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Found 203 results

  1. deanthebrickie

    Sydney Catholic school fees

    Hi I've been trying to do a bit of research for high schools and have come up with a possible school, Corpus Christi Catholic High School, Oak Flats. Has anyone any knowledge of this school and its fees. The school website doesn't mention anything. I found via another PIO link (thank you) for 'my school' and I found their financial report which mentions parent contribution £2400 (approx). Is this correct. It also mentions underneath private contributions per student of £7,900 (approx). What is this. Is this another parent fee!!! Please help. ta:confused:
  2. chiara

    School fees?

    Can someone clarify the situation on school fees in oz. In a state school do you pay or does it depend on the type of visa you're on? Someone told us that unless we're on a permanent visa, we must pay. My husband has been offered a job, not sure what sort of visa it would be. We will be applying for a skilled migrant visa SS 176 in any case but does the type of visa affect the school fees situation?
  3. Alanlisa

    Fees 175 visa

    Hi all, I've been looking into the fees for the 175 visa and I think I may be getting a little confused (it doesn't take much these days). On the www.immi.gov.au website it says there are two instalments. 1st being $2575 & the 2nd being $3575. I have sopken to a migration agent this afternoon and he says there is only one payment of $2575. can anyone clear this up for me? :biggrin:
  4. hey guys, recently started studying at Tafe in sydney. just wondering if anyone knows whether you can get a student youth allowance like the aussie students do for studying?? or if you can get some financial help from the u.k? im 24 years old thanks rob
  5. As both UK passport holders do we just pay the 1st instalment of $2575 and not the 2nd instalment? My understanding from what I have read is that the 2nd instalment of $3575 is only for those bringing dependants that do not speak English?? Also has anyone sat the IELTS test? We are 5 points short of 120 so were planning to sit this to get an extra 10 points. My husband will be the one doing it and as already mentioned is English (born and bred) and competent at reading, writing, speaking and listening. Other option would be to wait until he has a years work experience in Australia (we are currently here on a 457)..... Any personal experiences would be much appreciated
  6. Hi all, My friends are on bridging visa A, with 2 kids from 885 applications (previous international students). do they have to pay primary/secondary school fees in Victoria? do they get discounts on school fees ? do they have to buy private health insurance? much thanks. Goki
  7. matimage

    Agent Fees

    Can anyone provide a ballpark figure what I would expect to pay if I appointed an agent? Been given 1 price of £1700 ex vat. Is that about standard?
  8. Guest

    457 school fees

    Hi there Our little girl won't be starting school till next Feb but just wondering if anyone has a comprehensive info guide on school fees when you are on a 457? Thanks
  9. Just wondering how uni fees compare (on a 175) with the UK and is it 'pay as you go?.
  10. Guest

