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Found 94 results

  1. Hi all, First post on the site, I am booked in to sit my IELTS test in May, and have sent off to have my skills assessed. When I have these two completed I will be applying for Sponsorship from the WA government before applying for a General skilled offshore visa. My question is, the WA government asks that you have "sufficient funds" to settle in Australia, a fairly loose term. But how much is this deemed to be, and when do they require evidence? My problem is, I am not a home owner, we only rent a house, and don't yet have much in the way of savings. However I'm expecting the whole process of migrating to take at least 18 months, by which time I'm expecting to have around £15k saved up. Will this be classed as "sufficient funds"? and do I need to have evidence of this when I apply for state sponsorship? If so, this is going to set me back by a good 12-18 months. Thanks in advance for your replies, and for info, I am from the UK, married, and will have 2 children by the time August 2010 arrives.
  2. Hi All I've been looking through the forums to try and find out more information on the funds needed to be able to get our 175/176 visa and I've seen somewhere that they ask for proof that you have sufficient 'set up funds' available before granting the visa. Does anyone know if this is true and how much is needed?? We have already set up a bank account with west pack and have started to transfer funds in but would like to know what our balance goal is Thanks everyone!!:biggrin:
  3. Hi Folks, just wondering if anyone can help? I'm trying to apply for ACT state sponsorship but have found out you need to prove you have £10k in your bank account. Seeing as I've only recently found out about this and only have until July to apply before the SOL changes, I'll only have about £7k to show. I don't have any property or anything else of value to sell to make up the rest, and my friends and family aren't in a position to help out either! A friend suggested using a loan and adding the money to my account, but I am right in thinking this is an utterly fraudulant no-no, right? Is anyone else in a similar position? How are you guys doing this?? I'd definitely be able to save up more than enough before actually getting out there, it's just this time limit causing the trouble! Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at my wits end!:arghh:
  4. JuliePaul

    Transferring Funds

    Does anyone know if or how long you have to transfer funds from Sterling to Oz Dollars is it 6 or 12 months (or is there even a time limit) and what is the penalty/tax after that??? We are moving out at the beginning of 2011 and havent decided on whether to sell or rent our house in the UK but this could depend if we will have to pay a penalty later on for transferring the equity of our house!! Cheers Guys :wink:
  5. Guest

    Super Funds

    I have been paying into a Super fund for nearly a year and wondered what happens to this when i go.
  6. So I have a cousin who is applying for VIC state sponsorship. He has assets in cash, securities, gold etc? And this should amount to about 40,000 AU$. Will he need to make a stat. declaration of these assets? Or what do you think will be the evidences that will need to be attached to the online application to support this claim?
  7. Ive been looking at WA State Sponsorship and applying under the GSM it states you need sufficient funds for settlement (i think). How much are we talking and how do they check you have these funds?
  8. Guest

    Health funds

    Hiya It's a mine field trying to work out which health fund will suit us best. We are not bothered too much about dental cover and just want basic hospital as we are (fingers crossed) relatively healthy family of 2 adults, 1 child aged 19 and the other 13. Anyone out there recommend a good fund? thanks Sharon x
  9. Guest

    prof of funds in which states?

    Hello:cool:Im mattias and have a question. I have been searching for posts, and looked at state webpages, but cannot figure our this question by myself, here I go: Can anybody tell me which states does NOT ask for proof of funds when applying for a ss? And here I mean proof both in the application, duriong and after. The thing is, that I will have funds eventually, but not whilst applying.... Also; im new in here, a mechanical engineer with shatterede dreams after losing 15 moddle points now only having 105 points....I like this forum because people in here seem friendlier than in other forums I have looked into:smile: CHEERS, Mat
  10. Hi All, My family and I have been state sponsored by WA and have had our visa granted on 13/08/2009, Our tickets are booked for the 22nd June 2010!! But in our ss agreement we have to bring with us around AUD60,000, at the time we signed the agreement the exchange rate was great and we had the 60k, however since then the exchange rate has dropped and dropped, so now our savings equate to less than that and judging by the financial forecasts it's set to get worse. Has anyone had any experience with this? Do we have to prove the amount we have when we get there? Im beggining to panic! all was going sooo well and now it looks a bit pear shaped!! Hope someone can help! :confused: TRA Passed 18/7/08, submitted 175 visa app 20/08/2008, applied WA SS 20/03/09, SS granted 23/06/09, 176 Visa granted 14/08/2009
  11. Hi there, just when i was about to submit my application, the system said I have Insufficient Funds for my HSBC credit card, its limit is aud$2000. but the 885 visa costs $2525. What should i do? Should I change to apply by POST? or Call HSBC to add the limit? or Can i transfer funds from my saving account to my credit card account? its very urgent the deadline is next week. Pls give me some advice.. many thanks.
  12. Proposed changes to student visa living costs and evidence of funds: http://www.immi.gov.au/students/_pdf/student-living-costs.pdf • $18 000 per year for the main student • $6300 per year for the student’s partner • $3600 per year for the student’s first child • $2700 per year for every other child; and where required • demonstrate that the funds they are relying upon to meet the costs of studying in Australia will be genuinely available to them during their stay in Australia.
  13. sedgecl

    Sufficient funds for SS WA

    Hi All Would anyone know the answer to this. I have been looking at the WA State Sponsership, State Migration Centre » Skilled Sponsored Visa and it says that you have to bring sufficient funds into the State to cover settlement costs. Do you have to show this in liquid (Savings) or can it be Assets (House/Business). Looking forward to hearing from someone. Thanks Sedgecl
  14. gordonnes

