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Found 72 results

  1. Guest

    Meds Finalised??

    Our status page has changed to say meds finalised 20/02/09. What does this mean? does it mean that we have passed the medicals? I ask as I read a thread somewhere that they have to change to met. Can someone please explain. Thanks Mx
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. We had our medicals at beginning of December and I know it was signed/received by Sydney on 30/12/08. Is there any way we can find out if the Meds have been finalised? We are going though an agent and I know they can get a bit funny if you start contacting them direct but agent is pretty useless and it would be quicker if we can find out ourselves. Think there is way of tracing progress but don't know how. Thanks SEFFnSARAH
  3. ilovemilkymoos

    What does 'Finalised' Really Mean?

    Hi All, As the title suggests, i would like to know what 'Health requirements finalised' actually means? Is it that the Meds have been received,? Reviewed? Accepted? I have sent the Meds on 07/01/09 and they have returned 'Finalised' on the 30/01/09. Bit confused as we front loaded the Mads and PCC's, so I'm presuming that we havnt got a CO yet either? Any help is gladly appreciated....... J.
  4. Hi - am SOOO excited, finally we see some change - all be it minor! Our online status page has finally been updated and all our meds, etc says 'received' or finalised' - Does this mean anything? or not? Is it good? or nothing to get excited about? I cant stand the waiting....i'm about to explode!!:jiggy:
  5. Guest

    Meds Finalised!

    We're just waiting for the actual visa now....hope it doesn't take long. They've got all our Police Checks and paperwork already....GIEF VISA! We need to get our flights and accomodation booked asap. Whoohoo! Chris
  6. tuckerfa

    e457 meds finalised.

    Hiya, I just checked on line today and it says al of our meds have been finalised. Does this mean the visa wil follow shortly? So excited, can't wait. Regards The Tuckers
  7. hi all status page changed yesterday to all meds/bloods recieved. then it says that the others are finalised but mine are still outstanding! i am the main app. i am a 'B' they where 'A's'....i got all reports checks needed before the meds were sent off...so i am hoping there is not a problem. i understand that they will have been sent off but does anyone know how long they take to get back to my CO? will i be told that they have gone to HOC? any reasurance is VERY appreciated!!!!!!!!! debbie p.s it is a 457..i am a nurse (dont know if it will make a difference)
  8. Hello folks Just a quick question. Applied onine for 175 visa a month ago. Went for medicals 3 weeks ago and they are showing as having been received and finialised for the whole family. Status says processing commenced. My question is, do they review and finalise your medicals without CO? I wasnt expecting them to be finalised until they were ready to deal with our application, or does another team deal with the medicals when they arrive regardless of your stage in the visa process? Does any of that make sense? !!! I know what I mean!:biglaugh: Thanks Rachael
  9. Sorry if I am being thick here but just checked on line medicals sent two weeks ago by our panel doctor who told us there was a three month delay and it says they are finalised does this mean everything a OK and is being passed to the ever burdened elusive Case Officer for his/her attention sometime in the next year!!!! will they request further information if finalised or does that mean we just await a yes or no with regard to the Visa from the case officer eventually. TRYING TO WAIT PATIENTLY AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Thanks for your help
  10. nikci

    Meds - part finalised

    Hi All, Just wanted to let you know that 3 of our 5 meds have been finalised just myself and my son left now. So keep your fingers crossed!!! Went through really quickly arrived in Sydney on 6 June and theirs have been finalised today!! Will keep u posted! All the best Nikci
  11. Guest

    Health requiments finalised?

    Just looked on the application status site and its saying `health requiments finalised` and then it say`s `further medical result`s received`can someone tell me what this mean`s please.
  12. YAY!!!!!!! Robyn's meds have been finalised! For anyone who doesn't know about her, she has Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, and is on regular medication, which requires 4 weekly bloods tests. Her medication controls the condition really well, and she does practaclly everything that any other child does, but there was a small doubt in he back of our minds that this could stop us getting our visa. We have dreamed about Oz for years, but thought it could never happen due to the medical requirements. It wasn't until I joined PiO at the begining of last year and started to get advice from poeple that we realised that it could be possible.....and it is!! So, those of you how have medical issues, don't give up hope comlpetely, it can happen! Nothing stopping us getting that visa now!! Just gotta start waiting again........ Well, the bottle is defo getting opened tonight!!!!!! Big celebrations!:jiggy: Mags:wubclub: x
  13. Hi all, We're new to this site and this is our first post. We submitted our online visa application on July 20th 2007 and are waiting for our medicals to be finalised. Our question is, for those of you who have your visas, how long does it take after your medicals have been finalised to get your visa? We've had a Case Officer for ages now and everything else for our application has been fully processed, including Police Checks. Sarah and John Jan ’07 – Decided we wanted to go and live in Australia! Feb ’07 – Teaching skills assessment sent off. Apr ’07 – Teaching skills approved. May 21st ’07 – Applied for South Australia sponsorship online. July 12th ’07 – Received sponsorship from South Australia. July 20th ’07 – Online visa application sent off. Oct 30th ’07 – Case officer allocated. Nov 20th ’07 – Medicals done and police checks sent. Feb 18th ’08 – Medical done for our new baby. Awaiting our visa ………………………………………………..
  14. Guest

