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Found 440 results

  1. Hi everyone I'm an Irish girl and maybe moving to the gold coast or Brisbane on a student visa. I'm well aware of the cost of this and that it absolutely does NOT mean gaining permanent residency at the end of my course as the SOL changes on a regular basis and is only getting harder. Anyway I have some questions about the area. It is likely I will have to commute to Brisbane CBD for my course 3 days a week however I would love to live on the Gold Coast (again I'm aware this is a long trip). As I would be finished at 3pm each of the 3 days I am willing to accept a 1 and a half hr commute each way. My reason for wanting to live on the Gold Coast is to be close to the beaches(of course.lol) and also I imagine there will be more part time jobs opportunites. Can anyone tell me what neighborhoods have good public transport to both Brisbane and Surfers Paradise area and also have apartment or studio rentals which are not too expensive? Any help would be greatly appreciated :biggrin:
  2. Looking for a hydraulic fitter with some machining skills ideally to work in a medium sized family run business. The company has been around for around 12 years, stable and pay above award wages. Im coming back to the UK at the end of this month, hopefully i can meet some one who wants to start a great new life here in Australia !! PM me back for more details. Gary
  3. Guest

    Football on Gold Coast

    Hi everyone, My name is Steve and i coach a football team on the gold coast called Pacific Pines ** i would like to invite any players who would be under 13's next year to come down and try out for our team. We took out the 2nd Division title last year and will now be starting are assault on Division 1. Any players wanting to try out are more than welcome. Thanks Steve
  4. Im kayleigh and im moving to the gold coast in January. Going to Varsity lakes school wondering if theres anyone i could get to know before i go?:rolleyes:
  5. ozziepom

    Good Luck Gold Coast 12/11/11

    Big day when we find out if we're hosting 2018 Commonwealth Games more info here - http://www.goldcoast2018bid.com/content/homeasp2.asp?
  6. Come on, own up, which PIO member forgot to dress herself this morning:unsure: POLICE are searching for a woman who allegedly caused car accidents after driving topless and erratically in Burleigh Heads this morning. It is alleged the woman was swerving at vehicles on the road. One of the related accidents is believed to be a three-car collision at Burleigh Heads which happened around 7.55am. The cars collided at the corner of the Gold Coast Highway and Goodwin Terrace. One person is believed to have suffered neck injuries and another person was treated for an injured arm. Both were treated at the scene before being taken to hospital. About 10 minutes later, it is alleged the wanted woman struck a car at Tweed Street at Burleigh Heads before driving off. The owner of the struck vehicle escaped injury and told police he would make a formal complaint later today. Police said they could not launch an investigation until the driver had made the formal complaint. Police believe the woman was driving a white 1991 Mitsubishi Magna.
  7. Well, do ya, pu...er...people? The Perth Mint has one...:wink: http://www.perthmintbullion.com/News-Reports/NewsDetails/11-10-27/Perth_Mint_Unveils_The_Largest_Coin_Ever.aspx Cheers, Bobj.
  8. Guest

    Moving to Gold Coast

    Hi All, I am moving to Gold Coast, Reedy Creek area in 2 weeks to start my dream job! My parnter and 2 children will be following me in a few months, once I have setup a base... would be great to get to know some people / families with young children so my kids can make some friends. Thanks all.
  9. I am very insterested in coming to Australia with my family. I have 7 years experience in steel detailing using Tekla Structures software. I am currently a director of a small detailing office in the UK. My dream is to come to Australia and enjoy a new experience. If anyone has any information or tips on getting to Australia and getting work please contact me.
  10. Guest

    gold coast pommies we are..

    We have recently returned to the gold coast after six weeks holiday in the UK...oooohhh it's nice to be home..been on the gold coast now with my wife and 2 boy's for the last 10 yrs.. Australia has provided our family with the perfect lifestyle and after my visit back to the UK i thank my lucky stars!! Don't get me wrong I am proud of my native country and i'm still very patriotic, but Oz is the place we love and will stay forever... We came with open eyes and persevered through the initial hardships. One has got to make friends and that's what we did,. Ten years down the line we have helped others from the Uk settle in after successfully renting out and house sharing our home,. One thing is for sure, you must accept that your going to give it a go and not look back at what you had but what you can have..
  11. Guest

    Gold Coast

    Hi all, Just putting it out there; I've lived here for 22 years now and LOVE it. Any questions just send them my way....
  12. Hi everyone, I am living with OH and daughter (almost 5) in Caloundra on the sunny coast. Before we had our daughter my OH and I lived in Palm Cove near Cairns for 3 years and loved it. I would like to move back to Cairns and have a place if we want it at Trinity Anglican School for Jan 2011 prep. Has anyone got kids there? (Marlin Coast campus for the little ones). Does anyone know what the school is like. It has a good academic record but that of course isn't everything. The other dilemma is that we also have the possibility of a move to the Gold Coast for work. We are definately not staying on the sunny coast despite really liking it but not sure which way to jump. Any help welcome. Lisa x
  13. Hi All, After a few weeks of looking at ex-pat, council and real estate websites, the wife and I are fairly confident about a move to the Gold Coast (as confident as you can be 10,000 miles away!). I have read in a few threads about areas of the Gold Coast that offer a village feel but can't seem to find the names of these areas. Could someone please fill me in? I guess I'm referring to coffee shop areas with market scenes and boutique shops (very important to the Mrs). I also would like to enquire about the cycle lanes and parks. Our family are fairly outdoorsy. Being close to the sea will be good for the surf but we also like getting the kids out on the bikes. Are there many open and safe such cycle ways especially along the coastline. The council websites offer excellent maps but it is hard to appreciate whether or not the above applies. Parks seem to be on every doorstep in SouthEast Queensland but any further info on those in the Gold Coast area would be welcomed. Thanks for the help!
  14. Guest

    Whats good on the Gold Coast?

    Me and my fiance are in Vic at the minute on a WHV but we want to take a trip upto the Goldcoast for a week, and I was just wondering if anyone could recommend anywhere nice to stay and what we should see? Thanks Shane.
  15. Hi We are thinking of moving to QLD in 2013. At the moment in the UK my 12 year old son plays full time tennis. Do you know of any good tennis clubs/coaches/academies in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. I know there is the Pat Cash one on Hope Island, but looks quite expensive. Thanks heaps
  16. Guest

    How big is the Gold Coast?

    Been reading lots of different post on different forums and noticed that the Gold Coast is a very popular place for us Poms to settle. Can anyone tell me how big the Gold Coast is? Stacey xx (heading to the Gold Coast)
  17. Guest

    Moving to Gold Coast tomorrow

    So I finally have my 457 visa, and fly from Heathrow to Brisbane tomorrow evening :eek: I had been happily living in Christchurch, on my Permanent Residency visa (which took a year to get) for 2.5 years, until the earthquakes of September and February. A combination of thousands of scary aftershocks, increased cost of living, and needing a change in direction, have made me apply for my 457 and move to Oz. Having packed up my life in NZ in August, I have spent the last couple of weeks visiting family in the UK, waiting for my visa to be issued. Luckily it was issued this week, and the relief was immense!! So tomorrow, the next chapter of my life starts, the dog flies from his foster home in NZ to Brisbane in a couple of weeks. So here beginneth the whole migration setting up home thing again. I feel like a bit of an old hand now, and have most of the boring bits done - bank accounts, mobile phone, PO Box etc etc. Just need to find a rental and car before starting work in 2 weeks. :arghh: Fingers crossed I hit the ground running and don't suffer too badly from the dreaded jetlag!! Looking forward to meeting some of you Gold Coasters once i'm settled, I found that making new friends quickly really helped me to settle in Christchurch nearly 3 years ago. So better go and get some packing done, and get some sleep before the flight - see you soon!! :SLEEP: Emily
  18. im kayleigh aged 14, 15 in january and im moving to the gold coast (robina) in january. im scared about starting the new school (varsity lakes) and making new friends any advice?
  19. Guest

    Life on the Gold Coast

    Hi everyone, just saying hello, I am living with my aussie hubby on the Gold Coast and have been here since January, I have already been home due to homesickness!! It's pretty good over here, but I expected to be in less of a "rat race" and have found the G/C area just as busy as Nottingham, if not more so! The weather is obviously unbelievable, I was surprised that the aussies complained about the winter I thought it was fantastic!! How are others getting on, any tips on homesickness or is no one else feeling like that?
  20. Hey everyone! My name's Harrison and i moved to gold coast from UK just over a year ago! it was a big decision and a lot of stress but we made it! so if any of you want to talk or anything else like that about anything just send me a message and I'll be happy to help! Thanks guys Harrison
  21. The Pom Queen

    Cheap Flights Gold Coast to Perth

    Jetstar are doing their Friday Frenzy, sorry I'm late publishing it as it's only between 4pm and 8pm. http://www.jetstar.com/au/en/special...renzy_20110930
  22. The Pom Queen

    Cheap flights Melbourne to Gold Coast $59

    Jetstar are doing their Friday Frenzy, sorry I'm late publishing it as it's only between 4pm and 8pm. http://www.jetstar.com/au/en/special-offers?utm_source=jetmail&utm_medium=email&utm_content=FridayFareFrenzyText&utm_campaign=friday_fare_frenzy_20110930
  23. Guest

    gold coast

    Hi my name is charlotte i am 16 nearly 17 and from the manchester area. i will be moving over to the coomera area of the gold coast at the end of june 2011. looking for friends my age group to help me settle in x
  24. Hi guys, We need to move to Perth and we need to find another tenant for our apartment in Southport as the landlord has no intention to help us ending the tenancy earlier. Anyway, the house is a nice 2 bedrooms-2bathrooms-2indoor parking spaces in Southport, on the Gold Coast. It is a very very quiet complex with bbq and pool. The house is extra clean - thing that can't be usually said for all rental houses. It's walking distance from Tafe and all the schools in Southport, as well as close to the parks, which is nice. It is also close to the train station and the M1 motorway to brisbane. This house would be good also for people looking for short term rentals since the contract ends in january. However it is possible to extend it if you want. If you are in perth, or wa in general, and need to move to the gold coast but you have our same problem we can discuss about switching the contracts, and have a win-win situation.. And now let's cross the fingers...:mad:
  25. Guest

    Gold Coast

    Not sure if anyone can give me any advice but thought it was worth a shot. My boyfriend and I have just arrived on the GC, I am on a WHV and he is an Australian Citizen. We are currently staying in Surfers and are pretty keen to be else where really. We aren't really city people and don't want to be in the hub of everything, we would rather be a bit closer to the country. At the moment we are looking at house shares and finding it really difficult to suss out the suburbs. We've been to the surrounding suburbs of Surfers which were instantly better but still probably not what we're after. We've both just graduated from uni and are looking for any type of work really, in admin, retail or hospitality. My boyfriend has a degree in Zoology with Conservation and is hoping to find somewhere to volunteer at so he can gain experience. I'm worried that if we move from Surfers and it's surrounding suburbs we are going to really limit the chances of finding work. We don't want to find ourselves staying here for a few months without work and wasting all our savings, if that's the case, we'd rather just spend the next few months travelling or doing farm work. So I guess I'm asking whether anyone has any advice on suburbs and the chances of finding work there. Or should we consider changing our plans? Sorry for the ramble, I am a big worrier... Sophie