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Found 223 results

  1. Well, the title says it all really:smile: I'd be on a student visa so it would be 20 hours max. I'd like to do some office-type work, something related to what I am studying (business and/or tourism) but I guess if worse comes to worse I can always fall back on retail:biglaugh: After studying, if I want to stay in Australia, I need to find a company to sponser me... is that the only way to stay? Is it hard to find a job without a bachelor's degree (I'm doing an advanced diploma)?
  3. Hi all! Sarah and I are in the beginning stages of planning our move to Oz. She's a Doctor and so should have a job sorted before we go. I'm not especially skilled though, and i'm wondering what my chances of finding half decent work are. We're oth 2, I have average GCSE and A-Level results, did two years at Uni before leaving to seek employment. Since then I've done a variety of jobs from working in a supermarket, a bingo club and over the last year of so i've taken on Admin, quite successfully. I have good IT skills, and will be completing ECDL/ICDL. We're hoping to move to Newcastle initially while Sarah does her training and then we'd like to move to somewhere like Wagga, but that would probably be after a year or two, maybe more. Any guesses what my chances are like?
  4. Hi all, My name is jake... Im in the process of applying for my visa and have been calling agents for qoutes etc and advise... I have a cousin who recently moved to brisbane... But although i like the sound of moving to the east coast.. Perth seems the place where the work is...?? can anyone tell me how to find the work on demand list so i can cheack for job in my area... Also looking for peoples views on a good agent...!!! Regards Jake :jiggy:
  5. Hi Brief overview to all.....................Thankyou in advance for replying! I need to find somewhere to rent short term in NSW preferably in the Randwick area for US (Family of 5) AND a Mother In Law who needs her own space.............The idea being that we would use this as a base to explore areas (MIL is already there) and she would be living with us long term! I am finding that besides the "short term" problem properties in Randwick are expensive and are mainly Units! (eg AUD700 p/wk) I am ideally looking for a "Family Home" (We need 4 Beds & 2 Bathrooms) and have noticed that in other suburbs we could get a House for approx AUD500 p/wk BUT I don't want to be too far away from my Brother in Randwick! Any ideas which suburbs are best? I have a Map obviously:smile: BUT would welcome any advice on this? Basically I DON'T want my MIL to choose a house for us, in the nicest way possible but don't want to be too far away from my Family......................my Husband will be working in Chippendale and I have 3 Girls at school to consider! Gosh!!!!! So sorry for the long post! Don't want much do I?:notworthy:
  6. Guest

    How long to find a job?

    Hi Guys, For those of you who didnt already have jobs to go to, can I ask how long it took you to find a job once you arrived? Many Thanks Angelcake
  7. i posted a reply thread to should i go or stay by someone, name escapes me and i cant find it there are 25 posts to this thread and i can only pick up about 10, what have i done wroge or is there a problem with this post. Please help quite knew to all this so it is proberly me, but not sure, really want to read the rest of tthreads after mine but cant find them HELP ME PLEASE:realmad:
  8. Hello Will be in Sydney next week on a reccie trip with my cousin who is a plumber and would like to know where we can get information on his trade in respect to availability of work, wages, what paperwok might be required, etc? We both have our PR Visas so no probs there. Just don't want to waste our trip by going to the beach and the pubs (which we'll probably do as well.......lol) Will then go to Brisbane from the 24th of Oct and then up too Bundy for a few days from the 29th of Oct 2007 Any help will be greatly appreciated and if anyone fancies a brew with a couple of Scots then please drop us a line on here ok!!!!!! Thanks the nooo Nom & Colin
  9. Guest

    Need to find a sponser

    Hi everybody, New to this forum so here goes.. Got TRA approval back some time in July. Waited for friend from Sydney to come to UK to speak with my agent with the intention of him employing me. We had discussed this at some length and had really banked on him but found out he isn't a suitable sponser. He is a licensed builder but in effect he works alone and uses contractors so he wouldn't meet requirements. So now i have to change plans and find a sponser. Have spent last 7 years or so as a Painter & Decorator so have been approved by TRA on those skills. Was planning to head out to Sydney where i have spent a year or so on various trips over the years and have made many friends although i may have to change plans there again. Any ideas on finding jobs or recruiting agencies particularly looking for tradesmen from the UK? What are the best areas for work now? Have read somewhere that WA is screaming out for trades and looking to sponser people? My agent is very good but he can't get me a job so i'm trying to gather as much info as possible. Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks Kevin
  11. I thought I would pass this onto you PIO girlies...... It has helped me to find inner peace, while going through this visa malrkey !!!!!!!!!!! :wubclub: The way to do this is to firstly pledge to finish what you have started ! I looked around the house this afternoon to find all the things I had started and not finished................ so I finished off the Baileys, the Vodka, the port, the red wine & the Valium !! You have no idea how peaceful I am now !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, it worked for me !!!!! :twitcy: Sally-ann xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Well its taken 4 days to come to terms with the fact,,but ,australia have pulled me on my medical and i now have to undergo further investigation with a specialist.We have known from day one we may have problems at this point due to a liver condition i have ,i guess you learn to blank things out and just focus on everything being ok ,but it still hits ya like a ton of bricks when you get that dreaded 'e-mail'.As Sparky said to me the other day ''at least they havnt said no''.i hope she knows them few words meant so much to me and gave me a kick up the bum to get motivated again ,so thanks mate,,, Will HOPEFULLY get everything sorted as soon as and get the specialist report out to them so they can put me out of my misery either way ,,still cant quite bring myself to think ''what if they do say no'' as i live ,eat ,sleep, and breathe Oz at the moment ,,so come on guys ,,spur me on ,any tips welcome,,,!!!!! Cal x SO NEAR AND YET SO FAR !!!
  13. Hi, i am a chef and I would like to know if there is any newspaper, magazine, whatever, where I can find an employer to sponsor me? If I can advertise my experience as a chef anywhere? I tried employment agencies, but often it is only for those with residency? Any one in OZ wants to be a bridge between an employer and emploees? Thank you.
  14. OK Can someone please tell me where the anxiety on/off switch is located on a man? ( and yes, I've tried pressing the obvious but that doesn't seem to work....God knows I've even tried yanking the damn thing off ..yes YANKING that isn't a typo!!! Why is it I have sleepless nights and am tormented by thousands of bizarre thoughts about the wisdom of this moving to Oz stuff, (please see Thinking out Loud on PIO thread for a snapshot of this insanity), and the OH just says "oh don't need to think about that now", farts loudly , rolls over and goes to sleep!!!! How is it that I love to post on this forum make friends and get wonderful nuggets of info whilst the OH just ...yep Farts loudly, rolls over and goes to sleep????? Have I signed some unseen agreemment that says, Dear OH, please don't worry about anything 'cos the wife worries for all of us. Please don't get stressed because the wife is running around like a headless chicken so you don't need to. Please don't even think about doing any resaerch cos the wife has done enough to get an honoury doctorate from DIAC!!!! i KNOW THERE IS AN ANTI STRESS BUTTON SOMEWHERE..i JUST NEED TO FINd THE BLOODY THING SO i CAN SWITCH HIS ON!!!!!!!!!
  15. Guest

