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Found 786 results

  1. Hi Just wondering if white goods are included in rental properties in OZ. we are moving to gold coast and are wondering if we should bring our own washing machine, dryer, dishwasher. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, another question about Mornington for you. Just wondering if Mornington would be too quiet for the kids, is there alot of things to do there? Or would we be better off nearer the city. We are not big go out people and only one child likes sport, so a bit tied as to what to do for the best. Just want to make sur they settle ok. Would hate to settle in Mornington only to find would have been better to go nearer city. Any advice greatly appreciated.:v_SPIN:
  3. Shazzi

    Good Removal firms??

    Hi Can anyone recommend any good international removals firms..or likewise tell me the ones to stay away from!! I have spoken to a couple on this site who said they had a disaster with their removals firms ie. things arrived broken/bashed or stuff did not arrive at all...compensation claims have been delayed or paltry amounts have been offered for items which cost a lot of money initially. We are currently based in Fife, Scotland so we are looking at both local firms and national ones and are coming to Brisbane end of Aug/1st week in Sept...I think we will need a container to ourselves for all the things we are going to bring out but any advice would be really appreciated.
  4. Good luck to Ian, Nina and little George, They flew to Perth yesterday to activate their visa,( beat me to it by 11 weeks GIT) Unfourtunately they are in same boat as a lot of us waiting for their house to sell. I think it's all a big conspiracy between the airlines to make us all pay for extra flights to activate visas!!! lol.
  5. As I was searching through old posts I came across one about negative posts. The post said something along the lines of we all need to know the good and bad, which I do agree with. It also said something about not getting the answers that we need as many of us have already moved to our new lives and dont come on line so often. I could totally relate to this as i have not been online for some time (had loads of family c**p to deal with). So as I have learned so much and had loads of positive advice from all the lovely people on PIO,I thought I would start a new thread all about positive advice. Please add any good advice you think will help others or even something that has helped you through the nightmare that is EMMIGRATION.:twitcy: My help is; when my sisters kids (Infants) start the new school year in WA they have to supply all of their stationary,pens,pencils, scissors ect. I would not have thought about this as we dont do it here. Now I will be prepared and include it in my budget as money will be tight when we first arrive. xx Shell xx
  6. Hi The following is a vacancy from the aussie seek website, uk company, i keep reading it through but something doesnt add up right to me ................. what does anyone else think ?????? Job 1 of 1 Listed 19 Apr 2008 .classification_indent { font-weight: bold **Work Type: Part Time Sub-Classification: Financial Planning Area: Gosford - Central Coast Advertiser: Collins textile industry Salary: $600 - $800/hr $200 Reputable Job Offer... Collins textile industry NTG House, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham. NG7 2TA. ENGLAND Tel: +44568234902 collinstextileindustry072@yahoo.com Collins textile industry Introduce a position of the manager(Representative)for the payment from the customers and other financial means.We needs a book-keeper in this area (Australia), so we want to know if you will like to work online from home and get paid weekly without leaving or it affecting your present job?. The company deals in the sale of Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Lutyens and Rennie Mackintosh, and are ideally suited to most forms of upholstered furniture, antique, classical and contemporary design exhibition. Collins textile industry has established an enviable reputation for manufacturing tradition of horsehair weaving and we have clients we supply weekly in Australia. We have been receiving orders from Australia, Which we have not been able to process competently and completely since we do not have a payment receiving personnel in these Areas. We have decided to recruit payment officers online hence we will be needing a representative/Bookkeeper to process our payments in these areas - due to delays in processing payments from these areas in London Uk. WHAT WE OFFER: Two hours/day at your choice, daytime or evening time. WORK AT HOME: Checking e-mail and going to the bank Part time or full time. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: No selling involved, no kit to buy,we won't charge you anything. MONTHLY SALARY: Minimum of $400 every week to a total of $1600 per month AND also the total amount you make in a month depends on how often you receive payments from out Clients,which can be twice a week or more,and also pay you $2 per day for checking your email. COMMISSION: 10% of every money order/check that is cashed instantly"cash inhand" or "cash on counter" is what you get from the total cashed amount. MORE EXPLANATION ABOUT THE JOB: If you receive a check of $2,500.00 from our clients or costumers in the USA,you would cash the check in your bank and then take 10% which is $250,from it and then send the rest of the funds from it toanywhere in the world where the company delegates would be at that time. OTHER FEES: All the cost for the transfer of the money to any location in the world where the Collins textile industry delegate would be,shall also be deducted from the total funds left with you after you have deducted your Commission which is 10% of any amount you cash and then you send the remainder of the funds as you shall be instructed. WHAT WE ASK: Two free hours daily not including weekends, Internet access for sending and receiving e-mails,available means of cashing money orders/checks at your bank using your existing bank account and then sending the funds meant for the company through Western Union or Money Gram to any location where the companies associates would be. IMPORTANT: You must be over 19 years of age, Australia CITIZENSHIP AND ALSO WE WELCOME OTHER CITIZENSHIP OUTSIDE Australia, SO FAR YOU HAVE A WAY TO GET THE FUNDS CASHED FOR US AND ALSO YOU STAY FULL TIME IN Australia. If you meet these conditions please contact us back by replying at this e-mail address (collinstextileindustry072@yahoo.com) to receive a Representative Contract agreement. Please fill the form below ; FIRST NAME ..................... SURNAME.................. ADDRESS................. CITY ...........STATE........................ ZIP CODE............COUNTRY................ PHONE NUMBER (S) ........................ ........................ GENDER.............MARITAL STATUS........ AGE.......... NATIONALITY................. Note: We will never ask you for anything more than that which we have stated above. No bank names, No bank account number, routing number,credit card, passwords, SSN# etc. If anyone asks for those on our behalf please do not give out this info.This is to ensure your security and non involvement in cases of Identity theft. Thanks. Michael Collins Collins textile industry NTG House, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham. NG7 2TA. ENGLAND Tel: +44568234902 collinstextileindustry072@yahoo.com Email: Please click the 'Apply Now' button below. - Only people with the right to work in Australia may apply for this position. For advice on obtaining an Australian visa visit LIVE IN australia.com. Protect Yourself. Don't provide bank or credit card details when applying for a job.
  7. Dont know what it is about oz ,but the grass in our garden is terrible. I think they call it nut grass. It's just in my opinion rubbish. eddie:shocked::no::no::no:
  8. Guest

