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Found 223 results

  1. Guest

    How to find the positive?

    Aargh life is so unfair – as some of you will know, we were robbed at knifepoint last August in our flat in Fulham, had two laptops (one of which had been purchased 2 days earlier) wallets, all CD’s phones etc stolen – this happened 4 days after our car was burnt out at Reading festival. We now have managed to save up for another laptop, and have both in the last week or so been feeling positive about life again. Last night, OH, who is in Phuket living with his dad (I get there next week) had his room broken into and new laptop stolen – we’d just taken a whole lot more photos, put music up there again, etc – as well as digital camera, clothes and wallet with card and about 1000 baht in it – only good thing was that he was sleeping with his ipod on so didn’t wake up – would hate to think what would have happened – but it is just so unfair!!! Travel Insurance wanted an extra £40 for the laptop, and as we thought it wasn’t going to be leaving his dad’s house thought it would be ok so didn’t cover it – we’re not bad people, and always try to do the right thing – is just so damn unfair!!!! Just feel so much for my OH, he’d really been starting to feel so positive about life and then this happens and just makes us wonder if it is all worth it……..:cry:
  2. I have just returned to the States from my year working holiday visa... and I want to get out of my country as soon as possible!!! I want to move to back to beautiful Oz and live with my boyfriend who is an Australia citizen. We had been dating and living together for 9 months before I had to leave due to my visa expiring. It seems the only visas that have potential are the Spouse/Defacto Visa and the Prospective Marriage Visa... but we don't quite fit in to either category. The problems is we don't qualify for the Spouse/Defacto Visa because I can not prove that we lived together for 12 months (how strict is the government on this, would they know if I embelished a few months)? Also we don't have much proof: ie rent records, or shared bank accounts. Just a bunch of photos, letters from our family and friends... and well yeah thats about it. The other problem is we aren't quite ready to commit to marriage in 9 months, so even if we applied for this visa and then just didn't get married I would still have to leave the country in 9 months, so that is not practical and only a short term fix to the problem. So I feel like I am at a dead end. The only thing keeping me going is my heart, because it will be absolutely broken if we are unable to live together. Does anyone have any advice? If I did go ahead and apply for the Prospective Marriage Visa will they positevely kick me out after 9 months? Can I come as a tourist and then apply for the Spouse Visa after I fill our few more months of "living together quota"? I mean there has to be a solution... right? Please Please Please someone give me some advice I'm desperate!!!
  3. kellyjamie

    how easy to find work?

    Hi Guys, we are wondering for all those that have done it how easy or difficult it is to find and secure work on a temp visa? as the contract can not be for longer than your visa?? even though theres a good chance you will qualify for PR after 2 yrs? also i looked at QLD govs site and who is eligible to work for them, it says any citizen or perm res, or anyone with the right to work in oz so i take it temp visa holders are included in this? many thanks kelly
  4. Hi new here, Im a carpenter and oh is a hairdresser. we are currantly living in spain. But are soon going to perth.. I came across this site looking for work. can anyone tell me, is there work for a carpenter in perth ? Thx in advance Joe & marie
  5. Hello All, Nobody I've asked seems to know this. Does anyone know if IPRS (International Postgraduate Scholarship) holders are excluded from applying for PR? Thank you, much appreciated.:arghh:
  6. I was a backpacker in 2003 before i came here as a resident last year, it twigged recently that i had an old super fund floating about somewhere... sooooo...... Go here https://superseeker.super.ato.gov.au/individuals/default.aspx?pid=0 type in the details (you need to have had the same TFN) and then phone the number(s) it shows up!!! They were very helpful and i'll now beable to transfer the old super into my current, yay!!
  7. If we go out it will be on my qulifiations but my husband is worried there is no work out there for him, he has only had two jobs, warehouse superviser, and now a forklift battery enginer, he is 34, can anyone say if he will have a problem getting work. xxx
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. We had our medicals at beginning of December and I know it was signed/received by Sydney on 30/12/08. Is there any way we can find out if the Meds have been finalised? We are going though an agent and I know they can get a bit funny if you start contacting them direct but agent is pretty useless and it would be quicker if we can find out ourselves. Think there is way of tracing progress but don't know how. Thanks SEFFnSARAH
  9. Hi Guys Does anyone have any idea how to find the cheapest Electricity Gas Water and Broadband providers in WA. I have just found a long term let and need to put all the utilities into our name in the next few weeks. I am not completely sure if it works the same as the UK where you have sites which provide comparasons? I have had a look on the net and cannot seem to find anything. Is there anyone in WA who has researched this and found the good cheapee companies? Thank you for taking the time to read my thread any help or comments are much appreciated!!!!:v_SPIN:
  10. Hi Everyone, I am a Fashion designer desperately wanting to move to Australia but I do not score enough points to be able to live and work in Melbourne and Sydney where most of the fashion jobs are. I am only eligible for Adelaide on the skilled Regional visa 475, but I can't find any jobs at all and I have looked everywhere, contacted recruitment agencies and spoke to migration officers! Can anyone help me please? Many Thanks, Karen
  11. Guest

