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Found 223 results

  1. Hello I am new to PIO. My husband is a QS/Contracts Administrator and 51 years old. We are trying to get into Australia (Perth) and understood that he is over-age. However, we also understand that under the RSMS, age can sometimes be exempted. But the problem, how does one look for an employer? We attempted to do several job searches online, but all we saw were job listing by employment agents. We tried the newspapers, but also came to the same. Can anyone advise how we can go about seaching for a company who is willing to sponsor my husband? Thanks
  2. I am finding it very hard to find a job with a company that will sponsor someone 10,000 miles away? I am a retail manager, so am not on the 'desired list' of workers for australia. Anyone have any ideas as best route for company or state sponsorship? I am thinking of coming over on a 3 month visa, and looking for a job when there, so i can deal with employers face to face. Then i could come out of the country they could apply to sponsor me? Has anyone had any experience of this? Is this a bad idea?
  3. hello there, My name is Rj and am from india. i was working in a cafe while studying my uni in australia, fell in love with an aussie girl. married and been here for 2yrs. i am a graphic designer student, but couln't get any job. my wife now works as a steward in a cafe brings bacon home. i am so broke and we live in poverty. i am from a rich family back home in india but din wanna ask money from them. now that winter there is not even a dish washing job. am in ballina, north coast, NSW. if this situation exist i am planning to take my wife to India where there is no need to be in poverty if you are a graphic designer. its very depressing for the moment. any one can suggest any new trick. i even have rsa and rcg for bar tender and gambling but no job. i still cant believe poverty exist so bad in australia, which is very disapointing. Rj
  4. Guest

    Cant find TRA application form?

    Can anyone give me a link to the TRA application form I cant find it, just an old page with a new link but cant find the actual form? Thanks:jiggy:
  5. Hi everyone just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation? I am filling out the form 47sp and got to question 9. It asks: have you ... previously been to Australia, held or currently hold a visa for travel to Australia? No or Yes Give details Well i have been to Australia in July 07 but i got an online ETA not a visa and i have no idea what the number was as i think i threw away the reference number i was given. I never actually had a letter or a visa number label. My passport was scanned electronically when i got to Oz and I was on my way!! Anyone knwo what i should put? or how i can find an eta number without the reference number. It was just one i had scrawled on a bit of paper and then threw away as it was all onscreen. Any thoughts gratefulyl recevied as im going a bit mad with form filling:goofy: Anna xx
  6. I am a bit worried getting a rental in january..might be hard is most of australia goes on holiday. does anyone have any experience of finding a rental in perth during january? from start to completion how long does it take to get the keys to a property? we are hoping for an area like swanbourne or inglewood etc. somewhere with a school (that has no waiting list). we'll have a passport and a bank account setup by then, we are hoping this is all we need (although the bank account will show a uk address but be from an australian bank) I have read in places we need to score "points" or something to get a rental.
  7. Hi I was wondering if someone can help? I read in a post a couple of days ago and it had a complaint letter to immigration Áustralian letter of the Year'. I have been searching through posts but can't seem to find it. Can anyone help please? thanks in advance
  8. Can anyone please tell me where do I find these forms? I have been on Aus gov web site for what feels like days lol (more like bloody months) why is it you think you,ve got everthing sussed when you obviously have'nt lol:confused:
  9. Hi everyone, This is my first post! So far I've found the site very useful and informative, but there's one thing I can't seem to find the answer to. I am currently in the process of lodging an application from the UK for a 309/100 spouse visa, but I can't seem to find out anywhere how much the fees are for this in sterling? The immi.gov has the amount in dollars, and when it directs me to the Australian high commision website here in the UK it seems to point me back towards the immi.gov! Is there anyway of finding out how much the fees are without calling the Australian High commision here? Thanks ever so much for you help! Freshy
  10. Dear all, Where's the best place to look for chartered engineer level jobs in software and electronics design ? Can anyone recommend a recruitment consultant. I am in the UK. 136 visa expires April 2010. Are RCs interested in people not yet in on the ground ? Nick
  11. I need my forms certified, how do I even begin to find a cheap person to do it for us? And what is a reasonable rate anyway? I live in Manchester does anyone know a good place to go here? Cheers all. Sam.
