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Found 786 results

  1. Guest

    Good Nursing Agency in Sydney

    Hey guys, Just moved to OZ a month ago. Just started working for National Nurses Plus nursing agency they have heaps of positions for Nurses if you have not checked them out yet, give them ago. Cheers James Oh by the way anyone know of a good private medical company?
  2. The Australians deservedly won the Four Nations World Cup, beating the Poms 32 to 8 at Elland Road.:jiggy::jiggy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2063719/Australia-beat-England-win-Four-Nations.html Cheers, Bobj.
  3. Do you know of any good Sydney documentaries showing the lifestyle and culture etc.? A bit like the Greatest Cities Of The World documentary. Thanks
  4. Angela820

    Good Grocery Shopping for family?

    We are finally arriving in Canberra this week and will be staying in Short term acccomodation in Civic. We are a "foodie" family and I want to know where the best and cheapest places are to shop for fressh food and meat etc. I dont mind a "trek" anywhere - which are good markets - and are supermarkets vvvv expensive. we tend to shop in Tescos here in Blighty and I go to a local markst for fresh veg and fruit - but NOT the overpriced farmers markets here in England - Im talking about a proper market. I then go to to ethnic stores for my specialist spices/herbs/condiments etc. We dont really shop in "farmers" market here in the UK or dlis are they are all too expensive but we eat well. Any advice on this would be so appreciated. The hardest thing for me about shipping all our stuff was saying goodbye to all the spices and cooking things I have built up and collected over a number of years. All went to a good home but I want to start rebuilding the collection without breaking the bank. Are the markets in Canberra - like the overpriced farmers markets here? If anyone could advise that woud be great. We arrive on Tuesday!! leave tomorrow.. Places to avoid would be great to hear about too and is Costco worth joining. Whst kind of things can you buy in bulk. We do buy some things in bulk - rice, pasta, flour for breadmaking etc... but not sure what the costso there sells. We have a massive chest freezer being shipped so we stock up on bargain meats here in the Uk - where is good for this - and fish??? Angela xx
  5. ozziepom

    Good Luck Gold Coast 12/11/11

    Big day when we find out if we're hosting 2018 Commonwealth Games more info here - http://www.goldcoast2018bid.com/content/homeasp2.asp?
  6. scmercer

    Letter of good conduct

    Hi I have just returned to the UK after two years in Adelaide. I am struggling to get a CRB check here to do voluntary work as I have been out of the country for two years. Does anyone know how I go about getting a 'Letter of good conduct' or an official check done here in Australia to satisfy the authorities in the UK? Thanks Sheila
  7. Im getting really stressed with this shipping business What to take, what not to take??? :confused: Does this price sound good? .......£1051.00 for 160 cubic feet
  8. Hi Can anybody please advise me its my partners aunties 80th birthday in a few days and we would like to take her out to a really nice restaurant, she lives in Edgewater. Because I am so new to the area can anybody please advise me of any good restaurants or eateries please. I am not sure she would be into curry and chinese. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Cheers Debbie :biggrin:
  9. gemstone

    Is this a good price for one way?

    Hi im having a bit of a dliemna. I was going to book a flexi return ticket but I have since found out that they are only valid for 12 months which is not too great. So I have now looked into one ways and the cheapest i can find is £600.96. Is this a good price or has anyone flown for less when flying one way. It is October next year and I have asked the opinion of travel agents and they have said because its the australian summer that is probably the best i can get. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. We are looking at buying a caravan in UK so we have somewhere to go as we spend more and more time there ( cheaper than a home). Has anyone done this if so where and what were the ongoing costs involved ???? Looking at yorkshire. Thank you for any adivce/stories Wishful :yes:
  11. Hi all, we are heading out in january, DH on 3 mth prob and we have decided that we will all go together and rent a holiday home for 3 months. Can any suggest where to find fully furnished holiday rental in Perth?
  12. Melbourne’s residential vacancy rate has hit 3%, the highest of all the capital cities, following an increase of 0.2% during the month of September, according to figures compiled by SQM Research. There are now 10,926 properties available to rent in Melbourne, compared with 10,197 in August and just 7,986 a year ago, equating to an annual increase of 0.8%. Hobart was the other capital city to register a 0.2% monthly increase, while Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra recorded monthly increases of 0.1% in line with the national increase in vacancy rates, which now stands at 48,179 properties available to rent, a vacancy rate of 1.9%. According to SQM Research, the national vacancy rate has “hovered around 1.8% to 1.9% for the last few months, which may be an indirect result of the continuous lack of buyer interest in the housing sales market of late”. Managing director of SQM research Louis Christopher says Melbourne is the one exception to the expectation that national vacancy will remain in a fixed range for the foreseeable future. “It is very possible we will see Melbourne vacancies continue to rise from here as there is, even at this point in time, new stock still just being completed now,” Christopher says. The Sydney vacancy rate remained unchanged at 1.4% in September, equating to 7,769 properties listed for rent an increase of just 0.2% over the year. Of the major capital cities, Perth has the fewest available properties to rent at just 1,559 after the city’ vacancy rate fell by 0.1% over September to stand at just 0.9%. SQM’s calculations of vacancies are based on online rental listings that have been advertised for three weeks or more compared to the total number of established rental properties.
  13. Hi can anyone recommend a cleaner for a couple of hours a week and what the average rate would be? Coogee Thanks S
  14. Love these 2 i do!Top quality merchandise i want,at prices that are very reasonable even with postage added,and loads of stuff i can't get here,or if i can it's megabucks!:shocked:Recently had some great British comedy DVDS for the princely sum of 1p plus 3.58 postage!Stuff that's never even been heard of here.:yes:Ebay here is Cr.p IMO,UK version much better,same as Amazon!!!!:wink:
  15. Hi - am a newbie to this sort of thing so bare with me! Am moving to Brisbane in Jan 2012 as have been offered a job in the CBD. Company will be putting me up for a while but would love to know where the best places to rent are as currently I'm blindly searching and looking at things!? Looking forward to some ideas
  16. thegibbos