    Kindergarten fees on a 457 Visa

    I have a 3 year old, nearly 4 in May! Same old story as most she was due to start school in Spetember in the UK but as she misses out by 15 days she wont start school till Feb 2013. Anyone know if I get Kindergarten funding next year on a 457 Visa? Im looking into a pre kindy for her as well. Thanks
  11. so im assuming Moneycorp dont do this for the goodness of there health so where do i lose money/ where do they make money. If im transferring £20000 at a 1.60 rate will all that still be mine or do i lose it to money corp or the bank, im with westpac
  12. Hey guys, im hoping someone out there can help me. I have a telephone interview with Australia at 6am (UK time) tomorrow morning, arranged at only 7am this morning. When the interview was arranged, the lady in Australia asked me about my visa options and fees etc. On the immigration website I can only find the following fees for the 457: Visa Application $265 Nomination $70 Sponsorship $350 However it has been suggested to me that the employer sponsoring you has to pay a fee of around $1500 or £1500, yet I can find no reference on immi.gov.au about a fee of this size. Please can anyone clarify this for me so that I may pass on this information in my interview in the morning, also, in relation to the fees stated above which part is paid my whom. Im more than happy to pay the whole thing myself but apparantly thats not allowed!! Cheers to anyone who has any clue whatsoever!! Steph
  13. :mad: Hi all We have just been sent an invoice through our broker for AQIS fees and oh my god they are expensive! Has anyone else exerienced this? We had two small woven baskets (from Matalan) that we declared and its those and a random tiny silver tinsel xmas tree that they say have to be destroyed. The costs are as follows: AQIS Permit $139 plus tax AQIS Inspection fee $112 plus tax AQIS attendance $75 plus tax AQIS Destruction $189 plus tax I am appaled and trying to figure out how to minimise these costs! The stupid items arent worth anything but I cant find any information (that I can make sense of) on how AQIS arrived at these various fees! Has anyone dealt with AQIS before?? Any advice?? Im going to call them in the morning but would appreciate any advice! Thanks! Teva
  14. I've been searching the site for the answer to this but there is just so much info it's hard to pin point the right info. I am looking into 2 visas, the standard independant skilled migration and the ENS. I have an employer who would be willing to sponsor me, they continually have positions come up in my field. But if that doesn't come about I'm looking at the regular visa. My question is, what is the exact cost for each of these visas? I'm getting confused about the 2nd installment bit which says it is for dependants 18 or over with less than functional English. So does this mean that the application will only be $2575 and not $6050. Because for a long time I thought it was $6050, and that was a stepping stone I couldn't get up to. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I'm possibly going to repeat a load of stuff here but thought it might be worth it considering the amount of grief I've had in finding the answer. We arrived in Oz in full knowledge that we'd be expecting to pay upfront for the school/TAFE fees for our children. However we made the mistake of thinking it would be simple to obtain a loan from one of the banks in Oz. I was given the same answer by 3 of the major banks in various Sydney CBD branches "we do not give personal loans to people on a 457 visa". I was thinking I may have to contact a UK bank and ask them for a loan instead. But its complete insanity of course you must be able to get a loan in such circumstances. I did a bit more web surfing and found that one bank at least does give such loans provided you have an active account with them (i.e. you have your wages paid into their bank). The ridiculous thing is that it was one of the same banks that gave me short shrift when I asked in person at a branch. We didn't have an account with them and so I'm in the process of setting one up and then we will be able to apply for the $15K loan to meet school fees. The key seems to don't talk to people in branches and don't apply for loans search for their "moving to Australia" sections and international sections then phone them. I don't know the rules for posting bank names but the one I've got our loan set up to go through rhymes with health.:jiggy:
  16. stevie ellis

    fees fo colege?

    My son wants to do a sound production course in Perth , i have had alook at some of the coleges that do these courses and the fees are $18 900 per annum? its a 3 year course , he would be classed as an international student ? is that right? we have Pr visas. Just wondering if theres anyone else over their with their kids in colege, the fees seem expensive. cheers stevie
  17. Guest

    NSW School fees

    We are hoping to come to NSW in September as my OH is going to be doing a 2 year post graduate qualification at Curtin University in Sydney. My daughter will be 15 and from looking on the NSW Education website I believe that the school fees we would have to pay for her would be around AUD$4,500 as she would be on a temporary visa (as a relative of an international student), but can anyone clarify this for me. Many thanks :biggrin:
  18. Guest

    176 Fees for 2010/11

    Hi this is our first thread, Hello :biggrin: We live in the UK at the mo but are looking to move to the Gold Coast! My partner is a panel beater so is in the needed skills list. Does anyone know the fees for a 176 visa?? and the time scale???? Any help would be great!!!! We called the Australian Visa Bureau 2 weeks ago and no one called us back but just sent us a general email which we'd already read on there website, Grrrr Thanks in advance Cassandra & Graham
  19. I am soooooo confused! AQIS have said the following are charged on a per consignment basis but anyone have any idea what a consignment is??? documentation fee - $40 (covered by my shipping company) lodgement fee - $15 (covered by my shipping company) inspection fee - $90 per half hour We are flying out 1 box of tools weighing about 30kg.
  20. Hi Anybody know what the South Australia State Sponsorhip fees are? Have been looking on their website but cannot find them anywhere. Thanks
  21. Guest

