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Found 223 results

  1. HI ladies, i've just struggled to navigate this web site so I may be typing in the wrong place, but my need is simple....HELP ME FIND A GOOD HAIRDRESSER!! I live in Sydney in the St George area but am able to travel (within reason) to find a good hairdresser! I have lived here for two years and am yet to find a hairdresser i trust...are there any Poms who are hairdressers on this site that are willing to help??? I have my hair highlighted and cut, nothing particularly fancy but I look forward to having my hair done and would appreciate a visit that doesn't end in tears (the last few have!!). I hope someone can help or recommend a good hairdresser for me. I look forward to hearing from you!!! Thanks, Alexandra
  2. Hi, Recently started getting the process going for emigrating to Australia, been advised by a friend to use GoMatilda. They quoting nearly £6000 for a subclass 175 skilled visa and all the other little bits that go with it. From looking on here, that looks quite alot of money. Can anybody give any advise on good agents and also price scales just so i dont get myself ripped off completely. Thanks Heather.
  3. Guest

    how do you find a sponsor?

    does any one know how to go about finding a sponsor.i am a carpenter and reaLLy just wanting to get over as quick as poss.any info appreciated.cheers
  4. I have asked this question before but didn't get a definate answer (don't meen to sound rude). If I manage to find an employer to sponsor me on either RSMS os 457 visa, would I be able to keep my 2 shops in the uk and keep employing staff or rent them out? like people do with their houses. For say 12 months then if things did not turn out we could return to the uk and still have our business and home?. Thanks cobbler
  6. Robarts Family

    Good Migration Agents-Where to find them

    Hi All, Just wondered is it worth getting opinions from a number of migration agents? If so, where is a good plavce to get a list and find them? Thanks Jo
  7. as we have our medicals booked for next friday hopefully we get our visa within the next couple of months the plan is that james is going to come out first to set things up and then we will follow as soon as he has a job we have looked at some areas to live james does not want a long commute as he already travels for nearly 2 hrs a day getting from leeds to sheffield for his job at the moment what are the best areas to live so that he does not have to travel for a long time to get to work, also when would be the best time for him to start looking for a job should he wait until he gets to oz or start applying as soon as we get the visa(he is in IT) any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Lorna
  8. I certainly did 17 months ago,but i learned to acclimatise financially.It is expensive here,no doubt about that,but we all learn to adapt when faced with an adverse threat!Must be instinct.It has been worth the grief and toil to us personally.Just keep on keeping on untill you can sit back smugly and say"yes ,i did the right thing":yes:
  9. I have just completed a degree in the UK in Psychology and have now got the opportunity to use those skills. I was doing voluntary work with families and young children whilst studying for the past three years and would like to get a paid job doing similar work or possibly working in a school/ the community with special needs children and their families. We are based in Berwick and ideally I would be looking for a part tme job to give time for the family (chores!!!!) I am not sure where to go/what job title is the one I am looking for/ expected salary or anything!! Anyone with any helpful website addresses or places to contact will be much appreciated. Thanks Karen
  10. Hi Everyone, I am wondering if anyone can give me any advice or knows how I can find out if I have debt in Australia! The story is when I was stupid and younger, I was travelling about 4 years ago, got a good job and decided to apply for residency. I saw a migration agent/lawyer who advised me to go for perm residency on the points system. I engaged her services and began the process. We were working to a tight time deadline as at time of lodgment to retain the points I had for being a Personnel Officer which was on the skills shortage list I needed 12 out of the last 24 months current work experience. As I had been travelling this was between quitting my job in the UK and eventually making the decision to apply for residency and find out, this was now counting down, However I submitted everything to the lawyer with about a month to go. When my current working hol visa expired I had to leave the country as I was not eligible for a bridging visa as it was classed as an offshore application, so I went travelling to NEw Zealand. A day or 2 at the most before my work experience would run out and I would no longer be eligible for the these points, so the last possible day for for lodging. The lawyer calls me and tells me one of my employment references wwas not detailed enough. I tried in vain but there was nothing I could do on such short notice to rectify the situation. Without the refernce the lawyer told me she didn't think my application would be accepted, but couldn't be sure!!! (surely this was what she was being paid $4,000AUD for). Given the $2,000 application fees and her lawyer were non- refundable I didn't lodge the application. The lawyer then invoiced me for $1,200AUD. This is where young and stupid comes in, I was gutted and angry as it felt like she 'd only just looked at all the info the day before lodgment after having it a month! I totally regret his now, but I just never paid it. She only ever emailed me once like 2 weeks later asking for it, then I never heard again. She would have had all my UK details on my file. As it happens I never returned from NEw Zealand, and now reside there with my partner who happens to be Aussie. My parents do their best to check my UK mail but are elderly and I'm not so usre how reliable this is. My problem is now that me and my Aussie partner would like to return to Australia to live. I have now been approved for a defacto visa but I am terrified I owe money in Australia. Does anyone know how I can find this out without gettingmyself into trouble? Does anyone know what the process is for debt collection. What steps would the lawyer have taken, what is the process for her to follow? Where is my debt now - with her or with a debt collection agency? Can I settle it with her now? or will it have accrued hideous interest somewhere. Please help if you know, where I can find these answers. I am unable to sleep worrying about this! Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. We want to come out to Auz but are struggling to find a list of companies who want to sponsor workers. Phil is a welder so this is what we are ideally looking for and ideally in Western Australia. Any advise please.....:cute:
  12. onecrankypom

