http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/3817615/Its-great-outdoors.html
  12. sneeze100

    So far so good

    Well we arrived in Perth on the 13th of May, at first I had some reservations about the move i had all sorts of feelings about have i done the right thing? will my kids suffer? The first few days were hard. Once we finally moved in to the property provided by work things seem to get better. The kids got in to the school where they are thriving, something which is a weight of me and the wife’s mind. As for work - I am pleased with my decision to move to this new work environment but it is hard to adjust to the way things are done. That been said I am enjoying it. Initially getting set up was hard it felt like everyone was trying to rip you off which I am sure you will understand once you get here. Just be careful I would give Telstra a wide berth and foxtel! I would not touch with a barge pole. It looks like sky, it’s the same company as sky, but it’s a far cry from what you’re used to back in the UK. So on to cars I took my car with me it arrived about 3 weeks after I arrived I used Iron chef who gave a good service. But be warned there are other hurdles to overcome once it gets here witch Iron Chef helped with thanks to you Kristian keep up the good work and I will get around to sending you the photo’s I promise just been really busy. Well that’s all I have for now.
  13. Been reading some reviews online and customer service is getting a bad rap, but their prices are good. Anyone got any personal experiences? Looking to buy a new tv, fridge freezer and chaise lounge thingy
  14. Hi guys, I have the Cambridge Ielts 8 book (no CD with it though, unfortunately) and a whole stack of notes on the Ielts exam that I no longer require as i've taken the test. If anybody who is living in the London area (south) would care to have them, they are yours to collect for freesies..'else, they will be going to paper heaven (the recycling tub at work)... Drop me a pm if you'd like them :biggrin:
  15. bunbury61

    one bit of good news ....

    Jaguar / Land Rover announce new £335 million engine plant in Staffordshire ........750 new jobs minimum
  16. Tracyb37

    GESB Pensions - any good?

    Hi all, after some advice re pensions. I transferred my UK Civil Service Pension over here a couple of years ago and have it in a BT superwrap account. I have been working for governement in WA for a couple of years now and someone suggested that I should put my super money into my GESB account, I have about $125k in my BT super at the moment. The question I have is, are the GESB accounts any good as I don't really understand all this superannuation stuff!!
  17. Hi, We recently moved to Australia, from Europe. We have found a nice house in North Epping. I would like to enroll our son (14 years old) in a decent co-ed public high school. I would like to ask if anyone knows which high school nearby is the best/decent (public, co-ed)? I found Carlingford high, Cumberland (Pennat hills) and Ryde Secondary college (Ryde) as an option and can not decide between them. Can anyone help with advice which is the best (decent, quality, nice teachers, schoolmates...) Thanks, Cathy
  18. Guest

    Good Orthodontist in Point Cook?

    Hi folks Can anyone living in Point Cook recommend a good child-friendly orthodontist? We have had one consultation which didn't go well, but desperately looking for an alternative as my daughter's treatment was started in the UK and we need to get her brace adjusted asap. Have had recommendations for Werribee, but if anyone has personal experience of Point Cook orthodontists, that would be really appreciated!
  19. Guest

    Any advice is good advice

    Hi everyone, My partner and I have been talking about moving to Australia for a long time and now we want to start gathering information. I am currently a bricklayer with 6 years experience, plus further education, including National Certificate in Building Services, Higher National Certificate in Building Services and currently starting a years leadership and management Course. My partner is a qualified mental health nurse of 3 years. Job advice, places to move to, salaries, length of time for visa, etc will all be a big help Many thanks for reading. Will look forward to your replies.
  20. Help!!! We have lived in Tasmania for the last 6 years and have now decided to move to Brisbane due to work for my husband. I am getting so confused with suburbs. My little boy turns 4 soon so will start school next year so although we will rent to start with, I don't want to move areas once we buy. House prices in tas are pretty low so when we do buy we won't be able to afford more than $400k for a house . Everytime I find a good school it is in a suburb that I can't afford!! I need a suburb no more than 40 mins on train from cbd! I know that school results are not everything so do you live in a nice suburb with a good state school that you would recommend? Thanks!!!!!
  21. Hi all, Does anyone know any good cycle location around the Melbourne area. My GF got me a bike for xmas last year and have hardly used it and keep promising to do some cycling at the weekend. We did a track down Williamstown once but was looking for something a bit more adventous but not too far from the city! Thanks in advance!
  22. Anyone flown with Emirates? WE're going to Perth via Dubai with them and wondering if anyone can tell me how they got on with them?!!! Company bought the tickets so I think they are the cheapest option. Any input appreciated! :biggrin:
  23. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any nice resturants in the Melbourne area. We live in the Western Suburbs. Through work I can do something called salary sacrafice so bascially every fortnight $100 of my pre tax salary goes onto a meal entertainment card thus reducing my taxable income. Anyway I am looking for any suggestions of any good, resonably priced resturants in or around Melbourne. I have been to some realy good ones in the CBD. We quite like, Thai, Japanese or Indian. Any suggestions welcome and thanks in advance.
  24. ..... When I was drinking, I should have been thinking....
  25. RVN

    where is good in August?

    Hi guys.. my family would like to get away for a few days in August. But we cannot decide where to go..so much to see and we dont know where would be the best place weather wise for this time of year. We will be on a very tight budget too. We live south of Sydney and would like some ideas of where we could go that could entertain 2 adults and 1 11 year old? any suggestions ????? thanks folks..