    Good to go!!

    Just received our passports back with golden tickets attached - so with the house on the market this week a whole new waiting game commences - if only we had put it on the market sooner!!! Oh well - you never know it might move quickly?!
  9. Guest

    Good or Bad Idea ???

    Hi All, Well so far no visa yet and no house sale yet, but thinking ahead and this is our dilemma When we finally receive the Visa (fingers crossed we do), then we need to activate our visa by the 1st December, which means IF we do not sell the house it will be a pain, so need to think of plan B. The main problem is that our boys are 16 and 14 so getting back into their education will be crucial SO was thinking that we would all go and activate the Visas then after Xmas OH come back here to work and pay the bills and continue to try and sell the house, as he would earn more back here than there, and the boys and I stay in Australia and get a rental so that we can carry on with their education in Australia until Daren joins us in Aus. What do you think guys, is this a bad move :wacko: Take care and thanks Kimx
  10. The Dollar is at it's strongest for a long timea against the pound, so with house prices dropping in the UK you may be able to get back on the property ladder quicker than you thought...hope it lasts for the next couple of years when I go back.:yes:
  11. Guest

    At last good news

    Hello all had to let someone know so you guys it is. Looked on our visa update and it says that all bar 1 of our med's are finalised !!!!!!!! We've done the Australian Values Statement.................so how long does everyone think we will have to wait for the golden ticket? OH thinks 16th June, and no I don't know where he got that one from. Anyone want to place a bet? Going to bed happy!:notworthy: Helenx
  12. the hutchies

    any good websites?

    can anybody recommend good websites to research. areas,schools,work etc? we are going to melbourne but not sure where to settle looked at mornington but thats about it. thanks lisa x
  13. Guest

    Good books down under

    Hello everyone Has anyone ever read Bill Bryson's 'Down under'? It's a great book, really funny and takes you on a tour of Australia. It gives you a good insight to Aus and is a right easy read. If you haven't read it then i recomend you get yourself a copy. Also, does anyone know any other good books about Aus, i need something to occupy my mind while i wait and wait and wait.... Darren.:GEEK:
  14. Hi Can anyone recommend a good read about Oz? I've just finished Down Under by Bill Bryson (brilliant, think I'll read it again), and Ten Pound Poms. Any others??? Cheers Sheena
  15. Guest