  12. hubby is a plumber and had his own business in uk for the last 7 years, everyone keeps telling us he's a plumber he'll easily find work, but he cant! Is there such a thing as job centres over here like we have in the Uk? Or somewhere he can go to talk to someone about finding work and the work situation over here? If he cant find work in the plumbing trade soon he will have to do something else but even then we are unsure how to go about finding work. We have been on the websites such as seek/applied for several jobs and heard nothing and handed out cvs to companies. Anyone need a good plumber!??
  13. Just out of interest, really. I've read countless times on here how there is no 'culture' in Australia or people are missing the 'buzz' of the UK while they are living there. What do people actually mean by these words and in what way are they missing in Australia? I'm working on the principle that you guys don't mean hanging out at museums (which I, BTW love but with kids...) and watching the ballet all the time! lol As it's the half-term hols and we've all been off this week (OH included), we've obviously been taking full advantage of doing 'qulaity' (and cheap :err:) activities together as a family, as you do. On Bank Holiday Monday we went to the Lord Mayor's Show here in Birmingham, which was billled as 'A fun day out for the whole family' (you just know it's gonna be downhill from there!). Well, in a word, all I can say is DIRE - some tired, old bouncy castles; the police showing off their dogs and car sirens; the fire brigade warning the public to install smoke alarms and the piece de resistance, some mediocre bands and 'multi-cultural' music on a tiny stage. There was a very poor turn-out and just no atmosphere!! We went to Windsor later in the week - to go to Legoland but spent a day pottering around the town as well. Lovely castle (never went inside, family ticket = 41 pounds) and Eton's cute, never knew the College would look like that, thought it was set in grounds in the countryside. Anyway, Windsor High St, just like all the others in England, same shops, same grimness, same chavs. And then there's Legoland, well 37 pounds per adult to get in and 27 pounds per child (we had kids go free vouchers, otherwise it would have been a no-no). The shortest queue we were in was 1 hour 10 minutes long. They do a service called q-bot, which you can get at an additional 10 pounds per person - it's a fancy gadget that queues in a virtual queue for you and then alerts you when it's time to get on your ride so that you don't have to stand for an hour plus carrying a two tonne, crying four year old who has had enough of it all by midday and just wants to go home... But I think at the price paid for admission, I expect some sort of value for money, without having to pay even more on top - now that's very British and we just take it. Anyway, in 9 hours, we went on 6 rides!!! (Not one goes upsidedown). I spent my teenage years in beautiful, historic Lincoln (same High St as Windsor and all the other cities in the UK), where I was born and it is close to my heart, so I haven't always lived in an ugly, industrial city and apart from old buildings and history, I still see no 'culture', 'tradtion' or 'buzz'. On a day-to-day basis, weekends and holidays, what is there to DO here that is better than what's available in Oz? I've got loads more to say but now run the risk of being boring, so let's have your ideas.... :confused:
  14. My wife and I are planning to come to Perth in the next couple of months and we have a five year old son. We are looking for a league table that may list the top WA / Perth primary schools so we can determin which area to move in to. Does anyone know a link for this type of table? Alternatively can anyone recommend excellent primary state schools? and where we would have to live to be inside the catchment areas? Also I would welcome any recommendations on private schools and whether they are any better than state schooling. Thanks Vaughan :hug:
  15. I have been a Construction Director for one of Londons leading fit out / refurbishment main contractors and having just lost my job am looking to come to Australia to find work in either Project Management, Contract Management or even as a Director if available. My expertise has been in Interior fit out and refurbishments and having scanned a few job web sites I find it hard to figure if there is much oppurtunities available. Does any one know how easy it may be for me to find work, ideally I'd like to go to Perth, but am open to other cities / locations at the moment. Although I have been working in this UK industry for the last 14 yrs in London, I am a New Zealander with a NZ passport and can come immediatley? Anyone have any ideas where I might start? Any idea if i would find work fast given current economic climate? What are the best cities to go to for this type of work? What are the likely salaries for this? :wubclub:
  16. Dear ALL After the long bumpy road, we are planning to touch base in Perth on June 30th. So far not sure how to secure first temporary accomodation as we get to familiarise with Perth. A family of 5 we are, Mom, Dad, 3 daughters, 8,4 and 2months. Any suggestions appreciated Regards Ochie
