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Found 203 results

  1. nicandjay

    Public school fees ??

    Hi , looking at moving over in August possible to Narangba...What are the fees you have to pay for a school? I did see $1000 ? Is this correct and what exactly are you paying for ?:goofy: Thanx xx Nic xx
  2. There will be a seminar and education fair held on 1/5.
  3. hi all, and thank god I found this forum. I'm applying for a spouse visa to move from uk to oz. I have a question about the fees. I have a dependent child included in my application. Do I have to pay a visa fee for him or only one payment is required per application? Thanks Update: Urika! Just found it. Only one fee per application is required.
  4. Guest

    Visa application Fees

    I've got two questions about the Visa Fee:-- 1) When do you pay, is it when you lodge the application or is it when the DIAC get round to looking at your case - (we are in categy 6 for processing) 2) if the Visa is refused, is the fee refunded ?
  5. surhythms

    Confused - Cost of DIAC Fees

    Hi There Im just checking the DIAC fees for a 176. On the website it states the following fees apply: Skilled - Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176) 1st Installment AUD 2525 2nd installment AUD 3510 It also says that the 2nd installment only needs to be paid for dependents aged 18 years or over with less than functional English must be paid before the visa is granted. This is a defacto visa we are applying for so would we have to pay this 2nd installment ? Cheers Suzanne Charge Type Charge Amount 1st instalment $2525 2nd instalment $3510 Charge Type Charge Amount 1st instalment $2525 2nd instalment $3510

    School fees on a 457 going to NSW

    I have just been searching round pimary schools in Sydney around the area where we are hoping to live. I was under the impression that school fees were around $4,500 per year in a public school. Then I came upon these fees for a public school from the NSW Government website for International students Application fee A$110 Primary(Kindergarten to Year 6) A$9500 PER YEAR Junior (Secondary Year 7 to 10) A$11,500 PER YEAR Senior (Seconary Years 11 & 12) A$12,900 PER YEAR * Tuition fees cover the charges for tuition and administration (includes text book hire and excursions up to the value of A$200) Have the fees increased any one on a 457 confirm these costs?
  7. :err:I have recently put a thread up about the charges for fees in both private and public schools. I know that you must pay $4500 per child per school year for Public, is this the same for private also on top of the Private fees? (Catholic schools) So many people have come back to me with different answers, this is really important to me as it could decide whether we go to Oz. Thanks in advance. Jo X
  8. Guest

    Childcare Fees

    Hi Everyone Yes this is a duplicate thread but I have had no replies and really would appreciate some feedback from anyone in the Adelaide area that has experienced these costs..... This is my first thread so be gentle. We are hoping to move to Adelaide late next year, although we have plenty of hoops to jump yet!!!! I was wondering if anyone could give me approximate prices for childcare. My daughter will be 6 years old when we move so she will be going to school but do before and after school clubs have a charge attached? I would image they do but an estimated cost would be good. I also have a little monster who resembles a boy (when sleeping) and he will be 3 years old. I will be working full-time and my husband will be the child care. However if it is more feasible for him to also find work and Morgan (my monster) to go into childcare then we will consider that option. Another question, if on a state sponsored visa I have been told by another member that we can claim child benefit to help with nursery fees. My next question is whether there is a time period before these fees can be claimed? Just weighing up all the possibilities at this stage so any advice will be greatfully received. Regards Dawn
  9. Guest

    telstra connection fees

    wonder if anyone can help, jus got phoneline connected ,had internet connected through telstra too, the salesman told us it was free connection . on our first bill they have charged 350 dollars for the so called free connection , i phoned telstra bills dept and said to the person about the above to which he replied that once we pay this bill you will be in credit for the 350 dollars and it will come off your next 3 bills , he said this was standard practice , i dont understand why we should pay 350 for something stated as free then be credited it on your next 3 bills ,i'm a bit wary of this ,has anyone else had this issue ,the guy said all new customers all asked the same thing ,but i dont know if he was just fobbing me off , any info would be most appreciated thanks :huh:
  10. Hi, hope someone has some knowledge they can share on this please. We have a friend who is looking to come over to the Gold Coast on a student visa, but is unsure about how much the school fees for their children would cost. They have three kids, two in primary, one in high school, and been quoted I think about $8000 per year per child to put their kids in a public school. Private schools quoted higher. They have been told however by a migration agent that this is the fee structure set by law, and it could possibly be negotiated down by speaking to the school directly. Has anyone actually come over on a student visa and done this, or has everyone had to pay full fees? Thanks, Jo
  11. Guest

    Incoming Customs Fees

    Hi, I'm moving to Sydney from Edinburgh in a few weeks and am shipping about one or two tea chests' worth of stuff with me. I'm tossing up between air freight and sea freight (or a combination of the two) and am wondering if anyone has had any experience flying boxes in. A guy at a shipping company told me that it was £80 just to pick the boxes up, more if they wanted to check them and so on, and that seems a little steep to me, even for a government organisation. I've found a cheap by-the-kilo rate with a shipping company but all those savings will be lost if I have to empty my wallet to pick the stuff up. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks, Matt.
  12. Guest

    school fees and ontribution

    hi there, i was wondering on weather i have to pay the school charges and contribution's for my lads school, i will pay them, if i have to, but i always thought contribution meant just that, and i have heard if you do not pay then they dont let your child go to school.... many thanks tanya

    Agents fees?

