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Found 203 results

  1. hmsmark

    Question about fees?

    I'm getting ready to submit my application for a type 175 visa. No luck with my field being on the SMPs. I'm wondering what the fees will be for my wife as a secondary applicant. The less-than-functional English fee is not an issue, that will not apply. Will there be a spouse visa charge or will the A$2575 I pay on the first installment cover both of us? Thanks for the help.
  2. We are coming over in the new year on our 138 sub-class visa and we were wondering if we will have to pay for medicre and school costs? We thought that the forum may be the best place to start out investigations into this.
  3. Jag Khairra

    TRA: Fees update for Job Ready Program

    Received this information through ComLaw today: (i) Provisional Skills Assessment: AUD300 (ii) Job Ready Employment Assessment: AUD500 (iii) Job Ready Workplace Assessment: AUD2,000 (iv) Job Ready Final Assessment for the purpose of the Job Ready Program: AUD150. This Instrument, number IMMI 10/052, commences on 17 November 2010.
  4. paddygunner

    college fees for permanent resident

    Can someone please confirm what level fees ( domestic or international) that I will have to pay if I apply to college for a pstgraduate course as a permanent resident.
  5. kellynat

    NSW 16+ education options

    We are moving to Sydney in two weeks and my daughter (17 last August) is looking at education options. She has very good GCSE results and had started her A levels but had to give them up due to illness. She wants to become a professional chef but we're finding it difficult to find out: What level of course she should take, Where she could do it and how much it will cost. We're on a 457 visa. Can anyone help? We've had mixed messages so far, some saying she could apply to university some saying TAFE and some saying back to school for HSCs. Any help very very gratefully received
  6. Hi We are planning on coming on either 457 to be quick or PR. Would we have to pay school fees? I think I read that state schools we dont. If thats true would you recommend to pay private schooling? This maybe a problem at first if my husband cant find a job. Thanks
  7. Hi All Just a quick question about fees. We have a 176 visa lodged. OH employer will sponsor him for 121/856. Employer has had problems with obtaining nomination for OH's post in past,but are willing to try again with a new job description.It's a long story. We are onshore on 457, runs out soon,employer will renew if needs must. If we lodge 121 application at same as nomination do we have to front up the money or can we use 176 fee.Does that mean that the 176 application is cancelled. Worried if nomination is knocked back and we are in a worse situation. I know we can wait to see if employer is successful but was trying to explore all possibilities. Was hoping someone has been there done that. Thanks in advance GG
  8. hi everyone! this is my first post since becoming a member hope someone can help me and my partner out! me and my partner are preparing to put everything together to apply for the onshore partner visa, im english and she is australian, im currently in the uk after bein in oz on a working holiday for 12months and living with my partner for the full 12 months. when i come back il be coming back on a ETA visa in 4 weeks then we will applying for the onshore partner visa, we are a bit unsure of how much the visa will cost us? is it the $2575 or will it be $300? i hope someone can help us out! thanks holly :biggrin:
  9. Jago

    School Fees on a 457 visa

    Hi, I'm in the process of securing a business long stay 457 temporary resident visa, which will be valid for up to 4 years. I'm seeking clarification on fees for government owned primary and secondary schools in Victoria. How much will this cost or is it free? I had perhaps naively assumed that 457 visa holders were eligible for free state school education, apart from cost of uniforms and books etc, which I'm ok with, but I'm now reading conflicting information. Confused! Hope someone can help put some clarity on this for me. Thanks.
  10. JuliePaul

    Car Rego Fees

    Just been looking at buying a car in QLD, does anyone know how much the Reg fees are and if there are any other charges to pay....??
  11. Hi Guys.. Can anyone tell me.... If you are employed in Queensland Health and wish to do the post grad course in midwifery (already a registered nurse) do you pay fees? Are you paid for your clinical time or do you become a student again (no money coming in?) I cant seem to find the relevant info and Im sure the system is different to here in Ireland where your sponsored and paid for your 18 months post grad (but no job at the end of it unfortunetly cos of the recruitment ban, how mad is that, after them paying to train you??? :err:) Thanks, hope someone can help :wink:
  12. firebladebally

    NAB Account fees

    Hi all, was just going to set up a NAB classic account. The NAB website stated there are no account fee, which is good, but then further down the page it is says for withdrawing money from an ATM is $4.00. Does this mean every time i take money out at an ATM i will be charged $4.00 ???? It seems like this is the case. Any ideas...thanks :biggrin:
  13. Guest

