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Found 786 results

  1. Guest

    Some good news!!!

    Just been told by our migration agent that our daughter(15) who is profoundly deaf, should be ok to get her pr visa..:smile: He has looked into it and found some other cases of deaf children getting pr. we looked everywhere for info into wether it was going to be pos to get out to Aus, because of her disabilty and were starting to wonder if we should continue, as we did not want her to know that the only reason we did not go was because of her, how bad would that feel... so now we can continue with our 457, and then go on to apply for pr when we get there.. Just feel so pleased for her as she is so looking foward to going.:cute: yvonne.
  2. Hi, My OH is looking to work in Brisbane city itself and we were hoping to live within commuting distance of the city. Would anyone be able to recommend decent areas please? We are looking for around a one hour commute max please? As near to the coast as poss!! Thanks a lot Toni:jiggy:
  3. Guest

    workpermit.com - any good?

    Hi Been told to try workpermit.com as migration agent and just wondered if anyone else had used them recently and able to confirm if any good? Thanks:smile:
  4. Been in perth nearly 3 weeks now, love the place, daughters in day care, rental accom.nice just big problem of work being awful. They have put me to work permanent fri, sat, sun, mon night shifts! which is going to be really hard with childcare at wkend as single mum! and flat mate not going to stay in all wkend to babysit obviously. Dont like the area im working in, have already tried to speak to them but not much help. anyone changed their sponsor? apparently its easy to change and can do it as often as you like, im emailing other employees today! I dont want to go home but cant really have a life like this. So fingers crossed i can get a better job with less socialable hours! Feels like i have already been here a year, climatising to the heat well, dont want to leave any time soon! Fingers crossed.
  5. hi guys. chuffed to bits today. looked on the DIAC website,under health requirements. we were panicking,thinking we would have to travel a fair distance to get our meds done. looked under the list of panel doctors, in the north of England, and what did i see, a clinic listed,not twenty miles from where we live. yipeeeeeeeeee.Been on the phone to them and they were really nice,the doctors are going to phone us,with the cost ect.Whats even better,he knows the specialist that my son is under,and he is going to get a letter off him,with my son having astma as extra support,that will be attached to my sons medical report. so i am chuffed to bits now.on less thing to worry about . nic x:):jiggy::cute:
  6. Jo&Rich

    Flybuys- Any good?

    I just recieved my Flybuys card in the post, very exciting, but wondered if they were any good? In the UK, I had loyalty cards. My favourite was my Boots Advantage card- I built up points so quickly buying nappies etc. Next was Tesco- great to save points for Days out etc. Then came Sainsburys Nectar card- not great. You had to spend loads to get very little back. Hence my wondering if this new one was worth having, or just taking up space in my purse. :skeptical: Thanks, Jo x
  7. Guest

    good or bad agent

    Hi all been looking on these threads for months especialy interested in what you plumbers are upto, as im also a plumber gas fitter going to Adelaid. I know that ive got a lot of hoops to jump through before our dream of Australia is realised. The first hoop seems to find a good agent. Ive done a few onsite pass mark tests and seem to get enough points. But only one so far has given me a free telephone call and answered most of my questions. All the others seem to want your dosh usually about 180 quid so ive disregarded them as con men. Has anyone used oe (Oversea Emigration Visas) 19 a Graham Street Scotland. How have you found them are they helpfull ect ,you know the sort of stuff I mean. How can I check them out before sending my dosh.
  8. betterlife4us

    CV Writing Service - Any good ones?

