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Found 786 results

  1. Hi all PomsInOz, We are moving fairly soon to the Bunbury area and are looking at schools in the area. Kids are 4, 6 and 9 and to be honest I don't even know where to start. Help! Happy to fee-pay if that means better education. My 9 year old is introvert and likes his maths, my 6 year old is pretty good at reading and writing, would like to be an 'author' and write bout science, that tells you enough, and my 4 year old hasn't gone to school yet but loves scribbeling and singing and drawing.... Any good advice is welcome. AlandEs
  2. Hi guys- hoping people in Oz have woken up by now! :rolleyes: Just looking for people's opinions on schools in the shire-- any personal experiences? I need ( as we all do) a good primary for my kids-- somewhere they will feel at home(they are coming from the Uk) , where they will feel welcomed and happy, and a good place for academic excellence. An after school club will be great if present. Not too bothered about sports as my son couldn't care less. Public or Catholic schools are both ok-- just that it should be a good school. I would be grateful for people's opinion, and please pass on any hearsay as well:biggrin:!
  3. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good migration agent that doesn’t cost the earth? I have contacted a few but I’m getting the total costs back as around £7000 :-/....... I am looking at going for a 175 visa. Any replies would be gratefully received, Mark
  4. Went to my local Homebase today to buy a few extra nice bits to put on the tree for our last UK crimbo and they have stacks of 6 hole bauble boxes, presumably what they are shipped to them in. They are very strong and free to take, but I guess it might be nice to buy something:wink: We bought enough for 3 boxes but loaded the kids up with another 12 ready to pack up all our baubles for the big move next year. Go get some while they last :wink:
  5. PM me if you want. Thanks!
  6. Guest

    Rent Good or Bad??

    Hi All, We've been quoted $103pn for a 2 bed self-contained unit in central South Perth. We're considering booking this as our arrival accommodation in April 2012 and was wondering if anyone can offer advice on whether this price is good? It seems the cheapest we can find for the type of accomodation we're looking for but I can't be sure. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robyn
  7. Guest

    No news is good news

    Evening all, Right thats it for me no more news, i tuned into the 6 oclock news this evening and after 5 minutes of it was ready to top myself :shocked:, i have never heard or seen so much doom and gloom and i for one have had enough so i am going to do my level best to ignore the news on the radio and the tv and buy a newspaper that does not print proper news, so in other words i will carry on buying the one i nearly always do :laugh:, no but seriously the news can do one :mad:
  8. derham

    How good is Oz TV

    I've read loads of threads of people complaing how bad Oz tv is. How true is this, Do you get the usuall imported programmes from US & UK?
  9. Afternoon, I was flicking through a couple of books about travellers experiences in Australia that my dad had kindly dropped round to me and Bill Bryson's Down Under is one of them, in this book Australia is described like this, " the people are cheerful, extrovert, quick witted and unfailingly obliging, their cities are safe and clean and nearly always built on water, the food is excellent, the beer is cold and the sun nearly always shines " After just spending a month there i can honestly say that that description is spot on :yes: Anyway just thought i would share that with you :cute:
  10. Guest

    Cults, Good Bad or Ugly.

    This sort of thing has always fascinated me, many reasons, but mostly because of the way peoples minds tick.:goofy::idea::yes: Watched several docos on the The Jonestown Massacre, Waco and a few others and what really strikes me is that so called 'normal' people, people that are perfectly sane and rational do things completely out of context. The one thing that made me bring up this thread is what a former member of a 'cult' said. She said what is often forgotten is the fact that the people who are in a cult, commit suicide, show absolute allegiance to a 'leader' were once perfectly normal everyday people who went about their daily lives as if nothing out of the ordinary, BUT. The minute the word 'cult' is used these people become (in some peoples minds) nothing but freaks, and their lives dismissed as if by the by. I guess what I am trying to say is that even though we find the behavior of cult leaders and followers strange their is often a very human story behind the facard of so called madness and blind faith. Fortunately many 'got out' of the cult before something terrible happened, but what in your opinion drives someone toward these cults, is it religion, belief, intolerance of the 'normal' world, disenfranchised. I know I want to set up PIO 2 in the outback, but i promise it won't become a cult, well maybe not.:cool::no: Cheers Tony.
  11. Guest

    good angels of pio

    who is the number 1 angel of pio:happy_face_love_in_and why do they deserve this award--is it because there so luverly,and helpfull--or just an allround good dude:notworthy:poll attached:shocked:i voted ali--shes luverly
  12. The Australians deservedly won the Four Nations World Cup, beating the Poms 32 to 8 at Elland Road.:jiggy::jiggy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2063719/Australia-beat-England-win-Four-Nations.html Cheers, Bobj.
  13. I say 'new' because it's been open for a while but I'd never really been in there until today. I think they are still doing work anyway as I saw a few 'tradies' sitting out on the mall eating their lunch. The dining area was absolutely PACKED at lunchtime with both office workers and shoppers. David Jones on Castlereagh is linked up to it as is Myer between Pitt and George. David Jones has its nativity scenes up and running in a line of shop windows. It seems a little incongruous seeing all the 'snow' but the kids love it. I think I know the city well but each time I go there I see new buildings, pubs, cafes, shops and I feel like a tourist.
  14. Guest