    Agent & Application Costs

    Hello all I haven't been active on these forums for a couple of months after my company decided they weren't sending me to Australia after all. I did, however, get to go to Indonesia , where I am now. I'm surrounded my Aussies telling me how wonderful their country is, and I've had a couple of business trips to Australia so my appetite to emigrate has been rekindled. So, I have contacted an agent in Perth (the same one that is doing all my employee's 457s) and they have recommended a Vic state sponsored visa for my wife, who is an HR professional. They quoted an agents fee of $4300, plus the usual DIAC/skills test/etc charges; this comes to over $7000 and doesn't include police checks, medicals and the rest. My question is: what is a reasonable fee? Is this an acceptable amount to pay? I'm not looking for references to other agents, just an idea of what kind of money I should be putting out. (Sorry if this is in the wrong place - mods please move if required.)
  22. Guest

    Moving to Mornington School fees

    Hi everyone, I am new to this, and wanted to find about about primary schools in Mornington. My husband and I are thinking of moving in June on a sponsership visa, we have three children aged 3, 6 and 8. Could anyone tell me what fees are payable on primary school as we wont be sending them to a private school. Many thanks
  23. Renting Sydney- any "admin" fees, whats included and what bills do we pay? Hi, I have found a couple of useful posts regarding the areas I am asking about but all appear to be a few years old so wondered if someone could give me an update? Rental Costs We are planning to live in the Northern Beaches area, Sydney. There is only two of us but we need a garden (for the dogs!) and as Australia doesn't do small houses we know we'll prob end up with a 2-3 bed house which we know will cost anywhere between $500-$700pw (ideally the lower figure!!!). We plan to have saved enough to pay 1mths bond and 1mths rent upfront but is there any "admin" costs that letting agents charge on top of this upfront that we need to factor in? Furniture Included Also are any "white goods" supplied as standard in rental properties (e.g cookers, fridges, freezers, washing machines?) Bills Looking at a couple price for these areas. We have health insurance sorted and I understand you don't pay council tax if renting (does this inc Water??). Is there any "admin" fees that we need to factor in and do we have to pay any bills upfront or are they a month in arrears? Contents Insurance (i presume buildings insurance is paid for by landlord?) Electricity Gas Water Car Insurance and Rego (small car) Food (2x people...although I think we may be eating beans on toast for a while!) Broadband (dont want a landline, just internet) Mobile TV Any help and up to date figures would be much appreciated. Will be there in 2.5months if the visa goes through ok!! Danielle x
  24. Can someone give me an answer to it? Initially my plan was to apply for ACT sponsorship and prepared everything for the same including the DD of AUD 275 in the name of my agency for paying the application fees. But while i was preparing the application for the same ACT increased the required work experience from 2 years to 3 years which my agent did not notice. I brought it to his notice and asked him to enquire with ACT before applying and came to know that what i noticed was right. So decided to apply for NT sponsorship. Now the DD is not required. Called up and checked with him as i did not want to cancel it as it would waste money. He told right then he can credit to the agency fees and that chapter is closed in Nov 2008. Now it's the time to pay rest of the agency fees and i asked him to reduce that amount from the fees. But he says now that he used it for NT sponsorship application. I never read anywhere that there is a fees to apply for NT sponsorship. It's the same agency asked me to go for DRA to get case officer soon paying $500. Does anyone know about it?? jains
  25. Guest

    Claiming back school fees

    Hi there seems to be several posts that mention that you may be able to claim back part of school fees paid while on a 457. My son and his family have just got PR and previously was on a 457 as from Jan 2008. During this time his son has been in a local Catholic school. Not 100% sure about fees etc but I know that they have had to pay. Not sure if it was a state school or a private school. Can you claim back any fees and if so how do you go about this. I know that it may not be that much but as Tesco say 'Every Little Helps.' Regards John