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Found 223 results

  1. Palm trees grow, and rents are low But you know I keep thinkin' about Making my way back Well I'm The Old Dart born and raised But nowadays, I'm lost between two shores Australia's fine, but it ain't home England's home, but it ain't mine no more "I am," I said To no one there An no one heard at all Not even the chair "I am," I cried "I am," said I And I am lost, and I can't even say why Leavin' me lonely still
  2. Shannon Ballinger please help us find her Shannon has been missing since Saturday 20th August 10am She left her dads house in Papamoa and said she was heading to the library and has not been seen since. She only has the clothes that she was wearing and her cell phone (which is now turned off) and no money. The police are running out of leads and need help. Please LIKE this page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...63756680320336 to circulate and if anyone has seen or think they have seen her please contact the Papamoa Police Station. This is my friend's daughter, if anyone in New Zealand could please share this on their facebook page I'd be very grateful. Thank you all :wubclub: (I have also posted this thread on the New Zealand forum)
  3. Shannon Ballinger please help us find her Shannon has been missing since Saturday 20th August 10am She left her dads house in Papamoa and said she was heading to the library and has not been seen since. She only has the clothes that she was wearing and her cell phone (which is now turned off) and no money. The police are running out of leads and need help. Please LIKE this page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518089058#!/pages/Shannon-Ballinger-please-help-us-find-her/263756680320336 to circulate and if anyone has seen or think they have seen her please contact the Papamoa Police Station. This is my friend's daughter, if anyone in New Zealand could please share this on their facebook page I'd be very grateful. Thank you all :wubclub:
  4. WA turns to UK to find workers Monday 11th July 2011 Western Australia needs thousands of skilled workers and the state government is taking its recruitment drive to the United Kingdom. A booming resources sector, which has sparked some $225 billion worth of infrastructure projects over the coming 25 years, will leave Western Australia short-staffed and even the nation as a whole cannot answer the demand, the state government says. Projections show the need for up to 150,000 extra skilled workers by 2017, WA Training and Workplace Development Minister Peter Collier says. Visiting the UK on a 10-day tour to promote WA as a destination for skilled migrants, Mr Collier said the state offers an attractive lifestyle and good working conditions. 'Working in Western Australia will give people the opportunity to develop skills that can be transferable back to their country of origin,' Mr Collier said in a statement. 'We aim to show skilled migrants, short-term workers, working holiday makers and their families the opportunities in Western Australia.' The area forecast to be most in need of skilled workers is health care and social assistance, where an additional 28,200 positions are expected to become available over the next six years. Construction, education and training positions are also projected to be in demand, followed by jobs in retail, transport, postal services, warehousing, scientific and technical services. Openings are also expected in the services sector, from aged care and automotive to hospitality and tourism. Mr Collier will attend migration expos in England, Scotland and Ireland where he will also meet with government representatives and migration agents to promote the opportunities in Western Australia. An industry and government delegation is accompanying Mr Collier, including representatives from the Australian Hotels Association, the Motor Trades Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, and the Chamber of Minerals and Energy WA.
  5. Hi all I know I am mad it will never make me a fourtune but please someone tell me there are horse related jobs out in Perth !! I have had and worked with horses for many years off and on and they truely are my passion in fact i could possibly go insane if i had nothing to do with them :arghh: Do any of you know of a yard or particular horsey area in perth am i right that they are more into racing and polo overthere i seem to have hit a brick wall when i search all that comes up is kids offering to work in their holidays any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated i am moving over early september (waiting on flight conformation ) Many thanks in advance for some replies :notworthy:
  6. Well not my shoe actually but my sons school shoe. He poked his foot into his shoe yesterday and a large angry Huntsman popped out and ran across the floor. Needless to say my boy was quite shaken up by the experience and even as someone who likes spiders it would have been slightly unnerving for him. Here is the culprit next to a (NZ) 20 cent piece, the same size as ours.
  7. We are moving to Brisbane in September and will obviuosly need to rent a house and enrol our children in primary school. It looks like we need to be living in the catchment area for a school before we can enrol the children? However, although we know what areas we would like to live in, I suspect it may take a while before we find a property to rent. Equally we wouldn't want to rent a house in an area where the local school is too full to take our 3 children. Ideally we would like the children to start school at the beginning of term in October. Can anybody give us any advice? Will we be able to enrol our children in school before we have found a house to rent in the catchment area? Or will we have to hold off on the schools until we have somewhere to live?
  8. I want to go to vic i cant get ss, i cant wait on 175 so i need an employer to sponsor me. can anyone recommend websites to upload my cv onto
  9. Hi, really hope someone can help. I found a really useful thread on here that had To do lists prior to emigrating, it was split up into "6 months before you go, 3 months befor you go" etc but now I can't find it anywhere! Can anyone help?? Many thanks xx
  10. Hi, I am debating either applying for a 175 visa (for which I need to gain superior results of an IELTS to just scrape the points together), or a 121 visa which requires an employer nomination. Is there somewhere I can go (like, a website) to be matched up with kindly willing-to-sponsor employers?
  11. Guest

    So much still to find out!!

    Hey hey kids, on my 417 whv, done the East Coast and Overlanders Way. Now holed up in Darwin and loving it. Applied for a number of jobs here (i am a mobile plant op by trade), and NT have just put Earthmoving Equipment Op on their Skills Shortage List Has anyone had State Sponsorship from The NT? The usual questions...how did you find it personally? how long did it take? yada yada yada. You get the drift. Personal Stories and advice on the above greatly appreciated. Cheers James:biggrin:
  12. Hello all I'm starting this post as I really need help and advice. I sat on this website and another one last night reading horror stories and posts about finance issues in OZ...one whole thread of people saying don't do it, you will be left in financial ruin. Our position - we are 30/31, just married, just sold our house in the Scottish Highlands and are about 25K up after the sale (not something many people can say now eh?). My contract for my job finished in May and my hubby is a self employed Plumber, but still finding it hard. We have state sponsorship from Victoria pending a positive skills test result. We would then be in category 2 and as things are at the moment, would perhaps even get our visa before Christmas. We are at the point now where we have to send off this skills test application as we only have a set time to get this to Victoria to confirm their sponsorship. As some of you know this cost is really high - $2400. So this is the start of our costs and before we fork this out I want to be sure. We travelled the world in 2008/09 and we cannot settle here in Scotland, it's remote, cold and not much going on with employment almost non existent. I'm not sure if we were in the South whether we would feel differently. We are up for a challenge and like doing new things so wanted to emigrate for a better way of life. OZ, Canada and USA were on the cards. Can't get in to USA, Canada annual leave puts me off so we decided on OZ. We worked out that between us we can prob earn 100K - would this really be a struggle? My main concern is that after being there a few years we would want to start a family and so would be reduced to one wage, perhaps 60K then if hubby has got his plumbing licence. I'd want to go back to work but I see child care costs are high also. Do we also really need private medical insurance? I was treated while in OZ when travelling and all seemed okay with their public hospitals? I went online to Cole's to see if I could get a rough estimate for shopping and it didn't seem as bad as some say, especially if you go for own brand rather than the brands we know and love. At such a crucial point in our lives I don't want to make the wrong move and end up back here in a few years, with no money, starting again having not started a family. Any help or breakdown of figures would be helpful xx:arghh:
  13. Hi Everyone, I have been spending weeks on forums to try to find the answer to my question. I even have contacted the immi by mail a week ago and I am still waiting for a reply! Here's my case: I am holding a 457 and I cant stand my job anymore. In the meantime I have applied for a de facto visa 3 months ago. I cannot have a bridging visa as I am already holding a visa. The question is.... If I leave my employement will have be given a bridging visa whilst I wait for the de facto visa to be assessed? I was willing to wait for another 3 months (it should have taken 6 months for the visa to be granted) but I heard from the immigration departement that they are only assessing application logged in August 2010! I am sure that I am not the only one in this situation, Cheers,
  14. How long is it to realistically find a long tem house rental in Canberra in Beginning of October this year? Not sure how long to book a short term furnished place. Would 4 weeks be enough? Arrive October 11th.
  15. I'm sure I've read a posting about someone's wife or even them, being granted PR even though they had had a kidney transplant, but I cant find it, anyone know if this has ever been granted? thanks
  16. Hello guys, I am lodging a subclass 175 application online, with a honours degree (division 2 class 1). I selected that in the honours level in the australian qualification window, however the system only estimated 110 points during the online application (giving me only 5 points for 2 yrs study in aus instead of 15 points for 3 yrs study in aus + upper 2nd class honours degree). I changed the qualification just to see how the system reacts, it turned out that master degree and honours class 1 and class 2 division 1, the system only give 5 points instead of 15 (possibe bug?), but it worked fine with PhD degree.. All those warnings of throwing me into the pool scare me a lot, did I miss anything here or should I submit with 110 points? Thanks in advance
  17. Hi Ann Marie contacted me today about house rental in South Perth. She says she found my details on Poms in Oz. I have sent her details of houses from 'ozhouserental' but her email is just bouncing back to me. If anyone knows her can you ask her to contact me with an alternate email address and i will get back to her with the details she requested. thanks for your help Tracey
  18. MikeW

    How long to find 6 month rental

    Hi, Our flights are booked for Sat 25th June from Manchester to Sydney to myself, wife and 2 children. We are planning on staying in Sydney for a night or two before heading to Canberra. I will start work the following Monday. I'm looking into short term furnished rental until I can secure a 6 month house rental. My question is, how long would it take for us to find a 6 month rental? Is this something we should be able to do over 2-3 weekends? Or is the rental market so competitive it may take much longer? Thanks, Mike.
  19. Hi to all, I'm not from the UK. I am from Serbia (Balkans). I am also interested in migration to Australia. I would like to share this info with you. We all know migration can be hard and stressfull. Requirements of age, qualification, experience, IELTS (yet not for most of you)....And once there, we must find work. It would be better if we could find job while still at home. So, I did some research on agencies and find lot of them searching for job on candidate behalf. Some of them charge a fee, some don't. I compiled a list and would like to hear your opinions. Did anyone of you use this kind of agencies? Would you use them? Can they find a job or just taking money? Here is a list : EasyMigrate Information on Permanent Residency Migration to Australia, New Zealand and Canada EasyRecruit: An efficient, cost-effective way of sourcing skilled, motivated workers (most trades) Immigration to Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand (Construction: bricklayers, carpenters and tilers, Cooks, Engineers: Chemical and civil, IT specialists: at least bachelor level and 4 years of experience, Hairdressers) In Work | Employment consultancy for Business, Job Seekers, Schools and Government Work in Australia, migrate to Australia (skill match 100 Australian jobs for just £100, trades, engineers, medicine nurses, UK based) Complete Migration Solutions- Jobs in OZ (trades, IT network) 1st Contact Australia - Contact Us (Kickstart Australia package, 149 $) http://www.ultimateskills.com/ Aspire » Welcome To Aspire Australia… (Job search assist) Jobs in New Zealand, Visa Australia, Jobs in Australia, New Zealand Visa (UK based, Australia and New Zealand, free assesment) Department of Australian Immigration & Work Visa Australia | Migrate To Australia (UK based, Australia and New Zealand) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Traditional agencies Welcome To Business Solutions (WA) |* Licensed Western Australia Employment Agency and Labour Hire Company | Employment mandurah, Employment services mandurah, Jobs Mandurah, Personnel Services Mandurah| Mandurah Western Australia (Western Australia) Interpeople - Moving to Australia? (Engineering, Law, Accounting, Commerce, Technology, Administrative and Support Staff) Mosaic Recruitment (skilled professional, IT, Government and business support staff at all levels) Sunshine Coast Recruitment Agency - Jobs by RecruiTrain (Sunshine Coast, Health and Medical Jobs, Doctor Jobs, Legal Accounting Jobs, ITJobs, Media Jobs) Candidate Service - Executive Recruitment Solutions, West Victoria (Victoria; All core executive business areas : Administration, Secretarial, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Accounts/Finance, Customer Service, Operations, Technical, Management) UltimateSkills Global 2008 - We Look After You - UltimateSkills- International recruitment, Migration & Visas, Relocation, Orientation, Salary Structuring - Australia, Philippines, India, United Kingdom, Canada This Is Australia Migration Services (Vehicle Panel Repairers, Vehicle Spray Painters, Motor Mechanics, Metal Machinists (CNC Machinists), Bakers and Pastry Chefs, Bricklayers, Welders, Plant Fitters (Heavy Machinery) Registered Nurses) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Agencies with skill matching database International recruitment services for Australia and New Zealand | Migration Matters Skill Matching (free) Migration Matters: MARA Registered Australian migration agents - help with DIMA - help with NZIS - expert registered migration agent for Australia and New Zealand - immigration lawyers for UK, Canada and the USA - Home Australia,New Zealand,UK,USA & Canada visa and migration agent > Home > Australia > Recruitment > Candidate Assistance ( free) Migrate to Australia - The Immigration Group - the Name you can trust Visa and Immigration Australia – FREE Assessments Apply online Now (15 Eur / 3 months) I expect your feedback. If you are interested I can post similiar list for New Zealand. Regards, Goran, Belgrade - Serbia
  20. :arghh:Hi can anyone shed any light on how you know if your visa has been granted. All of our docs are saying met and have been for 2 weeks now, there are no issues with meds or anything else. So does Diac send you a letter or an email or do you just have to keep checking the application page? Finally roughly how long do they generally take at this stage to confirm visa any thoughts. Cheers
  21. Hi all, we are currently applying for a 175 Visa, we cannot do so until i have taken an IELTS exam in June and had a successful confirmation back from the AITSL. I am taking the IELTS exam in Aston Birmingham in June and was wondering if anyone has any advise? and.... cheekily asking what scores people have achieved? Thanks Carlie, Dan and Helena
  22. I'm not sure if anyone can help with this one but my brain is scrambled at the minute and just seem to be going around in circles so I thought an outside perspective might help.I will explain as best I can so bear with me. Seven months ago my FIL,who is elderly and in ill health,really needed someone to live with him to help him with day to day tasks,medication etc...We were in the process of looking for a new rental at the time and as we were the only family members locally who were renting and fairly mobile the rest of the family asked us if we would consider moving in with him.We agreed and moved in one month later. All went well,kids settled nicely and the FIL was very happy with the arrangement.So far,so good.Then after xmas his needs quickly became far greater and so we all adapted and just got on with it.Mid January my OH had to move to Sydney for work,this made things harder but still very managable. By February we were dealing with mild dementia and he needed help during the night,usually 3-4 times a night most nights.As you can imagine this began to take it's toll.I asked family members if they could cover 1-2 nights a week to give me a break but no help was forthcoming. In March we had to get a hospital bed and other items to make things easier and the family eventually got him on a waiting list for care.Still no help at home. A few weeks ago I again approached family and made it clear some help was needed with the nights,even one night a week.Two days later they came up with a solution........yay?.....not really. They decided they would take over his care so .............myself and the three kids were asked to move out by weeks end,5 days notice to find a home!!!They needed my bedroom!! Needless to say we were left reeling.What do we do now?We had sold our furniture when we moved in because the agreement was we could live there,paying a low rent,even when he moved to care.The house will be going up for sale but not until some work is done on it so it would be available until the end of the year which is when we leave oz.It sounded like a good deal at the time,not so anymore. We are now in holiday accomodation while we look for a 6mth furnished rental.Today we move for the second time in two weeks.We are suddenly paying two rents because my OH shares in Sydney.My kids have been asking if they did not like us anymore? My dilemma?[apart from the obvious]How the hell do I deal with this family now?They seem to think what they have done is fully justified because they are doing what's 'best for dads care' and are all smiles as if nothing has happened.They have set up a roster for his care,some even come up from Sydney for 3 nights at a time!I on the other hand would be happy never to see them again. How would you deal with it?Do we not have anything more to do with them?Ask them not to call in or contact us?Or do we swallow our prde and pretend to get on until we leave oz just to avoid a big blow up? My head is telling me to shut up,just for an easy life.My heart is telling me I wish they all fell off the face of the earth this very minute.
  23. Post removed. Thanks for your help.
  24. Hi, i've put together a cv for my husband and have a list of companies that i want to send his cv to, to see if they will sponsor him on 457. The thing is i'm really stuck on what to put as a cover letter, and dont want them to delete it without looking at it first. He is main agent trained and has 20 years experiance! If anyone has any advice x x
  25. My OH is a construction project manager and we want to move to Australia. We are considering appplying for a 175 visa(put off by the processing times) although someone suggested that he try and find a job first, as this would be quicker. We are totally in the dark about what to do. Anyone got any advice!!!!