    Sharing good news!

    Hi All, I love reading good news on here, as it fills me with positivity for our application, so I thought we'd share ours! We're newbies to the process and are applying for a 176 VIC SS visa. We put our application into the ACS for skills assessment on 7/10 and have had a positive today! This means we had it back in just under 3 weeks! This is just great news for us as we want to get our visa application in before his 40th in January! Tomorrow will now be spent uploading our VIC SS application.... Let's hope this follows the same pattern...... Liz, Mark and 3 little boys! x
  17. wetnwindy

    is this good offer????

    DH been offered job in Perth, hourly salary of $60 per hour for senior QS job. Will pay return flights but no relocation costs above this? is this normal? plus they want me and kids to wait 3 months before joining him. basic salary equates to $119,000 PA, is this enough for family 5 to live on, rent, run 2 cars and live in 4 bed house? Any advice would be greatly received!
  18. Another knockback, looking for a job, looking for a girlfriend, it's always the same reply. If only I was not English he would not say 'he is sorry that I have a good background!.
  19. any good free stock screeners out there for austrlian stock market
  20. Hi guys!! very new to all this forum stuff so bear with me!! I'm planning on making the massive move to the Melbourne area with my two boys, 11 and 3, in late March next year. I've got a job offer from a Hospital in Wantirna. I'm trying to find Kindy near to work for the wee man and a good Primary School for my 11 year old. Just don't know where to start in looking for decent, affordable suburbs with good schools that are not too far away. I think 45 mins travel to work in the car is the furthest I would consider. Any help or advice would be great, thanks... :biggrin::twitcy::confused:
  21. Has anyone used or heard of these before.? Their prices seems so cheap compaired to the others around. I have no idea on what to look for in car hire - are these guys somehow going to rip us off ??? http://www.suncoastcarrentals.com/terms-and-conditions.php
  22. Guest

    Whats good on the Gold Coast?

    Me and my fiance are in Vic at the minute on a WHV but we want to take a trip upto the Goldcoast for a week, and I was just wondering if anyone could recommend anywhere nice to stay and what we should see? Thanks Shane.
  23. Guest

    Cat Available to a good home

    Well I arrived in Sydney nearly a year ago and shipped my two cats from the UK. They are happy with there new home, intrigued by possums, and have thankfully not brought any snakes, spiders or box jellyfish home for their dad. Along the way I've "acquired" another cat who had been abandoned in a block of flats that was about to be demolished. Louis is a great little neutered Tom, around two years old and has been with me for around six months but three cats is just too much for a one bedroom flat. If there are any new arrivals looking for a friend to sleep on the bed, look at them with big black eyes, and make them laugh then please get in touch.
  24. Wikipedia'd it and seems to have reasonable reviews anyway.
  25. First off, sorry if this should be in the jobs section, but it is more of a dilemma to me. What would you do if you were offered a job you could do standing on your head but already know it will be boring, however the money is good and you would therefore feel less guilty about sitting at home all day and not contributing to the family income? I know money isn't everything.... but it does help solve a lot of problems and helps you sleep at night. At the same time boredom in the workplace can be very detrimental. Would be really glad to receive some truthful opinions, many thanks :wubclub: