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Found 786 results

  1. Guest

    good shipping quote

    AVM Worldwide ltd Tel no. 01242 238277 Really helpful company 20ft container fully inclusive with insurance 3500 pounds. Coming next Friday really nervous now!!!! Marina.
  2. Guest

    Abit Of Good News!!!

    Hi Guys, Can't stay on here long as got decorating today lol BUT I just got a telephone call and guess what ???? WE GOT A CASE OFFICER YIPPPPEEEEEEE AND THEY HAVE ASKED US TO SIGN A DECLARATION REGARDING THE AUSTRALIAN VALUES , SO GETTING THAT DONE AND SENT OF TODAY!!! Well back to the painting of the office ready for the sale of the house now!! SO HAPPY KIMXXX
  3. Guest

    Good news,Bad news

    Ok the good news is we have accepted an offer on our house today. Now for the bad news. We are gonna have to move in with the mother in law (puff the magic Dragon). Now im not sure how long i can drag this sale out but trust me im gonna try me hardest until we get our visa. It does show there is still interest out there so best of luck to all trying to sale right now. Steve
  4. Hi I'm fairly new to this site, Me and my hubsand have been thinking for a few weeks about moving to austraila and we keep going round in circles. I'm hoping to qualify as a midwife and go out on a skilled visa. As my husband doesn't have a skill ( been running a small business for 20yrs). We also have 2 small children 3yrs and 6 yrs. We are concerned whether we can aford to live on a midwfes income as my husband will have to care for the children. We've been looking into property prices and can't believe how expensive houses are over there now. Is there anyone out there who can help me with midwives wages and would a family of 4 survive on this income. Thank you
  5. Guest

    How do i find a good agent?

    We are all set to start our process,but i have no idea how to get an agent and how much the total cost would be!can somebody please recommend a good one.I have tried emailing one ,but that was two days ago-am i being impatient?this is obviously new to me and i'm so nervous:wideeyed: Wendy x
  6. Hi guys I have tried not to come on here this week as I didn't know what to put and have been a bit too worried but thought i'd come on and let you know the latest kick in the teeth, anyone not familiar with the story so far please read previous posts. Quick and easy bit:Good news Thursday mornin Aus police check came through!!! Bad news: Thursday afternoon: Panel Doctor from medicals week before (which he sent us away saying we were both fit and healthy) called there are a few things that have shown up on my right lung, Diaphram doesn't work, bottom third of lung is paralised, above that is a dark shaddow, above that my lung branch is distorted and disfigured and above that the main nerve supplying lung looks like it's died!!!!!??????? he was surprised when I said that I was not coughing up blood!! He advised me to go straight to my GP he had already forwarded radioligists report and xrays to him, GP explained it as much as he could and said the main worry was the obyious but not to worry until i'd seen a specialist!!!!!!!! how easy is it not to worry when you hear something like that.He told me to go private as I needed to see someone A.S.A.P Trying to keep it short: with help from our new friends from POM's nina (ian, nina and george) she put me in touch with a specialist in liverpool who has fit me in on the NHS and I have got an apointment for friday morning, his seceratary said he would see me and then decide if I needed to have a CT scan if so he would arrange one for me, after being so worried and upset we tried to put it to back of mind and enjoy weekend as much as we could. Monday his seceratery phoned me, the specialist had read my report and wants me to have a CT scan sooner rather than later!!!! so I am booked in for tomorrow morning (thursday) then on to my appointment with him on friday. We are staying positive but are getting fed up with the amount of brickwalls we keep hitting along the way, this surely has to be our last challenge to see if we really want to get to Aus!!!! Can't believe the year we have had, then again if I had not had meds it may not have been found. Anyway I will keep you all posted, hopefully it is just something I have always had and not too serious,
  7. Guest

    At last some good news!!