    What a find!

    Discovered this forum yesterday and joined up immediately. Can't believe how much I have learned already. We are a couple of (nearly) oldies planning to try to go out to Aus on Contributary Parent Visa - no, we are not rich, just too old to wait 8 years. We have a son and grandson out there, and our other son is also planning to go with his partner. Just wanted to say hello to all you lovely people. Jean:jiggy:
  16. Where do you find ETA visa numbers? they are asked for on form 47sk Q50 I cannot ever recall seeing the number, they go on electronically marathon form filling this week end, loverly :no: but a great end product :wink:
  17. Guest

    good to find you all

    Hello all. Can you believe i only just found this site? My partner and I are waiting. Still. We began the whole proccess Jan 2006! Hopefully near the end now.We are just waiting another police check as first expired, but have been promised visa as soon as the case worker receives scanned copy. We are starting the good life at Noosa, where we already have family, but plan to see MANY other places before picking one. Well, it would be rude to leave places unvisited. (no kids so don't feel need to settle quite so quickly). We are extremely excited. To the point of permanent giddyness. So here's to us and everyone else going through the same......cheers. Aveen :v_SPIN:
  18. Me and the hubby are moving to Aus in May, starting in Sydney then having a look at Brisbane. I've read on one of the sites (although for the life of me I can't find it again now!) that it is done on a points system and if you take a 'credit reference' with you, that will assist in you qualifying to rent a property. I've asked two banks that I deal with and they both say the same - it has to be applied for in writing by the person requiring the reference and this can't be issued to the customer. I very much doubt Mr Estate Agent in Aus will write to my bank asking for a reference and wait 3 weeks for a reply....... Can anyone shed any light on this subject. Any advise greatfully received! Thanks Lynsey
  19. Hi just registered on this great site it's sooo helpful! Were just giong thro' preliminary searches at the mo' so i'm doing as much research as poss!! A couple of questions I hope anyone can help! Does anyone know where roof tilers are most in demand and whats the best way of securing a job? We fancy Queensland. Is it to wait till you get there and search or is it at all possible to secure a job before moving by posting a CV? How do you go about giving contact details when there, is it possible to keep your uk mobile and renew the sim card or do you have to get a new phone in Oz? Also if your looking for work is there such a thing as family allowance or tax credits to see you through financially 'till you've a job? Thanx XX
  20. Guest

    Cant find right visa!!!!!!

    hello, myself and my wife dont have jobs on the general skilled list and my wifes parents still live in this country, my parents, brother and sister live in oz, we want to join them but cant find a visa that fits our status. we cant do last remaining relative cos of my wifes parents, so think we are stuck, i hope our dream isnt over before its began..... i was accepted to immagrate when i was 16 with my parents but chose to stay in the uk and go into the forces..... can anyone help???????
  21. restfamily

    Hos do I find an Obstertrian

    Hi I am moving to Canberra 6 months pregnant and need to line up a private obsterian before I go as by the time I get there it will be 3 weeks since I saw a midwife here. Any ideas how I go about this? We are off to Canberra. Thanks
  22. Does anyone out there know from experience if I am going to find difficulty getting a 12mth rental that will take our Golden Retriever (Goldie, yes I know....original name :lol: ) I have been checking the house sites and there are precious few that actually say pets negotiable. This worries me slightly as I haven't factored in the cost of kenneling for a year! Any advice well received oh and by the way if anyone knows of a way of getting the dog from Scotland to Brisbane for less that 3 grand!!! I would LOVE to hear from you. Cheers Steve
  23. Hi There Does anyone know of a company/organisation who I could use within the UK to help me to go and work in Australia? I'm talking specifically about finding work as a Senior Account Manager within a Marketing Agency working on a holiday visa I guess for the time being. Someone mentioned a company to me some time ago but I can't remember the name of them. I'm very much on my own here trying to sort it out so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ads