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Found 223 results

  1. Hello! I'm 24 and from Scotland, moving to Melbourne next Tues 12th Oct to work and need to find a furnished room in a flat/house share reasonably close to the CBD but finding this a bit tricky! Not too fussed about area, as long as it's up to a 30 min commute into the city. Could anyone help with suggesting where I might find a room for around $100-150 per week? I've checked a few websites like gumtree but so far nothing great has come up. Thanks in advance for all suggestions, Laura :-)
  2. We arrive in Melbourne on 6 December (3 adults) and we can't find any reasonably priced furnished accommodation for two or three weeks. Those park benches can get mighty uncomfortable. Anybody suggest any sites. I have looked at a few, but they seem to be advertising hotels and bed and breakfast. We were looking to the north east suburbs but at this rate, anywhere!!!
  3. Hi, I have just found out i have a job and I will be working in the Docklands in Melbourne, so I would like to find a decent suburb to live in that is within 30 mins ish commute by train or tram, we aren’t particularly mad party animals so would rather be in a quieter area and go into Melbourne for our mad nights out! Would you mind advising a couple of suburbs that might be worth a look at, I’m not sure if it will be easier to get to the Docklands from North Melbourne or the West? While cost is quite important, I would actually rather commute further out to get a nicer location, up to an hour on the train or tram, I had looked at suburbs like Thornbury and Northcote, but again not sure what the area is like or how long it takes to commute any ideas would be fab,
  4. i've got a serious problem with my visa. i really need a lawyer to sort it out, but how can I choose the right person from the directory? i'm staying at melbourne now
  5. Hi all My cat is coming to Oz with us and I was wondering about the insurance side of things. Most insurance companies cover holidays abroad but not outside Europe and thats only for a short period. Does anyone know if its possible to insure your pet or is it covered by the people who transport them, then will I have to get cover the other side???? Any advice would be very welcome.:GEEK:
  6. chrisandelaine

    how to find out !!

    when i look at my application status on the e-business system !! online i can only seen it saying application received - processing commenced application fee reveived. BUT how do i know when i have got a CO allocated to my case. do i need to look at a different link etc on from the DIAC site.:huh:
  7. OK this is not attacking the UK or Australia, but what do you find strange that either country is missing or has not taken off in that country. Myself I find it strange that the UK’s petrol pumps don’t have the option for exact fill. (You just press £10, £20 etc and it fills to that amount) That snack chocolate is not on sale in the UK That bbq chicken shops are not big here Thing’s I find funny in Australia is the chip barm can not be found. Now Australia is not the UK and visa versa, so I guess we should be grateful that both countries are different and sell and do things differently to each other so lets keep it light hearted and have a laugh
  8. Guest

    Great to find this site!

    Hi everyone. Great to find this forum!:hug: I've been living in Australia for almost 10 years-started off life in outback NSW on a 13,000 acre sheep & cattle property when I got married but moved to the central coast just north of Sydney 5 years ago. My mistake was going back to the UK recently this summer, the weather was fantastic. Everything looked beautiful and I spent the best time ever with my family....now of course I want to move back. My mum is 70, had breast cancer 2 years ago and can't travel easily for various health reasons. My two children, aged 7 and 5 barely know their English family (we don't have any family to speak of here) and it seems the case for going back is gaining momentum. Even my hubby, a die hard Aussie wants to give it a go. He says Australia is too expensive these days and we could potentially do well by moving now. I know this a decision only we can make-but I'd be interested to hear from people in the same boat-or maybe who have already made the move and ended coming back to Oz. Thanks in advance!
  9. I found a link on this website a while back which was to a report produced by a government agency or body for victoria. It detailed the recommendations for the skills shortages for the Victoria SMP. I have trawled through the forums on here but cannot find the link at all. Has anyone got any ideas where it is or could provide a link? Thanks in advance.
  10. Guest