    3 out of 4 meds finalised!!

    Robert checked the online application status pages again today, as we do about 5 times a day! And 3 out of the 4 meds have now been finalised!! :jiggy:Just youngest daughter's yet to be cleared, but we were expecting that anyway due to her Arthritis. Well supprised that Hubby's clearned the same time as mine & oldest daughter's as he's had hip-re-surfacing done last year. Well hopefully Robyn's will be cleared very shortly too! So happy!!:jiggy: Mags:wubclub: x Off to try to update my timeline now! It's getting a bit big, and will only let me save 500 characters!
  15. Guest

    Meds Finalised!!

  16. wattswalkaboutgang

    Meds finalised!!!

    Yipeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Just got off the phone to The health operation unit in Sydney Formally the LCU and spoke to lovely girl who said that our medicals had been seen and finalised, was so excited so forgot to ask when, not that it really matters!! Was starting to think that they weren't there as they only went by Airsure and not by courier. What a relief...Feel like jumping about, seems like the end of this very long road is nearing the end at last. Crickey i'm excited and all shaky now so god know what i'm gonna be like when the visa's are allocated... Thanks to Gollywobbler for the number, its made my day!!! Good luck to all those waiting to hear about there meds also.. Alison x
  17. toughspiders

    whoa meds finalised!!

    I cant believe it....I chased up my medicals with the surgery i had my medicals with. She emailed them and yesterday. Rang me to say hubbys and sons ok, but mine and our daughters with the moc, and i should hear in a week. I have checked today and they have all been finalised!!! I cant believe it. I really thought they may have required some more tests!!! It is a big weight off my mind... For those of you with health complaints...( i have loads on my records - one current issue) make sure you put every single detail on your form and make sure you include you consultant letters etc. I even included a copy of my sick record, so show them i wasn't a shirker!! It all must have done the trick.. SOOOOO pleased. Just waiting now for a case officer Bex
  18. tuckerfa

    Meds finalised but no CO

    Hi everyone, Tis me again with an other question which is proberbly insignificant as usual. We applied on line for our e457 Dec 4th, (after the letter from the sponsor with the number), had the meds (with no prompting) on Jan 21st. These were finalised on Feb 2nd (me and the kids 29th Jan) and the application says it's being processed further. The thing that gets me is, that at no time has anybody from the immigration department has ever been intouch, so we're really not sure what is happening. Is it normal? Is the first contact with the case officer when he/she say YES? We are quite confussed, cos we've seen so many on here that they are in regular contact with the CO before they go for meds etc. Your thoughts, as always, are greatly appreciated. :notworthy: The Tuckers
  19. Guest

    Medicals Finalised!?

    Hi All Checked the DIAC website yesterday, (not done this before) to see how things were going and it said Medicals received and Medicals finalised under all our names!!! This is good news isn't it? So, what stage does this mean I'm now at? Does this mean I have a Case Officer, or would that just be wishful thinking? Many thanks Lynne
  20. Guest

    Meds Finalised

    :biglaugh: Yey OH checked on line status last night (Saturday) and mine and Joshs meds were finalised yesterday, thats it all done. Thought they were all on their hols until 02.01.08. Have a great xmas everyone
  21. Guest

    Woo Hoo Meds Finalised

    Yippee our meds finalised today only our little boy meds say outstanding but we knew that would happen. I'm so happy it is going to be a happy christmas. marge x:jiggy:
  22. Guest

    meds finalised

    Hi Got an email today from lcu that meds have been recieved and finalised. Our case officer also sent us an email that she was going to chase the meds up but then the email from lcu arrived, gosh that has taken a load of my mind. So hopefully now my oh will get there for 7 Jan.we are going on a 457, so does that mean we might hear soon that the visa has been granted. Keep your fingers crossed, i can't help but get xcited, can anything stand in our way now!!!:jiggy::jiggy: