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Found 203 results

  1. Hi I started looking for a potential job for a employer sponsored visa some time back (but no joy so far) so we are looking at another route... We have just begun looking at a State Sponsored 176 visa (bad timing as it seems to be the end of the application year - plus costs are going up...). Currently investigating the practicalities and possibilities - OH needs to sort IELTS and VETASSES so we can apply for State nomination My OHs occupation (SOL) get us over the 100 points required and makes him eligible to apply in a couple of states. Being a newbie to this I would be very grateful if anyone could advise on any of the following: Can you apply to 2 states for sponsorship at the same time? There are two states which we would be very keen to live in and to which my OH could apply. Or would this be bad form - having wasted time we are trying to speed things up a bit and this would give us 2 options should one say no. I see that the applications fees are going up as of July 1st. I think it is probably too late, and probably very checky, but thought I would ask just in case - someone suggested that we start an application for a skilled visa (at current cost) and then switch to a 176 on the assumption (fingers crossed) we get a state sponsorship? I should probably slow down and do everything one at a time and not worry about the fee issue etc. - I'm just excited to be doing something positive towards a move again! Thanks T
  2. Hi All DIAC have today announced their new fees for the year beginning on 1st July 2009. Increases to Fees and Charges for 1 July 2009 The new Form 990i is here: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/990i0709.pdf Please note that if you are lodging a paper application and you are not 100% sure that it will reach the relevant DIAC office before 1st July, prudence is to ensure that either you pay the fee by credit card and let DIAC help themselves or that you send a bank draft for the new amount. They will credit any money you might overpay - they will not try to keep it unfairly. Cheers Gill
  3. Hello folks, We have recently arrived in Australia and are looking to open a bank account. So far I have been shocked by the criminal fees that are charged for having a everyday (transactional) account. It seems to me that all Ozzie banks are in cahoots. Maybe it's some kind of evil cartel? Does anyone have any reccomendations of which bank to go with? Which is the best the best of a bad bunch? Thanks, Tenae and Rich:wacko:
  4. Guest

    school fees

    we are going on a student visa, to brisbane, end of year, mother in laws is on a 457 , can the kids live with her to attend the local state school , or are we restricted to the eqi regesteed schools, and are there any fee difference,as 3 girls primary = $30,000 pe ryear for 3 years, on 457 i dont know the fees, thanx neil:arghh:
  5. I'm not sure if this has been covered here yet. From: YG NEWS: Budget Australian Student Visa Fees to Rise
  6. matty smith

    school fees

    i realise im maybe flogging a dead horse here but does anyone know of a loophole or way round paying the $8000 a year in school fees per child per year or at least some help .its the only part of the student visa bit im struggling with. we have three little uns. for what its worth i actually agree with the aussies stance on this just makes me shudder everytime i think about it. anyone know anything about bracken ridge about twenty clicks north of brisbane:smile:
  7. Guest

    School Fees - NSW

    Hi, hopefully someone will be able to help who has made the move recently to NSW! I've been looking at NSW Edn website which lists school fees 9160 aus dollars for primary age and 10,820 aus dollars at high school. We are coming over August-ish time on husbands 457 employer sponsored visa (When it comes through!) - am I right in thinking these are the fees we pay in total or are there some hidden add-ons lurking?! It seems a lot and I ddin't realise they would be so high (green or what!) We are hoping to land up in the Hills area or even as far up as Hornsby/Horsnby heights so any advice on good schools wd be appreciated as we don't know where to start. Also, once you are a permanent resident do you stop paying fees? Sorry to appear ig, first time on, naive and clueless!!
  8. Guest

    School Fees

    Does anyone know how much school fees are approximately for years 11/12? Thanks
  9. stewe12345

    School Fees with a 176 Visa

    Me and my family are planning to move out to Hervey Bay Qld later this year once we have our visa. Does anybody have any advice about school fees in Queensland? We was going to apply for a 175 visa where we would of got help with school fees but now we are applying for a 176 visa and not sure if we get any help. My daughter will be 10yrs when we move out, can she go to a state school and would we have to pay any fees or will she have to go to a private school. Its there anyone in or going to Hervey Bay who know the costs of schools in that area?
  10. I've just had a email back from TAFE SA to say for me to get a AQF3/Cert3 as shoemaker/Shoe repairer, would take 36 weeks and cost $13,315 and he pointed out that trades related to footwear are not included in (DIAC),(MODL),(CSL) and not under the South Australian Government General Skilled Migration Program.He recommends that as it is a complex area that I should seek advice from a UK Agent (I don't have one yet) just pio. The thing is that I have been a Shoe Repairer for over 19 years and do not need training up from scratch just gain an Australian recognised Qualification and get assessed by the TRA. Until 2007 Shoemaker/Repairer was on the in demand list and is still on the SOL with a value of 60 points. Any advice most welcome.
  11. Hi I'm looking to go to Queensland on student visa to start a course July 2010. As the school term starts in February, will I be only have to pay half of the $8000 school fees, or the full amount? Any answers gratefully received :smile:
  12. Guest

    NAB exit fees $80000

    Hi all. I just want to warn anyone who is looking at getting a mortgage in Australia, do not bank with NAB. I have banked with them for 6 years since moving here from Norwich, and due to a violent marriage breakdown, I have had to sell my house. I either had to pay $80000 to have my ex's name taken off the mortgage or $80000 if I sold my house, which has taken all my equity. If you want to read my story have a look at www.todaytonight.com.au. I just want to warn everyone about this bank as they have no compassion. I love this country, but hate the bank. I even have The Mp's involved now. If anyone else has any other suggestions on how to fight this please let me know. Thanks :swoon:
  13. lee74