    Good books down under

    Hello everyone Has anyone ever read Bill Bryson's 'Down under'? It's a great book, really funny and takes you on a tour of Australia. It gives you a good insight to Aus and is a right easy read. If you haven't read it then i recomend you get yourself a copy. Also, does anyone know any other good books about Aus, i need something to occupy my mind while i wait and wait and wait.... Darren.
  16. Guest

    good news

    my 15 year old son played football with the school yesterday, little did he know there was a scout there, and to cut a long story short, he will now be playing for queensland under 15's!!! :yes: he's chuffed to bit's with it, as seeing as we have only been here 9 weeks, he's doing really well!!! sheena :smile:
  17. Hi there. I am at the beginning of my Aus journey, and have never visited aus before. I want to know from people who have vsited or who are already there, opinions and pro's and con's to different parts of australia. Thankyou for taking the time to read my post. Tracy
  18. Guest

    is this a good sign ?

    hey everyone... I sent my spouse visa application off a couple of weeks ago, they took the money out of my account within a few days and I got an email from my case officer a couple of days ago asking for more evidence. I've sent it off, she should receive it by Monday morning. This morning I got almost all my other evidence (photos, cards, bank statements, letters etc) in the post along with the receipt for the application fee. Is this a good sign ?! At first I freaked out when I opened the envelope and thought they'd returned my whole application !! There was no letter in there explaining anything.... is it normal for them to send all this back so quickly ? Do they just copy it all and return it ? xx
  19. I am sure all the peeps on here would like to join me in congratualting Jo n Paul on settling on their 1st home here in Australia! They have done alot for us and several others on this site and it's good to see things working out so well for such a lovely family! We will miss having you across the road, but look forward to welcoming Chell, Gav and the kids tomorrow! All the best, glad your not going far! Anyhow, best get myself sorted to lend a hand!!
  20. Hi All, My parents have just returned home after a holiday in Australia. As they were going to be traveling around Australia and wanted to base their travels from Melbourne, they came across a small rental company called Australian Home Away (www.australianhomeaway.com). Their hosts Bob, Sandra & Susan did everything possible to assist in their requirements and provided good quality accommodation in various parts of Melbourne. So, if any of you or your friends get stuck with finding a place to stay, give them a call.
  21. Hi all, Has anyone been to a migration seminar? I wonder is it worth our while going.. A migration company - Visa-Go Emigration are holding a free seminar in Glasgow and wonder if it is worth our time going?
  22. Hi All, Last night we went to our friends 40th Birthday Party, only thing was we turned up at this hall had a drink and thought, well where is the birthday girl !! Turns out we were at the wrong party :biglaugh:. So of we goes to another hall (couldnt remember where the party was), and once again in we goes and another great party that was in full swing, turns out it was a wedding reception so we quickly slid off :embarrassed: 3rd party we turns up at was a fancy dress, and we thought to ourselves she didnt mention fancy dress, but once again great party and everyone was having a good time ! FINALLY we got to the correct party and had a great time, DJ was great the drink was flowing and people were dancing the night away. Do they have good parties in Australia? Do the Australians know how to strutt their stuff and dance and drink the night away ? Whose been to a good party in Australia?
  23. Hi all After reading some of the other comments. I'm worried that as a management accountant with 10yrs experience, but only qualify under the skills assessment as a branch accountant (3211-11) due to being a CIMA finalist, that my chances of wa state/territory sponsoring me are very slim as this asco does not appear on their skills in demand list. Is this true?? If so, do I have any other options available to me - or is it all just a :SLEEP: dream!! Thanks Helen
  25. loubylou475

    Agent says we're not good enough!!

    Help!! We seem to have fallen at the first hurdle. We're hoping to migrate on a 176 (family-sponsored skilled) visa, my OH is a General Manager and we were initially looking at doing this without an agent but decided to contact Go Matilda. We looked thoroughly into it and OH's job seemed to fit all the criteria. But today they've got back to us and said that because he has no 'formal' qualifications, they don't think we would pass the skills assessment. So we now have his aunt waiting for us to contact her in NSW as she is sponsoring us but we're stuck as to what to do next!! Has this happened to anyone else??