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Found 72 results

  1. terry & Melanie

    Medicals finalised !!!!!!

    I woke up this morning and checked our online status to find......Meds finalised! I sent a PLE on the 15th Dec as nothing had changed on our status since 24/09. Recieved a reply email from them this morning stating we have provided all documents required at this stage. Is the application changing this morning a result of my PLE, or is the application actually moving forward? I would just love to get that wonderful golden ticket this side of Christmas. Any chance of that? What do you reckon? Melanie x:daydreaming::wacko:
  2. Can anyone tell me how long it takes for meds to appear as 'finalised' online when you haven't been requested to send them..(ie frontloaded') them. We went for meds on Monday and were told there and then that they were all ok, electronically submitted to DIAC but by online update page is unchanged and still says requested. All other docs (as far as I know) submitted inc police checks. Is this normal? I have no idea. I'm hoping we get the visa granted soon so we can fly out to meet the offshore requirements avoiding the expensive Christmas period. If anyone can tell me the minimum time to be out of the country too I would be grateful, i know DIAC say 8 days but with funds an issue and other people saying it takes just 1 day I'd like some clarity. Also....can we return to Australia without visiting an Australian immigration office in say Singapore or Bali and get the visa sticker when we return? If so how do immigration know you're legal? Many thanks in advance, head swimming:goofy:
  3. Hi there My medicals arrived in Sydney last Friday (5th Nov) does anyone have an idea how long it takes to finalise the medicals. Many thanks
  4. Guest

    Health requirements finalised

    Hi all can any one please explain the difference between "Health requirements outstanding", "Health requirements finalised" "Health requirements have been finalised- application being process further" Health requirements "finalised" means "met" or it means they have made a decision on it. Thanks & Regads
  5. I had an email from my agent this morning after I chased up why my 457 visa (being sponsored by a company in sydney, not state) is taking so long and he advised that it is being processed at the moment and apart from knowing that the health requirements have been finalised there is no further update - what does health requirements finalised mean? does it mean all requirements for health have been met or just that they have been looked at? also - does this mean we are close to a decision or not? anyone who has gone through the 457 or anyone with advice it would be much appreciated The wait is far too long!
  6. Ok.. just logged on to see my status (not sure why as we've just been bumped with a SS176 and an occuption on the CSL but only once I've taken the IELTS test, ie, Accountant) Anyway, medicals have now arrived and for myself and my little girls it says 12/10/09 received and finalised... fab!!! For my OH it says 12/10/09 referred, but then on 15/10/09 (today) it says finalised..... so what exactly does this mean? Why were they referred and then finalised 3 days later??? 1. Medicals all passed everything is ok (this is my preferred option!!):biggrin: OR 2. Medicals finalised but doesn't necessarily mean my husband passed his and we could still not get the VISA because of it? OR 3. They've just finalised it because they're not going to be processing it any further for ages as we're not on the CSL list (yet!). I don't know what to do.... anyone got any advice on this Thanks Jules
  7. i think it is good to start a new thread for non csl with state sponsor! who have visa approved after 23rd of september 2009! then we will know if any! might be empty for 3 years though!!
  8. dawnmc

    Meds finalised

    Hi all... Anyone know how long we will have to wait for Visa after it says Meds finalised?... Will the co email us or will we get a letter in the post or will it say Visa granted on the website??? Cheers Dawn x
  9. briggs

    medicals finalised

    Hi, i just checked the status page, it shows that medicals have been finalised, however it is showing received againt blood tests. What does this mean? This is our last step now.... fingers crossed. How long does the visa grant take to come, once its all been finalised? we are on the 475 visa. Thank you
  10. Once the meds have been finalised are there any rules or regulations on having a new tattoo done or touching up the old one! Are you better off waiting to get this done once in oz, or can you go ahead whilst still in the uk? Many thanks x
  11. Hi folks, Just checked online and it says are meds are now finalised for all 4 of us. This is I think is fast work by HOC, because they only received them last Friday. Just posting for those who are trying work out timelines. Hopefully, it wont be long before we hear about our visa. Mandisfam
  12. Logged onto our status (as I do each morning!!) and it shows that medicals are finalised except mine! Mine still show has outstanding, however does confirm that they have received blood tests etc. What does this mean? I have diabetes.......are they likely to come back wanting a further medical? Help.....panic starting to set in! Paul (39), Cheryl (35), James (18) & Francis (13) Submitted to AIM by post - 19 Dec 08 AIM acknowledged receipt by email - 5 Jan 09 Further info requested by email - 21 Jan 09 Submitted further information via email - 23 Jan 09 AIM acknowledged receipt - 27 Jan 09 Positive skills assessment result emailed from AIM – 9 Feb 09 (letter dated 4th) State regional sponsorship form posted to Queensland Government – 9 Feb 09 Email from QG confirming receipt and aim to give result in 3 weeks – 18 Feb 09 (agents advise 6 week – 23 March) Email from QG requesting research of our chosen area, accommodation, school, transport etc – 17 March 09 Submitted research document – 17 March 09 Letter from QG confirming state regional sponsorship - 28 March 09 E-application submitted to DIAC – 29 March 09 (over three days uploading evidence/documents) Application showing as ‘commenced’ – 1 April 09 Medicals booked for 29 May 09 Letter received confirming outstanding documents required – 22 April (status changed to application being process further) Email letter from DIAC requesting further information incl. confirmation when medicals are – 22 April 09 Uploaded all information – 11 May 09 Email received asking for status on police checks – 12 May 09 Sent off police checks – 22 May 09 Completed medicals – 29 May 09 Medicals posted – 8 June 09 House on the market – 11 June 09 (first viewing 17 June) Police certificates arrived, scanned and uploaded – 17 June 09
  13. Hi just been told by our immi agent that our CO has been in contact and our visa is near to being finalised. We started the whole procedure back in July and had kind of lost hope, now it looks like i had better get of my backside and start panicking!!. My husband is a carpet fitter and has been offered a sponsership, we have 2 girls 7 & 3. We are looking at pacific pines and surrounding areas, i had better get on sarahs case soon!!. Our savings are being swallowed up as our flooring business is going quite here and our savings are paying our bills etc we only have about £6000 left, after flights and maybe furniture shippping(haven't decided whether to do that yet) do people feel this is possible?. Thanks Ange xx
  14. Hi Just wondering if anyone can help? I have checked my status on DIAC today and my med and my 2 daughters are showing as received and finalised. But my husbands are showing as received but still showing oustanding? None of them are showing met on the other page? I havent received an email requesting any further tests and all the meds and bloods were fine according to the medical centre. Just wondering if anyone else has had this - im now really worried, Rebecca
  15. Guest