    School fees Regional area WA

    I am paying School fees to my sons school at the moment as we are on a student visa but someone has mentioned to me this weekend that if you live in a regional area these fee's can be waivered? As I live in Mandurah which is regional I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any information on this.:wacko: Thanks, Lee
  14. I am paying School fees to my sons school at the moment as we are on a student visa but someone has mentioned to me this weekend that if you live in a regional area these fee's can be waivered? As I live in Mandurah which is regional I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any information on this.:wacko: Thanks, Lee
  15. Guest

    agents fees

    hi folks , does anyone know when an agent gives you a quote for full visa costs does this include the lodgment fee to diac or do the clients pay this seperate cheers jim:huh:
  16. Hi there, Recently I met a migration agent for a free consultation, to discuss my options and listen to how she can help me go about with my visa application. I am looking to apply for the Skilled Regional Sponsored Subclass 475 visa. The agent quoted me SGD 4000 which roughly equates to GBP 1900 (excluding DIAC application fees, IELTS test, Assessment, Medical, Police fees) Question: I do not know the going rate of agents are, but is what I am quoted too much? Since it is not a PR application, but a Provisional one, I was thinking I should be charged lesser. Also, is it true that offshore migration agents do not have to be registered? Appreciate help.
  17. Guest

    Migration Agent fees...

    Hi all, My Wife and I have finally decided to move to Oz.. I think we have picked the agent with who we are going to trust with our application but I just wanted advice on how much the general agent fees are.. You generally get what you pay for I know but just want to know your costs were/are if possible.. Credit crunch times are defo among us:cool: Thanks PP
  18. anlopa

    Agents Fees

    Hi, Just had a phone call from a visa agent to help with the process of gaining visas. Their advice was great (they told me that I had enough points to go) but when i have read the bunf he emailed me I found their fees to be £1700 + vat. The agent is one recommended by other users of this site. My question is is it difficult to go it alone in the visa application is it any quicker using an agent and finally can I get the same results on my own. What I mean is is it best left to the pros who do it day in day out. Just want to get their. Anne & Martin
  19. Guest

    Agents an Assesment fees

    My husband and I know that we qualify for a visa to Oz. We got taken for a ride by an agency last year who wanted £160.00 from us to do an assesment. We duly paid them and were informed that we did indeed qualify (information we knew). Unfortunately at the time everything went a little haywire with life seriously getting in the way of our emmigration plans after my husband had a bad accident and the company we thought about using .............well let's just say the words shark and con can be used in the same sentence. Now that we are back in the position to start sorting things out - we are finding that most agencies want us to pay for an assesment again. The price this time is about £95.00 I am a bit wary of paying out more money for something that we do know and was wondering if there are any reputable agencies who are NOT going to charge us. We are so ready to get the Vetasses application off and sorted but don't know which way to turn.
  20. Guest

    Dental fees...

    Hi all! I heard that dental fees are a lot higher down under... is this true? If so, do you take out insurance/brave the bills??? Thanks in advance, Dan xx :-)
  21. Guest

    Nursery/childcare fees

    Hi, just come back from a 2 week hol in Perth to activate our visas cause couldn't sell house in time. I have a 10 month old daughter and visited one of the nurseries there to ask about fees and see what they are like but they just confused me. I was told they charge 68$ a day for her age group but that there are 2 ways of getting money back to go towards this. One of them sounds a bit like our tax credit system where it depends on your earnings but no one seemed to know anythign more and the other seems to be a government incentive which everyone gets to encourage people to work. I need some real figures so I can work out if it's worth me working or not as after childcare here of £30 a day my wages are pretty much non existant and we need me to be earning to get the big mortgage over there that we are planning to get a decent house. Any advice greatly appreciated. xxx
  22. SOMV

    Fees Changes update

    In case you were wondering if there have or haven't been fee changes, I have run through the new fees and the only increases I can see are in the 2nd installment fees for the contributory parent visas. The new fees are now set out in the updated fee document: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/990i.pdf Cheers, Veronika (don't forget there have also been some essential form changes, these can be found here: Australian Immigration Forms & Booklet Changes)
  23. Guest


    I have been told by someone that you have you pay for the schools out there is this the case or only private schools? Does anyone one know how the tier system is?
  24. Guest

    School Fees

    Hi Everyone I am due to move to the Melbourne area on a 457 visa - does anyone know if I will have to pay the international student school fees - I have 4 kids !!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. AnxiousMum

    Taking kids out of school (fees)

    Got a letter in my sons school bag yesterday to say The Essex County Council are gonna charge parents £50 for each child taken out of school for holidays. If you dont pay within 40 days you have to pay £100. Here is a piece from the letter that I personally thought was laughable. "Absence from school increases the likelihood that pupils will leave school without qualifications. Absence can lead to an increased risk of harm or injury for children, or their potential involvement in criminal or anti-social behaviour". Now dont get me wrong I think kids need to go to school but its a bit strong to suggest taking them out for holidays will cause harm. Now its not all bad news, as long as the school agree to the holiday its fine. Thing is our school have decided to decline the request so we have to pay. :arghh: All I have to say is this trip to Melbourne better be worth it.