    Uni fees

    Help!! I have seen on another thread that Commonwealth supported places are limited and not available to every permanent resident so fees are much higher. Is this true. My son wants to study law in Sydney.
  14. Hi, We're looking into school fees in NSW for 457 visa holders. As we have 4 children I enquired with NSw Dept of Ed if they offered any sibling discounts. No, they don't, but they do offer an exemption procedure. I was told by the Dept of Ed that even if your exemption application fails, you will then be offered automatically the option of paying the full fees in weekly installments. Does anyone have any experience of applying for exemption? Cheers Paul
  15. Hi all Now that I've finally ironed out all the creases surrounding the international/domestic status thing etc, I've been looking at what it's going to cost!! Moving to Brisbane soon (and nerves starting to come out!!) What I would like to know, just for my peace of mind... I'm interested in eventually doing the following: - Go to TAFE to do Diploma of Information Technology (Networking) - University to do Bachelor of Information Technology (been looking at Griffith - Gold Coast) Fee per Credit Point = $172.25 Tuition Fee per EFTSL (80 CP) = $13,780.00 Is that Tuition Fee per EFTSL for the whole Undergraduate Bachelor of Information Technology degree?? I hope that's not... per year/semester!! lol :goofy: Luke
  16. I know in the UK they charge an "admin fee" for just about everything. Is it the same in Oz and if so can anyone give me an idea on the cost of the fees I would need to budget for? I am also a little concerned about the way they do viewings. I understand they normally just offer up one date when anyone interested in the property goes to look. I'd like to view a few before I made any decisions however I am realisitic that all the houses I will want to see are unlikely to have viewings on the same day. Can you submit applications for a number of properties at the same time and pick and chose which you want (if I get offered any that is!!!) or are you having to pay "admin fees with each application upfront? I am concerned that if I don't put in applications there and then that I may lose a property but then also don't want to jump for the first thing I see! Also if a number of people all put in applications for the one house after a viewing how to they choose? Is it a case of first application in first serve or do they look at a number of criterias? I am hoping to be able to pay 2mths rent + bond upfront and have references already put together from private and agency landlords, however we have two dogs which I am worrying is going to put us to the bottom of the pile. I will get refs for them, pay an extra bond and will keep them outside if asked (well I may sneak them in when I am home but don't tell anyone!!). Sorry for the million questions but any advice or tips would be much appreciated.
  17. RoseBrown1972

    Import tax and other fees on cars

    Does anyone know how you can pay the import tax and other fees when importing a car? Do they take credit cards or does it have to be cash?
  18. gsaps

    school fees in NSW

    I've heard different things about whether we'd need to pay for school fees in NSW if we were on a 457 (employer sponser) visa. Can anyone who is one this visa confirm or deny whether we'd have to pay? thanks grant
  19. Guest

    uni fees

    Can anyone help. We are hoping to emigrate at the end of the year. My 18 year old will be going to Uni out in Oz. We will be remaining relatives so will be permanent residents. i am trying to work out whether he will get any help with fees etc, - student loans etcs.:spinny: Its a bit of a mine field trying to work it all out.
  20. Please can one of the Moderators possibly help me to help my friend out...... They are cuurently here on a Student Visa and Tony is due to be signed off from College in the next couple of months. They have recently been droppped a huge bombshell that they are not eligible to send their children to Public State Schools here in Perth FREE of charge, so it it is actually dearer than if they were going to a Private School!! (approx $5000 each child they are being charged). Tony was told to change over to a GRauduate Visa once he completes his college, but they have been told that they will still have to pay these ridiculous school fees and need to know if that is true. If so, what other Visa options do they have? Please can someone help me to help them, this is the difference between them staying here or going home, which they really don'ty want to do! thanks, Nikki. :wacko:
  21. Emma2

    457 Visa & School Fees

    Hi there Can anyone tell me what fees you have to pay at private schools in Queensland if you are on a 457 visa? Do you have to pay their international student fees or the Australian resident fees or something completely different?! Thanks Emma :wacko:
  22. Guest

    school fees and guardian visa

    Please help Myself and fiance are both secondary science teachers so visa should be ok. However my fiance would like her mum (51) and brother (14) to come to. We thought we had it sorted school visa and guardian however i think i've found 2 massive problems. Guardian visa can't work, is this always the case? Does anyone know perth school fees? Any help or info would be awesome simon
  23. Hi there, We are off to Aus in June, and would like to know if anyone can tell me what the initial school fees and uniform costs are? our eldest will start grade 1 in a public school in Perth, and it would be great to know what we have to budget for. Thanks Renette
  24. stevopaul1

    School Recommendation + Fees

    Hi, We are looking to settle in the Northern Beaches - as far us as Avalon but ideally a little closer to North Sydney, my new work base (July 1). School choice is critical as my son (8) has Aspergers Syndrome (mild Autism) and needs extra support. My daughter isnt 5 until August so I dont expect her to be going to school for the first couple of month but I'm not sure when they start or what the school terms are? Can anyone offer advice about good schools in the area? Preferably smaller ones where the kids get to know each other and most of the teachers know all the kids names!! Maybe I'm expecting too much coming from a UK village school backdrop.. Also, should we expect to pay for schooling? Thanks all Paul
  25. Guest

    Visa fees

    Just a quick one. There are 1st and 2nd visa fees shown. Just to be clear, is the 2nd visa fee due if you are a native English speaker? Thanks