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Found 440 results

  1. If anyone would like to organise getting together for a drink or a day out with the kids we would love to hear from you. We arrived on the Gold Coast In October from Colchester, Essex. We are 33 & 34 with kids 3yrs and 10mths. Paul, my husband is from Colchester. I was born in Australia (my parents are '£10 Poms') but have lived in the U.K since I was 19. Returning with a family has been a bit daunting but we are getting settled and the kids are loving it. :v_SPIN:
  2. I am trying to source short term accommodation for January for 2 adults & 2kids. Everywhere seems to be so expensive and charge by the night. Would anyone have any idea where to look for more reasonably priced accommodation. I am allowing 3 weeks to find a house, does this seem realistic? We unfortunately don't have any family over there so I am depending yet again on the good will of the PIO posters to lend me some more invaluable information. :wink: Thanks in advance, D :jiggy:
  3. hi im on the gold coast moving to arunde this weekend, just recently moved back from uk last week, we went back for 15 months after being in oz previously for 8 years. i have a 2 girls eldest is 2 and the youngest is 4 months, im looking for other mums with young children who fancy meeting up for play dates coffee mornings and walking. im 29 and my other half is 32 send me a message thanks x:yes:
  4. Hi We have moved into a furnished property and therefore we are selling a few items. All are in excellent condition and only 3 MONTHS OLD. Also advertised on Gumtree. WASHING MACHINE - Whirlpool 7.5kg front loader. White. $500 GVA 408 litre Fridge/freezer upright -white $500 Outdoor glass table and 6 chairs each with black cushions. $100.00 Black glass TV stand. $100 50" LG plasma TV. $650.00 3 seater & 2 seater brown suede sofas with scatter cushions at the back and silver legs. $500 pair. Located in Ashmore, Gold Coast. Jill xxx
  5. Hi All arrived in Bris on 2/9/11. Staying in Ashmore Palms temporarily. Will be working in Mater as midwife. Looking for houses this week. Not 100% on areas have a long short list somewhere between CBD and here. Prob not as far south as Southport due to commute. We have met some lovely people so far although most have younger children. Ours are 15,13,11 ( three girls) so if anyone is in similar position drop us a line we could meet up. Keen to find area and schools now so girls can start making friends. So far so good. Enjoying the sun, scenery and exploring the area Thanks in Advance Jo x
  6. Hi I am new here, we are hoping to move in spring next year and we are starting to get the final plans together. hi to all here i am so excited to be so close.:wink:
  7. Guest

    Arrived Gold coast 2011.

    Hi All arrived in Bris on 2/9/11. Staying in Ashmore Palms temporarily. Will be working in Mater as midwife. Looking for houses this week. Not 100% on areas have a long short list somewhere between CBD and here. Prob not as far south as Southport due to commute. We have met some lovely people so far although most have younger children. Ours are 15,13,11 ( three girls) so if anyone is in similar position drop us a line we could meet up. Keen to find area and schools now so girls can start making friends. So far so good. Enjoying the sun, scenery and exploring the area Thanks in Advance Jo x
  8. Hi there, please can anyone let me know how easy (or not) it will be to find part time work in the above areas in these times of uncertainty. I've been accepted on a Student Visa to SC TAFE and possibly to AICA on Gold Coast for July 09 so we can only do 20 hours, plus we need to fit it around college and our sons. We are willing to do almost anything. Please help if you can as this is the only thing thats stopping me sending my acceptance forms back! Many many thanks for viewing this post. Diane:confused::unsure:xx
  9. Hi there, i am going over to gold coast in January for 6 months trial period. It will be on a working holiday visa from the UK. I am looking for advice on where to go so any. advice i could get is welcome. Im looking for a place next to beach, not too built up (more of a community feel than tourist spot) but also be able to find work. Am i asking too much? I know its not really like how we see in Home & Away but i can dream of something similar. . . cant i ha
  10. Guest

    thinking of uk to gold coast

    Hj everyone\anyone we are family of three looking to move to gold coast from worcestershire uk im self employed roofer OH is a receptionist with 10 year old daughter any advice welcome ie best visa agent best suberb (thinking pacific pines) total costs of move (12k ish ?) also have king charles cav to bring Would like to chat more with someone whose done similar get different views from people cost of living etc first ever post on a forum so sorry for mixed up post cheers ps hows the weather
  11. Hi everyone, Maybe you can help me.. I'm moving to Brisbane in a month. I have a job in the city. I lived in Brisbane all of last year but I now live in Sydney. When I lived there last year it was with my partner, and I have to say I found it quite...boring. It's a lovely city and pretty, clean and close (60mins+) to some amazing places. but after a while it was just really hard to meet people and all I seemed to do is go out an dget drunk or go running. There doesn't seem to be much else to do in Brisbane for young people like myself. But I'm now on my own, 24 years old and I don't drive. I'm very sociable so I don't mind moving somewhere new and meeting new people, that isn't my problem. I've been offered an amazing job but I have to give up my amazing life in Sydney for it, as it is a sponsorship role. So I've been thinking, rather than moving back to the city maybe I could live at the Gold Coast and commute... Have any of you done the commute Brisbane to GC everyday each way? How was it? Where in the GC is best to live? What suburb ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, also I'm open to making some new pommy mates up in QLD.. Kim x
  12. A large TV company is looking for people who are keen to try and join the Gold rush in Australia. Are you thinking of migrating from the UK to OZ? Are you tempted to join the mining community and dig for gold? Are you looking to change your life and considering Australia? If this is something you are thinking of we want to hear from you. More information on response.
  13. Guest

    Hello from Gold Coast

    Hello, I'm Mass and I arrived in Oz some months ago.. Moving was for sure the best thing I've ever done!! If you're unsure, just close your eyes and book a flight! :jiggy:
  14. Hiya, Changed my mind about this thread Cheers x x
  15. Hi I'm Amy from Dublin and myself and my husband are hoping to move to australia but we are only at the begining, we have 2 small children 3yrs boy and 9 months girl, my husband is a lift and escalator engineer and we don't know where would be the best place for us to go for his job, would there be many jobs of this kind on the gold coast? Also which is the best visa option. Its all very confusing and scary.
  16. Wow this Visa ride is stressful! We have applied for a QLD Family Sponsored 475 Visa, but after 18 months and being reduced to Cat 5 we are looking at switching to a 176 Visa, however it means living in Canberra as my skill has limited places in ACT only. The issue is my family are in Brisbane, but its only for 2 years right? and 176 might actually get processed at some point this decade? Of course, trouble is the extra cost unless I can get my agent to soak up the costs as they loose money if the 475 visa doesn't come through. (No visa, No Fee) Any professional or well advised opinions? Never been to Canberra, scary to apply with no experience of the place. Cheers. p.s I think i'm addicted to this forum. The Drama, the highs, the lows.
  17. Guest

    Welsh on Gold Coast ?

    Am I the only Welshman on the Coast ? Anyone looking to meet up ? :cool: Tony.
  18. Easy question ay! These are the places we are thinking about. I like a life, resturants, wine bars, beaches. I need, good schools. I want, it all!!!!!!!!! Also dont want to live somewhere where its soo hot i cant breath! But obviously we do want to live in the sunshine. Somewhere with plenty of work. My husband a plumber/gas fitter. So all answers to this simple question below please!!!!
  19. Hi everyone, We arrive at the Gold Coast on 19th August and I will be working in Helensvale. My daughter will be 5 in December and we need to find a decent primary school for her. Can anyone recommend a good primary school in the Gold Coast area preferably no more than half an hours drive from Helensvale. Many thanks.
  20. Emma2

    Best Dog Walks on the Gold Coast

    I am very excited, after being apart from my doggies for 6 months they finally touched down in Sydney on Tuesday! I'm now counting the days until I see them (27!!) and thinking about all the lovely walks we can have. So can anyone recommend any good places to take dogs on the Gold Coast? Preferably where they can go off lead? Thanks Emma:biggrin:
  21. Been here for 11 years going home this November wondering if anyone else on the Coast is doing the same or thinking about it?
  22. Guest

    Sponsorship on the Gold Coast

    Hi All I know it's a long shot but, is there anyone on the Gold Coast who can think of any painting, decorating and building companies that maybe interested in sponsoring my Brother in Law:fingerscrossed: His sponsor has pulled out as they hadn't sponsored before, and it look like they didn't fit the employer sponsor criteria. Thanks for reading, any suggestions or help no matter how small will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Paula:hug:
  23. Hi guys Im 19 moved from London in Dec 2010 with my girlfriend on a WHV and now applying for a Onshore Partner Visa Im finding it hard to fit in and was hoping there is anyone from London in the goldcoast i can get on with =] thanks
  24. Hello everyone! We are new to Poms in Oz and have just received our 457 visa after only a 3 week processing time! My husband starts his new job in around 9 weeks time in Helensvale on the Gold Coast. We are hoping to arrive in Oz around the end of August and are in need of a temporary house to rent for approx 4 weeks while we look for somewhere permanent. We have two children aged 4 and 2 and ideally would like to rent a property with 3 bedrooms and garden near to Helensvale which is where my husband's job is. Can anyone recommend a website for temporary lets, as we have looked at the most well known and there seems to be little choice. Or does anyone know somebody who has a property? We know very little about the area and would also love to hear from anyone else who lives there or who is making the move with kids in tow! Many Thanks, The Barfields
  25. whichway

    seeking Gold Coast Hairdresser

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could recommend me a good, reasonably priced mobile hairdresser who will come to pacific pines. I am grateful for any advice. thanks.