  17. Dear ALL After the long bumpy road, we are planning to touch base in Perth on June 30th. So far not sure how to secure first temporary accomodation as we get to familiarise with Perth. A family of 5 we are, Mom, Dad, 3 daughters, 8,4 and 2months. Any suggestions appreciated Regards Ochie
  18. We fly to Oz in just over 3 weeks time and are yet to find anywhere to stay when we arrive. The only website I can manage to find which has possible places to stay is Kate's moving to Melbourne' site however, al the properties which are within our budget are already bookied! I know we have left it very late to book and didnt realise it would be this difficult! Does anyone know of any other websites similar to Kates which might have short term accom available? Thanks
  19. Hi there, My family and I are moving to W.A. in Jan 10 on the back of my wifes employment as a primary school teacher. Although we haven't got a clue where we'll end up,what's the general situation like for employment in W.A.? Regards, Dave T
  20. Having a major panic now!! Been looking at somewhere to rent near Melbourne for ages, everything is either booked or soo expensive we cant afford it! Don't know what to do now, only places left are near Mornington, too far from Melbourne and too much money! Anybody out there who can help!? Even mayb just someone with a room to rent?? We are desperate, beginning to wish I wasn;t even going now its turning into a nightmare!:sad:
  21. hi me and my friend are goin travelling next feb when we get to adelaide we would like to travel by campervan do u know of any where we can hire one for cheap
  22. Hi, A bit of a stab in the dark but I am keen to go back into Welfare/Community work the job I left to Birmingham to come to Sydney. I currently work in advertising a job i used to do many moons ago and really dont enjoy. I have made quite a few applications direct to employers but to no avail. The feedback I have tends to be directed at the experience I have as its mainly through working with the unemployed and I wanted to divert from this into specialist areas. At the moment it looks like I may have to go back to what I used to do which was similar to the job centre but with a private provider the equivalent here is centrelink or mission australia. I would also like any useful feedback on animal courses or finding work with animals as again I have looked at the RSPCA and a military/police background seems to be a must??!! Your responses are appreciated thanks Sophie
  23. I am a consultant in the WA Trade Contractor Industry. I have just rewritten an ebook, splitted into a 5-part series, on "5-steps on how to sell (smarter) through others in the Trade Contractors Industry" The point is that this may also be applicable to those who want to find a job in the hidden job market. You can download a summary at: PERTH BUSINESS CONSULTANTS - Home The content: 1.Introduction 2.Our intent and our intended readers 3.The sales process in 5-steps: Partner Relationships 3.1.Lead Generation – working through entities of influence 3.1.1.Lead generation – ad hoc hosting 3.1.2.Lead generation – strategic alliances 3.1.3.Lead generation – endorsement by host 3.1.4.Lead generation – referrals 3.2.How to reach those entities of influence 3.3.Why will entities of influence help you? 3.4.Lead generation – finding the invisible market 4.Your first contact 4.1.Your selling Purpose. 4.2.Action Plan 4.3.Outline reasons for your call 4.4.Agreement 5.Your appointment 5.1.Uncovering the real needs 6.Smart selling – Partner Relationship 7.Your selling behavioural style 8.Finally - what gets you the sale? 9.Conversion from leads to prospects to customers 10.Moving towards a Partner Relationship 11.Conclusion APPENDIX A - Next Meeting Planner APPENDIX B – The Octagon Behavioural questionnaire and self score I believe that the concept of identifying "entities of influence" for your job market may be very applicable - although seen from an employer's side. This is based on the work I have published for migrants to WA here: Perth Business Services - Home Trust that it helps!
  24. Hi , Right i appiled for my 175 visa September and booked a ticket for end of May as at the time that seemed OK , Ive since applied to WA for sponsorship and after 14 weeks have heard nothing ! Ive emailed them and had no response which is understandable as they are snowed under with applications since the changes , also ive phoned several times and been told two weeks everytime . They always seem friendly and its not there fault they dont have enough staff but i was thinking .... Im changing my ticket in the morning and am going to be in Perth by thursday afternoon , I am heading straight to the state migration office to see what i can find out , hopefully they will look at my case for me then after staying with a friend for a week ill head to Bali and live like a skint backpacker till its sorted Ill keep you posted how i get on ......... :arghh: Fortune favors the brave and all that !!!!
  25. hi, can anyone tell me if i was to apply for state sponsorship would i have to find a potential employer first or do i apply then a employer will get in touch perspectively?