    Medicals Finally Finalised

    At last went on and online status reads medicals finalised on all the applicants, which means it has taken from 3rd April(Day Medicals done in UK) to 21st April(day received and acknowledged in Sydney) finally all met on 18th May. One more thing to cross off the list. Sent an email to CO to say they have been finalised just in case they have forgotten about me:biggrin: Travelling Nomad
  16. Guest

    health checks finalised

    hi folks just checked my online application with diac and it says health checks finalised , does this mean they are ok or that they have just received them would appreciate any help best regards jim:huh::huh:
  17. Our agent just informed us that our meds got finalised on 5 May - they were received by HOC Sydney on 6 April - so almost exactly 4 weeks. Note that our agent chased them on 4 May to ask for our meds to be processed urgently, as our CO is waiting for them. The person on the phone agreed to pull our files out of the queue and the next day they were assessed and finalised. Don't know if the chasing actually helped speed things up or if they were already at the front of the queue anyway...? I wanted to share our experience as I know there are a lot of people waiting for their medicals to be assessed right now...:jiggy:
  18. 24/4/09 - application being processed further 5/5/09 - Application finalised ( all persons) I have received no email or letter and I still haven't done my police checks or meds. This is very strange and it worries me that there is something wrong-could it have been rejected? Has anyone experienced this? What should I do, ring or wait? :arghh: 175 (non MODL/CSL) lodged 17/10/08
  19. Que Sera Sera

    Meds are showing as Finalised !

    So someone somewhere is still accessing our file, its not at the bottom of a dusty cupboard! :biglaugh:
  20. Hi.I submitted my 175 application in Dec 08 and my medicals were recieved over 6 weeks ago but the message on the online checking system still says my husband and I both have health checks out standing but my 7 month old son has been finalised. What does this mean? Neither of us have any serious health issues. I noticed that most people tend to have their medicals finalised within a week or 2. We are awaiting a case officer like everyone else at the mo so when I rand the department they couldnt tell me anything.Has anyone else had to wait this long? xx
  21. Guest

    "Met" vs "Finalised"

    Hi...when you have your health requirement status changed to "Finalised" does it mean you have a CO? And when it's changed to "Met" it doesn't mean anything? My health requirements on the main page are still listed as "Outstanding" but the forms on the second page changed to "Met" :err:
  22. Guest

    Meds Finalised!!!

    Just checked on diac and our meds have just been finalised!!!! Just thought we would give one last check before going to bed cos they have just got into work and there it was. Wahey!! And we just got the police cert back today aswell. Its been a good day. A quick question though, does finalised mean that the meds were ok? Samantha x
  23. Hello, After reading Yorkshire Clans post, I checked online & our Meds say received & finalised - Yeah!!:smile: 175 Visa Lodged 25/02/09 Frontloaded Meds & PC Meds finalised 7/3/09
  24. Yorkshireclan

    Meds finalised within 1 week!!

    Hi guys Just like to say that i checked our online status today and it shows all family members meds docs received and finalised 7/3/09.. Not bad considering they only received them last monday 1/3/09.. Only one thing to say now COME ON YOU CO...
  25. Guest

    Meds Finalised SUPER FAST :-)

    Hi all just to let you know that my meds were send on the 20th of Feb to Australia and i have just checked my application tonight bearing in mind i only got a C/O the other day and my Meds have just Been finalised. Cant belive the Speed in which my C/O is working. How much longer do you think i will have to wait before my Visa is Approved? im on a 475