    ACT SS Proof of Funds

    Hi There,can anyone shed some light on what is acceptable form of proof of funds for our Agent, ie, property equity,cash in bank etc
  15. Guest

    Child Trust Funds and Tax

    After reading these threads, my 2 year old's Child Trust Fund can remain open once we move to Australia. One thing I am unclear about - are any gains subject to tax in Australia? Thanks in advance, Clive
  16. Sydney

    Tranferring Health Funds

    Hope someone can help. For an Australian resident moving to the UK to live, can they transfer their private health fund from Oz to the UK without losing out ? I know Bupa are over here now, but am not sure if transferring without losing priviliges is possible.
  17. Hi All, Hope someone might be able to advise here... just recently got sponsored by WA for a 176. In my application for sponsorship, I listed my savings (over £50k) and also the market value of my property which I own outright. So I more than comfortably meet the minimum required amount to migrate to WA. In my application, I stated clearly that I would wait to decide whether to sell or rent out my UK house when moving to Aus, and the way the exchange rate is now, I think I will wait a year or 2 or even more to sell my house, renting it out in the meantime. However, in the state sponsorship agreement I have had to sign and return to WA, it outlines the commitments required from me in order to be granted SS... the usual live and work in WA, let them know where you live etc etc but then also that "You transfer around $AUD xxx,xxx into WA for living costs and domestic arrangements." The sum mentioned includes the full market value of my house, on top of my savings. So what is the deal here...??? Is this just a bog standard phrase of letter or are they somehow going to actually enforce this and will the visa grant be depedent on this transfer? I noticed in another recent post, that a CO has demanded of an applicant sponsored by WA that their visa grant is dependent on a £17k funds transfer. The reality is, I really do not want to be forced to sell my house now and transfer all my assets at this time when there is a terrible exchange rate, and neither do I actually need to. I could quite comfortably emigrate relying on my liquid cash assets. Surely they can only demand the minimum transfer required by all? Does anyone have experience here yet? Hope someone can help? Wombats
  18. Hey guys, I am just back in Ireland on a hol from Australia. I transferred money from my australian bank to my Irish bank and its been 5 working days and no sign of the money. I have called the bank but they just keep saying it depends on the other bank. Any advice appreciated. Cheers, Derek
  19. Hi there, We applied for 175 in Jan 09. oh is a carpenter, but taken off csl list in March. Decided to apply for ss to qld just last wk. i understand that qld now no longer wants chippies, and even if they did, if we were to get sponsorship, we'd need proof of financial funds now too. We were banking on the equity from our house, but from what i can see, most of the states want to see proof of money in your account, and equity in house no longer sufficient. I took a look at another option of sponsorship in SA, but again we'd need to come up with $40,000!!!!! as we have 3 kids. Our house has been on the market for the last yr, but no luck in selling for the forseeable future. Unfortunately we have no rich relatives with that kind of money to lend us either.......i dont see any other option for us now but to stick with the 175. Is there anyone else out there given up on the ss option, and having to stick with the 175? I am so disillusioned with the whole process, are we living in cuckoo land even thinking now that we will even get the 175 anyway, the longer this goes on, i am becoming less and less hopeful. E :unsure: e
  20. Guest

    Sufficient Funds ?

    Hello, Does anyone know what would be acceptable for 'Sufficient funds' for WA SS ? I can't see anywhere on any site a guideline, where there is any limit ? being a single bod would £10,000 be enough ? obviously I know the more I can get the better it would be but does anyone know what the chances are if I said £4K for instance. I can money tranferred into my account from a relative. I have a house etc so I could put those as assets if I can ? However I plan to keep on renting it here but if push came to shove I would sell. I am trying to weigh up what I need to get and how. Any help would be much appreciated if anyone can. Thanks and Happy Days.
  21. Just been asked for proof of funds what happens if your funds are tied up in your property?
  22. Hi, I know that most of our docs for TRA etc had to be certified and we used our Son's Head Teacher for that. I have prepared an application for SS 176 for Queensland and I know that they have recently changed this, asking for evidence of proof of funds. I have photocopied bank statements, but wondered if it is really necessary to have them certified as I don't really want to show the Head Teacher this info. Anyone sent theirs off without being certified? Thanks, Mandy
  23. Hi, I have been offered a 3 year incentive career break from were i work, i would like to return to australia because of having this opportunity. I have already been in australia on a 1 year working holiday visa so my only option is to return as a student. I have done a bit of research and notice that one of the requirements for the student visa is to have proof of living costs of $12000. I will be paid 33% of my annual wage per year which will be more than the $12000 required. if i get an official letter from work stating that they will be funding me while i'm away and i will be paid this amount into my bank account, will this be ok as proof. I would be very grateful if someone can give me advice?
  24. Guest

    showing funds??

    Ive been reading a few threads that have indicated that people who are getting state sponsership will have to show funds?? about 20,000aus$ for main applicant and 10,000AUS$ for each dependant please someone tell me if this is the case.. if it is could someone please tell me when are you supposed to show available funds as we have only just found out about this... thanks dizzy..:twitcy:
  25. There are a few of us on here who have applied and are waiting to hear about State Sponsorship with QLD, however, they have recently changed their application forms and I wanted to know if anybody knows the answers to these questions; 1) If our application is already in can they now request proof of funds even though they had not asked this on their previous application form? 2) If the answer is yes, and funds are tied up in the house, will this matter? Will they still give out SS knowing that we have to sell the house before we have the funds actually in the bank? 3) Has anyone been in this situation of having the funds but them being tied up in property and still receiving state sponsorship? Thank you to anyone who can shed some light to this...:wubclub: Tasha x