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Found 223 results

  1. Hello, We are soon joining the long list of POMZ looking for rentals in Melbourne! We are moving over there in June. We are looking for that ''ideal house'' about 30mins from CBD with a little bit of space outside and in a nice area , children friendly! I was just wondering whether getting a relocation agent on board would make a significant difference in finding these properties or in your experience are we just better off looking on realestate and domains website? How easy is it to get a feel for the area? Would be interested to know how the POMZ already there have found their property ? and did they find the right one first time?? thanks in advance for your help ,
  2. Me and my wife have decide to move to Oz we are hoping to live and work in Brisbane on a 457 visa. I found an employer willing to give me a job but they wont sponsor a visa :sad: My work as a Altro Hygienic wall cladder is very specialist and I'm not holding out much hope for a job coming up. My Wife Is a Graphic Designer and has found quite a few jobs on Seek.com.au Should we use a friends address (in Brisbane) on her Resume. Should we mention the need for sponsorship from the start? We are over in August and hoping to line up meetings/interviews with potential employers.
  3. Elliott-Family

    how do you find nursing in Au?

    Hi, i'm a UK trained RMN currently working in mental health for Peninsula Health, vic. I've been qualified for 20yrs and been here 6months. I'm incredibly frustrated with the mental health system here and feel as if i know nothing. I feel that psychiatry is viewed as a 2nd class stream of medicine where as in the UK i felt more respected by other disciplines. I'm not too sure if my frustrations are because our team is run on part time staff, i'm only 1 of 3 full timers in a 24hrs service. We are majorly short staffed and i'm based in a busy ED (A&E) where they def' view psychiatry as 2nd class. Yet again they are trying to tell me i cant take any leave due to staffing shortages. I couldn't take any leave during the summer due to low staff numbers and now they are saying the same again. In 6months of being here i have worked constantly and picked up many extra shifts incl' nights so i am really ready for a break. Although i've been offered a 'sort of' promotion once i've completed a 2yr uni course i just feel so under skilled at present and that the system here is rather behind what i'm use too. How have you found the transition?? Ian
  4. David Willetts: Feminism widened poverty gap and set social mobility back decades | Mail Online
  5. We are going to be moving to Canberra in August 2011 and was wondering how much does owning a dog reduce your chances of finding a rental property? We have rented before in both Belgium and UK with a dog and have always left a larger bond as we know how well we look after our rental properties but this is hard for new landlords to accept at times. We also have references to this effect. We have a small cocker spaniel dog but in the back of my mind i am concerned how difficult it is to find rental properties at the best of times in Canberra and whether having a dog is going to make this even more difficult. We also have 2 boys aged 6 and 5 by time of travel. Still not sure on areas to live as we do not know where my Wife is going to be working yet. We would like a fairly new property hopefully in an area with nice primary school and plenty of younger children. I work in UK Oil & Gas sector so until we are all settled i am going to commute to and from to UK in short term as i work a 2 weeks on 3 weeks off rota, i know it will be difficult but in the short term it allows us to still be financially OK whilst my Wife finds work and schools for the children etc. Planning on having 8 weeks off work to all travel over together and get settled in before returning to work unless i find something in Australian Oil & Gas Sector in meantime. Any advice would be extremly helpful.
  6. PILBARA women reckon the booming resource region is a great place for single women to find a man. A spokesman for the Shire of Roebourne said men outnumbered women 4.5:1 in the Pilbara, though the figure was heavily influenced by transient workforce numbers. Among the women who have found love is Karratha bar manager Hayley Warne, 23, who within eight months of moving from Queensland, met 20-year-old local Axel Mayo, an electrician. "There are so many men here for women to choose from," Miss Warne said. "Most of them are decent guys, but some get pretty drunk and get in fights. "There's too much testosterone in one place and that doesn't go down well. "We definitely need more women in the place." Miss Warne said barmaids in Karratha could earn $20 to $23 an hour and up to $1000 a week in tips. Former Perth resident Kelly Strange, 42, met her partner, logistics supervisor Bevan Ferguson, in a month of moving to Karratha. Miss Strange encouraged more Perth women move to Karratha, for love and money. "I sent my resume out to three recruitment agencies recently and had three job offers within two hours," she said. Karratha Tavern manager Mick Brown said it would be wonderful to see more women around because they would create a calming influence on the men. "They're a rowdy bunch, but they're all making big money and they're good guys," he said. But a local sex worker, who did not want to be named, said Karratha did not need more women, but women in the town needed to change their attitudes. She said local women were ignoring men who had non-mining jobs. "There are plenty of girls, but many of them are gold-diggers," she said. "I know quite a few of the young guys and they say unless you work in the mine site earning $2000-$3000 a week, the girls don't want to know you."
  7. Hi Guys Got the visa woop woop !!! Now do i find a job before i go and then find a nice area to live orrrrr , do i find the area once we move over and then sort the job mmmmm:wub::wub::wub: We will be staying with friends in wulkuraka (near ipswich) queensland initially. I did have a job over but due to the skills list taking so long had to stand down as they had already waited 7 months. Now im not tied to the areas i had been researching at the beginning. So the dilemma is find a job before we go and plan around that or find and area and then look at jobs. Which way would you do it :idea::idea::idea::idea: Thanx in advance guys x Annette x
  8. Right, sorry new to all this and prob a question been asked many times so bear with me! Looking for a job (husband Building Surveyor/Project Manager) in Oz with a 457 employer sponsored visa. What is the best way to find a job? Apply direct to jobs we see on the internet (though they do say you should have the right to live and work in Oz) or to go through a migration agent? Or recruitment agents? Have no idea where to start with this.... have googled but can't seem to find how you get that foot on the ladder and find appropriate jobs to apply for! Any help, personal experiences would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Hi there Does anyone know how much it costs to register with the Western Austraia Nursing board or where I can find out. I have looked at the website and i cant see anywhere where it says on either the registration form or the rest of the website, am I missing something? I cant be the only person to be having this problem can I? Please help. Thanks