    Can't Find a rental

    We decided on Redcliffe, prior to arriving, as we wanted to be close to the coast and within communtable distance to Brisbane. We've been in Aus for a week, and despite a constant search for a suitable rental - we have been unable to secure anything. The rentals seem a little sparce and the properties on offer are not what we expected. We were trying to keep within the catchment area for redcliffe high school, but all on offer are small units and tiny houses. Don't want to venture towards Clontarf catchment and am now starting to wonder if we're in the wrong area completely. We are worrying that we will settle and enrol our son into high school, only to up sticks and relocate to another area 6 months down the line. Any advice extremely appreciated as getting desperate at the moment. Mike and Kat
  12. Hi Just was wondering how things are going for everyone is Oz espec the new arrivals regarding work. I do know from experience how very very hard it can be to get work & although things are not as bad in Oz as the uk at the mo how are you all doing ? My hubby managed to get a member on here a job where he works as the guy was having troubles, its not easy alot of the time. But thats the beauty of the site we can help one another & be supportive. Cheers stuju :-)
  13. I am currently the Head of English at a secondary school and my husband and I are looking to move to perth (our initial entry dtae is in march). How would I go about finding job vacancies? Also... is pay similar?? xxx
  14. Hi All! I'm due to start my new job in QLD on a 457 shortly but have been offered a job in Perth which is where we wanted to be anyway. My current employer has been brilliant and i just don't have the heart to tell him i'm not coming because i have another job. I absolutly hate letting people down, so rather than tell him the truth i'd feel better if i told him it was for family reasons back in the U.K or something. Basically it will be a big fat lie but i'd just find it easier letting him down that way. If i did this would the immi dept inform him that the reason the visa cancelled is because i'd applied for another job? Any thoughts much appreciated. Andy
  15. Guest

    Struggling to find work!!

