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Found 94 results

  1. Hi All - Am moving back to UK and applying for spouse visa for wife, our money is mostly tied up in our mortgage and we cant sell the house till we get the visa. In order to show sufficient funds to support ourselves would it be alright to show a professional valuation of the house and our bank statement showing our mortgage debt thus showing our equity in the house. We reckon we'd have about AUS180,000 available but only after the sale. Would UK accept these documents as proof of sufficient funds - surely lots of people are in this position. Thanks in advance Ricrog
  2. WeegieDave

    Funds required for WA SS?

    Hello everyone, I am just wondering about funds required for state sponsorship for WA. I will be lodging me application in a few weeks time for WA State sponsorship and somebody has told me that you need to have a certain sum of money in your bank account for you state sponsorship. I have checked this out on the web but can't find any definite answer or sum required. As it stands I dont have particularly much in my acount at this present moment. Could this affect my application for SS? Any help or advise would be appreciated. David
  3. Hi guys, I have just found out that you are required to have $20k AUD funds to apply for state sponsorship in SA. I don't at the moment, but will have by the time we get there, is this still possible. How do you proove your funds? Thanks!
  4. Chardy

    SMPs and funds ?

    Looking to apply for State Sponsorship either for SA, WA or VIC. Do any of these need evidence of funds as all ours is tied up in assets, no savings to speak of ! Not easy to find info on the websites without applying ! Thanks
  5. Guest

    Relocating Funds?

    Hi all, I am moving to perth in april. I have been granted WA state nomination. Is Relocating fund as asked in the sponsorship letter is necessary? Please sugguest.:huh:
  6. Does anyone have any recommendations of a decent superannuation fund to join. Was looking at Vicsuper - can anyone offer any advice?
  7. Gaza

    state sponsorship funds

    hi all, I have just received state sponsorship WA. It says on the form that i must bring in the amount I said for resettlement etc. what if i cant sell my house? do they check this amount(or there abouts) is actually deposited somewhere? or is this just so they can say you said you had money and should not claim any sort of assistance once there?not that i intend to any views would be appreciated thanks gary
  8. Guest

    ACT proof of funds WAIVER

    Hi All, Has anyone successfully applied for ACT sponsorship and had to do a waiver for the financial bit? If so would you be able to PM me with what details you supplied, how much evidence etc. Similarly if you were turned down would you be able to tell me why etc? We will very shortly be putting our application through and want to have the best chance of getting it right. Thanks so much in advance for any replies. Emm xxx
  9. Boesman

    Proof of funds for south aus SS

    Hi, my mum wants to give us some money for our new life in SA. For the SS application form for south oz, does she just need to write a letter with a bank statement or does she need to transfer the money straight away? We don't want the money in our account until it is time for us to make the move to Aus (as she is getting a nice interest on it at the mo abroad). Do they want prove of all other funds you say you have? We have a property to sell plus a caravan, but not yet. Cheers
  10. why would i want to do this when the tourist rate is so poor compared to these 3rd party brokers? anyone wondered or know how this works pls craig
  11. Guest

    Funds available.

    When applying for state sponsorship you have to show bank statements to the effect of having enough money to support you if your out of work. If you gain SS and apply for a 176 PR visa are you asked again to show the funds you have available to you?
  12. emma&vas

    Does Tasmania need funds for SS

    Hi all I was just wondering if when you apply for tasmania do you have to show proof of funds? Has anybody out there applied? Thanks Emma
  13. Guest

    Does NSW SS require any funds?

    Hi all, Can anybody say if NSW SS require any funds to be shown? I think it doesn't require but just want to confirm. Anybody who already got SS from NSW please let me know. Thanks
  14. emma&vas

    Proof of funds for NT?

    Hi all Does anybody know what proof of funds NT will take? Will they take things like equity in house (valuation)?:confused: How much exactly do they ask to see for myself and my partner? Any help would be great Thanks Emma
  15. Guest

    Proof of funds for ACT

    Can anyone tell me how strict ACT are with the proof of funds. Point in Time we don't have the cash in the bank as we are currently clearing credit cards at the rate of knots, however we have a savings plan in place that means that by April 2012 (the earliest we would be going - and thats only if there are no delays in the visa process - ha ha!!! which we all know is quite unlikely!!) we will have the required funds in cash. I know other states seem less strict on this and just ask for one bank statement but ACT seem to want 3 months? Does this need to be an itemised 3 months or can it just be a balance statement for each month? My OH has £20k in equity in his home as back up but we don't plan to need to rely on that. Has anyone been in a similar situation and if so what did you do? All advice really appreciated!!! Thanks
  16. Guest

    wa proof of funds

    Hi At a recent Down under live conference we were told that to get sponsorship for WA you would need to prove you have 50,000 aus dollars to relocated with for a family of 4. Does anybody know how much you would need for a family of 7. As we dont have a house to sell and as two hard working fulltime nurses and five growing children it will take years to save up much more than this! Do you need proof before you can apply for sponsorship or when you arrive in Australia? Thanks for your help Jo
  17. Hi Anybody have any idea on how much of $$$ an applicant should show in order to get the sponsorship from queensland? & How to show this :jimlad: Bank statement ? Saving certificate ? ??? any other method ? Thanks
  18. Hi everyone. I am Alex, and I am applying for student visa in Republic of Serbia (Assessment Level 3 country). I have downloaded application document checklist and I have one question about the amount of money they require and evidence for that. My cousin will be my sponsor. He owns a company in Brisbane and he has sent me his Bank Statements from 3 bank accounts and all are from 3 previous months, sponsorship letter and evidence about paying tax. The problem is this request: "Money deposit from: A financial institution -in your name or the name of another individual -funds in a money deposit must be held for at least 3 months immediately prior to the lodgement of your visa application. Note: The 3 months saving history requirement does not apply if you are applying for a further student visa to finish a course of study, and you have successfully completed at least 75% of that course". On his bank statements is obvious that he did not held the amount of money I need for two years of living in Australia (2x18000$) plus fees for two years of studying (8000$ because he already paid one year) plus plane tickets. The sum is near 50000$ On his sponsorship letter he wrote that I will live at his house and that he will literally give me the money for everything I need. So, finally, :laugh:, my question is.... Does this request include him and does he need to have this 50000$ held for 3 months on his account or this 3 bank accounts statements are enough to provide the evidence that I wont have any problems with living and studying? (on that bank account he has that amount of money, the problem is that money hasn't been hold for 3 months).
  19. paulswin

    SS Funds???

    Am I right in thinking to get SS you have to have the funds in your bank?? We'll only have money when we sell our house??
  20. Guest

    Proving State Sponsorship funds

    When we first applied for our WA SS, back in April 09 we thought we'd have alot more money to take with us. And told WA that we'd be bringing approx $100k. However, things haven't quite worked out as we've expected, exchange rate has dropped dramatically, we've dropped our house price again in an attempt to sell it (still waiting, but that's a completely new thread!!), and now we're having to do a validation trip as we're not ready to go (because of not selling the house) which is going to drain even more funds. So basically, we're be lucky to be taking $30-40k. Is this going to affect our declaration on our SS? Do they actually check that you have the funds as stated on the application form?? Or will we be ok??? Has anyone else been in the same position? Much appreciate any help Jules
  21. Guest

    Proof of funds for GSM?

    Hey all, does anyone knows how the "proof of funds" work? Do they really check your bank account etc? I am going for Northern Territory regional sponsored and they require 35k AUD of funds and I only have half of that at the moment! They also do not mention how much of it must be in cash..:unsure:
  22. Guest

    funds for migration

    how much do diac class as sufficient funds for a state sponsored visa to western australia. we need to know how much money to save before submitting our visa apllication. thanx
  23. Guest

    proof of funds

    Can a credit card be used for entire proof of funds for a 12 month working visa? Or are cash reserves also required? If so how much of the funds needs to be in cash? Any help would be great!
  24. hi...i'll be heading to melbourne next september (God willing) so i'm just wondering what money shall i prepare to take with me...given that we are a couple and assuming that i won't be able to find work for 3 months (hope not to be more than that ) so can anyone who faced the same situation can tell me roughly speaking what will be the living cost per month for basic needs like food, petrol, rental ... ? thanks all
  25. Guest

    Sufficient Funds for WA

    Hi to all on PIO, I was just wondering if the sufficient funds for a SS for WA includes any pensions that we would be transferring across to Oz? I know it is around $35,000 AUD that is classed as "sufficient" ( I believe that is about right). Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Kelly