  10. hi i am married with three children, i am a level 3 nursery nurse and my husband a salesman for a shipping company selling container space and storage on vessels import/export. we have visited oz a few times and have family there and we feel we would love to emigrate to perth, however we have been told that my qualification is not enough to ge tus into oz as pre-primary teachers are on the list but at degree level, my husbands job not on list now was but not now, does anyone know any other way we could possibly acheive our dream of a life in oz, i could get my uncle to sponser me in but was told to do that our profession would still have to be on the list is this right does anybody know, pleeeeeeeease help any advice welcome im at the stage where i just want to pack up and go anyway.
  11. Hi, We have had a brief assessment from "Concept Australia" and are a few points short of the criteria, and wondered if it would be worthwhile to travel to Australia to seek sponsorship. I gained an ONC in Building Studies in 1988 & HND in Civil Engineering in 1995 but set up my own small construction company, (extensions, refurbs) in 1999 employing between 2 - 10 men depending on workload. I have always been good with my hands and have now become very competent at most trades, bricklaying, joinery, roofing, tiling etc as well as maintaining the day to day running of the sites, but do not have any certificates for these trades, so my problem is finding a category and not having worked for other companies with these trades. We would love to live in Perth or Adelaide and i am sure i could be a good asset to somebody elses company. Does anybody think it would be worthwhile flying out for a month or so to look around for sponsorship or are the companies over there not really interested in people turning up out of the blue, or does anybody have any similar experiences good or bad, Ste, Kaz & Kids
  12. Hello everyone, I am only being given 7 days to provide my CO with Pcs from Pakistan. I sent her a certificate from a Station House Officer from the area about month ago but she doesn't accept that. CO asked me to contact the nearest Pakistan High Commission to obtain a police clearance. I live in Melbourne so where is the nearest Pakistan High Commission here? I am so freakin nervous and shaking. any advice will be appreciated. cheers asad
  13. Hi guys I am new to the forum!! My family and I (husband and 2 boys aged 13 and 15) are currently looking to better our lives, from hum drum in the UK to bright and sunny in Oz, my husband is 50 this year so we woul need to come over through me, I am 38, I train horses for a living and having spoken to an agent understand that if I fnd employment I can come over on a 457 visa, but I would need sponsorship - he said that it wouldnt be a problem if I offer to pay for the sponsorship process and could be quite straightforward. He said basically I find a job and get on a plane then contact him and he would take care of all of the paperwork - for a fee of course, I have no problem with this but how realistic is this, my family and I are just looking to make the most of the time we have working left and looking for a brigher future for our boys, we arent planning to do this until possibly next summer. Any advice would be very much appreciated!! Am I really just thinking pie in the sky or is this really do-able!! Any advice good or bad!! thanks Ali j
  14. Hi, Talking with various recruitment agencies it seems increasingly difficult to secure work before leaving the UK. The response we have had so far seems to be 'great experience, there will be no problem, call us when you get here'. With three kids and not a massive budget we feel the risks are too high to just go and hope for the best. Has anyone secured work through Skype interviews etc. before leaving or has everyone applied 'on location'? Thank you!
  15. I guess many people here have a wide and varied selection of reasons they want/wanted to move to Australia. For those of you lucky enough to be there already, I wonder if you'd mind sharing the reasons you left the UK? Did you find what you were looking for in Australia?
  16. Hi all I desperately need some advice. After living and working in Australia for 4 and a half years, I lost my job yesterday. They terminated my contract. I am devastated. Im due to fly home for Xmas next Sat (11 Dec) which gives me a week to sort something out. Do I try and find a new job within a week? Are there any visas I can apply for in the meantime? I have an apartment full of stuff, wonderful friends and I don't want to leave my life here behind. I'm due to fly back to Oz on 3 January, but by then the 28 days would be up I think, depending on when my 457 is actually cancelled. Am I able to transfer it to another employer within the 28 days? Can I lodge a Skilled Migrations Visa (Im on the SOL)? $2500 to lodge but worth it. I'm scared, confused and do not know what to do. I am researching like a mad man today...and have a whole week to really put something into motion. If a friend offered to sponsor me independently is this possible? Marcus
  17. Hi there, My husband has been offered a jod working in the Melbourne city centre. We are hoping to move close to some friends who have just moved to Beaumaris. The primary schools there seem sound for our daughter who is 9. However for our son who is 12 and will be due to start in year 7 secondary school, it seems more challenging. Can anyone recommend secondary schools around Beaumaris and the beach? Thanks in advance Vixx
  18. Hi! I am looking for a Part Time Engineer Job in Brisbane..Can anyone give some tips to find it? I am trying looking en seek.com.au and careerone but without succes...also I buy the CourierMail Newspaper every Saturday... I am Electronic Engineer with Master Degree in Industrial Enginering. I have more than 8 years of experience as IT Project Engineer/ Manager. Now, I am working in Brisbane as Electronic Assembler and I am in a project about Process Improvement, but just few hours peer week. Is it possible to find a Part Time Job?? I am with Partner Student Visa for this reason I cant work full time..
  19. My friends daughter and her boyfriend want to come out on a working holiday visa for 6 months to a year, can anyone tell me if there is still enough casual work for them to be able to support themselves. I see that the National Minimum Wage is $15 which is quite high compared with the UK anyway, but does the work still exhist? Any advice please? Oh and I can spell holiday honest lol
  20. Guest