    We arrived at end of sept and OH is still struggling to find work, he is in construction industry in property maintanence, facilities management etc:huh: and wondered if anyone had any ideas, recruitment agencies reckon that struggling to get job offer as not worked in Australia before!! well gotta start somewhere!! any help appreciated
  16. Hi Everyone, I am aware that there are many PIO regulars out there waiting anxiously to hear about visa applications,employment applications etc and it set me thinking about the sort of music I like to listen to when I get stressed out and I came up with a few songs but have chosen one which I find very soothing. Have a look at it and think about your own favourite,I will be fascinated to see what you come up with. YouTube - Once You Had Gold-Enya :cute: N'OZ
  17. Hi We only have 6 weeks to go before we arrive in Perth ! and im interested to know how long it took everyone who is already in Oz to find a job, and are there as many jobs out there or is it getting as bad as the UK, my husband is a 1st class machinist and there dosnt seem to be as many jobs around as there was a few months ago any info, advice greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi I am considering moving to Sydney and would like to egt a job before coming out. does anyone know how i can find a job while still inte h UK? I have 18 months marketing experience and would like to spend a couple of years in Australia or more. should i be contacting Australian recruitment agencies? Please help Thanks Rachel
  19. My husband and I dont have children, we like them but we chose not to have any of our own. We know that when we make the perm move here we will need to throw ourselves into socialising so that we can make friends and fit into our community but after reading alot of the socialising, get together posts they are nearly all based around children or maybe a younger age group. Are we going to find it hard to fit in over here? As 30 somethings without children, we love going out and mixing with people and we dont mind there been children around all be it not all of the time, are we going to find it hard to settle and make friends? I know this sounds like a silly post, but WA seems such a family orientated places, i feel as though we could be left out in the cold so to speak. Thanks Emma x
  20. Hi all, I have a bit of a dilema and I thought members of this sit could help me out. Another couple, along with my good wife and I run a monthly dance that plays nothing but Soul, Motown and Northern Soul music. We are just a couple of enthusiasts and the club is totally non profit with all funds ($5 per head) going into paying for our venue and providing prizes for our members. As you may imagine the majority of our members are 'old Mods' and other Expat British (this is a very good thing!) as are 3 of us. We are currently trying to get the word out and this is where I have the dilema. Can anyone tell me of any Expat or UK clubs/associations in Melbourne as we are sure we would be able to locate some more interested parties in them should they exist. If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and by the way if any one is interested you can check our our web site at www.melbournesoulclub.com Hope this post isn't too forward, but we honestly are looking to let more expats know about our venue. All the best to everyone over the Christmas period. Cheers Whitey :emoticon-signxmas:
  21. 02 December 2008 SUBJECT: VERY VERY VERY URGENT!!! - UGGENTLY LOOKING FOR A SPONSORING EMPLOYER FOR ANY IT JOB TO SECURE MY SUBCLASS 457 VISA... Dear Everyone: I was sponsored on a skilled migration visa by Mackay Computer Services in Mackay. I have been in Australia since the 1st of August 2008 and have worked in my current position since then. My visa details are as follows: Australian Visa, Ref. 1593176643T1 UC 457, Sub Class 457, Duration: 14 July 2008 to 14 July 2012. Due to unforeseen circumstances in respect to my family, I was unable to continue my employment at Mackay Computer Services and as a result have amicably ended my employment here in the hope of securing a position in Australia. However, Australian immigration regulations require me to be placed in employment and with a new sponsor within 28 days of my termination with Mackay Computer Services. This period is effective as of Friday, 14 November 2008. Failure to meet this deadline will result in me and my family returning to our country of origin, being Bangladesh. This is not a viable option as the procedure to re-apply outside of the country is financially demanding. I am urgently looking for assistance. I am working to a deadline (already 17 days gone from the deadline and I have only 11 days left) and appreciate if anyone can assist me to find a sponsoring employer to provide me a suitable IT job before this period is over. I am a diligent and loyal worker with over 19.1 years experience in the ICT field. Eagerly waiting to hear from anybody with kind, sympathetic and sincere cooperation.... Best regards, Md. Farhad Kamal Senior Technical Engineer Mackay Computer Services Pty Ltd 31 Milton Street Mackay, QLD 4740 Australia Telephone Number: 0421506521 (Mobile), (07) 4951 7777 (Office) Email: farhad.kamal@gmail.com, farhadkamal@mcs.com.au
  22. :GEEK:Just thought i would ask the question does any one find it hard work ,working for an australian boss ,how have you found it ,easy going or hard work. eddie
  23. Hi There, I don't know if anyone can help me or not. I have been in Oz, (Pakenham, Vic) for nearly 6 months now and want to find a solicitor/Lawyer or whatever they are called here. I need to get advice on some issues which are related to an ex-partner who still lives in the uk and who is the father of my oldest child. We fought a lengthy court battle in the uk before bringing my son here and were advised to follow up and raise any further issues from Oz with an Oz solicitor rather than waste any more time in UK courts. We needed to get going to validate our visa, so took the advice and to be honest have buried our heads in the sand and ignored the issues until now. I really need to find a solicitor here who can help with family matters and also who deals with ones from the uk. I don't know anything about the legal system here or legal aid or even if we would qualify for legal aid. We do have permanent residency, so I assume we would get legal aid. I have tried to be brief in my description of our legal issues so hope this makes sense. If anyone has had any similar issues or could offer any advice on finding a solicitor who won't use all of our savings as they did in the uk, it would be gratefully received. Thank you.:smile:
  24. Not sure where to find it ,any one know ?:sad: cheers eddie
  25. Does anyone know if there are any websites etc that advertise jobs where the employer is willing to sponsor from abroad?? I can't find anything. Clare