    Good Nursing Agency in Sydney

    Hey guys, Just moved to OZ a month ago. Just started working for National Nurses Plus nursing agency they have heaps of positions for Nurses if you have not checked them out yet, give them ago. Cheers James Oh by the way anyone know of a good private medical company?
  15. Do you know of any good Sydney documentaries showing the lifestyle and culture etc.? A bit like the Greatest Cities Of The World documentary. Thanks
  16. ozziepom

    Good Luck Gold Coast 12/11/11

    Big day when we find out if we're hosting 2018 Commonwealth Games more info here - http://www.goldcoast2018bid.com/content/homeasp2.asp?
  17. scmercer

    Letter of good conduct

    Hi I have just returned to the UK after two years in Adelaide. I am struggling to get a CRB check here to do voluntary work as I have been out of the country for two years. Does anyone know how I go about getting a 'Letter of good conduct' or an official check done here in Australia to satisfy the authorities in the UK? Thanks Sheila
  18. Hi Can anybody please advise me its my partners aunties 80th birthday in a few days and we would like to take her out to a really nice restaurant, she lives in Edgewater. Because I am so new to the area can anybody please advise me of any good restaurants or eateries please. I am not sure she would be into curry and chinese. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Cheers Debbie :biggrin:
  19. Im getting really stressed with this shipping business What to take, what not to take??? :confused: Does this price sound good? .......£1051.00 for 160 cubic feet
  20. Angela820

    Good Grocery Shopping for family?

    We are finally arriving in Canberra this week and will be staying in Short term acccomodation in Civic. We are a "foodie" family and I want to know where the best and cheapest places are to shop for fressh food and meat etc. I dont mind a "trek" anywhere - which are good markets - and are supermarkets vvvv expensive. we tend to shop in Tescos here in Blighty and I go to a local markst for fresh veg and fruit - but NOT the overpriced farmers markets here in England - Im talking about a proper market. I then go to to ethnic stores for my specialist spices/herbs/condiments etc. We dont really shop in "farmers" market here in the UK or dlis are they are all too expensive but we eat well. Any advice on this would be so appreciated. The hardest thing for me about shipping all our stuff was saying goodbye to all the spices and cooking things I have built up and collected over a number of years. All went to a good home but I want to start rebuilding the collection without breaking the bank. Are the markets in Canberra - like the overpriced farmers markets here? If anyone could advise that woud be great. We arrive on Tuesday!! leave tomorrow.. Places to avoid would be great to hear about too and is Costco worth joining. Whst kind of things can you buy in bulk. We do buy some things in bulk - rice, pasta, flour for breadmaking etc... but not sure what the costso there sells. We have a massive chest freezer being shipped so we stock up on bargain meats here in the Uk - where is good for this - and fish??? Angela xx
  21. gemstone

    Is this a good price for one way?

    Hi im having a bit of a dliemna. I was going to book a flexi return ticket but I have since found out that they are only valid for 12 months which is not too great. So I have now looked into one ways and the cheapest i can find is £600.96. Is this a good price or has anyone flown for less when flying one way. It is October next year and I have asked the opinion of travel agents and they have said because its the australian summer that is probably the best i can get. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks
  22. Hi all, we are heading out in january, DH on 3 mth prob and we have decided that we will all go together and rent a holiday home for 3 months. Can any suggest where to find fully furnished holiday rental in Perth?
  23. Hi can anyone recommend a cleaner for a couple of hours a week and what the average rate would be? Coogee Thanks S
  24. Love these 2 i do!Top quality merchandise i want,at prices that are very reasonable even with postage added,and loads of stuff i can't get here,or if i can it's megabucks!:shocked:Recently had some great British comedy DVDS for the princely sum of 1p plus 3.58 postage!Stuff that's never even been heard of here.:yes:Ebay here is Cr.p IMO,UK version much better,same as Amazon!!!!:wink:
  25. Hi - am a newbie to this sort of thing so bare with me! Am moving to Brisbane in Jan 2012 as have been offered a job in the CBD. Company will be putting me up for a while but would love to know where the best places to rent are as currently I'm blindly searching and looking at things!? Looking forward to some ideas