    How to find a Sponsored Job?

    Hi everybody, I am in cat 3, so I am thinking in a plan B: Sponsor Resume -No photo, no marital status,no nacionality -3 or 4 pages -no irrelevant information -cover letter ( no mention immigration issues) Internet Seek Careers One Linkedin Agencies I am looking for employment agencies that give this service.. Any advice??
  21. I need to know where I can buy a quality used car that isnt too expensive? have thought about shipping ours across Oz but its only worth about $3000 and would cost approx that to move it!!!! I saw something worrying about cars costiing a lot in WA? I want to get something decent but not in the 30'000's. I am busy packing now and im worried and scared and excited at the same time!!! WA here we come!! ....:yes: Cheers! :jiggy: (PS we are moving to near Freo)
  22. Hi to all, Would anyone like to comment about finding jobs if your not a skilled worker? Husband in Motorcycle Trade for 20 years (parts Manager) I have been in Medical for along time, Private and NHS, Admin and Clerical. Also worked in retail (supermarkets), waitressing, but would try anything, (within reason) as long as it pays the bills. It is a big concern of ours as we will be bringing a certain amount of money with us (or transfer it), so don't want to run out of money and then start to panick if we havent found jobs. Shall we bring our CV's with us to show to employers? Is it best to find jobs through agencies, newspapers etc... or through friends and family?:arghh: We would ideally like to find permanent jobs and don't mind a bit of travelling. I would like to find a job in a Private Hospital or medical centre or something along those lines. I currently work in a private hospital in UK. Should we ask our current employers for references (and character) and take them with us? Look forward to hearing from anyone.:biggrin:
  23. Hello! I'm 24 and from Scotland, moving to Melbourne next Tues to work and need to find a furnished room in a flat/house share reasonably close to the CBD but finding this a bit tricky. Not too fussed about area, as long as it's up to a 30 min commute into the city. Could anyone help with suggesting where I might find a room for around $100-150 per week? I've checked a few websites like gumtree but so far nothing great has come up. Thanks in advance for all suggestions, Laura :-)
  24. Hello, This is my first ever post ( never used a forum before!) so i hope my message is in the right place! I am a news camerawoman with 11 years experience and understand i am on the new SOL list of skilled worker. After getting my skills assessed, i know i will have to find a employer to sponsor me. But in the media industry, jobs don't come by frequently so i was wondering if any fellow camera operator has ever been sponsored by a tv company in Australia? How can i find out if there is a shortage of camera operator in the country? My last question is this one then: if your job in on the SOL list, does that necessarily mean there is a shortage for that particular skill? Thank you in advance to anybody who will find the time to answer me & have a lovely day! Sophie.
  25. Looking for a reliable agent to help my wife and I. We'll arrive early Dec 2010 and need a furnished rental for a couple of months. Focusing on Mandurah currently. It's only the two of us, no pets, no smoking, very clean and responsible. Thanks.