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Found 223 results

  1. Hello, I am so keen to move to Oz and I am hoping to apply for temporary business visa (457) but firstly I would need to find a sponsor and I don’t know where to start! I have been working in the local government as a Support Officer for the last 10 years. Do I need to contact all the authorities and potential employers and ask if they would consider taking someone in from overseas? Also, is it worth taking a chance to apply jobs vacancies online? If you have got any advice or tips, I would love to hear from you (please PM me if you wish ) – it would be really helpful. Thanks, Claire
  2. Hi all We are hoping to leave on the 9th of november but cant find any temporary furnished accomodation . We are hoping to move to coolangatta so would really like to be in that area. Have searched all the realestate sites and emailed lots of agents only to be told they have gone!:no: or they want over $1000 a week. Others that are avalible are on a 6 month let and unfurnished. Really panicing now that we will have nowhere to go. And dont know what to do. If anyone out there can help or suggest anything it would be greatly appreciated. We need a minimum of 3 beds and fully furnished happy to comitt to a 3 month lease Thanks Rachel Stan Daniel Charlie Mollie x
  3. can any body tell us the areas that are best for construction management / site supervisory posistions. We have now made up our minds and want to get started, found out some fo the visa catagories already and any help from here we be happily accepted
  4. Hi Everyone! My name is Sue and I live in Cardiff, Wales. Have joined PIO so I can hopefully get some help and advice on moving to Oz and of course, make some new friends, so please add me to your contacts and feel free to get in touch! I have spent 4 months in Oz this year on holiday and am very keen to move there permanently as I feel I belong there and would love to make a new life for myself. Only problem is I am 46 years old and unable to get a job without a sponsorship from an employer. I am looking for sponsorship from the Financial Services industry, banking, insurance etc.. I have nearly 30 years administration experience and this can be adapted to any kind of office environment. I have a CV readily available, so please contact me if you are an employer, or know of anyone who you think would be interested. Look forward to hearing from you! Sue
  5. neilo

    12 days to find a rental?

    hi how easy is it to find a rental in brisbane? we have a hoilday let for 12 days then we need to have a 6 month rental agreement or else were sleeping on the beach!!! going with kids so could really do with some advice HELP!!
  6. Guest

    How do you find Aussies.

    I find the majority of Australians blokes loud and obnoxious but as they are bred from criminals you have to give them yardage I suppose....how do you find them.:jimlad: The women are OK but do seem very un-streetwise and a bit thick to be honest.
  7. Is anyone here married to an Australian and went to Australia permanently that way? My husband is Australian (still a Aussie passport holder with UK residency). We have been married for 9 years. We have lived here all that time but now there's an opportunity for him in Tasmania and we are going to go for it! The thing is the opportunity may be starting in 3 weeks! Now obviously I need to get a spouse visa. But does anybody know how long it will take? And can I go to Australia on a holiday visa and apply for a spouse visa while I am there. Or do I have to stay here? Don't even get me started on packing the house up, transporting the cat - thank god we only rent!
  8. Totally shell-shocked today! Got visas granted yesterday and am looking into validating in Adelaide but I'm just going round in circles driving myself crazy here! We're looking at validating in mid November (or Feb but leaving it bit late so hopefully not) We need to rent a family home for 10 days or a fortnight or so, somewhere around Adelaide. We're a family of 4 so need at least 2 bedrooms and we're hoping to rent somewhere that will give my eldest daughter (12) a bit of a boost as she spent yesterday in tears when I told her we got the visa :no: so need to make her feel positive about this! So if anyone has any rentals that would be available in November, or any recommendations, I would be massively grateful for your help :notworthy: Thanks for listening to me babbling on....
  9. Hi gang just need a bit of advice from those who have been there and done it! Could of posted this in this in the renting section but more people read this section!! We cant decide if we are sucessful when we move out to the great Oz whether its best to arrive to holiday accomadation for a few weeks....we plan to rent a property when in Oz but don't know how hard it is to find fully furnished as we wont be taking any sort of furniture with us and not sure how long it will take us to get set up e.g..beds/chairs ect ect.. So anyone who has been through this already let me know your experiences. G'day people:Randy-git:
  10. Hi ya, We are hopefully moving to Melbourne in November 08 with two (lovely) dogs. The thing is the Dog migration companies want over £5k to ship our dogs plus quarentline fees!! I've been trying to investigate doing the arrangements myself and have got some of it sussed... my big problem is getting an airline to accept the dogs without a migration company. British Airways and Quantas both say they wont take them unless we use an agent. Has anyone been through this process successfully or not.. and could give me any advice even if this is not possible. Any info would be really appreciated, Liz
  11. hello, myself my husband and our 2 small children are thinking about moving to australia, the trouble is every where looks and sounds lovley. My husband is a qualified joiner/carpenter and i am a qualified busines admin altouh i am a house wife at the moment. i wondered if any one had any sugestions on where is best for that kind of work, if work is easy or hard to come by that sort of thing. were were thinking of not to far away from the coast, not a major city? Any advice will be apprechiated.
  12. Hi we are in the early stages of the visa process but we have decided that perth is gonna be our destination.Its me my wife and my 2 children aged 4 & 6, we dont want to be to far from perth central but not to close if you know what i mean! im just a little concerned that if we go to far from central perth that the job oppurtunitys might not be as great for the trade im in ( Vehicle Painter). We was looking at secret harbour area but not sure if thats gonna be to far! we also havnt got a fortune to spend on a house so the house prices would have to be reasonable in the area we choose but also a nice neighbourhood no where dogdy. If anyone could help us that would be great!
  13. just wondered where i would find the value statement on the immi website - some people have said they need it in addition to ticking the box when doing the online application. want to play safe and scan it over just in case.
  14. Does anyone know of a way I maybe able to find work in Oz prior to leaving Britain. Are there any construction companies worth contacting. I'm City And Guilds Qualified, I have been Self Employed the last 6 months in Somerset and have experience in Tiling, Lime Plastering, Skimming, Rendering and all general aspects of Plastering. Also I can be out in Oz asap. Thanks Dan
  15. Hi All Just wondering if anyone knows the legalities of emigrating with children. They are 10 and 16, I am remarried and have no idea where their father is although he is in Australia / New Zealand somewhere!! I have a maintenanace order that is with REMO who are trying to locate him in Australia. The Court Solicitor said that I will have no issues taking them as I can prove they cannot locate him and as he is in Australia himself it is in their best interests to be there too. Surely it cant be that simple ............. or can it??? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Jen xxx
  16. Guest

    Help, can't find OH's P45

    Hi Everybody, We are in a bit of a dilema, we are gathering up all required documents for the visa application, but we can't find my OH's P45 from his 2nd to last employer. We have looked everywhere, we have been in touch with the tax office and they don't issue replacements :arghh:. Has anyone else had this dilema, if so how did you get around it? Any help or advise will be really appreciated. Thanks Kim
  17. Guest

    Trying to find info on sponsors

    Hi, I am returning to Brisbane in June, few weeks later my friends are coming over for a 5 week visit so he can try to secure an employer to work for who will sponsor him to stay. He has been advised he cannot go down the route of applying for visa before as he is a welder with years of experience but no actual apprenticeship papers, he has many certificates and tickets for driving many machines... To try to help them have the best oportunity to secure something while over I am trying to find any info at all.... HELP!! Do recrtuitment agencies have complanies looking for employees to sponsor?? I see some interesting threads on Hire a migrant, any comments? Is there a migrant agent on here that has advice when you are on the occupation in demand list but not quite all the formal qualifications to go along to support it?? Is there others in similar situations? How can we find large construction companies who may be willing to sponsor?? My friend is 44 and is feeling the pressure because of his age, Thanks for any advice...
  18. Guest

    Will my boss find out?

    Some help if anyone knows please. When we first started looking into this, my hubby was going to be main applicant, but he can't pass the skills test. . . so, I am currently an Office Manager, used to be a hairdresser. I am more likely to pass the skills assessment as a hairdresser as i have no formal quals in office management (just worked my up v quickly) so this is what we're going to do . . i hope! As I may now be the main visa applicant, i'm worried about my job. I will have to get a reference from my boss, which I can get, no problem, i've said it's for a College course i'm starting. I don't want him to know that i'm planning on leaving for good as he may just 'let me go' earlier. (and i need the good money and don't want to be hassled in trying to get another job!) My question is . . what is the likelyhood that he will be contacted for an 'over the phone reference'? If he gets a call out of the blue i'll be in trouble for not telling him. Help please!!! Cheryl
  19. scoots

    find a job

    hi guys can anybody give me any links to a good website for jobs in melbourne,so i can email my cv to them thanks scott.
  20. Guest

    How long till we find out??

    Hi Everyone We are going for our medicals tomorrow (student visa) and was just wondering how long it usually takes to find out if everything is ok? Any info would be great! Wendy :notworthy:
  21. Guest

    How do i find a good agent?

    We are all set to start our process,but i have no idea how to get an agent and how much the total cost would be!can somebody please recommend a good one.I have tried emailing one ,but that was two days ago-am i being impatient?this is obviously new to me and i'm so nervous:wideeyed: Wendy x
  22. hello this is a really dumb question but where do you find the visa application forms. my partner wants to apply on a skilled works visa.... i've done searches on google but just comes up with lots of migration agents websites... if possible we want to fill the forms in ourselves and try (!) and avoid agents fees (will prob need help tho! but want to try at least first!) i've had a look on auussie gov website but i just think i'm being a bit dumb... can you download the forms or do you have to send off for a paper visa application??? please help me and point mne in the right direction! Thanks a million :goofy::unsure: sorry for asking about something that is probably really obvious!
  23. Hi there, does anyone know how I can find out which high schools are the better ones (government) in a particular region? i know in the Uk we can look at the % pass rates for GCSE results at particular schools, what tests do they sit in oz? education in oz is baffling me, i want to go to an area that has good schools but won't know what are good areas or good schools. my cousins in melbourne go to private grammer schools and I know we can't afford to send 3 boys to private school. we are making the move to melbourne to create a better life for our boys and don't want to put them in a school that is not performing well.
  24. moving 2 perth in may and im just wondering how i go about finding work as a bricky wen i get there can any1 help?:mask:
  25. Hi all, I am currently writing a book on moving to Australia(for Brits,Americans and Canadians). I just wanted to know how easy it was for you folks(who have already settled in Oz)to meet new friends.Also,where did you meet them?Was it through work,or an ex pat community club,a bar,through existing friends or the gym?? Also,if anyone could tell me where the best areas to live in Melbourne are-that would be grand! Annndddd..last but not least,has anyone had any drama's renting a place due to no local references/credit history etc. If you would like to throw any quotes my way,that would be fantastic-I will give you a mention within the book! It's called 'How to Live and Work in Australia'. I really appreciate your help!!!!Thanks so much!! Jodie ps.my apologies to those I was chatting to in the chatroom-somehow i dropped out?