    help to find work

    hi im a floorlayer looking to move over dec-jan and need some contacts to try and get a job for me arriving can someone help with this info and where is the best area to start iv 20yrs exp all foor types thank you,karndean ,amtico,lino,carpets,saftyflooring,wood etc can anyone help thank you
  11. I have been living in Melbourne for 6 weeks now, came over on my OH's 457 visa. The verification process of my UK registration is due to be completed very soon (not without its complications!) so I suppose I'd better start looking for a job. I am living in Sandringham, Bayside, and was a senior district nurse in the UK, with managerial responsibilities, qualification in leg ulcer management and palliative care, special interest in tissue viability, also qualified mentor. I was going to do a bit of agency work to try different aspects of nursing before I commit to a permanent role, but there are so many agencies, all proffesing to be Melbourne's No 1 agency! Does anyone have any experience of nursing agencies or hospitals that operate a nursing bank? I believe the district nursing in Aus is very different to the UK, any advice would be greatly appreciated!:confused:
  12. We'll be heading to Adelaide in the new year - just wading through quotes and bumpf after finally reaching a decision on dates and fixing it at work to have a career break - and someone I know told me it's really difficult to get a rental where the landlord allows pets and that you have to find, buy and move in during quarantine period - is that really true? Also anyone know what the minimum rental contract is and any good letting agents, I've heard TJ Hooker are good but are they the only one?
  13. Can anyone offer us any advice, basically we rented a 2 bed property and about 6 weeks later we were told by estate agents that she was putting it up for sale and that we would have home opens, for sale sign up, etc. We were gutted and all we get now is estate agency calling us at 4p.m looking to bring someone around at 5 - we have turned them down when they done things like this and told them we need more notice b ut they are getting really nasty about it, basically the house has no interest for anyone actually buying but we have had viewings really about 2 a week and Im worse than Monica from Friends for cleaning and have to clean the floors after they leave as the tiles here leave big black shoe marks on the floors so we never wear shoes in the house. Also its a pain in the neck moving our private jewellery etc papers etc about so that other poeple can walk through our house and open our cupboards, fridge etc. yep she is selling the furniture too so they are taking a good look at everything (some of the furniture is ours so someone up poking at it is really ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)!!!! Does anyone have any advice for us on this, can estate agents put up a for sale sign, it doesnt help we are next door to a showhouse so we are going to have people thinking our house is empty as well and look through our windows too. :arghh:
  14. Well, as the title suggests, I am really intersested in how you all initially got your first post. Was it through Seek, EOI, etc ? Did you wait until you were in Oz or applied from the UK ? Would also appreciate info on the process. Ie interview here, or when you got to Oz. What happened in your fist few weeks, first day etc. I am just at the stage where I am looking at jobs and feel a little apprehensive about applying for roles. I have seen a few I really fancy and have the skill set. I just feel really shy and I think I have lost my mojo !! Off to find it again! Speak soon Many many thanks and look forward to the replys Caroline
  15. can anyone give me some ideas on who to ask for financial pro forma wittness,for SS to SA, i have asked solicitors and bank but no one seems to want to put their stamp to it, please can anyone help :arghh:cheers Andy
  16. How does one find out If he is in high risk country ? I am currently in UNited Arab Emirates ( Dubai ). GSM -175 -CSL Please advice.
  17. Hi, My son Ashley 13 - year 8 is desperate to make some friends - anyone in Kallaroo area (North of Perth WA) ?? Recently relocated and having a really hard time trying to fit in at school. Anyone in same situation ??
  18. So I've looked through a number of threads previously posted over the years and cannot find an answer to my question so rather than spend another hour or so trawling through a lot more I figured it would be better to simply ask?? I have found many companies that cover individuals and families for one way cover both for medical cover and possessions however the problem is that the cover isn't enough on the possessions side. All the policies I have found only covers you for £1,500 or £500 any one item. My Laptop is worth that alone, not to mention my wifes engagement ring and other Jewelry. So does any one know how I can insure the valuables that I want to bring over in hand baggage etc - up to say £10,000 cover?? Thanks Daniel