    Hiya Never needed a CV before as been in same job for donkey's years, but worried that my recent attamept to do one is a loads of pooh!!!! :wacko: I was thinking of using one of those CV Writing Service places that you come across on the Net & wondered if any of you peeps had used a decent one that you could recommend. Liz
  9. Guest

    Good news bad news

    First the good news I'm going to be out in Perth in about six weeks.....:spinny: Now the bad news Sharon and the kids wont be coming out until about August :sad: I've lived in Europe before by myself before we met but that was over 10 years ago...... We've been so lucky with the company I'm going to work for but I will miss them so much...... Better just chuck everything into my new job and some soccer coaching and I'm sure the time will fly.
  10. Guest

    Phew good news

    The shipping company called us today confirming all our furniture fit into our container. We booked sole use 20ft container, which is roughly about 900cbf & our furniture came to over 1000cbf! Its been in their storage and they thought that it would not all fit in. Anyhow shipping agents called today confirming it has all fit in - otherwise we would have had to send off other items separetely, and we have just paid that bill for £4900!!! And we have just came back from shopping took my 2 daughters out just to get some bits n bobs - got our youngest daughter 2 pair of gorgeous flip flops, she is only 3 so you can imagine how tiny there are. And of course a beautiful white straw floppy hat - god im going to miss Next. Ellie :wubclub: Is it very expensive to have things posted over to aus - like clothes from next etc.,
  11. Guest

    the good bye's

    hello to all just a quicky we are off on wednesday to our new life we fly out from heathrow to brisbane for 3 months then down to melbourne. I still cant belive its here we have been planning this for 2 years and now its 2 days away!!!! we have said most of our good bye's its so hard, just said good bye to my friend of 30 years! I was crying she was crying our kids were crying!!! we are having dinner with my dad tomorrow, I cant get my head around saying goodbye to him its going to be tough. Im trying to keep positive and focased on this decision we have made, ?I know its whats best for us an our children but the guilt I have taking them away from their friends and family is awful. SANDWICH BAGS!!!!! ?Well the packers were great they packed everything!! including the kids sandwich bags for the pack lunches!! so 9 oclock at night I phone my best friend and ask if she can drop us round some sandwich bags(we sold our car last week) 10 mins later around she came with the sandwich bags and it made me cry!! I mean how long does it take to build a frienship with someone when you can phone them and ask for sandwich bags! its really scary leaving this support networt we hwve. Now Im sure this sounds all very emotional but I really am SO VERY EXCITED about going and I know we are doing the right thing its just this bit is really hard, once Im on that plane with a martini in my hand all will be fine. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone on POM's for all your help and support you have all been amazing THANK YOU ALL. Ill be off line for a few days but will be checking in once we get to Brisbane speak soon peppa. x
  12. Guest

    Our good news

    Just thought id share our good news with you all, Today all our paperwork for TRA was sent to vetassess:jiggy:so the first wait begins, What a great feeling all that hard work with references and getting certificates and everything ready, Thank god that part is over. now we have just got to pass and then Peters got to do the pactical, :wacko: Thanks Tracey
  14. Guest

    Some good advice please....

    Hi all, I'm currently a student nurse and are seriously thinking about goig to oz once I'm fully qualified. I'm married and have got three young children. I really like the sound of the goldcoast but havn't got a clue where would be the best place for the children to grow up, don't really fancy a large city but would need to be able to find work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I'm still along way off moving but as I don't have the first idea how to go about it all need to do alot of homework first! Many Thanks Amanda :cute:
  15. danny1978spark

    Sounds Good!

    I have been in touch with a few migration agents and think i should be able to save on these new practical assessments.I m from Northern Ireland and use a UK passport .As an electrician i would need to pay 2600 $ AUS for said exams. I m told that if i get an Irish passport then i won t have the same fee and the visa time will drop from 12-16 months to 6-10 months.Has anyone done this before or heard of it. Would prefer to do the right thing first rather than rush into something i later regret.... Thanks
  16. Guest

    not good news

    well had my phone call from stephen from go matilda and not the best news i ever had but was expecting the worse, basically i have to get sponsership from a employer as im a hgv driver. so it looks like im gonna be firing emails left right and centre to haulage companys on the hope that 1 will say yes. just thought id let you all know now im going to cry into my beer......until they put driving on the wanted list! :arghh:
  17. koalakids

    Airport Arrest (good for a laugh)

    Airport Arrest A public school teacher was arrested today at Gatwick Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a set square, a slide rule, and a calculator. At a morning press conference, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-gebra movement. She did not identify the man, who has been charged by the Met Police with carrying weapons of maths instruction. "Al-gebra is a problem for us," Smith said. "They desire solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in a search of absolute values. They use secret code names like 'x' and 'y' and refer to themselves as 'unknowns' but we have determined they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with co-ordinates in every country. As the Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, "There are 3 sides to every triangle". When asked to comment on the arrest, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, speaking from his holiday resort before the planes stopped flying, said, "If God had wanted us to have better Weapons of Maths Instruction, He would have given us more fingers and toes."
  18. Guest

    Good Day

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone as I have been reading different threads with interest. I have just joined the web site so I will introduce myself and my partner. I travelled round oz on a working holiday visa some years ago and always wanted to go back. Then whilst at Uni as a mature student I got the opportunity to do part of my degree in Perth on an exchange programme during 2004, so I dragged my partner out to show him what life is like down under. We then went back for a holiday in 2005/2006 to see if it was still what we wanted to do. We decided to apply and make up our minds if we got accepted which we did on Christmas Eve - a great Christmas present! So we are now in the process of trying to finish the house as we built an extension last year, once that it done it will be on the market. Got the packers coming in next Friday to give an idea on removal costs. Getting excited but nervous! We are looking at going to Perth, WA. Em & Rich P.S. It is possible to do all the paperwork yourself, we didn't use an agent, saving ourselves a few bob which I'm sure will be needed elsewhere in the run up to moving!
  19. oldgit

    Good News, Bad News

    Hello Everyone, Good news After 11 months of feeling in limbo, I today received a phone call from my agent telling me that we have been granted our 136 visa. Brilliant, thank you, thank you, thank you!:biglaugh: Bad news At 6.15pm tonight whilst sharing a bottle of champagne with my wife, I received a phone call from my accountant, just to let me know that I owe £8000 in capital gains tax and just to cheer me up even more he told me that they would like it next week!:sad: Could they not have let me and my wife enjoy the moment for a little longer? Anyway, c'est la vie. All the best to everyone who is still waiting for visas to be granted. From the oldgit ps. I don't suppose anyone could lend me a couple of quid, could they?:goofy:
  20. Hi All, Just about to start cooking dinner and then thought to myself 'whats good on the barbie apart from the burgers and hotdogs' So what meats/fish do you use and what do you marinade them in?? Also what goes with what, potato, salad, rice? Also whilst on here can anyone tell me how you go about making the coconut king prawns? Had them in the USA and they were delicious. Getting real hungary now , so come on whats your speciality??
  21. i am getting a bit worried alot of posts seem to be about people having bad experiances is there anyone who is a plumber or knows a plumber from uk that is happy there. i know we are all different but not many posittive threads in my line of work any replies will be appreciated thanks jez
  22. Guest

    good luck to all

    were new just starting to plan the dream, weve been reading and absorbing info all week, great site, to all that are there g'day and those waiting good luck you'll love it neil and sarah and 3 girls
  23. tracybayliss

    good agents

    hi folks would appreciate your thoughts on good agents with realistic costs. noted a few mentioned already, several posts recommending one particular agent, would like to hear of your experiences. Have a little problem with maybe not getting son onto visa as over 19yrs so appreciate some very experienced help from reccommended agent. planning to do some of the application myself, ie skills assessment. cheers tracy and john
  24. Guest

    Have a good holiday.

    Just to say have a good christmas break where ever you are. Just before I go, I have a big thankyou to Gill, Jo, Ali and Cal for all their help in the last year moderating this forum. It hasn't been easy at times but they have been fantastic at looking after PiO and its motely crew and making it what it is. T
  25. Guest

    Too Good To Be True

    I was trying to find out WHY Tony my husband has suddenly taken such a loving and kind attitude to my mother. Suddenly he's started to be polite to her and encouraging her to come to Australia and sample the beach life. He's promised to take her sightseeing up on top of the Sydney harbour bridge, but he's mad keen to take her swimming on lovely sandy beaches. Mum was so keen to try this. Then suddenly I found out why? I knew it was all too good to be true!! Shark menace at NSW beach | The Courier-Mail Can you believe what I have to put up with!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE