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Found 3 results

  1. dissolvedgirl

    Moving To The Gold Coast - Countdown!

    Hi all! So I've been really intrigued to read everyone's reports of moving over to Oz, so I thought I'd start my own countdown thread, detailing all the many trials and tribulations that I'm sure I'll have to go through to get there! A bit of background first...I'm 24, moving with my Australian OH, and will (hopefully!) go over first on a WH visa, and then get approved/get the ball rolling on a de facto partner visa while I'm out there. We're looking to move our little Persian cat, too, so starting to sort out everything for him (what a costly nightmare!!). The OH will most likely be walking into a job (he's an accountant) and I'm happy to do anything initially, then maybe get some admin/reception work. Near future goals are: Rabies jabs, bloods, and micro-chipping of kitten! Apply and pay for visa (along with getting it approved) And to start my 'get thin for Australia diet.' Would love to chat to anyone that would be moving to a similar area Helen
  2. So Moving to Australia is one but what are your next life goals? too spend a year or two in New Zealand, then do a road trip through all the best bits of mexico, america and canada are next on my list. (going to spend at least the next four years here first though)
  3. Up until my recent decision to move to Australia (as discussed in my previous post here) I have to admit that when it came to school work, university and my career I have often been guilty of pretty much coasting through life. Sure, I have done alright in school, thanks to pushy teachers and caring parents (apologies to you both!) that wanted to see me do well, and then I headed off to University like I was supposed to but my primary intention was simply to have a good time and party as much as I could! I was never one for setting goals, organization or planning. I was the guy the day before and assignment was due freaking out in the library and pulling an all-nighter just to throw the work in two minutes before the deadline! As I have got slightly older I realize that approach is no longer going to cut it and I have recently noticed that setting even simple goals has helped me organize, save and prepare for my impending trip and I want to continue taking this proactive approach because there is so much that I want to do, see and achieve down under that just hoping it will happen is not good enough and without a plan I know I am less likely to make it happen. In truth, the goal that I went to university with hasn’t really changed much. I still want to have a good time and I believe life is to be enjoyed. I guess that you do too or you wouldn’t be reading this post and you wouldn’t be heading to Australia for what you believe will be a more enjoyable and rewarding life as well. What has changed for me since University though is that I realize having an amazing time isn’t always just about parties, there is so much else that I want to do and achieve that for me are both exciting and rewarding so here are some of my goals for moving down under: I have a dream job I want at the moment that if I landed would really help me achieve my longer term business aspirations so that is a key goal for me right now. I want to live by the beach where I can surf every day. I want to get my fitness levels back up. I want to learn a new sport (possibly Ozzie Rules!) I want to do, see or experience at least one new thing every day and I would like to document this and write a book one day! Ultimately my goal is to live my “Dream Day”. Your dream day is what you would do if you could do whatever you wanted and mine looks something like this… Get up nice and early before everyone else and have a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit. Head to the beach and watch the sunrise while catching waves in crystal clear blue waters. Work for a few hours on my business helping people and earn $1000-5000 per day for that. I want to use some of my money to make a difference and help others access opportunities that have been denied them. Meet friends for lunch and laughs. Finish the day off with a BBQ and a couple of cold beers! If my dream day seems unrealistic to you that is ok, it’s a dream day remember! The point is that life is all too short. I intend to live my life in pursuit of my dream day and whether or not I ever live out every single aspect of it I have made the commitment to always try to get closer to it. I am starting with a scaled down version for now which consists getting a good job close to the surf (so I can surf everyday) and then rent an apartment right on the beach so I can start my day with a quick surf before work then use my evenings and weekends to explore and see as much of Australia as I can. So far all is going good with plenty of Skype interviews and real interviews lined up for my arrival. All being well I will land my dream job, with sponsorship potential, fairly quickly. Then all I have to do is get a beautiful, low cost apartment that’s close to transport and right on the surf in Sydney… That should be easy right?! [YOUTUBE]<iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/OSYtQy9EqTA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/YOUTUBE] What does your dream day look like? How could you in some small ways move closer to living a life of dream days starting right now?