  19. Hi Everyone, I'm really struggling to find out information re applying for a 176 visa online. B1K3R has very kindly directed me to the links for the forms that I fill in but I am unable to find the link for my sponsor (aunt) to fill in. Or does this come at the end of my form? Anyhow any help would be much appreciated. It's probably me but I'm finding the DIAC site a bit of a maze! Cheers, Alan
  20. Hello there - we recently moved across to Secret Harbour from the UK. Our 14 year old is not settling too easily, she's missing her friends and she used to have quite an active life back home, always out and about. She used to play netball for her school and is keen to continue playing. Does anyone know of any netball teams that are close enough to us that she might be able to join. I think if we could get her involved in a few things it might help her a little in making friends and not feeling as though she's sitting around the house all the time. Thanks Denise
  21. Hi, We are coming to Sydney on a 457 in July. My workbase will be North Sydney. I have visited Sydney (business trip - 2 weeks) and spent most of my time in and around Manly. I liked it but then compared to where we live now - village, Yorkshire, population 1000 with farms everywhere, the sea is always a nice change. I grew up in South Africa and whilst I loved it, I was young and know that sunshine and sea isnt everything. Perhaps if I highlight what we think are important elements, anyone reading this will think - try this!! Ok here goes - 1) We like community i.e. I like to talk to people, neighbours etc and would enjoy a "village feel" 2) Schools - our son is 8 and is a happy boy but has Aspergers Syndrome - he needs extra support at school and kids that will welcome him, not treat him like a weirdo. Our daughter is 4 and a half and developing rapidly, shes currently in a (reception) class with 20 boys and 8 girls - not good! 3) Commute - I dont want a long commute to work - it wastes the day, done too much of that in England. 40 mins max ideally 4) We would like to be close to the beach but its not essential. We like cafe's, chilling out, family friendly stuff, parks, walks etc. We are not really into shopping - its something we do when we need to rather than for leisure - I'm not sure anyone enjoys shopping with 2 young, very bored kids!! We'd like to start sailing or something.. 5) We have friends (one local and one from here) who live in Avalon and think its fab. 6) My wife will be looking for part time finance/PA/admin type work close to the home (up to 25 mins commute) to be available for the kids. 7) We would consider an apartment that is child friendly providing our garden is on our doorstep if you know what I mean any thoughts??!! Thanks Ps : Budget - up to $1000 a week, no more
  22. My husband and I and our two young children are moving to Sydney in Sept and are currently researching areas to live. My husband will be working and has a wage of $130000 so need to know what we can afford. We are looking at rentals around $750 pw and my hubby is happy to travel for an hour at the most by train or ferry but not driving. It looks like Cherrybrook appears to be quite reasonable can anyone tell me what this area is like and will it be ok for two small children? Thank you:biggrin:
  23. hi just wondering if there are companies in australia that find and match you with jobs? paid or unpaid service? I would think that the service is paid and professional.. i'm on a 475 visa, applying for jobs, but nothing positive thus far, just tired of applying with no end in sight. also don't know if employers may be put off because i'm on 475 etc . just wondering if such companies can help if they help to pitch their clients in proven to work means . . ?
  24. we are here on a student visa from uk ,my wife is studying in brisbane , we are moving to ferny hills in 2 weeks from out bush as the commute is to much, and i cant seem to find any part time work advertised for the north suburbs, i have dons some retail in a mitre 10 store scince we came, but mainly in uk did handyman/reno work . but would do anything to help support my wifes study, any ideas welcome, or should we reconsider as theres no work , thanks for any help:notworthy:
  25. hi all, we move over to perth in june and will be looking to start work shortly after. i am a plasterer with over 25 years experience and denise is a health care assistant . what is the work situation like at the mo in these two fields. we would be interested in your comments on this subject . we hear that the hospitals are short staffed, a bit like uk i suppose. do we stand a good chance of getting in work soon after we arrive