    Help need to find a Gonzo

    I know this seems a strange Dilemma but my partner and I are expect are first baby in the next few months and wondering does any know of a shop in Brisbane where we can get a Gonzo cuddle toy i know of all the Muppet's we could of chosen Gonzo was the one. I have looked on the net and don't want to have to rely on my parents back home to send us one out. Thanks for any help
  13. Just wanna know if there is a way of finding out if I will qualify for my TRA. My agent wants £352 just to find out if my nvq 2 certificate in painting and decorating is enougth as I did not finish my course but still got my qualification! she then wants another £700 to apply, this is all before even appliing for my visa! so confused about how i prove my hours at college and what documents to provide that im a bit reluctant to do it without and agent. But if I knew I was gonna pass the TRA i would do it myself because it only costs $300. Rather than over £1000, thanks shane wyatt
  14. hello i'm looking for any one who teach me driving in newcastle or any school for that............... hope it will be closer to jesmond.... can you help me... thanks
  15. Guest

    Best way to find a sponsor?

    Just a quick thread, where are the best places to search for Australian empolyers who are offering sponsorship opportunites (In the I.T/Finance world)? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul
  16. So, I have been in Australia since the beginning of 2008, traveled and when I came back to Melbourne at the start of '09 I started to seek out a job with the possibility of sponsorship. Now, after my application has been lodged, my employer has run out of funds to pay his staff and I am screwed! I am on a bridging visa, my working holiday expired months ago, I have very little saved, was earning very good money before hand and even went as far as invited my sibling over to stay with me, who I am now responsible for financially for the next couple of months as he is only on a tourist visa. :unsure: Does anybody know of any Melbourne based recruitment agencies who specialise in seeking roles with 457 sponsorship visas? Experience in Advertising Sales, Sales/Marketing, Business Analysis/IT... Any information at this point will be hugely appreciated! My last day is on the 18th - last pay on Christmas Eve - the timing is totally bad! HELP! :arghh:
  17. Hi All I have been really unhappy with my job as a nurse full time woking nights etc. I am the visa holder at present and my husband is working off my visa. We are in the middle of changing this over so he will be the main visa holder so i can work off his. (got this so far...!!!???) My question is I understand that if i 'jack the job in' now I have 28 days to find a sponsor again. As my husband's visa should be here really soon can i still work during the 28 days? I just don't think I can stand it anymore driving an hour plus to work a 12 hours shift. PS I am feeling much better recently after being depressed! There are some lovely people on this site! karen xx
  18. shaunkaren

    Where to find???

    I was just wondering if anyone could send me a link to a map of shops and their location in Werribee and the surrounding areas. We arrive on January 10th and will need to know where the nearest supermarket/drive through alcohol place is!!! I suppose it could be good to know where other services like the tax/medicare offices are, but they aren't half as much fun!!!!:wink: Thanks Karen
  19. Hi i am moving to perth in mid jan with my wife and three children with a permanent residence visa. i have been looking for plumbing/gasfitter jobs online but haven't found any that i can apply for. I'm after a bit of advice on the best way to find a job or should i just wait till i get there. many thanks mickob
  20. Guest

    Help to find Doctor please...

    Hi guys we moved to Oz two months ago and are loving it. We have settled in Madora Bay near Mandurah but need help with finding a good doctor that accepts medicare any suggestions greatly appreciated or are we better off going with private insurance? Also any suggestions for good reasonably priced dentists cheers guys.
  21. Hi i am looking for a post that covers school fees for WA if on a state regional sponsored visa 475. Have been searching for an hour and no joy so if anyone could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it
  22. What do you think about (WA) Aussies? Friendly or not friendly? Approachable or not...??? How easy is it to make some new friends? As many people have emmigrated to OZ from UK or another countries, seems to be the same problem that everyone goes through. Basically, very common thing for emmigrants. People finding it really hard to make a new friends and establish some friendships in here. Anyone would like to discuss this topic? Why is it and how can we make it work without trying so hard? Cheers.
  23. My 7 year old son is dairy intolerant and even the slightest about of dairy produce sends him hyper active. I had done research for products in Victoria when i thought we may end up living there. But since we have been told we are moving to Darwin i have found it hard to find information on the type of foods available for him. In the UK ive been lucky to find a dairy free chocolate spread that i know is made in oz. But as for things like soya milk, marge, cheese and ice cream im stuggling to find it. Where possible i make meals from scratch as well as cakes so i know what is in the food i give him. So for any Darwinites that can offer advice it will help in the settling in process if i can reassure my son that he will still be able to eat similar types of food as he does now. Mandy
  24. Guest

    How to find a cleaner in Canberra?

    Any tips on finding a regular house cleaner in Canberra. I just rang one of the big agencies and they quoted me 118 bucks for 3 hours, AND they have a four week waiting list! Can anyone recommend anyone- there are heaps of people out there but at that price I'd like to know they are (very) good.......
  25. Hi Can anyone let me know where the teaching positions jobs are advertised? I have looked in the Catholic Teachers website but there are hardly any jobs ! Also looked on the Western Australian job site and there was only one job advertised any help would be appreciated as i am moving out to Perth in 6 weeks cheers joe