    Hi, Roughly how much do agents charge for the whole emigration thing? Cheers
  14. I've been living in the UK for nearly 8 years, and I'm heading back to Adelaide on tuesday, starting Uni next month. Just curious as to whether anybody else has been in a similar situation, and knows how Uni fees work [what benefits are available, or whether I have to be back in the country for a while], and the asme with healthcare. How much am I covered? Thanks =]
  15. I've been searching this forum and I see people mention the 'guide' to what can be imported re items that may have had an animal in or been in contact with soil. Can someone point me to the guide please? I'm guessing somewhere on AQIS? :unsure: Also, I really don't want to part with our pet things....I don't recall thinking aussie pet shops were the best and to go and replace all their toys and beds etc is just extra hassle. What are the fees to fumigate/handle/import or whatever these items? Is it per item or is there a max lump sum they can charge for the whole container to be deemed clean?
  16. noel2538

    Education Fees In Victoria?

    Hi All We have emigrated to Oz on a Perm Visa, including my daughter, whos 15 and who has settled into school here very well. She has now chosen her subjects for year 11 and 12, she wants to become a Midwife, so she'll have to go to either college or UNI. The school have been talking about us getting assistance with the fees but I dont think she will be eligable for these under her Visa. We have to wait four years now to apply for Citizenship instead of two, is this from the time the Visa was grated or when it was activated? Hope someone can through some light on this....I always knew we have to pay for her education but if she can get some assistance that would be a great help!!! Thanks :wubclub:
  17. Guest

    Visa fees - little question

    Hi, Just wondering....the fees listed on the immi.gov.au site say that the fees for a visa is $2525 then $3510.....is that per application i.e. your entire family? sounds like a daft question probably, but I'm still in my early days. But to confirm - it would be $6035 to apply? And then on top of that - you can pay an agent?....how much can that be? Is there a sticky or something that goes through all the likely costs of emigrating? many thanks Lorraine
  18. connaust

    Visa fees rejigged for students

    INTERNATIONAL students crippled by a spate of college foreclosures this year will be exempt from paying $540 visa fees to stay on in Australia as the country resets its immigration intake to attract the people it needs. From January 1, the Government will waive fees for as many as 4700 students reapplying to study at new institutions after 12 colleges collapsed.
  19. Guest

    Any info on school fees ?

    Hi everyone we are just in the process of applying for visas through a nursing agency and should going to adelaide next september. We are a bit stuck for information on school fees, my son will be starting primary in two years. How does it work, If we have a working visa do we pay school fees ? If we get citizenship do we still pay ? and what are the costs roughly ? Any advice would be much appreiciated.
  20. Guest

    AQIS Fumigation Fees

    Has anyone here been charged by AQIS for having anything fumigated? We have some wooden flutes that may not clear customs and wondered how much they would charge us to clean/fumigate them. We will be taking them on the plane rather than putting them in the container. We have asked all the shipping companies and googled it but can't find an answer. Even AQIS were very vauge. Thanks for your help Chewy
  21. Hi all, I am planning on getting my Queensland license soon and know the process, but for the life of me I cannot find what the fee is. I imagine it's dependent on whether you want 2 years, 5 years etc, but just some idea will do! Big thankyou!
  22. Hi everyone, This is my first post! So far I've found the site very useful and informative, but there's one thing I can't seem to find the answer to. I am currently in the process of lodging an application from the UK for a 309/100 spouse visa, but I can't seem to find out anywhere how much the fees are for this in sterling? The immi.gov has the amount in dollars, and when it directs me to the Australian high commision website here in the UK it seems to point me back towards the immi.gov! Is there anyway of finding out how much the fees are without calling the Australian High commision here? Thanks ever so much for you help! Freshy
  23. lynne1266

    School fees on 457 visa ????

    Hi all, I know that in some states you have to pay fee for children 2 attend school but i'm not sure which states charge and which ones dont. Is there anyone out there that could help out with this question ?? We're heading for Victoria (hopefully !!) but i'm sure there's lots more out there that would like this answered for other states. Lynne x
  24. jonnosuzie

    Fees and Charges

    Hello all, Does any one know once you have received the grant letter (we have sent off our passports to the embassey) do we have any further payments to make to Diac? I know, a bit of a dumb question after all the paper work we have already endured!! Thanks for you help Jonathan:wubclub:
  25. kellyjamie

    visa fees???

    HI can someone please tell me the exact cost for applying to DIAC for a SS 475 visa pls? i looked at DIACs site and it said 2 instalments of 1st instalment $2525 2nd instalment $3510???? so is it $6035 in total??? cheers K&J