    Hi guys and gals in poms in oz land, since our visa was declined, mix up with debt card, we have been in a state of shock and been very dispondant, but we picked ourselves up and sent it off again on the 1st April, then our computer gave up the ghost so we have been with out a computer for 7 days. We got a new computer today logged onto our emails and YES YES YES we had a full acknowledgement :biglaugh:. oh what joy, cant believe it!!! Beckyx:jiggy::jiggy:
  8. Hi All, Hope someone can advice on the following areas around Sydney. I will be travelling to Sydney on a sponsored visa which will mean i will have to pay school fees for my kids. i will be working in the CBD area and I'm happy to commute up to 30/40 mins in rush hour traffic. The area's I have found are Hunters Hill, Riverview, North Parramatta, Surry Hills, Stanmore, Darlinghurst. it's these area which I have found good schools which is very important to me and we Ideally would like a gated development. Any advice would be great. Also I did look on the Sydney Herald rental section in theses area's and it was quoting rents a $2000/$3000 but it didn't say if this was weekly or monthly can anyone advice if is monthly than I can afford this if its weekly we will be camping lol. I'm also looking for a short term rental while I await my visa which will take 6 weeks once I arrive. Can anyone advice on serviced appartments or the most cost effective options. Thanks Sarah.:spinny:
  9. debbie2302

    Good Luck with your new life in Oz

    Me and my family just want to wish all the very best to ViknMark, (who have been on this site for some time now). They are off to Canberra tomorrow with their son Rhys to start a new journey in their life. We have become very good friends through PIO and look forward to the day when we are also in Oz and can meet up with them again. Im sure everyone on this site will be with me when we say GOOD LUCK & BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE Debbie, Stuart & Kids
  10. Me and my husband are looking into moving over to oz, but are finding it hard to see how and if we can get in. I'm a qualified nursery nurse( worked in nursey and been a nanny) and he runs a small business (not big enough to get in on a business visa though) At the moment it feels like theres no way in...:arghh:
  11. Hi everyone, just wanted to post this before signing off, and setting off on our travels for Tam to do his practical test on Monday 7th April. We just wanted to wish everyone all the best and good luck if you are doing your practical test with Vetassess next week in Accrington. GOOD LUCK TO ALL. Tam,Andi and family. :yes:
  12. hi does anyone know what area of aus would be good for jobs for welders:unsure:
  13. :arghh:Yup, my 'non-pestering' tactic finally 'paid off'............not!! Got an email today saying that a) the 47ES form was not signed (it was, I have a copy!) and old (has been changed since our forms were lodged!) so need to submit a whole new one........ b) there were no photos submitted (they were there!)...... c) we need another lot of medicals, police checks and certified original forms/certficates/qualifications...... d) we need a Form 80........... (basically, the whole darn process is needed all over again!) Now, that's all fair enough but............. .........................................................considering I took the forms in by hand (in Nov 07!!!!!!!) and had the chap check them all (including photos!) in front of me (and with a learner watching him) proceeded to assure me that: a) it was all correct and all the forms, info and photos were right; b) we wouldn't need medicals (as we'd not left SA since arriving here in '05) and c) it would take 6, 8 weeks at the most, to process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:realmad: I am so freaking angry, I can't speak (unusual for me!). It's not the process we now face that bothers me, that's fine, I know what to do this time round...........it's the mis-information, the further delays (i.e 'getting on with our lives'- mortgage etc), the needless repetition as well as the fact- and I work for the government!!!- they have not given the correct information and I have (naively!!!?) believed these wassocks. BTW, this is my opinion/annoyance/experience......and I'm just sounding off. I'd prefer not to receive critical, unhelpful remarks/replies. Constructive, yes; destructive, nope.
  14. Hello We are coming to Perth for 2 weeks in April as part of our Oz reckie and need to get some accomodation. Can anyone recommend somewhere or any good websites. We have 3 young kids so want to book somewhere before we come - at least for the first few days so we can get over the flight and get our barings. Thanks Viks
  15. hi all! i'm just sort of wondering what kind of standard of living my family will have in Australia. We're thinking of moving to a suburb near Brisbane and would hope to get a four bed for bout $440,000 dollars (come on exchange rate!!) we would have that mortgage free. have two kids under three, i have uk/oz duel nationality and partner going out on skilled visa as electrician....would he be earning about $50,000 dollars a year??? (guessing!) i'm not planning on working for the next few years.... would we get any child benefits etc? will we be able to survive on partners wage? obviously being mortgage free should help! any advice would be a great help! Thanks
  16. Hi, Really simple question (makes a change for me). What is considered a good salary in Oz? Not taking into account Sydney, because is sooooo expensive. Thanks Mandisfam :smile:
  17. Guest

    A good day in Matilda Bay..

    ..just thinking of one of our lovely days spent in Perth at Matilda Bay with my brother and his family..sun shining again and picnic..we all went out on his brother-in-laws boat to fish for crab of which we caught a dozen big blue one's!..while fishing we spotted a dolphin and baby just perusing about the bay..our four year old had never seen dolphins and just loved it..then went back to their house where we cooked and ate crab..that was an experience it itself for me..i'm not a fish lover by any means..that's my OH love..so trying to break them open and eat them was a challenge to say the least..we admittedly are only over for three weeks as a holiday, but we've lived here before and come back in September..yes next time we'll be settling down to work and school and run of the mill stuff, but it's all on your doorstep if you want it..Perth is a beautiful city indeed..i grew up here 40 years ago and it still captivates me:smile: Pingpong:cute:or Tess
  18. Guest

    No So good Friday

    I'm sure that if Jesus was alive today he would think it a sin that the pubs are closed.:arghh: even the bottle shops are closed!!!
  19. Hi We had our medicals end of Feb. I had a slipped disk 10 years ago and had a discectomy. I was off work for 6 months and had hydrotherapy and cranial osteopathy. I am pleased to say that I have mended very well and a year after having the back op became pregnant. I then went on to have two 9lb boys (not at the same time). I took copies of consultant letters relating to my back op which the Dr saw. He has put me down as a Cat B although he did add to the medical form that I am perfectly fine. If/when we get a CO will he/she think differently? Thank you. Claire
  20. MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF BRISBANE ARE NOT GOOD - THEY ARE GREAT!!!! Sorry BuckB if you read this! couldn't resist... Bris has been great fun after two weeks. quite clean - good people - and some great food and nightlife. The public transport - while the locals don't rate it - is better and LOADS cheaper than UK. and who can beat a trip across the river on the city cat on your way to work?! on the down side... people from queensland cannot drive - i thought it last time i was here - but this has confirmed it - they need to learn to merge! getting an internet connection here is a nightmare unless you have 100 points and a permanent address - the rental market is poo - and it is loads different to back home where when you want something done it happens.... but every morning i get woken up by a kookaburra; when it rains it is warm; the sun is great; and i smile massively every time i think to myself that i am here... so life seems great!! please take this post in the mode it is meant - just for fun - i am not saying bris is better or worse than anywhere in Oz! A
  21. Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone can advise me on choosing a high school. We hope to move to Brisbane in Nov, and this is my only worry. She is doing really well at school and works hard, I'm terrified of messing it up for her. I am aware of OP results which were published, but didn't find it much help. Could anyone recommend a good school around Manly/ Wynnum/ Wakerley areas? Even more worryingly, are there any that we should definitely avoid? :wacko: Can I also check which year she would be starting in Jan 09 if she turns 14 in Jun 08??? Thanks Sheena
  22. Hi, OH just left for the London Expo. Wanted to wish all those who are attending this weeked the best of luck. Emma :v_SPIN:
  23. Guest

    Good Luck

    I would like to say good luck to everyone going to Expo tomorrow and Sunday,hope your dreams come true. :spinny::v_SPIN: Luv Gwen x x x
  24. Guest

    Good and bad areas in sydeny

    Hi every one i will be arriving in sydney in 5 weeks time from Scotland and need to know waht are the best areas to rent and live in in Sydney. My husband will be working in the CBD. i have looked on the www.domain.com.au and www.realestate.com.au but dont ahve a clue what are good and bad areas. Thanks
  25. Hi, I'm Kerstin and I’m 21 years old. I live in Cebu, Philippines, but I’m Swedish (originally from the wonderful city of Uppsala). I’m in the second term of my film making degree at the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT).Busy researching for my screen writing class. I'm interested in other people’s suggestions for a good feature. Always good to get together with like-minded folk.:smile: